Watch: George Takei Voices Animated Star Trek/Taken/Little Mermaid Mashup


George Takei has lent his voice to a animated web series where he dons his Star Trek uniform and wields a phaser in a Star Trek/Taken mashup. Watch it below.

George Takei Has A Special Set Of Skills In Trek/Taken/Little Mermaid Mashup

George Takei has lent his vote to the latest episode of "TVOOVIES" from the Union Pool YouTube comedy channel. Each episode mashes up elements of pop culture and this week’s combines To Be Takei, Star Trek, The Little Mermaid and Taken.

Bonus video: House of Picards

Earlier this month TVOOVIES combined Star Trek: The Next Generation with the popular Netflix political intrigue show House of Cards. Watch that below (celebrity voices impersonated this time).



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Longing for a new (official) animated series…

George’s episode is cute, but it’s like two episodes fighting it out. You have the kid-friendly stuff in with the dick joke and the cannibalism. Ursula is a sentient cephalopod, after all, even if she is at home in a bowl of lemmon butter. Overall, it’s fun.

House of Picards seems to have more ideas. (What’s up with the wandering comm-badges, though.)

The TOS badges (patches) didn’t have communicator ability. DISASTER!

Just catching up on HoC.
Just got the “Seduce Cashew” reference in Beverly’s LCARS… and the smoking Cashew. Ha.

Sorry. “Feed Cashew.”

And they say Shatner will take any gig…

EPIC canon violation!!! Combadge!!!

Oh my….