2 New Star Trek Into Darkness Images + Hollywood Premiere Trip Contest + Cool Theater Collage

There’s more assorted bits of Star Trek Into Darkness news to share including two new images and a USA contest for a trip to the Los Angeles premiere. We also have another cool theater promotion from the Hollywood Arc Light.


2 New Into Darkness Images

Russian site Kinopoisk has two Star Trek Into Darkness images in their gallery that haven’t been released by Paramount Domestic, but why wait?

Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison (note he seems to be injured)

Spock and Kirk (Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine) in a civilian shuttle – with unknown third character

Viacom/Amazon Win Trip To LA Premiere Contest

Viacom (parent company to Paramount) has a new USA contest offering a trip for two to the May 14th Hollywood premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. Deadline is April 30th so hurry up. More details at Amazon.com

Cool Into Darkness Collage

The Arclight Hollywood has a huge illuminated Star Trek Into Darkness collage up.

 Into Darkness collage at Arclight Hollywood (Photo: Jack Morrisey)


Thanks to Anton and Lauren.



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Different jacket than we have seen before on Harrison.

Entered the contest.

Would be nice to win it! That would be a first …


How many jackets does Harrison have?

Maybe it is a reversible.

LOL look at the ladders in the reflection. Production ladders?

3 – Harrison has all those jackets because:

a) Duster = Sci-fi villain

b) He’s hiding his huge Khan-pecs


c) He’s actually auditioning to be the next Doctor


d) To cover his pasty white Brit physique

Think that maybe a BTS shot of Cumby.

P.s. of all the costumes we’ve seen I still like Spock primes coat (from ’09) the most. Perfect for Northeast winters.

@5 Tanner,

I don’t think those are reflections, those are actual production ladders and crew standing inside the building.

These appear to be stills taken by an on set photographer most likely from a completely different angle than the production cameras were shooting from. So nothing likely ruined in the actual film.

Any word on a post credit scene? Not asking for spoiler info, just wondering if there is anything to sit around for after the credits finish.

It is with great sadness that I write this.Sunday night here on the east coast….new TV commercial unfortunately gave away too much.Fox aired it . I am sad that for 3 years JJ keeps a lid on it. Then, weeks before the US premiere his overseas showings and TV ads have given it all away. Why even bother with this secrecy nonsense. I was hoping this was a legitimate effort to allow old fashioned suspense in the theater but it is obvious the concern for worldwide box office outweighs all else.
The movie appears well made visually and I am sure there are tour de force performances. But no chance at a revelation in the theatres. I am truly sad.

@10Mark-What do you mean exactly? They gave away the plot and Cumberbatch’s character? That seems stupid. Are you sure about this? I too have seen STID tv commercials and none of them have given anything away. *shurgs*

@ Ash-I posted a VERY general description of scenes shown HERE as well as on TV with nothing else but these scenes as a reference. The response was pulled. So I guess it is ok for this site to show us the scenes…But God forbid we figure out whats in them. I made no mention of my conclusions…I only pointed out what is in the scenes.
I am not a big fan of hypocrisy…but if this site is so afraid of spoilers….DON”T post a scene then play judge and jury when someone draws a non specific conclusion.

did anyone else pickup on the unknown character? I smell a redshirt.

@12 I think I know to which scene you refer, I would guess its from Spock’s message from Harrison and in particular two different emotional responses to clearly the same moment in the movie and what that may represent… Now for those of us who have read the spoilers it kind of confirms at least part of what we’ve read, fo those who have not and have seen each and every moment of each and every trailer and TV spot and seen every minute of Star Trek or at the ver least all the movies the moment clicks in your mind especially with the additional information we see in the scene if you look closely enough and I’m not telling people where to look or what to look for but it’s there… Have the spoilers been confirmed? In part, yes, does that reveal totally the identity of one Benedict Cummberbatch? It depends… Could he be just John Harrison? Yes he could? Is he someone else? If ou have read and believe the spoilers or have seen interviews or anything else to do with this movie then you have every reason to believe whole heartily he is someone else and who that someone is… We can be disappointed, disapproving, betrayed, whatever based on what we have seen and read but until we see the thing everything we’ve seen or read is out of context that’s what I cling to and why I’ll see it, yeah I read th spoilers and was extremely disturbed by what I read but I’ll still give it a chance because it is Star Trek and for that reason beyond pure speculation I completely understand no support this sites decision not to allow spoilers, not to destroy this film for everyone. What is defined as a spoiler I don’t know, he’ll I feel I’m being very vague here but others might feel I’ve said too much and this post may get deleted and that’s ok.

Well, guess I won’t be entering to win tix off Amazon, since Facebook is REQUIRED.

Bleah, pooh.

The identity of the villain in a certain classic Star Trek film as not a spoiler. Indeed, it was in the title. It did not hurt that film for the audience to go in anticipating a rematch between our heroes and that villain.

Regarding Star Trek Into Darkness rumor control, the extraordinary efforts of expectation management (to put it euphemistically) become only more baffling the more I consider them. I’m starting to think these efforts won’t have a good aftertaste.

Positive word of mouth from Alan Dean Foster, author of the STID novelization. He states that he has already seen the film and says it is better than the last one among other nice things. He gives no spoilers, and the article includes none, so it should be ok to post a link, the only thing to learn is Foster’s opinion of the movie.


on youtube


@17: Well, the problem is that it would be unwise for Foster to NOT praise a film of which he wrote the novelization, wouldn’t it? Therefore it’s also quite easy and only logical for him to speak of the movie in very generic terms (“better than the first one” etc.) without going into detail, as he’s basically doing promotional work.

@18: whoa! Flippin awesome! Thanks man! Finally a “character moment” clip. And one thriller of a clip it is!

@18 Thanks for the link. Really great clip filled with tension!

I think your link is incomplete can you please repost it.

@22. Theatre Historian

If you tack that on at the end of the standard youtube URL, it works OK.

18. JohnRambo

Thanks. I think Cumberbatch creeped me out. I’m at the point I don’t know whether or not I want to see any more of this movie before it comes out… Oh, who am I kidding?

Thank you both 23 and 24

#23 Yikes! Thanks for posting that link. That was both unnerving and very awesome. I love that interaction between them and the dialogue… I’d be feeling very unsettled if I was Kirk. I can’t wait to see what these plot elements are all about.

I won’t say anything, but… That pretty much solidifies it. That clip tells you what you need to know if you’re a long time Trek fan. There’s a number in there, right at the end which gives you the big answer. So I recommend not watching it if you’re an experienced Trekker and/or know your lore.

@27. Steve Johnson

That will depend on the person. It made no difference for me – and in fact asks many more questions than it answers.

I’m looking forward to this movie, and nothing short of coming across a detailed blow by blow description of every single scene in this movie from beginning to end can put a dent in that enthusiasm. Speaking for myself, I hope I don’t come across that, but even if I do, I suspect it would only be a small dent anyway…


Thank you so much for that clip! I have to admit I’m not happy who we know he is but cant say who he is although we all KNOW who he is (everybody got that?) but I must say that clip was chilling and dramatic. I hope we get lots of that in this picture. And yes the ending basically gave it away although Im not even sure we are allowed to speculate who he is anymore. Anyway, a few more weeks I guess.

@30. Hoggzman

It’s the same clip as the youtube one indicated by 18. JohnRambo

I stand corrected! Thanks :-)

I think that clip is the best I’ve seen so far, of all the STID footage in any form. It looks like we’re in for quite a ride!

Re. John Harrison’s identity, honestly it doesn’t matter anymore to me. I’ve seen the bare bones of the ‘spoilers’ but am taking them with a grain of salt. Either way, this interpretation in the new universe is obviously its own, and looks like it’ll be awesome. Abrams obviously made an excellent casting decision when it comes to Cumberbatch.

Ack! ‘Obviously’ in two consecutive sentences. My bad…

@30. Hoggzman – April 29, 2013 – Yes, JohnRambo already posted a YouTube link in post #23


Really, what questions?

“72 Reasons”…..

The YT link posted by John Rambo is official from Paramount. Trekmovie.com should’ve post it too.

@37. Santoss & @36. Steve Johnson

How? When? Why? Even Who? This is a different universe and things have played out differently – and we, as yet, have no idea how. If you think this is going to be exactly the same in both universes, then I think you need to check your stardates…

I like the look of Kirk and Spock in their civies: all the more reason why there should be action figures for this movie. This really sucks that there is no traditional action figure line for STiD

Anthony: when is the video game review coming? I read some reviews of it else where, not very positive…

Hey all,
Living in Ireland and we have a brand new clip. Very good but it’s a bit spoilerific regarding character motives…


@42. futureguy

Thanks. This is the same clip already referenced by @18 (& 23) JohnRambo and @30. Hoggzman

This clip is all over the internet from multiple sites. I assume we will hear about it officially on the Trekweb site once it is no longer the middle of the U.S. night – which should be within the next few hours… Then maybe the speculative comments arising from this clip can become a little less deliberately obscure without risk of having us thrown off this site.

There are things which events prior to the Nero Incursion have already been put into motion and it will be so interesting to see how Orci et al deal with them in the context of “their” universe like for example; V-ger, The Doomsday Machine, the Whale probe, Assisgment Earth (remember the laws governing a temporal paradox), Tomorrow is Yesterday (A great example of a self-for filling paradox)… The Doomsday Device and the probe are already on their way to earth is just a matter of time, The Doomsday Device is out there, waiting so how are these going to be addressed?

Sorry, V-ger and the Probe are already on their way to Earth

When he says ’72, they are aboard your ship’, …..

well, that gives it away.

Seriously. It does. Fans know what I’m talking about.

#27 I’m not bothered by it. I have many questions about the how and why and what and I can’t wait to see the answers. At this point John Harrison could be a sparkly unicorn who attacks the Federation with a glitter gun and I’d still watch it.

#47 “At this point John Harrison could be a sparkly unicorn who attacks the Federation with a glitter gun and I’d still watch it.”


In the Star Trek IDW comic, Nero has already met V’Ger in the Alternate universe, so things have changed and all bets are off there (depending on how ‘canon’ or not this is taken to be… The Whale probe is another matter entirely.

It’s back to Spock Prime’s ethical dilemma – what, if anything, to tell the denizens of the Alternate universe about the dangers encountered in the Prime universe.

The bottom line is Orci et al can choose how to deal with these things, either by invoking forewarning from Spock Prime to prevent catastrophe, or by just letting events play out – with or without a twist in the tail caused by the Narada’s incursion (butterfly effect)…