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While we might only be getting one on-screen adventure every few years at the moment, the Star Trek people at CBS are kept pretty busy dreaming Star Trek stuff from every corner of the Star Trek universe. Read on below for news of the latest licensees, and all the Star Trek goodies they are creating; including cookie jars, Borg Cubes, tribbles, and a galaxy full of starships.



Uglydoll and more new Trek licensees

One of the most distinctive new licensees working with Trek is Pretty Ugly, who will be making Star Trek versions of their unique and quirky characters in their Uglydoll brand. They have not announced the extent of their Star Trek range yet, but working with other franchises they typically produce plush and keychain versions of their characters. At the very least we can expect plush versions of the first five TOS characters they have previewed:

CBS have also recently announced a swath of new licensees, including:

  • Brooklyn Briefcase – Martial arts apparel (US and Canada)
  • NTD Apparel – Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory co-branded apparel.
  • Hunter – Gifts and novelty products.
  • Mitch Dowd – Sleepwear, underwear, and general apparel (Australia and New Zealand).
  • Gary Gurmukh Sales – Souvenir merchandise (Canada).

New Westland TNG Homeware

Existing brands are constantly developing new products. Westland Giftware has for the past few years been producing all manner of novelty Star Trek homewares, and recently announced a new wave of releases, due this autumn, which for the first time are based on TNG (all their previous releases have been TOS). These include new Picard ($44.99) and Worf ($44.99) ceramic cookie jars.

There are also 4 TNG 16-oz mugs (note the rank pips on the handle). You can pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $14.99 each: Picard, Worf, Troi, Geordi.

And finally from Westland are newly announced TNG ceramic salt and pepper shaker sets which. Due out in december, each pair is priced at $15.99, you can chose Picard and Riker or Worf and Data

Borg Cubes For Your Whiskey

Another prolific of practical novelty Trek stuff maker, is ThinkGeek, whose latest innovation is Whiskey Borg Cubes; little metal Borg-branded cubes, used to keep your drinks cool without watering them down: [Available now at ThinkGeek for $24.99]

Crowed Coop Bags & Purses

Starting out last year in the world of Trek with a big range of Star Trek themed pet products, this year Crowded Coop have moved into the human world, with another big range, this time including purses, wallets, bags, and luggage tags. On the way later this summer are novelty items such as a tribble coin purse ($12.99) and tricorder messenger bag ($39.99).

They also have two different design ranges. Firstly a funky college-style range with duffel, Backpack, messenger bag, a purse. You can pre-order the purse now ($49.99),

And finally their ‘retro tech’ line featuring a duffel ($44.99), tech bag ($59.99), men’s wallet ($24.99), ladies wallet ($24.99), and card holder ($11.99)

TNG Admiral Uniform Replica

For more formal Trek-wear you’ll be wanting to look to Anovos, who make high-fidelity uniform replicas. Lately they’ve been focusing on the 24th century, with their newest piece being the admirals uniform, as seen in all the 24th century series. The new uniform, and matching rank pips, and will be produced in both command and operations department colors. The uniform replicas cost $490 and can be pre-ordered at, for December release.  

Ships, Ships, and more Ships

Moving on to ships, and CBS shipyards are running at full capacity lately with lots of different models ranges in the works. Perhaps the most prolific ship builder at the moment is Wizkids, who are stepping up releases of their Attack Wing miniatures game to three or four ships every month. These include some rarely produced ships, indeed in a few cases the first ever models, such as the Romulan drone from Enterprise and Vidiian ship from Voyager in the most recently announced waves. Waves 10 and 11, due in December and January will also include the mirror universe’s Klingon Regent’s flagship, a squadrons of Cardassian Hideki class and Federation fighters and a Hirogen warship. No prices yet but they usually sell for around $12-$14/ship. [Order
other attack wing ships at Entertainment Earth

By far the biggest news from Attack Wing though, in the most literal sense, is that they will be releasing two over-sized models; an 11 inch wide Deep Space 9, and 8 inch Borg Cube. The DS9 (both priced at $99.99) has previously been issued as a prize, in organized play events for the game, but this will be the first time it will be available at retail, and it looks set to be the best pre-painted model of the station ever made.

Another very active ship maker is Eaglemoss, who’s model and magazine collection, Star Trek: Official Starships Collection, has been going the better part of a year now. Their most recent solicitations take them up to their 30th issue. The highly detailed die-cast models from issues 27 to 30 will be a Maquis Raider, Jem’Hadar "bug", Nausicaan fighter, and 22nd century Romulan Bird of Prey. [Order these and other Eaglemoss at Entertainment Earth: $19.99 each]

If you prefer to build your own ships, Round 2 Models recently revealed several new model kits. Expected next year will be a Polar Lights 1:1000 TOS Romulan Bird of Prey, and Shuttlecraft Galileo. They are also working on a new DS9 collection in their 1:2500 scale Cadet Series; this new three-pack will include the USS Defiant, USS Saratoga, and a Galor class. No pricing yet but allshould range from $15-$25).

Finally, the most fully featured model ships come from Diamond Select Toys. Their most recent release has been the Excelsior class, which has already seen releases as both the USS Enterprise-B and USS Excelsior. The next variation will be a The Search For Spock version of the Excelsior, with the NX-2000 registration and different details of the model reflecting the first version of the miniature we saw. It is due in October. [Pre-order at Entertainment Earth – $49.99]

There will also be new Search For Spock sounds on this release, which DST previewed in a video:

Also on the way is a reissue of DST refit USS Enterprise model from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. That is due this month. [Pre-order from Entertainment Earth: $59.99] And they have previewed the sounds on that too:


DEAL OF THE DAY – DST TOS Med Tricorder for $30

Entertainment Earth has a 1 day sale on their exclusive Diamond Select Medical Tricorder role play toy for just $30 (50% off).


James Edward, otherwise known as 8of5, maintains The Trek Collective, a site dedicated to Star Trek merchandise, with release schedules, guides, and news of novels, comics, toys, games, collectables, apparel, and more.

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Wow, all this stuff is great. I wish I could afford to buy all of them.

You know, I still go to the Hallmark stores around Christmastime to check out the Star Trek-themed ornaments. I’m glad they’re still making them.

Say what you will about crass commercialism and all, but it’s nice to know that Trek toys / knicknacks are out there in case we get the urge to grab some.

Also, I still regret selling my ST(2009) phaser on eBay. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Great, more crap for sale.

No offense to the author of this column, but to paraphrase Ian Malcolm from “Jurassic Park”… eventually you do plan to have Star Trek movie news on your, on your Star Trek movie news site, right?

@2 – completely agree. Total crap. Haven’t CBS milked us enough?

And while I appreciate TM’s increased output, I’d much rather read MEANINGFUL news than this watered down none-news.


Hahahahaha, loving the Ian Malcolm line! LMAO!!! Should have ended it with…”hello? (knock, knock, knock) he-hello, hello? HAAA!”

When I win the lottery, I’m buyin’ me a basement. Not even a house; just the basement. Then, I’m buyin’ me all them ships. And I’m eatin’ me some KFC for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and never comin’ out.

Whooosh! Zoom! Starships!!!

2 – I think there have been more posts in the last week than all year. I’m not complaining. But nice quote.

And I WAAAANT that Excelsior. And the TWOK Enterprise. And the Tricorder. And the money for all of it.

…ahh, i remember the days of disposable cash… mmmmm….. ;-)

Ugly Dolls???? Where did that come from???

I wish CBS wasn’t so hung up on merchandi$ing, then maybe they wouldn’t throw such hissy fits and let a TV series in the new Trek universe get on the air!

All I want is TNG phasers and tricorders please! Every time I see these posts I scroll with my fingers crossed.

Anyone else think the Worf ceramic cookie jar looks sorta like Liam Neeson?

I love the idea of the Borg ice cubes! What I don’t love is the idea of guests at a dinner party choking on them. I know they sell alternative coolers like these — some are made of stone. I suspect one day we’ll see a news story about how some drunk person managed to gulp one or two of these down at a candle-lit dinner party, only to require the attention of the local medical services.

Perhaps they should come with stickers you can put on drinking glasses that read: Warning: Choking hazard.

Nothing should be in a drink except what is drinkable, and/or ice. Or those little cocktail umbrellas and/or various vegetables such as celery.

Still, they’re neat-looking.

As much as I love TWOK Enterprise on screen, the model makers always stay a little too true to the color scheme. The blue needs to be taken down several shades to provide the illusion of distance. If it appears this dark, it looks like Kirk pimped the Big E by taking it to some scruffy guys who have their own cable show.

Some very cool items here!