Watch: New ‘Red Shirt Diaries’ Webseries Teaser + More Redshirt News


Another Star Trek web series with a focus on the perils of life as a ‘red shirt’ in Starfleet is coming soon. Check out the first trailer and more info below. Plus the second season of a different ‘Red Shirt’ series kicks off next week. Promo for that and more ‘red shirt’ related news below.

Go behind the scenes on the USS Enterprise with ‘The Red Shirt Diaries’ – coming this fall

Wearing a red (security) uniform as part of a landing party in the original Star Trek was always a bit risky and even spawned the generic term ‘Redshirt‘ for any kind of ‘cannon fodder’ character in TV and movies. And an upcoming web series is going to tap into the humor of holding such a dangerous job on board the USS Enterprise. "The Red Shirt Diaries" is a new parody web series which introduces Ensign Williams (played by Ashley Victoria Robinson), a low ranked security officer and follows her through the first 10 episodes of the original Star Trek series. The show will provide us with Ensign Williams’ video logs as she reacts to violent alien plants, overly-friendly superior officers, the “Naked Time” plague, and more.

Robinson as Ensign Williams in "Red Shirt Diaries"

“The Red Shirt Diaries” was is written and produced by Ashley Victoria Robinson (Asmodeus, Hotel Secrets & Legends), along with 2013 Geekie Award Winner for Best Parody Jason Inman, who also directs all the episodes. “The Red Shirt Diaries is my love letter to the original series,” explains Robinson in a press release. “I’ve loved Star Trek since I was twelve years old. This project is my funny take on the first ten episodes. I don’t mean it as insulting in any way, but as a true celebration of everything Star Trek.”

The series will premiere in early September. Here is the new teaser trailer.

For more information visit the official site


Season 2 of ‘Red Shirts – The Series’ Coming Next Week

Last year TrekMovie reported on "Red Shirts – The Series" a parody webseries that is "inspired by Star Trek" and focuses on three guys who join the crew of the "ICS Bichon" as they try to survive "the most dangerous job in the galaxy."

Shannon Mckain, Arnie Pantoja, Deanna Russo, Heather Barr and Nick Armstrong in "Red Shirts – The Series"

Their first season of three episodes wrapped last summer (Season 1 on their YouTube channel), and their second season kicks off next week, on July 22nd. Here is one of the Season 2 promos.

You can watch more promos and behind the scenes at the official YouTube Channel.  


Still waiting for ‘Redshirts’ on FX

As reported earlier this year, Redshirt comedy is going mainstream. The FX network is planning on transforming John Scalzi’s book ‘Redshirts’ into a TV series. The show is still in development, but could premiere in 2015.

Scalizi’s "Redshirts" headed to FX


Orci dons red shirt

Speaking of red shirts, co-writer and expected director of the 2016 Star Trek movie Bob Orci has recently changed his Twitter Icon to himself wearing a red shirt.

Orci in red


Red Shirts On Twitter

One last bit of red shirt news, there is yet another Trek parody Twitter account – but this one is from the perspective of "Mitch" a dejected Red Shirt member of the Enterprise Crew. Red Shirt Incidents tweets out missives about life on board along with memorials for lost comrades.

Who knows, maybe this one will get a book deal too.


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You know whats weird?

I love the idea of redshirt diaries.

Tying a third party crewman’s behind the scenes observations of the events we witnessed on camera is a wonderful idea.

On another note, I’m not sure how they are going to turn Redshirts into a series … A miniseries, maybe but, an ongoing series I suppose would have to be treated like LOST, where the audience is intrigued by the mystery in season one, but strung along until the hook is revealed and so on … For the target audience, Trek fans, this would all be moot if we’ve read the book. Imagine if you knew what was going to happen in LOST? It would be unwatchable …

…at least that “twit” boborci is not wearing a “picard shirt”… =P

…now female officers in spandex and yoga pants I LIKE! =P

There has been plenty of drama through the years that took a ‘bottoms up’ view of life through. Oral histories are growing in popularity because the perspective of those in the trenches can be very interesting, and unique. If you think about it, that was one of the endearing qualities about Ron Mores BSG…you saw the perspective of the civilians, and the enlisted crew.

Yeah, would not mind seeing this side of Trek…

If it means serving under Capt. Deanna Russo, I will wear any color shirt she gives me.


too shiny

shiny shiny right down the avenue shiny shiny tral a la la la

Hahaha the Tweets … go Mitch! Just don’t go on a landing party

Bob donning the red shirt … anticipating the inevitable phaser fire from fans I guess.

@9 Marja,

It would have been cool had Orci actually donned a red shirt, like on the set when wardrobe had dozens of them they could have dressed him in. No, this is his head photoshopped on the body of the model from the Entertainment Earth ad which appears on this very page in my browser. It’s kind of creepy actually.

It’s fitting in some ways mirroring how he grafts his stories onto Star Trek.

@ 10: CC, I knew I saw that redshirt pose somewhere else.
Right under our noses. ;^)