Watch: Zachary Quinto Tries To Make You Cry In Newcastle Beer Ad

Star Trek’s new Spock is more than an actor, he is a thespian on par with the best of the British, or that is at least what he wants you to beleive in the new web campaign for Newcastle Brown Ale. The first ad was released today, watch it below.

Quinto Helps Newcastle Brown Ale Celebrate “Independence Eve”

British beermaker Newcastle has a new web campaign celebrating “Independence Eve” and pondering what it would have been like if the Great Britain won the Revolutionary War. Zachary Quinto is on board to talk about what it would be like to have more great thespians among us. Watch it below.

Newcastle promisses more webvids from Quinto as the campaign rolls on. If you want to understand more about the cheeky campaign, watch actor Stephen Merchant explain it below

Drink Like A Vulcan

Speaking of Vulcans and beer, you can now get licensed Star Trek beers. Brewer Federation of Beer offers “Vulcan Ale” in bottles and cans and their latest release “Klingon Warnog.” Unfortulately they are only available in Canada. More info at

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He totally channeled Kahn from Into Darkness.

Humor — how illogical.

Bill welcomes Bob back to twitter:


Quinto is making some easy money while he can. Fame is fleeting.

Zachary is a good actor, and I wish he could show more range as Spock. The way they have him saying his lines in ST09 and STID, he sounds either neurotic or like a total nerd who talks way more than he needs to. I get that he has reasons to not be as calm and collected as Spock Prime, but surely he could manage to be more concise? :/

I’ll be celebrating Independence Day, thanks. I like New Castle, but that ad was a yawn.

I could certainly see Zachary Quinto do comedic roles. I think he’s got the personality for it — fun, quirky, daring. Yes, he does drama well, but sometimes you have to go against type, the way that Leslie Nielsen (from “Forbidden Planet” to “Naked Gun”) did.

Vulcan Ale? What, no Romulan Ale? Maybe the Federation of Beer thinks it’s illegal.
Once Leslie Nielsen did “Airplane” and “Police Squad”, he did a total career turnaround, and pretty much swore off drama. His last dramatic role was as the murder victim in the 1987 Barbra Streisand pic “Nuts”. From then on, it was nothing but comedies for him.

Shirley you’re correct, Adam Bomb 1701. He was pretty funny, too, in each of those franchises.

I like Quinto,and this was funny.



“… an actor who is totally not reading from cue cards right now”

Zachary Quinto has a great sense of humor

sort of British, come to think of it.

Why is British humor so much better than ours?

Mr Quinto is seriously channelling Robert Webb in this advert…

#12 – Some of it is and some of it isn’t…

I’m from Newcastle actually and they stopped making it in here quite a few years ago..