Batgirl, Orion Slave Girl Yvonne Craig Dies at Age 78


In what is proving to be a very sad year for Trek fans, yet another star has passed: Yvonne Craig, who guest starred in the episode Whom Gods Destroy as the green Orion slave girl Marta. While we love her for the spunk and energy she brought to the episode, Craig much more widely known for her role as Batgirl in the Adam West Batman TV series.

Craig’s connection to Trek didn’t start as a minion to Garth of Izar. She was a finalist for the role of Vina in the original pilot The Cage, a role which would have likewise required her to green up as an Orion.
Although she would see further success as an actress, appearing in two films with Elvis Presley (whom she was dating at the time) and several TV shows, Craig eventually retired from acting and went into real estate.
Various stars and fans tweeted out their love and fondness for Craig.

One hopes that Star Trek Beyond will feature an Orion girl with the name Yvonne as a nod to the departed actress.


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You will be missed – rip

I never knew her Trek connection but I certainly remember Batgirl… RIP Yvonne…

Always liked her.

#2087. CmdrR – August 19, 2015

Me too.

She could turn what otherwise might have been a sea of misery into something pleasant by merely being in it.


#1. Trekman_dave – August 19, 2015

Definitely, missed. I share your sentiments.

Her hospice seemed well-planned and her last moments filled with much-deserved peace and love.

RIP Batgirl / Marta.

Goodbye Yvonne .
Thanks for all the fine memories.

Spock, Yeoman Rand, and Batgirl … and we’re only barely halfway through 2015. This year has not been kind to late 1960s TV.

I’m pleased to have had the chance to meet her and get my picture taken with her — back in the days when photo ops could be had without an additional charge — during a (poorly attended) sci-fi event that occurred in Tacoma around 2000.

Yvonne Craig is the second-greatest Orion slave girl (although she probably had the most substantive role among Susan Oliver and those three gals who were on an episode of “Enterprise”).

But she will forever and always, always be the unquestionably greatest Batgirl.

Thank you for all you brought us Ms. Craig.
The world was richer with you in it.

I am saddened by her death. For awhile, I’ve been thinking of getting her autobiography.

She was superb in a first season episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. She also teamed with Bruce Dern as the better half of a time traveling duo in one of the last few Land of the Giants episodes. And of course there was Larry Buchanan’s Mars Needs Women, a fun, Texas-made cheapie made for about $25,000. Overall, she was a fine actress, a real beauty, and a major crush for many of us back in the 1960s. RIP.

…she was AWESOME! Godspeed, Yvonne! we love you! =)

Thank you for posting this. She wll be missed- as Marta, as Batgirl- as one who brought a little extra spark to everything she was in.

RIP Yvonne

RIP Yvonne