‘Star Trek Beyond’ release date moved to July 22nd


Paramount Pictures has announced that it has pushed back the release date of Star Trek Beyond.

The film, originally intended to be released on July 8th, has been moved to July 22nd, where it will be in direct competition with King Arthur and the next Ice Age movie.  It will also be competing against the Ghostbusters reboot, which will be released the week prior, and Matt Damon’s return to the Bourne series, which bows the week after STB.   The Hollywood Reporter suggests the move was made in an attempt to secure an IMAX engagement.

The film was originally competing against Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, a comedy, and the animated The Secret Life of Pets.  The move places the film against other franchises and genre offerings, making it a far more competitive environment.


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Not necessarily a good sign.

Not Neccarally a bad sign eather:

Next year’s release of STAR TREK BEYOND is adding a few more weeks to its summer vacation, as the Trek sequel has moved to a new release date of July 22, 2016.

This two-week push-out moves the film away from the previous July 8 release date, dropping BEYOND on the Friday between Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot and Matt Damon’s return the Bourne franchise.

It’s not uncommon for films to shift around a bit depending on many factors, from theatrical competition to on-set or post-production tasks that necessitate additional time.

From Trek Core:
Since STAR TREK BEYOND is still in the middle of active production in Vancouver — and heading to Dubai in the coming weeks — this is likely more likely due to logistical issues rather than any “problems” with the film.

In addition, Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro points to the expected IMAX release of the film to be another major factor in this date bump:

Late July proved quite fruitful for the Melrose

I hate any delay even if it is just another two weeks. They may gain IMAX exposure but will have two weeks left of summer before school starts to make money at the box office.

Actually it is 4 weeks out from Labor Day Weekend and will still be out that weekend :) really can’t Judge how well it will do tell we see it…

Well, lets see how long it takes the haters to chime in with a new set of doom and gloom tales….

Don’t worry! It will be a good movie. since this is the alternate universe,the odd ones are the good ones.

Cue the inevitable crazy claims that a 14-day delay somehow spells doom, even though it’s actually entirely insignificant since this sort of thing happens all the time.

The day before my birthday. My wife is getting off easy — just has to take me to the movies.

I can’t begin to guess whether this move helps or hurts a good Trek’s opening weekend. If it’s another Into Darkness, then who cares?

Can’t believe that we know almost nothing about this film and we are less than a year away.

I feel like this is going to be Nemesis all over again. That movie bombed in part because it was in competition with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. While Ghostbusters and Borne aren’t as big I feel like they will dent into the profits.

The Promotion for Star Trek’s 50th Birthday is Sad. It deserves a Great Movie with a lead -into a new TV series to air next September!

I can’t wait to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates on the IMAX screen while I wait for Start Trek Beyond Logic.

How about pushing it to September 8, 2016? There by EXACTLY 50 years.

10. Snugglepuff – September 17, 2015

Any slot will be highly competitive.

If it’s good, it’ll make money.

Nemesis’ failure has often been blamed on it’s release slot.

Never mind what came immediately before or after it.

But if you can’t beat Maid in Manhattan, which was released on the same weekend, you don’t deserve to succeed.

Do you realize how silly you sound saying this about a movie that over 10 months away?

9. VOODOO – September 17, 2015
Can’t believe that we know almost nothing about this film and we are less than a year away.

I am hoping that your call sign is a reference to a year, and not something else?

1. fansincesixtynine – September 17, 2015
Not necessarily a good sign.

WB’s new Tarzan movie evidently had a lot of IMAX screens locked up on that weekend so they needed to move it.

@fansincesixtynine: A couple weeks is not a big deal, this happens all the time. Now if they had moved it to January or February of the following year, that would have been a sign.


Yes, in theory, he could have had an engaging encounter earlier tonight and then watched Star Trek for the first time after that and then BOOM, on this site!

First off; They are now setting it up against Ice Age. The last Ice Age film made ~870 million dollars, versus a ~90 million dollar budget.

I’m confused….. Its previous date was really good weekend…

The negativity here is a bit overwhelming from fans of a series about an optimistic future.

The trades aren’t seeing this as a big deald and think it could be a good thing/sign of confidence.

Paramount opened MI:5 in late July and it’s been doing incredibly well (and still doing strong is 6 weeks later).

And apparently IMAX theatres were booked by something else the original STBeyond release date.

And Trek movies have previously opened with a LOT of competition. 2013 was a nightmare year for blockbusters (STID was one of the few that did well).

Shoot, I have a colon exam scheduled for July 22. Cruel are the gods to embroil me in such a dilemma.

Torn between two lovers, feelin’ like a fool. . .

Lovin’ both of you, is breakin’ all the rules. . .

Star Trek Beyond will do fine in that slot. The Ghostbusters reboot should be worried as should Bourne as both have to prove their worth far more to audiences than Star Trek, added to that is the fact that despite all the ranting and raving regarding the Abrams era but fans will still line up and see Beyond. Say what you will about the new Star Trek movies but by and large they have been very profitable. Despite Paramount expecting Into Darkness to have done better than it did, it still made nearly half a billion. For a franchise that was out for the count before 2009, that’s not bad and quite frankly for a very niche franchise, it’s a bloody miricale that Star Trek has expanded its appeal to a mainstream audience.

As for the 50th Anniversary, what are fans really expecting? And what suggests Paramount and CBS won’t do something or announce something on the 8th Sept? Star Trek Beyond I’m confident will be a brilliant way to acknowledge the anniversary and I wouldn’t be surprised if Paramout are looking at this as a launching point for other Star Trek productions such as an animated series. Just a guess but I wouldn’t be surprised.

Actualy, There will be on theaters Sept 9 here in Greece.. he,he more or less😙

At least this move is only weeks instead of the 6 months we had to wait for 2009 Star Trek.

July 22nd, eh?

What year?

So, pushing Beyond from a weekend facing ZERO competition (no-name actors / titles), versus a weekend facing MAJOR competition (King Arthur / Ice Age).

Sounds like perfectly legit planning. At least, in it’s old weekend slot, Beyond had a chance. Now it’s pretty much guaranteed “Dead on Arrival”.

13. Newdivide1701


And I will see it that day, too!

Star Trek couldn’t be any hotter. Think about it:

“From the Director of…”

featuring Idris Elba?!

It will get lots of free press, generation spanning interest and probably this film will be fun. Let’s hope for Star Trek IV.

I’m hoping to see it in the theaters on September 8th. I think it’ll be cool if Paramount does some kind of 50th anniversary thing for Star Trek Beyond on the 8th, like additional content that shows clips of all the Trek shows and movies, etc.

Sadly I have no feelings, good or bad, about this film. The promotion thus far has been pathetic, and the overall buzz about a 50th anniversary for the franchise nearly nonexistent.

Ghostbusters will appeal to the female demo more. But that Bourne film is going to kick Trek’s butt a week later.

It probably wont matter much since the film is going to be a thrill ride reckless mess any way.
We’ll likely find more interest in bubble gum stuck to the bottom of our seats.

If the trade off is more IMAX exposure, it is probably worth it. The film will live or die on its merits. If it’s any good, the additional (higher ticket price) theaters will be a big help.

Good strategic move which probably leads to more money in the long run .
Not a problem for me at all.

Let’s take it as a sign that Paramount has confidence – based on what they’ve seen so far – that this tent pole can rise and stand quite nicely against the rest of the competition that weekend. I’m going to stick with that until I have reason to fear otherwise.

As long as the official teaser isn’t moved to next year, I’m in ;-)

I wouldnt take it as paramount being positive. That would imply Paramount has a clue when it comes to Star Trek. And they clearly dont.

Except for booting Angry Bob that is…

21 Cygnus, knowing your opinions on the last two NuTrek films, I’m betting you opt for the medical exam ;-)

28 TrekCafe, Yes! That’s the spirit.

31 TUP, I think the appeal will be at least equal. My understanding is that the majority audience for Trek is female.

As for the butt-kicking by the other movies, if moviegoers go to see Ghostbusters or Bourne but those showings are full, they’ll opt for Trek, “Why not, we’re already here.” “Yeah that first one was pretty decent.”
Paramount needs to open this film on the same day worldwide. PLEASE no repeat of the STID debacle. And get some previews and lobby cards into the dang theatres a few months earlier than last time. With an *unambiguous* poster this time. One with some color on it, and maybe the Enterprise. An antihero’s flapping black coat and a burning city in the distance just does not say “Star Trek.”

35 ahh, Charlie, your “post” brings to mind my problem with referring to these blockbusters as Tentpole movies, just reminds us of teenaged boys and their hormone levels ..!

No, Nemesis bombed because it was poorly written and contained a lot of scenes that just didn’t work. When it opened wasn’t the problem.

As long as they get a teaser attached to TFA all will be fine. They have to reach that audience. It is every demo they could hope for – genre fans and general audiences of all ages. I would hope Bad Robot could make this happen.

I hope Michael giacchino dose an amazing soundtrack to all the films and tv shows.

The opening and closing credits can celebrate all the cast and crew who contributed to the last 50 years.


And in other news, Star Trek Voyager’s Kes played by Jennifer Lein gets arrested for indecent exposure:


Same weekend as Comic Con….BRILLIANT!!

Another two weeks to wait…sigh…I am told that “patience is a virtue”.

Wow – what was Jennifer Lien doing? It is one thing to strip off in your own home, but to go to someone else’s home and do it there, when the host does not wish it. It is a bit sad to see what she has done in recent years. Is she on drugs or something? Something not quite right there, unfortunately…:(

Not on my birthday, anymore. Halleluja!

That was posted in another thread a few days ago. She’s a mess

#42 – Fantastic. It just shows how good Star Trek’s music (for TV and movies) has always been and still is. It is a shame that some of the Giacchino score was not included.

Ice Age: Collision Course will of course have an entirely different audience than Star Trek Beyond. July 22 will probably be a big weekend at the Box Office. In fact, July 2016 is shaping up to be much bigger than the ho-hum July of this year.

The animated powerhouses are not the monsters they once were. Note that Jurassic World in its _second_ week defeated Pixar’s debut of Inside Out this summer, this despite only middling reviews (71% on RT) and coming over a decade after the previous (poorly received) entry in the franchise.

Star Trek Beyond has nothing to worry about on July 22. I do think Paramount missed the boat by not scheduling it for early June, which looks rather weak. After X-Men (likely a front-loaded performer just like DoFP) on Memorial Day, there is nothing big until Pixar’s Finding Nemo sequel on the 17th.

The music of the JJ films never really impressed me. I strongly disliked the main theme when I first heard it but it did grow on me. It’s distinctive at least.