Turkey-Day Tidbits

New Takei cologne “Eau My”

George Takei has joined the long list of celebs who have released their own fragrance.


The name of the cologne is of course a take on his catchphrase  “oh myyyyy”

It is described thusly:

Set Phasers to Stunning. George Takei’s Eau My is a clean, refreshing fragrance for Men and Women. Subtle and charming, with top notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot and fresh ozone transitioning to night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals and grated ginger. Sensual woods, crystalized amber, soft skin musk, and vetiver will delight you when dry.

It will be released December 15th, it is available for pre-order at Amazon.

Chris Pine getting kudos in preview of another Paramount franchise – Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Pine has joined the Jack Ryan club, he joins Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck as being one of the leading men playing character Jack Ryan. This prequel Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is due out in January.


Read more about the preview footage and Pine’s own comments on Jack Ryan as a character over at Cinema Blend.

Spockboy’s new Claymation TOS video

Friend of the site, Paul “Spockboy” Sibbald has created a new Claymation-style video featuring our TOS heros and some new sidekicks…

Life-Long Trek fan, gets to interview Shatner for his day job

Casey Claiborne, who works for FOX 7 news in Austin, TX was able to make his dream’s come true when he got to interview William Shatner at the Austin Comic-Con. Click on the image below for the full story and videos.



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This is idiotic news. Just because someone used to be involved in Star Trek doesn’t mean we need to know everything they’re doing in their afterlife.

With all due respect to Mr Wright and other contributors to this site who are doing their best, I grow weary of this site posting no-news to fill up their pages. Give us actual ST news or get off the Web.

@Silvereyes: Sorry you were forced to come to this website and read something you didn’t like. There ought to be a law!

Eau My sounds delicious!

@ 2 dayxday

True, however when I do come to this site, I expect to read what this site says it offers, which is “The source for everything new in Trek” and no, perfume is not Trek.

im gonna have to agree…. i dont really care about pine’s other movies (im sure they are jsut fine).. and while i follow william shatner on twitter, its more for humorous reasons, because he says funny crap.. than because i want to know what captain kirk’s other projects are is doing now….i really only care about him in reference to star trek…(never watched tj hooker either)….. the site title is “everything new in star trek” .. so he has a point. so… maybe there isnt any new news in trek and you should say that in your posting to social media.. “nothing new.. just filler stories about actors new projects to keep the webpage from falling into disuse” but then who would click on it to go see that?

I agree that this is merely filler…..but we need to give Matt a break. He’s basically the only one keeping the site running right now, and I’m sure he has a life and a day job outside of this place.

At least we’re still getting new articles from time to time…something to be thankful for.

Lighten up, guys – this site in it’s heyday had plenty of news that was only peripherally related to Trek. Personally I miss Science Saturday.


I hate to break the news to some of you guys but Trek is, by and large, over and done with save for a movie every few years. This kind of stuff is pretty much all we are left with at the moment.
If you aren’t interested don’t read it. And certainly have the politeness not to moan given that someone has troubled themselves to find it and post i up.

There will be another TV show, no doubt. We don’t know what form it will take, but the journey will continue.

I think George Takei should have called his cologne “THE NAKED TIME”.

The motto?

Slap this stuff on and your partner will be looking forward to THE NAKED TIME!

Oh come on, seriously.

Some people on here need to lighten up. The title includes “tidbits” and the tags are “Celebrity,Fandom,Humor,Viral Video/Mashup/Images”.
What did you expect?

The poor guy that runs this site gets flooded with hatemail if he goes more than a week without posting anything. There isn’t that much news out at the moment seeing as the last one came out not that long ago. If you don’t like what he posts then go somewhere else.

“For men and women”

Sounds like the perfect fragrance for Spock’s Bangs.

Wow that first poster is truly an idiot. Ofcourse this is Trek-related. Get a grip


How about a news story about Star Trek: Renegades ? The first trailer went online last week.


7. Phil
Lighten up, guys – this site in it’s heyday had plenty of news that was only peripherally related to Trek. Personally I miss Science Saturday.


14. Ahmed
How about a news story about Star Trek: Renegades ? The first trailer went online last week.

That trailer actually made me want to see Renegades. It did it’s job.

Eau My!

Haha! Mandarin zest? Ozone transitioning?!? Haha! Sounds like terms you’d hear coming from the kitchen on Enterprise…if Chef was Asian.

I like the ‘punny’ name though. I’d consider it if I were into scents. But alas…

@12 K-7 “Sounds like the perfect fragrance for Spock’s Bangs”

(in my best Beavis&Butthead chortle)



I guess Takei knows his economics….

“watch the scents and the dollars will take care of themselves!”

Since Abrams put Star Trek into his mystery box, this site has essentially been dead or on brief spurts of life support… I keep hoping :( And it’s nothing personal against the people running the site.

I think George Takei should have called his cologne “THE NAKED TIME”.

The motto?

Slap this stuff on and your partner will be looking forward to THE NAKED TIME!

or… For men who want to whip out their sword and go chasing other men.

Best of luck to George… who knew you could build a whole career on one catchphrase and Shat-bashing?

Gotta wait til I get outta work (grr, Thanksgiving night, grr) to check out Spockboy’s latest. Loves me some good Spockboy video.


don’t miss it folks

Sibbald does great voices : )

Matt should be given kudos for keeping this site alive. He’s not the owner, and he’s posting because he loves the site and doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to it.

Cheers, Matt. You’re doing great work.

Jack Ryan is my favorite..!! I love his eyes and eyebrows.

Matt, thank you for this very interesting article.

While I agree with one poster’s assertion that these aren’t exactly Earth-shaking news items, I do appreciate your effort, Matt, to post something new here at TrekMovie. No offense intended to those who may disagree.

We would all appreciate news about the third sequel (if any), and other such more consequential news, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy other Trek-related, or even Trek-tangential, tidbits as well.

I do think that many Trek fans continue to take an interest in the professional and public lives of those who have been an essential part of the Trek community, so news about Takei and Pine are in no way objectionable in my book.

Thanks again, and let’s keep the news coming.

Also, I disagree with people who think that Trek is “over.” I agree that I, myself, have been a bit down on Trek lately because I’ve been disappointed in the afterglow (stating it charitably) of the last box office. And I’ve been a bit negative about all the waste of potential that Trek has. I’ll cop to that.

But Trek still has potential.

It still does. And — need I say it, friends? Then here it is:

Trek Lives!

So there is to be no sex or perfume that could possibly relate to Star Trek in any way… (Oh) Eau My…:)

‘Six Million Dollar Man’ to Finally Get Sixth Season


Bob, how about doing this show too, but don’t ruin it :^)

To all those complaining (Silvereyes) please checkout the other sights, they to have little or no ST information as currently there is none.
Obviously those complaining think that they can do a far superior job, my advice go and set up your own site, go on do it.
This is still a great web site and to all concerned keep up the good work especially in these quiet times

Ed from Ass?


Yeah, much thanks Matt! Your efforts are truly appreciated!

Ed from Aus – I assume Aus stands for Australia?

Spockboy should have his own links page here….

Spockboy, like your other ST stuff, specially the ‘Bill & George’ one:


Like this one too from JoJo Krako productions:


Cool, new Star Trek news! Yay! And, as always, haters be hating! Yay! Global warming is for real.

Now I’m going to watch some old Star Trek eps. Why? Cuz everything else that’s new sucks! That’s not sarcasm!

This article is exactly what should be here — and exactly what this site did in it’s heyday. Seriously, why comment if the comment is to say this article shouldn’t exist?

@38 – How’s the Kool-Aid?

A cologne for men OR women?

I think not. There’s a reason we’re made differently and as such we’re chemically different as well. What works for one may not work for the other…same as one individual from the next. Our hormone differences would make the scent like night & day.

George is leaving Shatner in the dust!

@ 31. K-7 – November 29, 2013

” Ed from Ass?

Well, K-7 looks like the dumb cousin of police dog, K-9 !

“I’ve been disappointed in the afterglow (stating it charitably) of the last box office.”

Since when is 30 mill short of a half a billion dollars a failure? $470 million worldwide is pretty bloody good — especially for Star Trek. It’s the best worldwide a Trek movie has ever done, and, worldwide total, it beat Trek 09. And it’s especially good for any movie that wasn’t Iron Man in the summer of 2013, where every movie fared a lot poorer domestically than forecasts suggested.

They could have easily made a much, much crappier movie (these are the Transformers folks, after all) that did twice as well (although this last summer, who knows? Other movies that seemed like slam dunks tanked) — and they didn’t.

People here complain about Trek movies being too actiony and yet they expect them to make a billion bucks. It’s rather insane.

Heck, it’s the tenth most lucrative movie, domestic, released in the past 365 days — on a list that includes Man of Steel, The Hobbit and two giant, G-rated family flicks. And it’s the sixth highest grossing movie domestically of the summer (it beat World War Z, Elysium, Hangover 3, Pacific Rim, a bunch of expensive cartoons, the Lone Ranger, White House Down, Kick-Ass 2, Grown-Ups 2, After Earth, GI Joe, the massive hit The Heat). That ain’t a failure, or even a disappointment.

Does Hollywood need to rethink these big budget blockbusters? Absolutely. it looks like audiences are sick of seeing cities be destroyed and the mandated by massive-budget massive CGI final battles (and, personally if trailers show me that crap, I lose interest in seeing the movie — the STID into Darkness trailer made the movie seem even less interesting than it actually was).

@44. Jack

Domestically, STID didn’t fare as good as ST09. When you take into account the added 3D & IMAX tickets, it is clear that STID was less successful at the box office from ST09.

ST09 was ranked # 7 ($257,730,019) in 2009 domestic grosses

STID is ranked # 9 ($228,778,661) in 2013 domestic grosses & it will go down when The Hobbit is out in December.

” it looks like audiences are sick of seeing cities be destroyed and the mandated by massive-budget massive CGI final battles”

Yep, it is becoming so boring to watch the same thing over & over.

#1: You’re a socially inept jackass. YOU get off the Web, dickhead.


Uh, you don’t have to say it twice!

47 & 48 brilliant post. Not so sure you would have the balls to say this to my face, but then you don’t have to, do you? The internet is perfect for you little dweebs unable to deal with the challenges of real life social interactions. Now go ask your mommy what she cooked for your supper tonight. If you can’t find her try the laundry room, she’s probably washing your clothes.

Given the fairly benign messages that have been deleted, I’m surprised #43 hasn’t been taken out. I wasn’t aware that blatant racism was tolerated on this site–nor for Trek in general.

Silvereyes, nice of you to come back and look at the comments for an article you didn’t like on a site you though should shut down. You can’t seem to get enough of this.

Silvereyes is a good guy.

I’ve interacted with him on this site for a long time. I consider him a friend.

Please, everyone, stop shitting on his parade. He merely stated an opinion.

Opinions are like assholes…..everybody’s got one! Smell ya later!