TheCollective: Guide To SDCC Star Trek Merchandise Exclusives & Giveaways


At the San Diego Comic Con this week Star Trek licensees will be out in force, showing of their ranges, and premiering new items. For those in attendance you’ll also be able to pick up quite a collection of Star Trek stuff available exclusively at the Con. Read on below to see what will be on offer.

San Diego Comic-Con Star Trek Exclusives

Bif Bang Pow Bobbleheads

The biggest offering comes from Bif Bang Pow/Entertainment Earth (booth #2343), who will have no fewer than four different Comic Con exclusive items.
While Comic Con exclusive in name, all of their products are also available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth. If they have any stock left over after the event, they will ship to the online buyers in August.

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First up we have the Data and Geordi two-pack, featuring the duo dressed up as Holmes and Watson. Based on the holodeck episode "Elementary, Dear Data", they stand on a base that is part Baker Street and part holodeck. These will be available in an edition of 1500, and are yours for $29.99.

Also bobbling away will be Locutus. The assimilated version of Captain Picard will be presented on a Borg emblem base, and will be on offer for $14.99.

Not in Borg garb is Seven of Nine, who’s Comic Con exclusive outfit is the red dress, seen in the episode "Human Error". This $14.99 bobble-head will be the first Voyager release in Bif Bang Pow’s range, but they do have plans for more-typically attired Sevens coming down the line.

Bif Bang Pow Retro Coaster Set

And finally there’s set 2 of the TOS retro print coasters, featuring forty of Juan Ortiz’s poster designs, in a Klingon D7 decorated box.


These will set you back $99.99 (pre-orders will deliver if they don’t sell out at SDCC). This set completes the collection begun at Comic Con last year, when the other forty designs were released in coaster form. .

Diamond Select Battle-damaged Excelsior

Meanwhile, over at the Diamond Select Toys (booth #2607), you’ll be able to get your hands on the battle damaged USS Excelsior NCC-2000. Based on the damage inflicted at the Battle of Khitomer in The Undiscovered Country, there will be just 100 of these on offer, for $70.


This is a variant of DST Excelsior model, which has already seen releases in non-battle damaged form, and as the Enterprise-B (both damaged and not), with the NX-2000 version of the ship due for release later this year. Be sure to check by DST’s booth for a look at the rest of their Star Trek range too, including new items (hopefully the announcement of their next new ship).

AFX Star Trek Bookends

Available from the Action Figure Xpress (booth #3345) will be Icon Heroes’ exclusive yellow Star Trek title bookends. Just 150 of these will be available, for $80 a set. The yellow text is based on the TOS opening titles, but they will also available this autumn in a white finish, when the bookends go on general sale.


We Love Fine Cosplay Not Logical Tee

Over at We Love Fine (booth #1235) there will be an exclusive T-shirt, giving us Spock’s opinion of cosplayers. Only 200 will be available.


Star Trek Giveaways At SDCC

Sprinkled all around various licensees booths at the Con will be Star Trek dog-tags, with artwork depicting each of the series ships. These will be given away for free, but you’ll have to keep an eye on the @StarTrek twitter to find out where. One location has already been announced, ThinkGeek’s booth (#3849).

Also being given away will be Eaglemoss model ships, to everyone attending the Ships of the Line panel on Thursday in Room 4. The panel will feature a range of Star Trek artists discussing Star Trek starships, and will be hosted by Ben Robinson, who is the manager in charge of Eaglemoss’ The Official Starships Collection.

Simon & Schuster (Booth #1128) will have a number of Star Trek giveaways, starting with the Star Trek: Destiny #1: Gods of Night giveaway (Wednesday, 7/23), Star Trek: The Original Series: No Time Like the Past giveaway (Thursday, 7/24), and Star Trek: Vanguard: Declassified giveaway (Friday, 7/25). Additionally, Mysterious Galaxy (Booth 1119) will host authors Kevin Dilmore and David George for a signing of Point of Divergence and One Constant Star, respectively, on Saturday, 7/26 from 3:30-4 PM.

3D Systems/Cubify (Booth #3513) will have an on-site scanning station at the 3D systems booth for fans to order their own personalized 3-D printed Star Trek figurines.

Hallmark (Booth # 2913-H) will offer a sneak peek of the 2015 Star Trek Keepsake Ornament collection. The booth will also showcase the 2014 Star Trek ornament line featuring the U.S.S. Vengeance, Lt. Hikaru Sulu and “The Devil in the Dark” as well as the limited-quantity Vina. Current Star Trek greeting cards and Star Trek/Big Bang Theory crossover items will also be on display.

These exclusives and give-aways are just scratching the surface of what Comic Con offers the Star Trek collector. Many Trek licensees will be in attendance, and showing off new items. Make sure to check out the TrekMovie Guide to Comic Con for the low-down on all the booths you wont want to miss.


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I’m waiting to see what Hallmark will offer next year for Christmas ornaments.

DK — It’s the Vengence Starship/Beer bottle opener… Spock ‘n Horta… and Sulu with tricorder.

I love me some good ships. The prices are a bit much until I land in a new job. Anybody hiring a Trekkie/writer/journalist?


That Elementary, Dear Data is a MUST HAVE with all the Sherlockian popularity going on these days.

Those Juan Ortiz Coasters are the EPITOME of cool. And I must have them.

And finally that “This Cosplay Not Logical” Tee shirt is HILARIOUS. Must have.

CmdrR—Next years ornaments, 2015.

Hopefully something good.