TrekMovie Review: Personalized 3D Star Trek Figurines from Cubify

Star Trek figurines have been a staple of fan collections since the 1970s, with companies making everything from paint-your-own Star Trek: The Motion Picture plastic figurines to brand new resin Gorn figurines from the Star Trek Video Game. Advances in 3D Printing technology, however, have made it possible for fans to now become Star Trek figurines themselves. TrekMovie looks at the results.


Cubify yourself at

The process:
Cubify 3D Systems offers personalized Star Trek figurines from the original series at their website. First, fans choose whether they wish a male or female character figurine to be made. Then, there is a choice of four poses: Phaser (character holds a phase in an action pose), Basic (character is standing at ease), Tricorder (the character holds a tricorder), and Vulcan (giving the requisite Vulcan salute). Then, fans choose their shirt color of either Command (yellow), Science (blue), or Operations (red). Next, fans choose their rank, from either Ensign, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, or Captain. Please note that if you wish to be a Captain, you must select the Command option. Height and weight options are provided, from small, medium, or large. Fans then upload their photos to the website. It is recommended that a digital camera and not a phone be used, and that the flash also be used even if outside. A front profile (smiling is okay, although no teeth may show) and a side profile are needed for best results. You also may customize the bottom of the delta shield upon which the figurine rests with a saying. The price is $69.99 per figurine. The figurines were shipped in a carefully bubble wrapped box.

The images we used for Cubify for our son

The images we used for my wife

The results:
We chose the following options for figurines made of my wife Maria Jose and our son:

Male, Tricorder, Command, Captain, Small height, Small weight for our son’s figurine
Female, Phaser, Operations, Commander, Small height, Small weight for Maria Jose’s figurine. We customized the stand with the words “Phasers on Stun”

We were very pleased with the results, as the resemblance of both figurines is excellent. Interested fellow fans should note that these are figurines, not action figures. They do not move and are meant as display items. The detailing on the costumes are nice, and the props are detailed and recognizable. A small female figure is about 5.5” and a small male is about 6” tall. Our concern is that although height and weight options are given, they really are for adults. It would be good if Cubify would consider offering these items in kid friendly sizes as it is a bit disconcerting that our son’s figurine is taller than that of Maria Jose’s statue. Also, it would be nice if the figurines arrived in a special kind of box to make it more special. That being said, both the figurines have solid likenesses and are quite simply cool. They look great on display and are a fun item. What is especially nice is that they would make a great gift for any fan because no matter what, few fans have statues of themselves! We enjoyed these so much that we ordered a few more of our own in different outfits for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presents. For fans, what could be better than being a character in Star Trek! Hopefully, Cubify will add TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, and nuTrek options in the future, and they are asking for fan feedback about what other costumes to offer on their website.

Note: TrekMovie was supplied with samples for purposes of writing this article.

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Oh my…

Those of us who wear glasses will presumably have our eyesight fixed by the 23rd century, because I doubt they can replicate little lenses on the figures.

I really would rather have one of myself as a Red Shirt being slaughtered.

The kid’s head is a little oversized for the body but they look great otherwise. Thanks for contributing to this site, John!

Nice Figure.

I want to have one of these done of my cat.

#4: Thanks!

It’s a bit pricey. Really, should be in the $19.99 range. But, it’s a great idea and should be applied to many more TV/movie projects.

While a bit pricey, and the size a bit too small for my liking, it is a really cool idea that I hope takes off. A great way to reach out to the fans, and include them in the Trek universe!

These are extraordinarily well priced considering what it is.

My goodness… they take your photo and turn it into a 3D Star Trek figurine.

Again, this is well less than a dinner for 2 at a restaurant that you’ll flush down the toilet hours later.

Most people expect high wages for their own jobs but want everyone else to work and produce things for free I think.

Really nice figurines!


John don’t take this the wrong way but wowie you really are a lucky man.

I agree ST:EXP. People expect to pay Wal-Mart prices for everything these days. They forget that the less you pay, the less people earn.

The head on the kid is too big for the body but the one of the wife is extremely well done.

When I was younger and thought about what I’d look like as an action figure, I just went out and bought a bunch of Paul Atreides figures, because back then before I quit smoking I was a dead ringer for Kyle McLachlan. in 1986 they were already at the flea markets 10 for a buck, so that was reasonable.

I can see spending this much to give as a present to a good friend, but for a self-gift, I’d probably just get a uniform top and have a good pic of me taken in it instead. (hmm … Bond pose but with TREK 5 TFF combat phaser in hand … )

Just got one done for my buddy for his birthday as a surprise gift. It came out amazingly well!

at first i thought this was silly but… i saved this page. i think i just came up with a awesome Birthday gift idea for my fiance…

I love the hooker boots on the female figure. Always my favourite thing about TOS.

@ 10. ST:EXP & 12. JTK2099 “People expect to pay Wal-Mart prices for everything these days.”

Agreed that price is reasonable for a customized product and the quality.

#17 “hooker boots”? I wear such boots in the winter because they are comfortable and warm. I am not a hooker and have never been a hooker.

Crap! I’ll need photos from the ’70s ’cause I’m too old and fat now
and I would want to look my best, which was then [plus my once
terrific red beard…all white now].
Too late for me, I think I’ll pass.

20, Browncoat, You are not alone :(

Let’s cheat and do today’s profiles with yesterday’s front-face … can it be done?? BWAHahahaha

Speaking of which, your nom de guerre indicates that perhaps Whedon should make “Firefly” figurines available too. Could I put my face on Gina Torres’s body please? Or Christina Hendricks, “Mrs. Reynolds” :)

Actually I don’t remember the ladies’ TOS boots having higher heels than the men’s. DS9, which put the women in heels like those of the figurines here, made the boots wrong for Trials and Tribble-ations, to my recollection.

I’m going to have to research that.


Tis a shame that they seem to only offer the one body type… Because while not morbidly obese, I’d be lying if I said it was a long time since I was that thin… And I wouldn’t want a figurine that just looked like my head on someone else’s body.

Also, someone else mentioned glasses might present a problem… Yeah, I also don’t think I look like myself without glasses. (I assume in the future, I’d be allergic to Retnax V.)

And finally, just to be extra picky about something I’ll never buy because of conflicting body type and eyewear… A shame that the voting for what they will do next is limited to TND, DS9, and Voyager. In the hypothetical world where I was going to get one of these, I’d want a figurine of me in a Monster Maroon. (Best Trek uniform EVER!)

Weird thing is are thr figures to scale with any of the “canon” figures that have been produced ? Only one I can think of would be the Diamond select. Can aanyone who’s done one post a link to thatt.

Pricy, yes. But how often have you heard of cheap customisations?

They are fantastic!
I had a set made of my son [captain], wife, Lt. Commander [Science] and of myself [Lt. Commander/Red Shirt] as a family surprise for my wifes birthday and they are simply AWESOME!

A great gift and collectible! Cant say enough about the set and the work!

I’d like them a lot but all the ones I have seen, look like the males head are always to big.