The “Enterprise 3D Project” offers a virtual tour of the Enterprise-D

The “Enterprise 3D Project” is an ambitious work that means to build the Enterprise-D in virtual form, and we have an amazing clip to share.

Most fans have dreamed of walking the corridors of the Enterprise and experiencing what life is like aboard a starship.   A fan and 3D artist named Jason is trying to make that dream come true by building a virtual facsimile, using the Unreal 4 game engine.

 As I first started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, I was enamored by the unique characters, sets, story lines, and lessons learned from each show. As the seasons progressed, I hungrily devoured them, wanting more. I wanted to be on that ship, experience its wonders. The Enterprise-D was refined, unlike any sci-fi ship I had seen before.  If only there was a way to bring it to life…

The Enterprise 3D Project aims to do just that. Place you on board the ship. Walk the corridors. Explore the unseen rooms and communal areas. Hear the engines. See the screens. Fly the shuttlecraft. Exist as a member of the crew.

The clip below shows his progress thus far as he builds the exterior of the ship and parts of the first four decks:

Because he’s using the Unreal 4 engine, the project will be compatible with the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, which is due to be released in the first quarter of 2016.

Much more information regarding the goals for the project, galleries, the references he’s using, and a blog detailing the creation of the ship, can be found here.

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Even though the D is not my fave E this looks interesting enough for me to look forward to. I’ll drop hints to my son about getting himself the OR headset. It’s great having a son doing so well in life :-D

I have the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft, and in Creative Mode, I built something resembling an Enterprise-like ship. It takes cues from the original, refit, and NuTrek versions of the Enterprise. It is not to scale, however, and it is unfinished.

Super cool. Who knew there were so many stairs? Is this all official or are they making things up?

10:00 – I wouldn’t have guessed that Demolition Man is in continuity with Star Trek!

I need to see if I still have “Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual”. This was a CD from 1994 that had 360° QuickTime VR photos taken on the actual sets. Running the program requires a VM running Windows 98 or earlier, but I believe the VR files are still readable in QuickTime.

sweet! i’ve always wanted to see the bridge bathroom :)

I can’t WAIT for Enterprise-E, A, and Classic NCC-1701 versions! :D

I hope they can get the Okudas on board!

That would put the “Authentic Seal of Quality” on this project :D

i think they took some liberties with this.. but still cool. having said that, i’m still sick from watching this. i should’ve took some dramamine.


I thought I was the only one with this dream. The Enterprise E also holds a special place in my heart. It’s the most filmed, most extensively realized starship in TV & film history, yet I still want more. And this coming from someone who’s worked on the show!

I was always frustrated that we never properly saw Shuttle Bay 1 (it was way too big a set to build for a TV series), so thanks for building it out for the first time.

A few observations.

– I noticed you used stairs to get from deck to deck, which we never really saw in the show. Is there a limitation in rigging working Turbo Lifts in the Unreal engine?

– Some rooms/hallways look massive. It seems you’re taking some liberties on the size and scope of the ship. This at least based on my understanding of the official technical manual.

A few wishes:

– The one great addition to the “Generations” Enterprise bridge was the stations in place of those bland panels on either side of the bridge’s interior. (An idea proposed for the series but cut for budget reasons). The lack of workstations on the sides always felt lacking to me, so I was thrilled to see that remedied in the film. Therefore also seeing them here would be fantastic.

– If this becomes a ‘thing’ with a following and some resources behind it, then it would be incredible to have people and aliens populate on the ship. But not in a twitchy FPS game sort of way. Instead imagine everyday happenings: observing space phenomenon. Docking at star bases. Visiting planets etc. Basically what real life on a starship would feel like.

I know, pie in the sky. Regardless this is great work. And serious wish-fulfillment stuff. Congrats for getting so much done already:)


#4 – So, how do you use the 3 little shells?

I wonder if theyll make all the enterprise walk throughs from NX 01 to the 1701 E


he should look up the 3d virtual pics taken at star trek the experience a couple of weeks before it closed…its still on the net i think…im sitting at the bar at quarks on the far back close to the borg elevator…anyway he should throw in a nod or two to the experience…and use something from the bridge or corridors or even the shuttle…after all, those of us who visited the trek experience do know whats its like to be on the enterprise d thanks to the many artists technicians and wonderful actors cast and crew there…

remember star trek the exhibition….its showing here in washington state at the state fair here in puyallup’…ends on the 27th….i wanted to go but my stomach problems got much worse a few days ago…im hoping against hope i will be well enough to go before it ends…sigh

Star trek The Next Generation was and is my favorite Trek and the Enterprise D is my favorite starship of all due to it`s huge size and also allows whole families to travel into the Milky Way Galaxy with all it`s stars and extraterrestrial worlds. I would so love a 3D virtual tour of the entire Enterprise D sso I can see what it really is like to live on Enterprise D. I personally love Enterprise D which to me is the most beautiful of all the starships.

This will be cooler once somebody gets around to inventing the holo-deck.

Shuttle Bay One is y-uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!
It looks like it takes up half that deck of the saucer section. There are also a lot of lounges with a lot of (what look like) bars. No wonder they only serve synthahol.

I’m amazed how many people are amazed at the Demolition Man reference. I never thought of that film as being quote-worth, especially a quote involving Rob Schneider. Nice to see they kept the gold ships in a back alley, even if we never saw them there.

It’d be super cool to program this with some complete episodes, so you could be a fly on the wall (crewman) during your favorite Treks.

OK, now I know what the guy in the vid is looking for. He goes through a door marked ‘turbolift’ and finds more stairs.

I also still have the original “Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual”. And it still works and it is still great. They shuld update it.

This rocked! I totally enjoyed the tour and saw things I had imagined were there but never saw on the show. Thank you so much!!

I would absolutely love a proper Star Trek game where you can be part of the crew on ship and playing along in missions. Basically a Star Trek version of The Sims but more exciting surpose..

Tremendous work. Obviously a ton of effort went into this. As an original series fan, I’d love to see this with the classic Enterprise :)

I am glad I’m not the only one who thought some of the interior halls looked REALLY big – I thought perhaps it was due to an artifact of the “theoretical lens” through which the field is viewed, in much the same way a fisheye lens affects a photograph…

Great work.

Having worked on mod projects myself (even though not in the 3D modelling/mapping field) I can say what this guy did there is amazing. I’ve been following the UT4 engine developement and there are lots of promising things coming, but there’s usually a lot of poeple involved. He did it on his own. Totally awesome.

I love this, but I do agree that there seem to be an awful lot of lounges for a 1,000-person crew. Also, I’d think that in an environment where the gravity could disappear in an instant, that ladders would be a better way to get between decks than traditional staircases.

LOVE the shuttle hanger deck.

I also love the Bridge Access portion. I never could quite picture how those spaces connected up to each other. And great idea to put the now-removed historical ship models to the access ramp.

Oh that is so cool. Love seeing the different areas of the Enterprise which we never got to see. Also like that they have stairs! Awesome work.

Oh, for as vital as artificial gravity is, I suspect that there are multiple multiple redundancies in that system – even a microsecond failure of that system, and it doesn’t matter if you are on stairs or ladders, your crew is nothing but splatter marks on the bulkheads….

Awesome, but the Shuttle Bay almost looks like an Airport, not the Shuttlebay that i knew from the show.

Some thoughts:

– Wow. Just wow. Keep going. Eventually I want to find a skeleton behind a bulkhead somewhere in the warp nacelle that will drive Troi nuts.

– The voice-over has got to go. All of it.

– Glad to see you can still get drunk while awaiting your flight in the 24th century (though the effects can be easily dismissed). It would be funny if the panel behind the bar was showing a game of Parrises Squares.

– The gold starship models are misplaced according to the show, though honestly I do like where they are in this.

– Not a criticism of the modelling, but you’d think all those lounges would be better served by a single holodeck.

– I would head straight to Troi’s quarters and hope catch her in a racy number. I hear she keeps some slinky outfits in there that have been known to attract security officers of both sexes.

– The “waste reclamation” thing in the bridge’s head was ominous, to say the least. What manner of folding mechanical arms and snipping pincers would suddenly burst from that simple box when you hit flush? Shiver.

– When you get around to building Sickbay, it should be full of health pickups.

– You pick up a Flak Cannon. Oh wait…

Fantastic. The Main Shuttle Bay never got much, if any, screen time (only the smaller bays were used). This really gives you a sense of scale. Well done and keep on rendering!

Super cool!!
Of all the Starfleet ships we have seen so far, I think I would like to be on the Enterprsise-D the most. (Well, except when the Borg are attacking or something like that…)

I just had this idea today. We work with OR. Damn. Always a day late and a dollar short.

I also don’t remember seeing stairs like this — but it makes perfect sense. With so many people needing to go so many different places, it would be inefficient to expect everyone to take a turbo elevator when they just need to go up a floor or two. And think about an emergency situation with the power out — do you expect so many people to crawl around in the Jeffries Tubes to get around?

This is a very impressive job, and I can’t wait for more. Let’s hope the Canon Kiddies can see the bigger picture here and allow some leeway as the ship is built out.


#6 – Finally, a bathroom – and near the bridge ‘n’ all. It is VERY unhealthy for these crews to have to hold it in for as long as they have had to…:)

@37. Come now, Rose, you saw the flak when JJ had the nerve to suggest there might be pipes and storage tanks on a starship. Surely the crew has been…ahem…implanted with some sort of lower intestinal waste transporter device….

@35. Where’s my bowling alley, dammit….

#38 Phil “@35. Where’s my bowling alley, dammit….”

It’s on NCC-1701…no bloody A, B, C or D. :)

Nicely done! Would be great if Jason and the Haynes Manual people could team up and do a series of interactive ship interiors. That would be cool. So many ships in sci-fi…

#38 – LOL – Oh Lord – and what happens if more than the wastes get transported to wherever?

I wonder why Harrison/Khan even bothered with a transwarp beaming device, which was found by Scotty? I mean, all he had to do was upgrade his lower intestinal waste transporter device and then have a damned good you-know-what. For each step of the way to Kronos, all he had to do was more of the you-know-what majors and minors. It wouldn’t be a matter of him “hopping across the universe” but….

What does anyone need with a starship? Except perhaps that being Sybok thought was God…


Lovely work, Jason. Was smiling all the way through. Thanks!

Unfortunately, the Einterprise D is looking very dated.

..but, great job on the 3d work here!!!

Wasn’t the conference room technically called the observation lounge

I see this a lot, people preoccupied whether something old looks “dated” or not. Don’t worry about it. All designs, like people, eventually look dated. Just enjoy them for their times.

# 45. Prodigal Son – September 23, 2015

” Unfortunately, the Einterprise D is looking very dated.” — Prodigal Son

I think Yogi said it better:

“The future ain’t what it used to be.” — Yogi Berra


To all the people commenting on the wide hallways and stairs – they have always been there. I bought the deck plans in the late 90s and they were all there. I’m pretty sure they used the deck plans as a start when they were laying the ship out. I think the lounges were in there too.