Unleash your inner Warrior with Warnog

Last night, at the Nightclub & Bar show in Las Vegas, the Tin Man Brewing Company of Indiana and the Federation of Beer, a Canadian company, debuted “Klingon Warnog”, a new craft beer in its line of Star Trek-themed beers. The beer, named after a Klingon ale seen on TNG and DS9, is made with German wheat yeast, Munich malt, and rye, wheat and caramel malts.

According to the press release,

“The flavor draws heavily from the blending of the rye malt and traditional clove character, creating a very rich and unique flavor, a bold beer suited for the harsh Klingon lifestyle.”

It will have notes of banana, clove, and caramel and be 5.5% alcohol by volume.


This isn’t the Federation of Beer’s first foray into adult Star Trek beverages.  Last year, the company released “Vulcan Ale”, an Irish Red ale (to match Vulcan’s red surface, of course) billed as “a logical choice for a palate pleasing libation”.  The ale is currently only available in Canada but there are plans to have it available in the states soon.  The company also has plans to brew a Romulan Ale next year.


We here at TrekMovie aren’t sure what all the fuss is about.  After all, there is only one drink that truly reaches the heart of all true warriors…

For more information about Tin Man Brewing Company: http://www.tinmanbrewing.com/

For more about Federation of Beer, head over to: http://www.federationofbeer.com/

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Where can I get a case?

Canadian beer? That’ll get the job done!

Forget beer, we need some blood wine!!

“5.5% alcohol by volume” (Warnog)

Either Klingons are lightweights, or they’ve acquired a taste for ‘beer’ along the lines of what’s manufactured at a painfully memorable J.J. Abrams filming location. I say bring on the “Romulan Ale” and give it a deserved punch. Some of the best craft beers I’ve tried lately are in the 7% range. There’s no reason Romulan Ale shouldn’t be worthy of the name and reputation.

How about of Wee Bairns Whiskey or a Saurian Brandy!

Shouldn’t it have a hint of prunes?


Vulcan Ale sounds illogical. There should be blue Romulan Ale. And Saurian Brandy. And the green stuff that Scotty kept in the helmet in his quarters.

But I would definitely like to try this Klingon beer.

BTW: Yay, a new article on trekmovie!

A friend of mine owns a bottle of “Romulan Ale” (Probably from “The Star Trek Experience” in Vegas) but he never had the heart to break the seal. It remains untasted, in a cool looking, blue bottle. Perhaps that is for the best.

Star Trek: The Experience used to sell Romulan Ale. It was blue. It was bad. And the coloring had disquieting biological effects.

It only took four post for someone to work in a JJ slam on a thread about beer. Let the decent into the ‘wine sippers vs. beer drinkers’ s**tstorm commence….

@9. Well, any urge I might have ever had to chug a bottle of blue food dye has been vanquished. Romulan Blue Dysentery sounds quite…unpleasant.

@10 Phil

J.J. and industrial scale beer brewing is (unfortunately) now directly linked to Trek; at least for movie-goers who have seen pictures of common beer brewing facilities.

10. Phil – March 26, 2014
“It only took four post for someone to work in a JJ slam on a thread about beer.”

I can’t imagine that surprises you Phil. It definitely does not surprise me.

I had the blue Romulan Ale from ST: Exp. It didn’t bother me at all, in fact did not have much taste. It was still cool just to order a Romulan Ale while sitting at the bar at Quark’s after being beamed aboard the Enterprise. Pure awesomeness.

And since no one else has said it-
Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy.

Trekmovie slacking much these days?

No posts to celebrate the birthdays of William Shatner (March 22), D. C. Fontana (March 25) or Leonard Nimoy (March 26)?

Well, *I’ll* say it, then! Happy birthday to Mr. Shatner, Ms. Fontana, and the multiply talented Mr. Nimoy. May all of you live long and prosper!

Wake me up when they sell plomeek soup. And gagh.

@12. Actually, what they’ve been linked to is an engineering deck that looks like it actually performs an engineering function. A ship with structure, and function is a thing of beauty…. particularly one with deep space capabilities, a self contained ecosystem. Water recycling might not seem all that flashy, but it lends an air of realism.

The Romulan Ale at the STTE sold in bottles/6 packs/cases was a different brewery and not the same that was sold or dispenced in Quarks bar. The Quarks bar version was Pabst Blue Ribbon with blue food coloring, which was very good, I thought. The stuff in the bottles was OK and more of a novelty item. I remember that had stacks of cases of that stuff and could not get rid of it until the month before STTE closed in 2008 and it sold like hot cakes as it was not going to be around. Then Bev Mo sold it here in CALIF for a short time and yes, I bought a case and half to drink and collect.

This is great and I will surely have it on hand to drink…. now if they can get this stuff to sell at the ST Con it Las Vegas, it would be worth it.

Where are the notes of honor? Honor!


BTW, hit me for this, but I actually liked the Enterprise interior shown in Trek 09 better than the updates in STID.

The Enterprise, despite extra sets, seemed smaller to me this time. But whatever. It’s a goddamned movie.

You can’t please everyone.

Makes perfect sense that you’d carry along a lot of water anyway. You separate it into oxygen and hydrogen. Use the oxygen for respiration, and the hydrogen to fuse in the fusion reactors.

I’m surprised that Romulan ale wasn’t the first to be made. It’s already a product with a name and built-in marketing campaign. All they have to do is start making it.

20. Jack – March 26, 2014
Where are the notes of honor? Honor!



Can us non-drinkers get some non-alcoholic Tranya? Or was Baby Clint Howard getting turnt up?

Least popular Trek marketing item (in America): Cardassian Fish Juice.

I’m waiting for this to reach FL. I’m not a huge beer guy, but I might chug a few cans of it if it’s not too nasty. The description sounds questionable.

The string of empties forms a protective barrier for the Klingon homeworld.

If they have too many, warriors have been known to go Q’Plaaaaaaaaargh!

Before battle, Klingons typically down a six pack, and some pickled eggs to provide intestinal fartitude.

OK, I’ll stop.

#27 LOL!!! So that’s why my dog keeps farting all the time…lord only knows where she might be getting it from and I didn’t know she liked pickled eggs – learn something every day..:)

Only left the gate open for a very short time – I swear…

Klingon beer and pickled eggs. An explosive combination!

27 CmdrR,
30 RDR,
Maybe that’s why Chekov could smell the Klingons through the vacuum of space. [“…Tribbles”]

28 Keachick, don’t leave any Prune Juice [Worf’s Warrior’s Drink] out. If the dog gets into that she may need to stay outdoors for a few days

I drink something that looks like Klingon Blood Wine, but fortunately it doesn’t taste like blood ….

@22. Not just for that, remember they do not have replicators in the 23rd century, so they also need water to drink, shower, and for toilets, as well as for food preparation in the galley.

@32. Even with replicators, they are not magic machines, they can’t make something out of nothing. If a Starship needs to make a million tons of stuff on the five year mission, there needs to be a million tons of base matter to be made into the crews lunch. Replicators really aren’t nothing more then a fancy recycling center. Picard gets up, orders his Earl Gray, hot. An hour later, he’s leaving it in the Captains potty, where it’s flushed back into the base matter tank. It’s the circle of recycled life, my friend…and does this tea taste a little salty to you?

Where. Is. My. BLOODWINE!!!!!

Vulcan Ale was originally made to celebrate Vulcan, Alberta’s centennial last year. http://www.townofvulcan.ca/