Nitpickers ‘Honest Trailers’ and Cinema Sins’ Take On Star Trek (2009)

Two of the Internets most popular movie nitpicking series decided today was the day to release funny videos focused on 2009’s Star Trek. See below for the "Honest Trailer for Star Trek 2009" and "Everything Wrong With Star Trek In 5 Minutes."  [NOTE: videos contain adult language]


Internet Nitpickers Take On Star Trek 2009

First up is Screen Junkies "Honest Trailer For Star Trek 2009," which is the 25th entry in their popular "Honest Trailer" series, which has taken on such as Harry Potter, The Dark Knight Rises, and Inception.

And the second video from a popular nitpicking series released today is "Everything Wrong With Star Trek 2009 In 5 Minutes," from Cinema Sins. This is the 22nd video from their series, and compared to some of the other films, Star Trek actually had fewer "sins."

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Mike Tyson


Crying laughing at both of these! I love the comparison to the chompers on Galaxy Quest.


The first one was really funny. Loved it!


Hahahaha that was sikk!!


Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry!!!!!

Dr. Cheis

Ha! Never noticed the scratch on Spock’s hand before. I’m guessing that was the actor’s real scratch and not a make-up effect or else they’d have had the foresight to make it green,


The whole video killed me, but the “my voice gives me super strength” was what made me snort unattractively. Gonna go watch YGOTAS or something.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…..


Damn didnt think of that with spock………. yeash

and that poor woman who’s stuck on the Farragut now, wait does that mean if that ship was amongst the bunch heading to Vulcan that Uhura essentially just got a woman killed by her arrogance

opps…… maybe Uhura and Kirk have more in common than we thought.


This is, honestly, one of the greatest things I have ever seen in my life. EVER.


The ‘Honest Trailer For Star Trek 2009’ nearly gave me an asthma attack – I was laughing so hard.

Zap Brannigan – Guffaw!

‘Everything Wrong With Star Trek 2009 In 5 Minutes’ – priceless. Galaxy Quest chompers…


Put the continuity girl on the Farragut.


Tan mom! HAHA


I HATE nitpicking! Why ruining the fun on purpose? Yes, I DO have some quibbles with 2-3 aspects of Trek09, e.g.

1. Nero’s motivations

2. Kirk stranded on a planet with the Spock / Scotty, a planet which is called Delta Vega but isn’t THE Delta Vega but a planet neighboring Vulcan and isn’t sucked in the black hole as well shortly after.

These are two things that bother me sincerely. All the other little “mistakes” are forgivable and insignifant. Yeah, and the Budgeneering / multiple warp core stuff… but do I want this film delibertaely picked apart?

EVERY Star Trek film hat it’s continuity gaps, shoehorned elements and plot holes. I agree that ST09 had a bit more of those, but it still is a great film, stylistically, acting-wise, score-wise and for all the fun and awe… Nope, the lense flares don’t bother me at all…

KHAAAN the weasel

Those videos were kinda funny. Still they didn’t point out anything that hadn’t already been mentioned by RedLetterMedia’s Mike Stoklasa a.k.a. Mr. Plinkett in his review. In case you haven’t seen it: Check it out, it’s brilliant (just like any other “Mr. Plinkett”-review)

smike 6 hours I’ll be watching STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS :-) I’m so freakin’ nervous, I can’t tell you…

Unfortunately, the first couple of screenings aren’t even close to being sold out. Obviously most people in Germany don’t give a darn about this film so far. Same as in 2009, but I expect even worse attendence this time round…

I’m gonna punch it now… See you all in outer space at some point…

Mad Mann

Funny. It actually makes me want to watch the movie again, though.

The honest trailer is great. The CinemaSins video is just stupid.

Josh C.

I found the Honest Trailer earlier and LOLed all the way through it


How about “Spock is marooned on a planet close enough to see a black hole forming in real time (ie, mere light minutes/seconds away, ie as close as earth spis to our sun), but the black hole does not eat the planet he’s standing on”?

That one always bothered me.

Sebastian S.

The ST09 Honest Trailer was hysterical!
I love ST09, but the barbs (esp. the “Star Wars demo reel”) were all spot on…

And I could probably refute a few of the points of “Everything Wrong With ST09” but it’s more fun to just laugh and enjoy it. ;-D


Even if there was a black hole in Vulcan’s place, it would not eat more than Vulcan would have eaten, because the mass of Vulcan = mass of the black hole.
In other words: if Vulcan’s gravity does not suck something in, the black hole’s gravity not suck it in either.

Do You Wanna Dance

Funny how “shi**y” and “Bullsh*t” get censored, but not “a**hole” at 1:40 on the second video clip.

Hilarious and mostly on point, both of them.


The movie certainly wasn’t perfect – no movie is. But it’s pretty hilarious that even its imperfections can serve some “purpose” for us – by giving us a nice laugh. Good stuff.


They forgot to flag Uhura as incompetent when she neglected to report the destruction of 47 Klingon ships to anyone except her green roommate..

Moputo Jones

My only real beef with ST09 was transwarp beaming. Oh, and a 3rd year cadet being promoted to one rank below Rear Admiral after one mission. Other than that, I had fun.


“era of actually watchable Star Trek films”…funny, yet true in the eyes of anyone not a Trek fan.

So funny, loved both videos.


Anyone here going to see it in Munich this evening?


@25 AJ, Uhura obviously reported the destruction of the ships to someone, because she was sent home early from the lab (the circumstances of which is what she was explaining to her “green roommate”). Why do you think Pike would need to know about destruction of Klingon ships in Klingon space if he was going on a Vulcan rescue mission? So Uhura is not incompetent/and that was not a plot hole.



@26. And his grand solution to the mission was to attempt mutiny. Maybe this is how Starfleet promotes ALL of it’s captains, who knows?


Both of these were hilarious…Catching mistakes nerds missed because they were too busy focused on Uhura’s.

I am not Herbert

HI-larious! especially Honest Trailer! =D

Everything Wrong is too close to the truth! but still funny! =D



I think nerds have a misconception with regard to how entertaining it is to watch them nitpick.


smike those arent nitpicks, there kinda logical holes and you as a fan kind of have an obligation to bring them up as to make sure they dont keep making the same mistakes over and over

and that the shows and films grow into what we love, engaging smart science fiction with some fun and good humor thrown in occasionally, IE

not ending up as Voyager and Enterprise which were rinse, lather repeat and reset every week, Rather Middle TNG and Early to late DS9 where it grew into a better and smarter show as time went on because they saught the need to grow and build continuity and NOT ignore it

hell that was the whole dominion war act in a nutshell really

also just have fun with making fun of something you love, its a sign that your not blind to how silly it is and that its just a tv show or a film and you should really just relax, unless they do something offensive and stupid with something you care about.

I mean I openly Like Miami Vice, yet I fully understand peoples quabbles and how often they make fun of it but yet its still an awesome show and I love it.

hell I’m listening to this right now for god sakes lol


Also our “nitpick” about Kirk Getting the Captains chair too early, kinda a focal point of the new movie.

Just saying.

Also, Come on they dont phones in space? lol

David Oakes

I’d love to see how good these guys Star Trek movie would be.

Captain, USS Northstar

Honest Trailer — uproariously funny! Thanks for posting this.

Moputo Jones

#30: I’m sure anyone in the Navy (or any service) must have been rolling their eyes.


@31 Gingerly- Get over it. I’m pretty sure they only mentioned Uhura like twice the entire time. Are you constantly looking for proof that people are always meanies to Uhura?

Overall, she was barely in the video.


Also, ZAP BRANNIGAN! SPORK AND OLD SPORK! priceless lol :)


Pseudo science!You should write for star trek.
A black hole would have a far greater pull than that of a planetary body, the comparison is illogical, the whole system would have been swallowed up.
But even if you accepted that premise, the effect of the disappearance of a planet from a star system would ‘drastically’ effect remaining planetary orbits and climates, probably causing planetary collisons,mass destruction and mayhem ;) (cue another type of film).
Has anyone wondered why a planet in the Vulcan start system would have a Federation base on it?
All fun and cause to run ta ‘picky awards’?
But, loved the videos (still hate the cheap shot engineering!)


#22. danielcw – May 8, 2013

However, if a singularity was initiated at Vulcan’s core it would take much longer time frame to consume all of Vulcan’s matter. That it was almost instantaneous indicates gravitational forces far in excess of the Planet Vulcan’s, which would indicate greater mass was introduced which leads to the sucking in more than Vulcan’s gravity normally would conclusion.


Star Trek .. .JJ Abram’s Demo Reel to snag Star Wars..



That was interesting. Cliched, bIg-bang-style geek humor… just not quite as funny or particularly clever. Well done though…and it makes me want to watch the movie again before I see into darkness!


good observation – if you have such a keen eye on Into Darkness you will defintely find a few things to nitpick

I stand by my science – and I would love to write for Star Trek, and bash heads with Orci & Kurtzman, Braga & co, I love all thos guys.

“A black hole would have a far greater pull than that of a planetary body”
Why? The pull of a black hole is not a magic property, it is gravity based on its mass, isn’t it.
We know the mass, it is Vulcan + some red matter + spaghettified Vulcans.
If there was a black hole, it would neatly fill the void left by Vulcan and have the same effects.

But of course all that does not matter, because
a) the movie act like nothing is left, not even a black hole
b) we do not know all properties of the red matter
c) and I actually believe that none of the black holes were actually black holes. they were just called that by people who either did not know better or had the time to think about it.


Eprom, I agree with danielcw. There is no magic to a blackhole’s gravity. If you were safely in orbit you before the collapse then you should still be fine after. And not only do we know the equation is Mass of Vulcan+Mass of Red Matter, also know that the red matter cannot be super dense neutronium type stuff because a Romulan could easily carry it around. Now the tricky thing is figuring out how precisely red matter is supposed to operate, but we should not assume that it does so by changing the mass of Vulcan. My guess is it’s some sort of pseudoscience nuclear force inhibitor that lets the matter that is there collapse down below the Schwarzschild Radius. Don’t ask me how that is possible, probably Star Trek technobabble plus a lot of “quantum”. ;)

Jim Nightshade

yup u guys are right red matter was an engineered psuedo black hole…im sure the properties would have been adjusted by vulcans for their use in stopping the nova sun by eating it without the other ruinous efx of regular black holes…wouldnt want the cure to be worse than disease…the mini psedo bkack hole would have to be self limiting or it would eat the romulan solar system they were trying to save….now was the star that went nova romulans sun..must not be cuz the removal of their sun even if it didnt go nova woulda been disasterous too…


I’m so ashamed of myself. It’s taken me to today to realise the Honest Trailer made fun of Urban in the credits as well. Why did I not notice for 2 days that they called him Keith instead of Karl. Keith Urban is also Kiwi born. He’s a singer/musician/songwriter married to Nicole Kidman…


Pretty funny. The only man that can stop…. lol

Things I noticed and agreed with?

25 years in wait? Didn’t contact Romulas?

Why didn’t Kirk shoot Nero? Was it because Nero wasn’t firing on him?

And the “fire everything” bit while the black hole was growning was just, well…