Mission Log: Star Trek TNG’s Haven


Lwaxana Troi makes her first visit to the USS Enterprise and she is bringing Deanna’s future husband an in-laws with her. The Mission Log guys delve into Star Trek: The Next Generation’s "Haven" below.

Mission Log 106 – “Haven” (Star Trek: TNG Season 1, Episode 11)

The Enterprise is on its way to an almost magical planet for a little rest and relaxation. But there is no rest for Counselor Troi. Her mother is coming and she is bringing the man Deanna is to wed, along with his family. But he is plagued by images of a dream-girl who is not Deanna. And speaking of plagues, what should the Enterprise do about that ship full of plague ridden people headed for the planet? Rest and relaxation are not on the agenda for the latest Mission Log.



Armin Shimerman returns to TNG in "Haven" – to play a box



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This is the episode where we learn that Marina Sirtis is the ONLY Betazoid with that accent. Also that plague ships don’t waste material on clothes. Maybe they got their wardrobes from the space joggers?? Hope the plague didn’t wipe out that planet.

That box with the face of Armin Shimerman = one of the most unintentionally (?) creepy things in all of Star Trek…

Fortunately, Armin has a very impressive resume. Listing “luggage” amongst his early roles must be a giggle these days.

At the very least, this was one of the watchable season one episodes.