Exclusive Star Trek: The Compendium Featurette Clip – Costuming Into Darkness


We have more to show from the new special features included Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray set coming next week. Today’s focus is the costumes two clips (including one exclusive to TrekMovie) from the new "Fitting the Future" featurette.

Clips from Into Darkness "Fitting the Future" Featuette

In addition to compiling all the various retailer exclusive featurettes, the new Star Trek: The Compendium Blu-ray release has three brand new Star Trek Into Darkness featurettes. One is the gag reel (and yesterday we shared clips from that). Today we have clips from the "Fitting the Future" featurette about costuming. First up is an exclusive clip provided to TrekMovie featuring Michael Kaplan talking about some of the new costumes he made for Star Trek Into Darkness.

And next up is a clip released by CBS from the same featurette, with some of the cast talking about their (very tight) wetsuit costumes.

Star Trek: The Compendium will be released next Tuesday. Look for a TrekMovie review this weekend.

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It would have been nice if all the energy expended on fun and games had been put toward cranking out a better finished product.

I’m glad to see everyone got paid LOADS OF MONEY to have fun every day.

I don’t understand the hate that this movie gets from fans. It was a fun and exciting Trek movie and doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I’m glad the cast gets along so well and has such great chemistry. People need to calm down and stop taking it so seriously.

It was an excellent film and well received critically and commercially. I still like it better than the first.

@3 Leon “It was an excellent film and well received critically and commercially”

You are correct! Can’t argue with the facts. 87% positive reviews by the critics and 90% audience approval per Rotten Tomatoes.

I loved it too. Brilliant film that’s taken Trek to a whole new audience.

The bitter comments from haters leave me cold.

Thanks trekmovie for all these updates.

Star Trek Lives

I’m all over this. Great movie, great Trek!!

Sources at CBS indicate CBS is looking to Showtime for possible future Trek show.


I wanted to like the movie but was so distracted by the lapses in logic in so many scenes.

I had the same issue with the first film but the opening scene and my desire to see the original characters back on the screen surpassed by concerns.

That wasn’t enough for the second.

I hope the third invalidates my concerns.


I absolutely enjoyed this movie!!! Haters gotta hate.

I really liked the movie too and also don’t understand all the hate. Is it classic TOS? No. But it was a fun movie and fills the void where, if it weren’t around, there would be NO TREK at all.

In the first video, I love the scene where Captain Kirk/Pine arrives on the bridge, I love the body language and I understand the work that Chris Pine had to get that body shape. Definitely Captain is on the bridge!

I hope the Star Trek 3 script was written in the same style.

Why the F would I buy this new Compendium release if they are releasing all the material online this week to promote it????

Hard work can also be fun. Gosh, some people need to lose the “sour pussy” attitude.

For some reason, the first video would not play, but I love the second one. Check Karl Urban’s expression as he leaves the chamber and Pine’s laugh. What’s not to love?!

To Air Coryell….people just have to talk trash about something. In this case, a different kind of Star Trek. Just accept it and it’ll pass a lot quicker.

Well, I couldn’t help myself and ordered it. I can give my old pair away.

Look, I get it. You all LOVED STID, I thought it was crap. A convoluted mess.

We are allowed to have different opinions, aren’t we?

But they also love you, Harry. Don’t despair!

AJ, that’s a nice thought, but some people here pretty much hate my guts.

I’m more than okay with that. I could say, “haters gotta hate”, but that would bring me down to their knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing level.

(oops, was that my outside voice?)

But haters don’t GOTTA hate,but haters are GONNA hate nonetheless. Big difference,lol.

I am of course buying this…..unless someone knows if yet another release with the stuff that’s not there this time around will be released in anohter year or so? Yes,there ARE still a few things not included here,lol!


To hell with what the critics say and how much money it raked in. It was indeed a well put together movie regardless how you put it.

But with the fans, I know I’m hardcore myself, I still like that line from CSI: Crime Scene Investigations when it was parodying Star Trek back in 2009, no one likes it when you mess with their heroes.

But in my opinion, they are too rigid and inflexible to really not simply appreciate what JJ Abrams gave us, but what Gene Roddenberry gave us. It’s not about getting Star Trek right, but it’s about their desires.

To dumb it down for them, out of all the captains to have commanded the Enterprise, they are more like Edward Jellico and no where near like James T. Kirk or Jean Luc Picard, the very men who defined Star Trek.

‘Into Darkness’ is okay, and the compendium looks good. The first half of the film is really cool, then it starts to become a confusing mess. All of the actors were impressive enough to get through it, especially Pine.

Here’s a thought: a single NuTrek film made more money than all the TNG films COMBINED.


Anyway, I’m hesitant in getting this because I rather wait for the post-50th anniversary edition that will have all three NuTrek films.

#23. “Here’s a thought: a single NuTrek film made more money than all the TNG films COMBINED.”


**walks cautiously around the edge of this chat… looks down… thinks: but I like these shoes… decides not to step in it**

It so fascinates me reading all the comments regarding the so-called “haters” from people who enjoyed the film. I get it if someone is going overboard, I suppose, but seriously…what DO you want or expect? You think that everyone is supposed to just chill out & enjoy it because you did & if they happen to disagree with you then that makes them “haters”? So, if you like sushi and I don’t, that makes me a hater? Why are people so thin-skinned these days? No one seems to be able to handle any form of disagreement & get along anyway. All the talk of tolerance & yet none seem to be tolerant themselves. The height of hypocrisy.

And saying “haters gonna hate” (I hate that expression) is like suggesting people who dislike a particular thing are going to dislike anything because they like to dislike things. You see how stupid that sounds?

I liked the movie…better than the first. However, I DO have some serious issues with the logic & common sense (or lack thereof of either). The story COULD have been told without the lapses & been all the better for it.

I’m going to hold out for the pan & scan Full Screen laserdisc version ;-)

And that’s the whole point of the expression,they hate everything even when they actually think something is ok,they just hate it for the sake of hating. I don’t like the expression either,but it does say what it is intended to say.


I’m excited there are new featurettes, as well as the audio commentary I refused to pay iTunes to acquire, after buying it twice to scramble to get most of the extras on the Best Buy(canadian-physical copy of bonus features) and Target store excl. versions. And to get the 2nd film in IMAX!

@ 23. dswynne – September 6, 2014

“Here’s a thought: a single NuTrek film made more money than all the TNG films COMBINED.

That is a false equivalence.

The two NuTrek movies cost around $340M, almost double the budget for the four TNG movies COMBINED.

And unlike TNG, the NuTrek movies enjoyed a much wider international release, a bigger international marketing budget with the added benefits of 3D & IMAX tickets.

There are lot of articles in trade magazines about Paramount’s new approach to promote Star Trek in the foreign market.


Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek successfully revived the franchise in North America, where it took in a sizable $257.7 million. Yet it topped out at only $128 million overseas, where most Hollywood blockbusters now do the majority of their business.

The studio did tailor its 2009 campaign by region (in Mexico and Russia, for instance, it was pitched as a disaster pic), but that wasn’t enough, so Paramount upped the international marketing budget in an effort to jump-start foreign grosses this time around. “That’s our No. 1 initiative,” says Paramount chief marketing officer Josh Greenstein.


Paramount announces Terminator 6 & 7 release dates! Terminator 6 will be released on May 19, 2017, followed by Terminator 7 on June 29, 2018.

The two Terminator movies will be filmed back to back!

And people say that Paramount is procrastinating!

8. Lostrod –
I wanted to like the movie but was so distracted by the lapses in logic in so many scenes.

I had the same issue with the first film but the opening scene and my desire to see the original characters back on the screen surpassed by concerns.

That wasn’t enough for the second.

I hope the third invalidates my concerns.”





7. Who cares –
“Sources at CBS indicate CBS is looking to Showtime for possible future Trek show.”

Thanks for the link Who cares. This could be a truly great development for the future of our favorite future. Fingers crossed.

23. dswynne – September 6, 2014
Here’s a thought: a single NuTrek film made more money than all the TNG films COMBINED.

Just think. They made as much with two years work as previously took nine! That’s efficiency!

The reason STID made more money than all the other Trek films combined is these five words: “Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.”

Bingo. Western, Central and Eastern Europe: CHECK; South Korea/Japan: CHECK; US CHECK; Russia CHECK. Launched in China.

Has little to do with the story. SFX are a given.

It was all about everything that has nothing to do with actual “Star Trek.”

27. ME!! – September 6, 2014

It so fascinates me reading all the comments regarding the so-called “haters” from people who enjoyed the film….You think that everyone is supposed to just chill out & enjoy it because you did & if they happen to disagree with you then that makes them “haters”?

The hater-haters do often come across as simply anti-nonconformists, don’t they. Sort of, Why do all of these agitators have to complain about things? Why can’t they just be like me and be satisfied with the movie?

To the hater-haters: What you are really saying when you express bewilderment about the existence of people who are dissatisfied with the movie is: “I haven’t read any of the mountains of very detailed, ana|ytical criticism about the movie here or at any other Trek fan site; and, I haven’t read any of the numerous articles and blogs ana|yzing the commonly perceived problems with the movie.”

If you happen to be actually curious about this issue and not simply expressing a grievance about the nonconforming malcontents who won’t toe the line, here are just a few of the many available articles on the subject that might shed light on it for you:









STID is one of the worse Trek movies ever made barely above Insurrection/Nemesis story quality wise. A level VFX, sets, costumes, production design. C level story, dialog, & souless for most of the running time. Just another A to B pointless action movie set in space.

Most of what was good in ST09 is missing here I blame the director, producers, writers for being too blaise,arrogant & taking other projects first creating a lengthy wait for an inferior movie. The actors were all stranded with a poor script & reusing TWOK elements was pointless & a clear sign they were out of ideas years ago.

They need to do way better for the next one otherwise it will get rebooted again!

@36 Rubbish. The fifth estate starring Benedict Cumberpatch flopped big style. He can’t yet open a movie.

The new films made money because they were damn good and there is a hunger for more star trek.

@38 (Paul): Sorry, but your opinion is worthless, considering that STiD performed well with both general audience and critics alike (OPINION), as well as having a good box office performance (FACT). Now, had you stated that YOU didn’t like STID, that would have been a reasonable statement. After all, it’s your opinion based upon what you like from a Star Trek film. However, according to all accounts, the worst ST film is FF. It didn’t perform well, the special effects were “low budget”, the script pedantic , and the only reason why William Shatner was allowed to helm the project was because of ego (i.e. Leonard Nemoy being a successful director on Search for Spock and The Voyage Home.

And just to prove that I’m not a STiD fanboy: they shouldn’t have Cumberbatch as Khan (i blame Damon Lindelof for this nonsense), I hated the fact that “Khan” was “white-washed” (I blame Orci for THIS nonsense), and there were too many references to patch up a script that was full of plot conveniences (I blame Kurtzman for this nonsense). So, the main problem with STiD was at the script level, IMO, which goes to show why it’s bad to have a virtual “echo chamber” during the pre-production phase of any film-making venture. But I enjoyed the film because of the characterization, special effects, subject matter (which is still relevant today) and great direction. So, it was entertaining. Not great, but definitely not the worst of the Star Trek films.

Also, I think TMP is, IMO, the best of the Star Trek films, due to one simple reason: it was a PURE sci-fi film that didn’t need to rely on literal themes (TWOK, TUC, FC) or gimmicks (NEM, GEN, SFS, INS, VOY, FF, ST09, STiD). I would put VOY as second on my list, in spite of the gimmick “Save the Whales” plot, due to the strong message and interplay of characters. But, again, that’s my opinion, and I have no problem stating as such.

@31 (Ahmed): I took that into account, and I still came to the same conclusion. The films made more money, and that’s what the studio heads are looking at when it comes to supporting future projects (which is why it was seven years of no ST films). And you can have a big budget film, and still flop (see: Waterworld). I will agree that the marketing of the films are better, that doesn’t excuse their poor reception. Word of mouth still drives how much money a film will make overall.

@38. Actually I think the reasons The Fifth Estate flopped are that about half of the American movie going audience doesn’t have the first idea what wikileaks is, and doesn’t care, and probably half of that number probably think The Fifth Estate is some kind of establishment selling alcohol.

Plus even among those who know what it is all about I will bet a large percentage do not believe the movie should have been made.

@42. Who cares

“Plus even among those who know what it is all about I will bet a large percentage do not believe the movie should have been made.”

Julian Assange himself described ‘The Fifth Estate’ as a “serious propaganda attack on WikiLeaks and the integrity of its staff”.

Anywayyyy… discussing the costuming, it was a wonderful passing of the torch from TOS, bringing back the primary colours, but also creating a realistic, believable set of secondary uniforms that help ground the show in familiarity. Naval-inspired dress uniforms with caps, excursion jackets, specialty/technical work overalls, protective suits, and as mentioned, slimmed-down spacesuits. Adding a bit of texture for today’s HD screens, etc. When you watch a remastered TOS episode, it’s clear that a lot was designed knowing the relatively low resolution of 420-line TV would hide the seams and the velour pajama textures.

By comparison, First Contact’s spacesuits, while realistic at the time, seem needlessly bulky for the 23rd century, if you imagine the advances we’re making today in materials science and technology, compounded forwards over 300 years – compare a diving suit today to what you could have made during the Industrial Revolution…

@ 41. dswynne – September 7, 2014

“@31 (Ahmed): I took that into account, and I still came to the same conclusion.”

If I may, how is it possible to reach to the same conclusion once you factor in the bigger budgets, the international marketing & the completely different & shifting distribution landscape in the 21st century ?

At the time of TNG movie, the Chinese market was nonexistent. Now, China has become the world’s second largest movie market & unfortunately it will overtake the US box office by the end of the decade.

I just don’t see how it is possible to compare box office performance of a $ 190M movie (STID) in a very different business environment to a $ 45M movie (Star Trek: First Contact) or any of the other TNG movies; none of them cost more than $ 40M- $ 60M at most, that doesn’t compute IMO.

I watched Star Trek into Darkness before. It was a movie based on the Star Trek TV show.

After I watched the movie, my life went on. I don’t get mad if I thought the movie was bad or not, nor do I get mad at others for having different opinions than me. It was a movie.

Anyway, these clips are cool and all, but it is ridiculous of Paramount for not including everything on one product from the get-go. I will not buy this for the extras.

1. Regarding getting paid to have fun every day: Yes, any cast working on Bad Robot productions are really lucky that the director and the production company take the time to create a work environment where they can loosen up, do multiple takes, shake out the inevitable “silliness” and find the right emotional tone for a scene.

I’ve experienced (working on plays) what it’s like at its best and at its worst. At its worst, the director treats the cast as antagonists, doesn’t try to work with them to bring out the performances he’s looking for, or isn’t open to trying different reads on a line. Or they can’t exert any good-natured discipline over the cast, and lets them indulge their worst instincts.

It’s a really hard job being both the good cop and the bad cop, sometimes the parental approval figure. Actors are, in my experience, always insecure, because they’re never sure where the next job is coming from, and for actresses, sadly, our culture still gives them only a few years to shine as individuals before relegating them to “mom” roles and passing them over, which only adds to it. And in general you can’t do physical action roles forever. Directors end up being the on-set psychologist and therapist sometimes.

Yeah, they’re paid a lot of money. But that’s because there’s no guarantee they’re going to work again for a very long time. How many of our favourite Trek ensemble cast stars drop off the radar after the show ends, or end up in basic-cable syndicated shows, etc. Some people use Trek as a launchpad to other stuff, for others, it is a mixed legacy – they can get typecast or even forgotten. Signing up for a 7-year contract or 3-picture deal gives you financial security, but it also can feel creatively confining… constantly juggling time commitments etc. And a big picture takes a longer shoot vs. smaller films.

For instance, look at Anton Yelchin after STID: he’s done at least 7 smaller-budget pictures and shorts in addition to voice work, stuff that can turn around very quickly vs. a “big ship” project. He may not do another big-budget picture until the next Terminator or Star Trek. You gotta pay the bills.

So having a “fun” set is a perk. It’s what makes long hours tolerable, what makes working with cast and crew a joy. It’s rare. It’s something every workplace can learn from, IMO.

@Ahmed, I find the idea of Assange talking about integrity to be hilarious. Obviously I am not one of his fans, and while I am a fan of Cumberbatch I would not watch the film simply because he was in it, just like the fact that despite being a fan of several of the actors involved I will never watch that lie filled schlock called “The Butler”.

They had me at Aft Nacelle

I see a marked difference between a nonconformist and a grown man who was living his life largely within a fictional body of canon. However, I see no difference between a hater and a grown man who was living his life largely within a fictional body of canon.

I think this is why the term hater has so much traction with fandom.

At any rate, there’s no reason to make four prime universe movies when you can earn the same on one of these new movies. You would get fired for even suggesting it.