TNG Season 5 Blu-ray set and single-disc version of Unification [UPDATED]

While we expected Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 to be the next up on the Blu-ray slate, we weren’t sure if CBS would do a single-disc release this time, since the Season 5/6 cliffhanger of “Time’s Arrow” is hardly a fan favorite. The most logical choice, that many had been speculating, is the two-part 25th anniversary celebration, “Unification”, featuring the return of original Trek legend Leonard Nimoy and his character Spock. We don’t have full details yet, but there is new partial information about both releases. Both are expected to be available on November 19th for the US and Canada.

UPDATE Sept. 9 – CBS has posted a video trailer for Unification



Unification includes a new documentary exclusive to the single-disc release called “From One Generation To the Next”, plus a new audio commentary.

UPDATE: New preview trailer has been released!


TNG Season 5



The Fifth Season Blu-ray features all 26 episodes in high-definition and a multiple-part documentary, “REQUIEM: A Remembrance of Star Trek: The Next Generation,” which examines the evolution of season five and the impact of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s death on the production.

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1st wow!…Awesome Spock Prime in dazzling HD Bluray!


Seriously. That guy will mind meld with anybody.


Check out Apple Trailers!


Seriously, I don’t get what is wrong with “Time’s Arrow”. It was one of my favourite two-parters back when I saw TNG on TV. Its aliens were quite creepy and very well realized, and it had a time travel story that actually made sense with regards to its internal logic. The one weak link was the whole notion that the aliens were going through all the trouble to go back into earths past just to suck some life-juice, but that was much still less far-fetched than the contrivances of the time travel elements of ST:FC.

MJ (The Original).

Leave it to Rick Berman to find a way to make Spock boring. No thanks.

Who cares

Time’s Arrow is a great two-parter, better than Unification by a long ways, and I love both of them.

Jimbo West

Time’s Arrow ? Good first part, but a really weak second one as far as I remember.


Unification was a bit quiet, like a lot of next gen but I loved it.
Pity it wasn’t as colorful as the Bluray cover.
Why is post Undiscovered Country Spock Prime always hanging out in caves or in the shadows anyway?

Who cares

@7 I disagree Jimbo, the whole sequence of Mark Twain on the E-D was incredible, the actor playing Twain was fantastic, and for once somebody did some research about Twain and his political/ideological views, which all by itself puts it above a lot of other stuff out there.

As an example, several years ago Richard Pryor was given the Mark Twain award for comedy, the person presenting the award (I don’t remember his name) decided to make a “joke” about Twain meeting Pryor, which might have been funny, if the Twain part had been even remotely similar to the real man, which it wasn’t, consisting largely of a string of N-words, which Twain himself would not have used as he was an incredibly outspoken ABOLITIONIST.

Most of the time in fiction I have found that writers follow the example of the “comedian” who could be bothered to do 5 minutes of research, and almost never the TNG example of using real facts in a relevant way.

Just for that all by itself Time’s Arrow deserves kudos, never mind the great Temporal Causality Loop story, any time travel btw is one of my favorite sub-genres of sci-fi (after parallel universes), so despite Nimoy and Mark Leonard Unification never had a chance at beating Time’s Arrow for me.

Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire

I loved both. Unification was a great Ep. Times Arrow was also great. I hope both get the Movie Makeover.


I like that Unification cover, a lot!


The real star for me in the 1st half of Unification -no offense Leonard- was actually Mark Leonard as Sarek. Loved his final performance in such an incredible franchise role. It’s a great episode but I dont know if it’s great enough to cause me to buy the bluray.


@5 “Leave it to Rick Berman to find a way to make Spock boring.”


Except for the Leonard role in Part 1 — I agree with PEB (@12) on that.

But yea, the use of Nimoy and the story were completely uninspired. This episode could have been so much better.

Berman killed off Kirk, and he killed of Sarek. And if he had been given a chance, he would have killed off Spock too.

Red Dead Ryan

“Relics” was a better episode. Scotty helped save the Enterprise-D, became friends with Geordi LaForge, and was given a shuttlecraft at the end. A very nice send-off.

Admiral McCoy’s cameo in “Encounter At Farpoint” was well done. Short and sweet, the best part of the episode, and a great performance by DeForrest Kelley.


What the heck no Time’s Arrow!

I'm Dead Jim!

I liked Unification but Nimoy’s acting was at times uninspired and cardboard, like he just phoned it in. It was great to see him, though!

Loved Relics too until the end. They may as well have shoved Scotty out an airlock the way they hurried him into the shuttlecraft before the episode ended.

MJ (The Original).

“I liked Unification but Nimoy’s acting was at times uninspired and cardboard, like he just phoned it in.”

I would bet that he was not happy with what Berman was doing with Star Trek, and not very excited about a lame story. So this probably influenced his performance.

I mean, come on, you’ve got both Mark Leonard and Nimoy in the same episodes, but you don’t get them together — even when Sarek dies. That still bothers me today. What an f’ing waste of a great opportunity.

I could have easily written a much better episode that this myself, and I am not even a writer.

Russell Meyers

I have read that Unification was actually Piller’s albatross and was very disappointed in his own episode. Not a Berman fan but this was a rare misdtep for Piller



The best part of that ending is the awkward glance Scotty and Worf give each other.


Not being a writer doesn’t disqualify you from being a screenwriter today. Go for it!


I, personally, love Time’s Arrow. Had no idea it was not a fan favorite. I like Unification, as well. Why are people bashing Nimoy’s acting in it? Calling it “uninspired” and “cardboard” is really mean. And, no, Nimoy did not “phone it in” because Berman was “destroying Trek.” The whole episode was Nimoy’s idea. They contacted him and asked him if he’d like to do an episode and he came up with the story. So, I don’t think he disliked TNG or its direction. Give the man a break. He’s a classic.


Mark Lenard.

I have nothing else to say, just felt like he dserved to have his name spelt correctly at least once on this page. :)

MJ (The Original).

@21 Are you him?

Sebastian S.

I’m very much looking forward to the single bluray of Unification (I very much enjoyed “Best of Both Worlds”, too).

Sarek’s moving final scene with Picard was a series’ high point; as was Picard’s final mind meld with Spock. I also enjoy Data and Picard going undercover on Romulus (as well as their shenanigans aboard the Klingon ship). Terrific character bits for both.

Frankly, I’m looking more forward to this release than Star Trek Into Darkness. Can’t wait!

MJ (The Original).


I told you so, regarding Khan. How would you like your crow served?

Luke Forrester

Oh cool, more special features to dick over the people who buy the full season on the Unification set.

Red Dead Ryan


Hey Lenny!

Your pals Homer and Carl are waiting for you over at Moe’s! Only a few hours til closing time!

Better hurry!



If I recall, Nimoy’s appearance in Unification was merely to create hype for STAR TREK 6-The Undiscovered Country for which Leonard was credited (and handsomely paid) as Executor Producer and Story Co-Creator.

No, the story certainly wasn’t as expansive as it could have been. The series’ weekly-budget likely couldn’t afford Nimoy for both episodes. Consequently, the story seemed limited to reused vulcan-sets, narrow back-streets, caves and the like. Not the GRAND story one would expect when Spock finally returned to TREK on tv. However, possibly the best that Berman and the writers could come up with given the many restraints.

Nonetheless, I’ve never failed to enjoy this 2-parter. Once again, Mark Leonard’s dynamic portrayal of Sarek helps a lot.


Anyone know if they’ll be including that MTV special with Marina Sirtis that run during season 5? It was in-universe, making it a TNG episode of sorts.

I am to Smurfy

Never had any doubt that Unification would be getting the feature length edit treatment!
Can’t wait

I am to Smurfy

And I agree it was a great send off for Mark Lenard

I am to Smurfy

17 MJ
” I would bet that he was not happy with what Berman was doing with Star Trek, and not very excited about a lame story. ”

Its funny MJ complains about Rick Berman in the same exact manner he chastises people who complain about JJ Abrams

We get it dude you don’t like Rick Berman, no need to keep bringing it up over and over in TNG threads

MJ (The Original).

@29 @30 @31

We get it dude — you need to spread your single post across three different separate posts here because you have small weiner syndrome, and thus crave public attention to compensate for your malady.

@ 10

Emperor Mike,

Great to hear from you. I liked Unification and Time’s Arrow like you did. Clever thing with Data’s head in Time’s Arrorw. Season Six will produce the gems. Relics. The Chase.. Tapestry.

Gorn Captain

Will they resist the temptation to digitally erase this blooper? ;)


Whoever came up with the idea, or was credited for what, whatever the case, even if it was somebody’s pet — I enjoyed Unification. We should be so lucky to get a 50th anniversary piece of that thoughtfulness and quality.

I'm Dead Jim!

@17 MJ

“I mean, come on, you’ve got both Mark Leonard and Nimoy in the same episodes, but you don’t get them together — even when Sarek dies. That still bothers me today. What an f’ing waste of a great opportunity.”

I agree. Such a great opportunity was squandered. (sigh) Maybe in an alternate reality it was better. No… wait!

DJ Neelix

Time’s Arrow will be the next release, as they are planning to release all of the two-parters. It will be followed by Chain of Command, Birthright, Descent, Gambit and All Good Things…


Pretty much all of the two parters were worth it for me with the possible exception of the Lore/Borg one whose name escapes me. That one petered out at the end. But I loved Unification, Gambit, Time’s Arrow, Redemption, BOBW, AGT, etc. I wouldn’t mind if they put episodes together that were related like the two with Moriarty for example.


Descent! that’s it! And how did I forget Chain of Command? Jellico was right all along!

Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire

Hey Blogger. I know I usually don’t come in here to the main threads as much. But I love Tng and after the disapointment of Into Darkness I am glad Tng is getting first class treatment. Like Tos. Any bad Trek Ep is a good one. I loved Unification and Times Arrow. Most of the 2 parters were really good. Chain of command was a good one and Gambit was one of my faves as well.

Now. If they would just do Star Trek TMP The directors edition into Blu-rey.

Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire

My top 5 Fave Eps of TNG.

1. Best of Both World’s 1 and 2.
2. Yesterdays Enterprise.
3. Cause and Effect.
4. Relics.
5. Sarek.


What’s great about unification is that it actually works as a prelude to JJ’s 09 Star Trek movie! who could have predicted that in 1991!!!

Not a very exciting episode though, Spock and Picard are essentially very restrained characters so you get no sparks off their interaction, had it been Riker and Spock it may have worked better. I read in Stalog in mid 1992 that Nimoy was expecting to follow up the story at a later stage, presumably another TNG episode, but it never happened. But Nimoy wanted to introduce the story element of Spock on Romulas in Generations but Berman did not want to make the necessary changes.


Twain was so great! Hmhm haha WOO! ha.

Pastor Neil

both Episodes deserve, blu ray treatment. I was thinking , All Good Things, as well.

Maybe someday they will release a pack called “Captains Beginnings ” Where it has the Pilot episodes from all 5 series…
just an idea, what do you all think?


They really dropped the ball on the Unification episode. You almost get the idea that the producers of TNG did not know how to handle the TOS characters, with the exception of the Scotty episode. They dropped the ball on both Kirk and Spock..

TNG really dropped the ball when it came to the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”….amazing episode, but that should have been done with the Enterprise-A and Kirk and crew, and saved for a film. Instead of changing the time line, the Enterprise simply disappeared sometime before it was decomissioned

I’ve always like Unification, though it isn’t perfect.

I think it is dramatically appropriate that Sarek and Spock are still distant from one another (hence he’s not there when Sarek dies)- even Vulcans aren’t perfect. Of course, Mark Leonard is great in the role, and his death is tragic and sad.

As for Nimoy, I think his acting is deliberate. He is playing a much older Spock. Watching Spock’s arc throughout, he is cold and tries to be unemotional- but as time goes on he accepts his emotions and his “place”, as he says (watch ST: TMP and then ST: TWOK and TUC- you’ll see). Here, his Spock is older, but still restless, almost.

What I dislike is the ultimate Romulan scheme- really, a few hundred commandos would take over Vulcan? That’s the best idea they’ve got? Nonsense!

Ensign Ricky

Who cares about this…..all I want to know is if Nimoy is gonna be in the next Star Trek movie.

Check the Circuit

@ MJ

You’re not a writer? That’s shocking. You post here more than anyone so you’re obviously prolific. You…and only you…deduced the villain of STID so you’re obviously clever. You can figure out how two characters in different parts of the galaxy can logically interact so you’re obviously creative. You can string together snappy prose like “small weiner syndrome.” You know when someone is craving attention so clearly you have keen insight into human psychology. And no one uses folksy colloquialisms…such as “dude”…with such precision as you.

Don’t sell yourself short MJ. You’re not just a writer. You are a GREAT writer. I’m looking forward to the time when your first Emmy-caliber script is produced.

MJ (The Original).

@48. Thanks man! I appreciate the great support and confidence!


45. Robman007 – August 22, 2013
TNG really dropped the ball when it came to the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise”….amazing episode, but that should have been done with the Enterprise-A and Kirk and crew, and saved for a film. Instead of changing the time line, the Enterprise simply disappeared sometime before it was decommissioned.


I’ve said the same in previous posts. Apparently that idea was kicked around at one point, but we got Generations instead. What a missed opportunity, never to come again.

Dropped the ball? You got that right.