Watch Levar Burton Drink Wine And Talk Childhood With William Shatner


This week William Shatner had a Star Trek guest on his web show "Brown Bag Wine Tasting." Watch the two talk wine and a little Star Trek below.

Levar Burton Joins William Shatner For Some Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Star Trek Next Generation’s LeVar Burton joined William Shater for his new web series "Brown Bag Wine Tasting" to talk about their friendship, LeVar’s troubled childhood, and of course to sample a wine. LeVar also reveals how his "love and admiration" for Shatner "begins with Kirk." 

And here is the behind the scenes video

For more of Brown Bag Wine Tasting, visit the official page at Ora.TV.



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Shatner should play Kirk in the next Trek! Or, at least Pine’s Grandfather!

Errr… I meant – Pine’s Father!

I do not want to see William Shatner in the next movie. I don’t want to see any TNG actors. No one from the past please.

What a nice interview. I’m glad to see that at his age, Shatner is keeping so active. Burton has always been a favorite of mine (Being part of the early Reading Rainbow generation). These two seem to have an obvious affection as friends and it’s cool to watch.

@2: George Kirk died in the beginning of Star Trek ’09. Played by Chris Hemsworth.

Your first post made more sense….

But anyway, yeah, it could work. But I would rather see Shatner play James Tiberius Kirk, the one and only. I am just not sure how.

I sure would like to drink wine with Shatner and it would not even have to be in a paper bag. However, seeing that brown bag is the premise of the show, I would go alone with it totally.

Why not have Shatner or Frakes or Picardo or Visitor or Trineer show up in the furture films. They will always be part of Trek history.

Besides, the idea of NOT having any previous stars in the new film has already been abandoned with Nimoy showing up twice and Peter Weller in the last film was in two episodes of ENT

#2: You DID see the 2009 film… right?

Good works.

William Shatner playing Pine/Kirk’s grandfather makes more sense. William Shatner is almost old enough to be Chris Pine’s grandfather – Shatner 83 years old and Pine just 34 (26 August). Shatner could easily play an older Kirk relative, even have the same surname. It gets round the different eye colours and body shapes, but still allows for similarities in personalities – intellect, humour etc.

I deserved that, BathinTheGroin.

Yeah, I though it sounded better as Father, considering how well Mr. Shatner is looking. And the “knee jerk response” would be for Shat to play Pine’s “Prime” father. But Granfather would be a slight twist.

But still, that does sound like a fanboy wish. Hoping Bobo and company has better lined up!

aww that’s a lovely picture. Levar’s smile is most endearing.
And is it my imagination or does Shat seem on better terms with the Next Gen. stars than he does with his own crew?

Hopefully Bob has something cool planned for The Shat in the next movie. Would love to see him as Kirk prime again. How about he plays a relative AND Kirk Prime .Maybe that is a way to give him more screen time that he would want. Could need a bit of CGI to pull it off

William Shatner as…..Tiberius Kirk!

An old curmudgeon who perhaps commanded some of the early high-warp capable ships and retired to a horse farm in Iowa. Gives Kirk a bit of advice during a bad spot.

I would love to see a version of the IDIC pendant scene that was written but not filmed for the 2009 movie. A short hologram from Kirk (Shatner) to Spock (Nimoy) congratulating him for becoming an ambassador and a quick message saying he misses his friend. Possibly near the end of the movie. Would bring the house down!

Would also LOVE to see a TOS style open after the teaser (with the whole “Space, the final frontier…/title /credits” intro) in honor of it being the 50th anniversary in 2016.

(But don’t use “the bigger darker spaceship”, “old Spock saves the day” or “transporters that make starships unnecessary” plot points. They have been done in each of the last two. IMHO…. K? Thx!)

@ Digsnutrek – September 9, 2014
I do not want to see William Shatner in the next movie. I don’t want to see any TNG actors. No one from the past please.

Well, I don’t want to see “kissy face” Uhura bickering with Spock and planting sloppy kisses all over his face, nor do I want to see a whiny Kirk. So…

14 Edmo

Totally agree. Hope they use some version of it and add to it as well

3.NO ONE from the past?
Including Leonard Nimoy?
If they were well written roles, I wouldn’t mind anybody from TNG or ENT.
Even DS9 Or VOY.