Viral Video: Another ‘Homemade’ Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

There is another great ‘homemade’ Star Trek Into Darkness trailer making the rounds of the interweb. This time some folks recreated the second domestic teaser trailer. Check out the no-budget Star Trek trailer below.     



Homemade remake of Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser #2

The following was made by CineFix.

They also put up a comparison video so you can see how closely they matched the original.

The other home made Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

This isn’t the first one one of these. If you missed it in February, here is one we posted for a no-budget version of the first teaser trailer (from Dust Films).



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Awesome :)

LMAO! I love these. Kirk’s eyebrows are hilarious.

That was hilarious. Encore!

I love it, from the crappy wigs to the innovatively sung “soundtrack” !!!

And the “explosion” in London … heeheehee …. hope they toasted a marshmallow after the take

Best laugh I’ve had in a while :D

thanks for posting it, Anthony!

I was merely enjoying this, but then I saw Scotty and the Giant Fish and I cracked up!

Funny how the guy playing Kirk resembles Benicio Del Toro

Funny as hell , maybe better then the real thing lol funny

These are great. :D

Here’s two other cool recent videos floating around the interwebs

The first is a CGI replacement of the set from TOS with the live action footage of the crew inserted seamlessly –

The second is a CGI version of TOS with sound clips pulled from video games and other recordings to form a completely new story –

To do list:

b) Make awesome trailers with my friends

a) Get some friends

That was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. LOL!

Brilliant. Just waiting for a South Park Trek version of STID.

Too short of a Short.