Khan’s STII Costume + Frakes Personal Collection + More Star Trek Items Up For Auction This Week


A number of big pieces of Star Trek history are on the block this week and two separate auctions (on two different continents), including Khan’s costume from Star Trek II, Kirk’s costume from Star Trek III, two Riker uniforms (and more from Jonathan Frakes) personal collection, plus original props, scripts and other unique Trek items. More details below.

Shatner’s STIII Costume and more Trek memorabilia at UK Prop Store Auction – October 16

On Thursday the UK’s Prop Store is holding a live auction of Film and TV artifacts, which includes a number of pieces of Star Trek memorabilia. The highlight William Shatner’s Star Trek III costume which is expected to fetch between £10,000 – £12,000, with  a starting bid of £5,000.


The auction also features two costumes from the 2009 Star Trek film, a Romulan Science Technician (starting bid £700) and a Starfleet Cadet uniform (starting bid £1,000)

lot292 lot293

For movie props, the auction futures the Assassin’s Boots from Star Trek VI (starting bid £700), a Romulan disruptor rifle from ST09 (starting bid £700).

lot289 lot294_1

And from Star Trek TNG, they have a Mark VII tricorder (starting bid £1,000) and the "Lessons" roll-up keyboard (starting bid £1,000). 

 lot290_1 lot291

There are also some scripts and matte concept paintings from Star Trek II and III available. For more about the auction (including how to bid online) visit the PropStore site.

Frakes Collection & Khan Costume At Profiles Auction – October 19

And starting on October 17th, Profiles in History is holding a 3 day Hollywood Auction. On Sunday the auction will feature a number of Star Trek lots. The highlight is Khan’s costume worn by Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek II (starting bid $30,000).


Another major costume up this Sunday at Profiles is a TNG Picard uniform worn by Patrick Stewart (starting bid $6,000).


If you are looking for a movie phaser, the Profiles auction has a Nemesis "Dolphin" phaser (starting bid $1,500),and a Star Trek III phaser (starting bid $3,000). 

30471920_1_l 30471854_1_l

There are also some interesting Star Trek props up for auction, including  First Contact "Phoenix" nose cone (starting bid $1,000), a pair of Ceti Eels from Star Trek II (starting bid $1,000).

30471912_1_l 30471852_1_l

The auction also features a number of lots from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes’ personal collection, including his Star Trek Generations Riker uniform (starting bid $6,000) and a TNG Riker uniform (starting bid $8,000).

30471882_1_l 30471884_1_l

There are 20 lots in total from Frakes’ personal collection up for sale including signed and unsigned scripts, movie set design blue-prints, director’s chairs and even some of his own Star Trek collectibles.

30471878_1_l 30471872_1_l 30471890_1_l

More info on the Profiles Hollywood auction (including how to bid online) at the official Profiles site.


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Khan’s ST II costume? If I only had the chest for it!

I have a pair of ski boots, if I painted them white…….

So, per their website, there are no contributions to charity, which I would MUCH prefer for a Star Trek auction. All they are doing is for profit with not even a percentage to charity.

Sad I am.

By the way, if you care to spend over 20,000 pounds British you can own Luke’s original light saber.

Ceti eels. They make great pets.

If I had endless bucks, I’d get some of this stuff. Of course, the reality is these are working props. Sir Patrick’s butt cheese is still probably in the season one jumpsuit that he hated so much. The STVI boots look like non-working (which is hard to imagine in a boot); they seem to be made of clay and are still rough on the inside. So, just for a quick shot on camera.

Also, gotta wonder why Khan and the kids couldn’t find 3 minutes to change into their first new clothes in 15 years… maybe shower. They musta been some kinda funky.

The magnetic boots are cool. And if I ever need to assassinate someone in zero-g…


Considering we are approaching 50 years… it sure would seem appropriate for the lion’s share of these auction materials to be going to a museum dedicated either to sci-fi or to just plain old Trek.

“It belongs in a museum!”

Beautiful artifacts of beautiful times. I’m very happy to see the condition of these items, which I would describe as excellent, for the most part. (The phaser doesn’t quite live up to that description, but nothing’s perfect.)

Actually, the phaser isn’t too bad. It’s just that it clearly looks non-metallic. By “the phaser” I was referring to the TOS version, by the way. I looked at it again and it’s in good shape.

I just want the Ceti Eels. The baby ones so I can give them to a certen Orci. He He He

Maybe the Khan costume will be reunited with the glove someday.

I’m interested to learn that that Riker Generations uniform exists. I thought it was the case that, because a new uniform design had been rejected at the last minute, the production had to make do with the well-worn TV uniforms and borrowing costumes from DS9, and that Frakes had to wear Avery Brooks’ costume (with the sleeves rolled up because Frakes is taller) while LeVar Burton had to wear Colm Meaney’s.

‘Butt cheese” LMAO @ #4………

Frakes is selling off his stuff? Wow, I guess that souvenir shop in Maine is draining his bank account like a frat boy in the bushes outside of a really good kegger.

Hooray for the rich folks!

You know, if I were rich, I would buy Khan’s costume. Then I would work out until I had the chest to fill it, and I’d sit around wearing it all day. Then, once a week on a Friday, I would go to one of the companies I own, being a rich person, and wear it around, delivering quotes from the movie and generally scaring everyone. Each Friday, I would pick a person to assign extra work to do, that has to be done before Monday. And I’d tell them, “I’ve done far worse than fire you, ______. I’ve hurt you. I’ve stolen your weekend. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dreary office… buried alive…under paperwork! Buried alive…! ”

And life would just be peachy, then.

15. LogicalLeopard – October 15, 2014


“Jean Luc-Picard”? Funny fail (on the keyboard), should make it cheap XD


They closed the shop back in 2012, due to not having adequate time due to their hollywood careers. If I had to guess, I’d say Frakes is selling his collection due to some downsizing. They moved the the suburbs last year (there were many news reports when they listed their previous home for sale/rent and then again when they purchased the new home.)

In 2012 his net worth was $12 million and they both continue to work in Hollywood, teach, and own rental properties, so I doubt they’re hurting for cash.

It belongs in a museum, not in some secret private collection.

#15 – LOL! I second “Excellent”. May I also say Brilliant.

#18. Wow, that’s an impressive array of information. No offense, but do you have a document that says stay at least 300 yards away from him and his family?

#21. Haha no. No offense taken, I’m not a stalker I just have a good memory. I have a Google alert set up that sends me a daily digest of news articles that reference “Star Trek.” I recalled the Frakes house information from that. Otherwise, the remaining info was from < 5 minutes of a Google search.

16. Danpaine – October 15, 2014


Lot#1288 features a copy of the original Star Trek pilot script, “The Cage,” signed by Nimoy and director Robert Butler! Only expected to sale for $2000-$3000. :)

@22: A good-natured response to a gentle jest? What ARE you doing on this board? Where’s the seething hatred and hostility as you try to bludgeon me with a 700-word, meticulously crafted response designed to instigate a long-winded “arms race” of replies? Bub, you’ll be eaten alive by these jackals in no time. I’ll mourn for you now.

25. Best post ever :)