Exclusive: Simon Pegg Told JJ ‘Dont Forget Us’ After Landing Star Wars Job + More From Pegg/Karl Urban Interview

At the official Star Trek Into Darkness junket, TrekMovie.com had a chance to sit down with the two biggest Star Trek fans in the new cast – Karl Urban and Simon Pegg. We talked about Pegg upping his Scottishness, Karl showing McCoy’s warmth, the triumvirate, the future of Star Trek with a possible new director and more.  


TrekMovie talks To Urban and Pegg about Into Darkness & next Trek

Here is the exclusive video interview


Karl Urban on if he feels McCoy is still part of the ‘big three’ with Kirk and Spock, in this universe

The great thing that JJ has done is every character their moment to shine and that is certainly true in the film. I would argue this is very early on in the formation of the crew as we know and come to love in the original series. And that triumvirate. I know what you are saying – I know what the concern is, and on a forward going basis we have to be vigilant to make sure it is respected.

Simon Pegg on offering [question submitted by Maggie from Washington]

JJ is always up for that – particularly as Karl and I are fans of the original series and have a lot of Star Trek knowledge. Sometimes things come up and you suggest. Often I put forward little Scottishisms just to make sure Scotty’s ethnicity was intact. JJ would grade that on a level of the audiences ability to understand

Karl Urban on McCoy’s irascibleness and his warmth

Yeah I did [up McCoy’s irascibility] this time, but there are quite a few beats where you get to see the warmth within that. Certainly in that third act towards the end…when you get to see how frantically Bones works to do what he does and what it means to him, I think that is a real wonderful side to the character.

Simon Pegg on JJ Abrams directing the next Star Wars and its effect on next Star Trek

One of the first things I did when I found out JJ was taking on Star Wars was to email him and say "hey don’t forget us" as a knee-jerk reaction. I got a lovely email back saying "of course not." JJ is far too committed to this universe to ever let it go…Even if JJ doesn’t direct the next [Star Trek] film – even if he hands it off to what would only be a brilliant director – he would still be involved as a producer. As he was on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, which is a Bad Robot production and smacks of JJ and had Brad Bird at the helm, who was an incredible director. I am incredibly excited as it means we might be able to make the film sooner than we thought. If JJ is off doing Star Wars, then we don’t have to wait for him to do Star Wars to do Star Trek. This is my hypothesizing. It might be less than four years. We might get it out for the 50th anniversary, which would be good.

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