Photos & Video From Star Trek Into Darkness Sydney Premiere [UPDATED]

On Tuesday night Star Trek Into Darkness had its first gala premiere in Sydney, Australia. Director JJ Abrams was there with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Karl Urban. And we have over a dozen photos from the event to share plus some new publicity photos from Australia, so check those out below. [UPDATED: Added video of the red carpet]


Photos from Sydney

On Tuesday night Chris Pine, JJ Abrams, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban attended the red carpet premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in Sydney Australia. Here are some photos from the event.

They all took time to sign and take photos with the fans…

And even more red carpet photos (click to enlarge)


New Publicity photos

Paramount also took some new publicity photos from the guys (click to enlarge).


Sum Yung Gai sent over this video of the scene at Sydney


More Sydney red carpet to come

Check back later today for TrekMovie’s exclusive red carpet chats with Chris Pine, JJ Abrams and Karl Urban.

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Well, at least Urban is featured here, if not really in the film itself.

I’m hoping that’s not true. Karl was so great in the last movie.

That last picture, Quinto looks like he could be a dead ringer for Hitler!

no discussion of spoilers or potential spoilers in nonspoiler articles

Oh my, Quinto’s haircut is just… hipsterrific

I’m confused by Quinto’s hair. What Is going on there? Looks like they had fun though! Read a few non-spoilery early reviews around the interwebz and so far, so good from the film critics!

This premier was over hours ago and no spoilers yet on any sites? How is that possible?

What? There’s a new Star Trek film?

@1 LOL yeah …people sitting in the theatre will be like ‘who the f**k is this guy trying to muscle in on Beyonces role?!’

@3 Star Trek Into Darkness starring Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Adolf Hitler

maybe Quinto is trying to hint to us ST3 will be a remake of Patterns of Force

no ones in this thread – guess everyone must be in the spoiler threads spiling themselves silly LOL

At least they had nice weather for their visit to Sydney. I understand that the weekend had been rather wet. I like the pictures of the light show on the building. I would have liked to have been there to see it ‘live’, but you can’t have everything. Still waiting for May…

I think those pics against the wall were taken down at The Rocks.

I almost flew up when I heard they might be giving away tickets at the door. Ended up catching the midnight Iron Man in Melbourne which was sensational.

Of course Karl would be featured at the Sydney premiere.. he’s from
New Zealand and they would want to take advantage of that.. just
nice to see him

11–LOL. I read some of the spoilers (I can’t help it). I looked up some of the “spoiler” articles and yep, that’s where the gangs at. d


Comments for articles with spoilers allow discussion of spoilers in the comments section – but try to limit to spoilers discussed in the article.

Discussing potential spoilers not posted at and/or linking to other spoilers will result in deletion and instant ban.

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K A R L U R B A N ! ! !
..and some other guys…

Quinto’s hair: F A N G I R L R E P E L L E N T

Or, theory posited by Khan 2.0 might be valid too :D

Anthony, if you’re open to a suggestion ….

Maybe you could post your statement at #17 on SPOILER POLICY as a separate article so EVERYONE will be sure to see it. I’m sure the starship nitpick society is prob gonna give this article on premiere news a pass. Is it possible for someone at TrekMovie to make a separate thread on this site for a while [like the CHAT is separate] for Spoilery Discussions?

Thanks for all you do! The last couple of months on this board have been fun, fun, fun!

That pic of Urban sitting on the bench cracks me up, it’s so silly.

Also, that one “fangirl” trying to do the Vulcan salute: Man, it bothers me when people don’t do it right. The thumb is supposed to stick out!! Some fangirl, she’s just a poser.

Was at the Premier, the stars took a lot of time, over an hour talking to fans & Inside during the introduction to the film JJ asked us not to spoil anything…

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