CelebWatch: Zoe Prefers Life In Space + Pine vs Horrible Bosses + Sirtis & Dorn Get GIFed + Quinto’s Beer Treason + Frakes on a Plane + more


This week in Star Trek celebrity news brings Zoe Saldana talking about roles in space are the best, plus some pregger speculation. We also have the new trailer and pix for Horrible Bosses 2 featuring Chris Pine, another potentially treasonous beer webad from Quinto, TNG stars Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis GIFed while playing a game, plus Jonathan Frakes doing his best Shatner-in-Twilight Zone impersonation. Get all the Trek celeb stuff below.

Saladana: Best roles are in space + is she preggers?

In an interview promoting her upcoming appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy (coming August 1st), Star Trek actress Zoe Saladana talked about how she thinks the best roles for actresses are the ones in space…

I like being in space because there are better parts for women in space. I don’t have to subject myself to just being the love interest or playing a character that doesn’t feel relevant to the story or playing a woman that doesn’t feel like an actual depiction of a real woman. When I read films in space and I’m working with these kinds of filmmakers there’s a neutral sense to the way they develop characters. It makes me feel very significant, very relevant and very excited.

Saldana made similar comments as part of her new cover story interview for Monarch Magazine

I feel that when women can play a strong character who is the heroine that we are making huge strides as a whole. Women can be just as powerful as men with these type of physical roles and I am grateful I have been so fortunate to be able to have played these amazing women who are powerful and make a difference and not just the pretty thing who has a couple of lines to say. With Colombiana, Avatar, Star Trek, etc. I feel fortunate to represent these women and hopefully they made an impact in some way for strong female characters.


One last bit of Zoe news, E! Online is speculating that the actress and her husband Marco Perego may be expecting. They base this off of "some of the stomach-skimming styles tat the 36-year-old actress has been sporting over the past week or so."

Baby bump?

See Chris Pine in Horrible Bosses 2 trailer and image + Armani Event

Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine is appearing in the upcoming comedy sequel Horrible Bosses 2 (coming November 26). Pine joins the cast playing the son of a swindler (played by Christoph Waltz) leading the original gang (played by Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis) to conspire to kidnap Pine. In the trailer below Pine is the guy locked in the trunk of the car…

You get a better look at Pine from these stills from the movie.

In other Captain Fine news, last week he was in Milan attending the Giorgio Armani Fashion Show. Pine is an "ambassador" for the brand and has appeared in their latest campaigns. Here is an official Armani video interview with Pine from the Milan event.

In case you haven’t see it, here an Armani TV spot featuring Pine.

Dorn and Sirtis get GIFed

Buzzfeed gave their animated GIF treatment to Star Trek TNG stars Michael Dorn and Marina Sirits in a set of images related to questions for them on how well they know each other ("Newlywed Game" style).


They showed how well they knew each other, such as this answer to the question "If Worf as in an 80s hair-rock band, what would it be?


Cho talks ‘Selfie’

This fall John Cho (aka the new Sulu) returns to TV comedy in the new ABC sitcom Selfie, starring himself and Karen Gillan (of Doctor Who fame). The pair talked to IGN about the new show and summed it up thusly…

Karen Gillan: Well, I play a character called Eliza, who is very active on social media, very obsessed with herself, her Twitter account and her various Facebook profiles. Then she realizes that she doesn’t really have any friends in real life, so then she hires Henry…

John Cho: Played by John Cho.

IGN: The lovely John Cho.

Cho: The super-handsome John Cho. She hires Henry to make her respectable, to teach her how to be a real person, sort of. It starts from there. I’m not sure where we’ll go in the season, but it’s been fun!

Here is a clip from the show.

Quinto commits treason for a quick buck + speaks at Stonewall anniversary

Today is "Independence Eve" – at least according to Newcastle Brown Ale. As previously reported, The new Spock is helping the beer company celebrate their fake holiday and they have now released the second Quinto webad in the campaign.

In a more serious appearance, Zachary Quinto spoke at the "Stonewall at 45" event in New York City, honoring the 45th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, demonstrations that kicked off the modern LGBT movement.

Celeb Pic of the week – Frakes on a plane

Yesterday actress Rebecca Romijn tweeted out this pic of Bruce Campbell and Jonathan Frakes…

Fakes is currently directing the pair for TNT’s upcoming series The Librarians, based on the 3 "Librarian" TV movies starring Noah Wyle (Frakes directed the last two).


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Cant wait to see another Bruce Campbell Evil Dead movie,,



Um, “Captain Fine”?

Bruce Campbell needs to be in Star Trek.

Bruce Campbell would be an excellent Harry Mudd or Cyrano Jones or Koloth or Norman or…

@Yeoman, 3,

Thanks for the answer. I gathered that it was a reference to Chris Pine, but I had no idea it had become a meme or nickname for him. Wow.

Ah Yes, Captain Fine, “my Fine Pine”…:)

Oooh yes, I have already seen Armani commercial and the latest interview where he attended the Armani Fashion Show in Milan a couple of weeks back!…) Darn it, Chris, you are one sexy dude, especially in that Armani commercial.

I had not seen Horrible Bosses, but (curiously), soon after it was announced that a sequel was to be made and would have, among others, Chris Pine in the film, one of the TV networks here screened the first film, Horrible Bosses. It was actually quite a funny movie so I am hopeful that Horrible Bosses 2 will be just as funny, perhaps even better. Who knows… One thing I do know is – Chris Pine has proven to have great comic timing! Ref: his earlier movies – Blind Date, Just My Luck and last, but certainly not least, Smokin’ Aces, where he played the character of Darwin Tremor…LOL! Bottle Shock also had one scene… where all three actors, Chris Pine, Bill Pulman and *Alan Rickman “went for it” and delivered great (subtle) humour.

However, on the negative, unfortunately, that I think, needs pointing out and that is the comment that the Jennifer Aniston character makes to one of the characters when he says he needs to use the toilet, that he can pee on her, is just silly, creepy even – not funny. I guess this is because she can’t be heard using the word “ejaculate” or “come” in this context, even though peeing, ie urinating and ejaculating are different bodily functions, which appear to get confused in this scene.

Given that this is a trailer, editing out that scene with its bad humour, which shows that the characters (and writers) seem not to even know male biology 101, is still doable. I suggest they delete it or reword it.

* There was build up in that scene, with Alan Rickman cinching it with his short lines and brilliant delivery…so understated.

Interesting comments, Keachick. Although I haven’t clicked on the clip in this article you mentioned, I’ve seen very brief clips of the movie where PIne was paired with Shinzon — I mean, Tom Hardy, and they seemed to play well against one another. This is the one where they are secret agents competing against one another for the attentions of a girl they both love.

I agree that Pine seems to have a comedic talent, as does Zachary Quinto.

I do think that Zoe Saldana appears to have had the best career track so far considering all her starring roles, including not only Avatar, but also the crime drama, Columbiana.

Look forward to many years of interesting movies of all kinds from the new cast.

haha … Hey Keachick!

I’m impressed that you didn’t mention the smooth legs of Captain Fine in the trailer of HB 2… It’s unbelievable… I mean the legs! :D

So true, Hat Rick – Yes, This Means War – need to see more of the Pine/Hardy team.

I am going to kick myself probably for writing this, but there is no reason that there could not be a This Means War sequel, with or without Lauren (Reese Witherspoon)…

Dee – The apparent smooth legs of “my fine Pine” may have more to do with the film quality of the trailer than with the notion that Chris has shaved his legs. In the same scene, there is a picture of guy sitting on a chair in 3/4 pants and his legs also look smooth/hairless – unless –

it’s become the latest trend for guys to shave their legs but not their faces. If this is the case, then in order to maintain some kind of balance (or could it be bad taste), it should be trendy for women to stop shaving their legs and armpits and do as women do – wear swimsuits, bikinis, shorts, mini-skirts and dresses…

I wonder – do guys get Brazilian waxes as well? For some reason, this query just crossed my mind.

As they say, there is no accounting for taste…:)

Keachick…LOL … I doubt that guys can handle easily with Brazilian wax… Well, at least not most of them… it’s hard! :D

Just an observation. I’ve worn Armani Code for years. It has a very subtle scent and is always well received.

Gentlemen, you should try it…..you won’t be disappointed in the result.

I love that Zoe is proud of playing Uhura (along with the other girls in space)
she knows the difference b/w those who are really just love interests and those like Uhura&co that have a relationship and are just portrayed being real. She’s pro women in all their facets, unlike some disingenuous fake feminists who think that b/c Uhura’s in a relationship then they’re entlited to their double standards about women, and that in order to be a good female character you must be alone forever and show no feelings, all the while dudebro relationships b/w dudes are celebrated as ‘good’ for the male characters no matter what. The concern trolling about some female characters, whose ‘fault’ is getting in the way of homosocial relationships b/w their fav cis male characters, is strong. People have more my respect if they just admit they don’t like the girl, rather than some pot/kettle arguments I read about the writers.

As for the pregnancy rumor, congrats if she is! (Don’t trust that kind of rumor too much though) if she’s preggo she will have her baby right in time for when they start to film star trek (didn’t Orci imply they will in spring?)

@Jemini, 13,

From what I’ve read, Zoe Saldana seems to be a centered person with a sense of propriety. Unlike some other Hollywood stars, she isn’t self-obsessed or flaky. I get the sense that she is well-grounded in what life is all about and not unduly motivated by temporary political currents. This, to me, is a good thing, and I hope she continues to show such admirable judgment. She is certainly a positive element in considering the various components of the Trek franchise.

Another strong female actor that occurs to me is Sigourney Weaver, who played Ripley, the protagonist in the “Aliens” series of movies. It seems that Ms. Saldana is in the tradition of confident female heroes that Ms. Weaver helped bring to life in those movies. Like Saldana, Weaver is capable of portraying individuals with strong leadership qualities balanced with the more classical expectations of femininity that audiences expect. In thinking about it, Weaver’s Ripley was all the more notable for her physicality and heroism when contrasted with the traits of the male character played by Paul Reiser in “Aliens,” as well as the commander of the dropship in that movie.

Go to the highest level of alert on all inbound flights.

It’s Frakes on a Plane!

Campbell: “There’s SOMEthing OUTthere on the WING!”

I think that Zoe has an interesting point with women in sci-fi. Sci-fi normally is willing to project past traditional stere to project what role gender plays in the future. You yend to get balanced female characters that way, I think.

It does seem that comment going around the internet about the trailer of Horrible Bosses 2 has other people objecting to the Jennifer Aniston character’s line that he can do “it” on her.

I just rewatched the trailer and realized that it was even worse than I thought, if that’s possible. Her character intimated that he could do “it” – ie number 2/defecate on her. That is so UNFUNNY. The scene needs to be deleted or reworded!

Zoe Saldana is in so many movies coming out.

All I can say is……………she must have an excellent agent.

Let’s face it, a little bit of Zoe goes a LONG way.