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Long time TrekMovie readers will remember our friend Paul “Spockboy” Sibbald for his hilarious TOS gag edits of episodes. He let us know there was a new creation up on his YouTube channel for our viewing pleasure. He says he was inspired by:

the gentlemen who took pictures of the original Enterprise model and Photoshopped them into scenes from the various Star Trek films. That story, plus the recent very sad death of Leonard Nimoy, inspired me to create this video. It is the sequence from Star Trek III when the crew steals the Enterprise. In this video however it is the TOS crew (and ships) and is done as a 1927 silent film. It is certainly unique and I think you’ll like it. It was shot completely with models and required a great deal of rotoscoping to make it work.

There’s some major TOS love in this one, Matt Decker is sent after Kirk in this version of events, and there’s a fun homage to the first Sci-Fi silent film – Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon.

Click through for the full video.

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Nice touch with “for Leonard” on the beginning.

Nicely done! I noticed the moon earlier and still did not see the ending coming.

Wow very well done


A pleasant surprise,and way cool!

Wow, a YouTube video worth watching in its entirety! Great work.

Happy first contact day!

Nicely Done.
I Loved the tribute to Leonard and the Moonshot!

Great stuff. Loved Decker’s reaction to the transwarp debacle.

Just a nice piece all around. :)

Excellent video! You guys are talented!

Fantastic! This is the kind of talent and creative genius we need for Star Trek 3! The man in the moon was a great touch.

Amazing as usual Paul! Thanks & congrats.

A Very Happy Easter to fellow trek believers today too.

Be of good cheer….


Now that…… THAT was simply awesome! Very very cool! Thanks!!!!

That’s do cool!

Probably a billion times better then what Paramount has planned for the next movie.

Really, really cool!

That. Was. AWESOME.

Absolutely superb. Loved every second.

Nothing from the JJ movies ever approached this level of tension. In fact there wasn’t a single memorable scene between both of them.

Captain Styles was a douche. Matt Decker was one of a kind. Haggard no doubt from years on the sauce.

It made me irrationally happy to see the original, non-upgraded USS Enterprise escaping from the space station. 8-)

Pretty cool stuff! Certainly better than anything we see in the JJ universe thank you very much.

Wow! Brilliantly done. Inspired ending too.

Loved the tip of the hat to Le Voyage dans la Lune from 1902…….Brilliant.

This must have been so much work, the rotoscoping, everything. Wow. So impressive and what a delight. Thank you.

Lots of fun! Well done, Paul! I also like Paul’s “Rinse of the Archons,” which is also on YouTube.

Brilliant! Of course this is actually how the original series looks to modern kids….

Amazing! Also, a tribute to Leonard by virtue of the “missing man formation.” Spockboy was obviously still grieving over the loss, apparently. He could not bear to play with Spock in this production. Very subtle.

Great, great video! Loved it! Well done.


All the series.

But I liked it. The sepia sort of hides the join.

Wonderful and very well done.

Love me some hot Connie on Connie action!

Pretty clever. Nice touches.

Very nice. In fact, impressive! Of all the shades and variations of Trek I’ve imagined over the years sepia is not one of them.

Very, very nice!

#32 crazydaystrom
Not comment re what sent? Ok.

Very well done! Good fun!!

I like. Lotta fun. Wish I had your editing skills.

Talk about a labor of love! I can’t even guess how many hours that must have taken. Awesome!

Nicely done! And smart to use sepia tone. Makes the different eras fit together better than it would in color.

This should be listed on Wiki-sepia!


Absolutely amazing! very well done

OMG I cannot wait for the next episode. … Spockboy is hilarious.

Check out “Rinse of the Archons” and “Python Trek” too :-D

Nice! Though the sepia makes me think of the Star Trek Closer video (yourtube)…

Maybe I’m seeing something different from everyone else, but I’m not *that* impressed… I feel that some of the praise this gets is really just another attempt to diss JJ… But the truth is: this may be a neatly edited piece of work, but it kinda lost my interest after about 30 seconds… Okay, a nice ‘old movie-filter’, nice title-cards, nice effects, but in the end, the work is mostly that of the Original Series’ crew and those of ST III. I don’t see any talent from the person who made this, at least not in this film here. To drench this film in praise as if we’re watching something by the new David Fincher or the new Spielberg or the new Nolan, that is a stretch I’m not willing to make….

#43. The Snob – April 7, 2015

The irony of your position and your apparent blindness to it is, interesting.

And as for dissing JJ, could this be merely your uncomfort at realizing that decades old technology can still evoke the same visceral action experience as the modern?

This is realy cool!


‘Apparent blindness’..? Is that your way to deal with a ‘different opinion’..?

What visceral action..?? At 54 seconds in, we have the title card ‘someone is stealing the Enterprise’.. In the original, the admiral looks UP briefly at that point (with a ‘WTF-look’), with great dramatic effect… Here, we have the admiral just kinda staring down, with absolutely NO dramatic effect… I understand that there just was no shot of Decker available where he looks up with a ‘WTF-look’… But in all honesty, I think the opening scene of Trek ’09 (destruction of the Kelvin) is about a 1.000.000 times more dramatic than this… Don’t get me wrong; I love ALL Trek to death…… And usually I love fan productions, but this… Judging by these comments I feel this is greatly overrated………

This is really excellent work. Kudos to the filmmakers for making the Big “E” fly again. She’s a beautiful ship!

Just one small bit of information, geek-to-geek: sepia-tone was only used up to the ‘teens. By 1927, black and white had fully taken hold. Some films were shot with different colour filters, but the majority were full B&W. NBD.

Again, great work!

# 47. The Snob – April 7, 2015

” ‘Apparent blindness’..? Is that your way to deal with a ‘different opinion’..? ” — The Snob

More like a different sense of humor. You are taking this far too seriously.

Star trek renagades new trailer is here looking good