SPOILERS! Newly Leaked Photos of Star Trek Beyond Sets in Vancouver


SPOILER ALERT! Today, TMZ released a set of photos taken surreptitiously on the Vancouver sets of Star Trek Beyond. They don’t tell us much about the plot, but do give us a teaser as to what kind of visuals we can expect when the movie hits theaters next year.

It’s not easy to tell exactly what is going on in most of the photos leaked by TMZ earlier today. Some are blurry (no doubt captured by someone sneaking around who knew they weren’t supposed to be taking photos), and the giant TMZ watermark splashed across all the photos doesn’t help either.

Most of the shots are either of the Enterprise interior, with plenty of green screen and camera rigging equipment strewn about, or an exterior scene (presumably an alien planet) shot in the Pitt River Quarries outside of Vancouver. TMZ is reporting that some of the interior scenes were set up on a special effects stage, which will be used to composite some serious damage to the Big E, though it’s not clear from the photos.











All images courtesy TMZ



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That last one is interesting. Some kind of generator or shield mechanism?

Looks like some kind of field generator? But what’s that yellow upside down mushroom looking thing?

Where are the spoilers, it just looks like a bunch of space junk in a rock quarry.

OOPs too slow!

V-gers cousin New-zon!

Nice beer pong table.

Let’s guess…

Trek story about planet where resources are abundant; someone is trying to take them; Prime Directive prevents interference; Kirk and Co. are compelled to act.

I can’t see any damage to the sets in those photos.
I can’t see much of anything at all actually.

Spoiler Alert!!! The Great Pumpkin is the new threat to Earth.

All I see is a pile of crap.Where is the spoiler? Oh, wait, I get it…….

JJ’s Enterprise suffers serious damage? That’s only happened twice before! Scotty really needs to figure out how to get the deflectors to function in the Hollywood Sector.

Upside down mushroom, pumkin … or a carrot, yep.
From groundbreaking to electrifying ;-)

“I‘m never going to _direct_ a ‘Star Trek’”, Simon Pegg acknowledges.


Vancouver is WAY outside the Thirty Mile Zone. Who let Harvey Levin’s trolls loose in Canada?

This all looks very TOS’ish….love it!


Now, there is an informed comment.

Who the hell are you?

You protect Vancouver and yet speak in an “Amorican accent”.


Does anyone else think this looks like the survivors camp from The Cage of the SS Columbia? Is this Talos IV? Vena are you there?

Looks like the Enterprise brig in the third pic down.

Genesis device ?

“which will be used to composite some serious damage to the Big E”

Does that mean the Big E finally gets into deep space, far from the federation, where no one has gone before?
“Serious damage” is what someone would have been expecting in 7 seasons of Star Trek Voyager the whole time. Instead the VOY looked always brandnew although there was no federation repair station. She only looked believable in “one year of hell”.

If the Big E can’t stand that heavy damages she maybe needs a refit at the end of the movie and gets the TOS-look in ST 14. ;-)

Another press conference clip from audience perspective:



This ties in at least indirectly with some setpiece photos in Vancouver of what appears to be a damaged Federation starship, possibly with the viewscreen atop a pile of rubble that looks like the upper hull of what *could* be the Enterprise.

Wonder if we’re talking about taking a page from Trek 3 and destroying the Enterprise..?

I just hope the last picture isn’t indicative of some Master Energy Source(tm) that has to be Disabled or Enabled at the Very Last Minute(tm) to prevent a Horrific Disaster(tm)…would tend to run counter to the “Intriguing twist” on the “I’m just a bad guy” notion Elba tossed out earlier.

The setpiece photos are very interesting. Considering how many of these have come out, it makes me wonder how ad-hoc they really are, or if maybe they were “carefully managed” by the studio for publicity purposes….who knows.

I see too much reconstructed Federation tech on that planet.

This still seems to parallel the look and elements from Lost in Space ~ the Movie.

i’d hardly call these pics spoliers

Looks like something out of TOS!

That blue spray-painted quarry with the yellow and red constructions and giant white light bulbs (?) look very TOS-y indeed!

Serious damage? The Enterprise got a pasting in the last film, and if I’m not mistaken, she never fired a shot–which was even more frustrating (yet magically pulled herself out of the clouds in dramatic fashion at the end–hardly a satisfying moment).

Why can’t the Enterprise hold her own? I agree with DavidCologne–a little battle damage is realistic, but tearing her to shreds makes me wonder why those brilliant Federation engineers can’t build a ship that can withstand a decent fight. If the ship is so fragile, maybe it shouldn’t be out there… I remember the Enterprise being a lot tougher in prior movies and on TV.

Personally, i’d like to see a little Enterprise badass in this film…

I have to agree with #26 and perhaps many others who didn’t care to comment: “I’d hardly call these pics spoilers.” There’s nothing there to spoil anything. When we see what the actual actors are doing on SPECIFIC sets/locations, then – maybe – there could be a real spoiler alert. But these images? They could just as easily be another Disney World or Universal Studios Tour ride under construction.


Really impossible to tell anything from these pics. Looks like the sets were still under construction when these pics were taken, so we don’t even know what the finished sets looked like to even guess what they could mean to the movie.

I definitely would not try to tie these to any known epsiodes of TOS. This movie is not going to be a reimagining of a TOS episode or character. Already been done with this Trek universe.

Also, remember during the filming of ST09 when we saw some “spoliery” pics. One was of a shuttle craft on the ground. Looked pretty cool. Lots of industrial structures around it.

There were alot of imaginitive and detailed speculations posted on here about that. Then it turns on to be used for about 30 seconds on screen near the begining of the movie as Kirk tells Pike “I’ll do it in 3 years” and boards the shuttle for Starfleet Academy.

I remember thinking, how anit-climatic for all those speculating such grand things from that one pic.

Just a word of caution on reading too much into these pics. The orange pumkin thing could just be the exterior of some alian habitate and that stuff is just set decoration for the exterior shots of some alien world. Those set pieces may not play any integral part in the plot of the film and may only be on screen for seconds.

you busted up San Francisco in 2009, now its Canada! oy! Oh well Price of fame. Warp speed ahead!

What’s a special effects stage?

As a lover of architect, I love that split corridor set. I also love the minor tweaks to the lighting on the set. Go back and look at photos of the 2009 corridors, you will see the ceiling lights are different, Beyond looks better. Also the reduction in the bridge lighting looks much better. I have found about 8 changes made to the bridge so far from lighting to slight design changes.

@21. DavidCologne. Um, replicators, high tech tools and incredible engineers and repair crew. That’s why a clean Voyager is believable. Ok, ok, replicator usage was at a minimum. Don’t steal the repair crews thunder :P

@ 27. Ahmed. Agreed, alien tech looks very TOS, and I love that! :D

What happened to the pictures I posted of the actors and of Dubai?

Please ignore last comment. My mistake. I posted them on the other thread about Dubai.

17. Harry Ballz – October 1, 2015

I don’t understand your post.
I was just commenting on TMZ being the source of this story.


Oh, it was just my clumsy way of saying hello and having some fun.

You’re new to this environment, no? (at least using that name)

For all those that want a sort take on my vison of the develping Star Trek III.

Star Trek Beyond

Starfleet sends the Enterprise to study the Nero incursion. The Enterprise is refitted under the direction of a Commodore Daystrom. But, Daystrom has other greater plans. Daystrom intends to go much further. Daystrom’s computer simulations of graviton matter reveal an unusual density in one part of the Galaxy. He is suspicious that his may be a threat to the Federation. Daystrom got Starfleets attention when he brought up its importance to Warp navigation, and he wants to study its importance directly from a good fast Starship.

Later, Daystrom’s secret plan is revealed in his quarters when he talks to his artificially intelligent super computer. As he reviews readings from his simulations, Daystrom asks the computer to again simulate an antimatter detonation [in the same portion of space where the Nero event occurred] in an attempt to dispel the excess gravitons. At the end of the simulation he asks for readings on “wormhole event horizon stability.”

Daystrom flicks off his computer display and console when a door chime is heard in his quarters. Kirk and Scotty are there to go over the action plan for the mission. Officially the Enterprise is being sent on a deep space mission to study pulsars along the Neutral Zone border. The Commodore’s alerts Kirk that there is also a secret plan that is not known. A wide eyed Scotty is given a data square and is told to download it to the probe. Daystrom also informs Scotty that he will be needing to install a special fuel mix for the probe, as he hands him a large heavy case.

“Please be careful with this, Mr.. I am sure you are familiar with how refueling operates. This is powerful stuff! Be careful with it! And tell no one about it!” Daystom says as he directs Scotty to his large computer holo-screen.

Scotty says that he is sure his probe analyze the graviton quite well with the ships dylithium plasma. Daystom cuts him off as he commands his computer to Show Mr. Scott how to fuel the probe. A deep computer voice is heard telling procedures on how to safely re-fill the probe with – Red Matter! A shocked Scotty begins to protest about “his Probes” as a disappointed Kirk looks on to his Commodore. Is this really necessary? Red Matter?!

Daystrom is stern as he says, “Captain, I am the creator of the most advanced artificial computer intelligence and modeling in history, and in all simulations our institute has run for the past 5 years show that this probe will need a yield of 10th power to disperse the gravitons.

The agitated Commodore continues, “Now all the local star systems within 200 light years are all uninhabited, right? And the yield will only result in any disturbances even on Subspace for only 50 light years, so it really is just academic. No?”

Daystrom looks at Kirk.
Kirk responds wearily, “Right.”

Daystrom looks at Scotty.
Scotty, and with a really disappointed look says, “Right,… Sir.”

The Enterpise arrives in orbit of a star system that is in close proximity to the pulsar system they are studying. Sulu explains to Checkov that this location was ordered by Daystrom and must be necessary to allow for a safe location to send and retrieve probe data.

The Enterprise launches a probe toward the pulsar. The bridge crew watch their screens closely as the probe rapidly flies away. In the background Daystrom presses a red button and the probe detonates in an immense explosion. The explosion is quite large and scans show the pulsar is beginning to explode in on itself. A shocked Spock has seen this type of explosion before. A white hot eruption explodes from the center of the collapsing stars. The crushing galactic force tears open a now familiar looking time rifts. From their perspective a 100 light years away, The Enterprise crew is locked in silence for a moment when they see the immensity and quickness of the explosion. Kirk orders his crew to Red Alert! Spock yells into his comm, “Reports All stations!”

Spock yells to his Captain, “Captain, THE PULSAR IS COLLAPSING!”
The rapidly expanding explosion and time vortexes are opening a tear across the galaxy itself.

The Enterprise is rocked by the unexpected explosion off their bow, as the crew fights against the what Scotty described as a “spatial-time-riptide.” With the circumstances turning disastrous, and Kirk calling for “More Power!,” Scotty begrudgingly injects the Red Matter directly into the Enterprise Warp Core. The entire engineering deck glows an eerie red, but the increase power is immediate and is enough to lift the Enterprise out of danger.

Unexpectedly, an unknown world materializes out of nowhere, and fills the view screen of the retreating Enterprise. The immense world materializes without warning and alarms are heard on all bridge stations. An energy beam erupts from is surface and stretches across into the rift and almost destroys the Enterprise in the process.

The white hot energy pulse from the strange new world envelopes the rift and causes the amazing catastrophe to seemingly reverse in on its self! Kirk notices that everything seems to be receding back to an earlier point, almost like it’s going back in time! Like some weird wormhole time distortion.

All seems to be reversing, except for the Enterprise shields, that are now at maximum, and that are also newly energized with the spatial resistant Red Matter. The Enterprise it seems is temporarily protected from the major effects of the energy pulse emitting from the new world.
Another beam is shot at the ship and the Enterprise is caught in a new battle for their ship and lives. The beam envelopes the Enterprise. Kirks screams for full power to the engines but the ship is forced down to hard land on the strange world. Strange white beings whom hail themselves as the Organians. Their leader Ayelborne briefly show himself onscreen, and as they condemn the Enterprise crew and its ship for their attack. They appeared humonoid with pure white skin, and they looked angry. The screen quickly goes to dark after a few seconds. Uhura says they cut the channel.

Captain Kirk orders Uhura to open another channel to negotiate a peace. The crew does their best in every department while trying to escape, but the Enterprise and crew eventually crash lands on the surface of the newly discovered planet. Daystrom, the progenitor of this disaster is later found by an enraged Kirk, dead within the Enterprise wreckage.

As a result of the special distortions of the time rift, the Enterprise and crew realize they have been sent back – somewhat – in time. How far is unknown as the planets energy shields restrict clear measurements.

Marooned and with no starship to journey their way home, and no communication with Starfleet, or any other Starfleet vessel is achievable, Kirk and Spock and McCoy eventually face the facts that the universe has irrevocably changed, to a point where there is no advanced spacefaring cultures developing – Anywhere in the Galaxy! They first thought the galaxy’s inhabitants were killed by Daystom’s “experiment”, but with time distortions and the radiated gravitons it looks like most if not all culture never ever even evolved from the lower life forms.

The Galaxy was dead!

Spock explained as best he could, but even Scotty could not continue the conversation about the current realities – without breaking down at the thought of it all! A red faced McCoy stands up and yells at Spock and his explanation, “You’re talking about Universal Armageddon!” You’re the reason for this, you green blooded, inhuman, bastard. The irate, and drunk Doctor takes a sloppy punch at Mr. Spock. Spock catches the doctor’s fist and as he reaches for his shoulder to offer Dr. MCCoy a little Vulcan encouragement – to sleep.” Kirk manages a small smile seeing McCoy immediately slump down to a sleeping position against a rock.
Spock remained resolute and continued to unemotionally dictate the facts, “Somehow the Enterprise crew and this world were protected by Scotty’s fast thinking and the ships accepting use of Red Matter in the Warp Core, and they are all still in fact, being protected on the Organian home world – somehow.” Spock continued to explain, “The spatial distortions had exploded with such force that it literally pushed all the “local” gravitons clear across the galaxy which resulted in a storm of radiation so intense that it likely destroyed most, if not all life in the galaxy!”
There is silence for a few minutes until Spock raises an eybrow and says to a sullen Scotty. “I am encouraged by you resourcefulness, Lieutenant.” An unrealized Scott continued to down and mourn.

Months pass…

Captain Kirk and his crew briefly meet and continue to study some of the inhabitants of the strange new world. The advanced citizens of this race of people, it seems, are merging with their unique technology, and some say the home world itself. All from inside an ancient citadel, which the Crew are not allowed to enter.

The Enterprise crew is seen as outsiders from this uncommunicative and xenophobic race. The Enterprise crew is forced to rely on their own resources and equipment that is left scattered across the landscape and broken hull of their crashed starship.

After twenty long years the Crew is able to create what Spock described as an energy nullifier. All culled together from spare parts left from the crashed Enterprise, along with some Organian tech that Spock has been integrating into the defunct ship’s broken engineering.

It is understood that they have all been pushed back in time perhaps twenty years. Kirk and Spock agree that they both intend to be ready for that day that is soon to come.

One day, a test is planned and Kirk and MCoy are questioning Spock about his endeavors and about how this new technology will stop Daystrom. Spock says, “Protective glasses everyone.”

Spock launches torpedo from the surface and it rockets skyward piercing the energy barrier and continuing into space. The trio looks on at the torpedo launcher’s view screen. The probe continues rocketing into deep space toward the pulsar. A large explosion is soon seen on screen and a large ionized cloud of radiation begins to fill the zoomed in screen.
Spock walks to the other side of the launcher and tightens a relay before flipping a switch.

A white hot energy beam shoots forth and erupts into space for a brief two seconds before a power system console explode nearby and quickly shuts it all down.

Onscreen the beam is shown vaporizing the ionized could completely.
After seeing the test Kirk soon realizes that this looks like the same energy beam that nearly destroyed the Enterprise and marooned the crew on that fateful day – long ago. Spock assures Kirk that his test is using the same principles invoked in the original Organia force beam and that it will work. Spock says, “We only need to be more accurate, Captain.” An unassured Kirk asks Spock to promise, next time, be a lot more accurate!
More years pass and ship supplies begin to dwindle. Survival is first order and after Kirk realizes he is unable to peacefully convince the leader of the new race to accept his crew and assist them in rescuing the now darkened galaxy, he decides to go in search of other inhabitants on this world. Life signs show up intermittently on tri-corders, but we would have to search them out.

More years pass and the crew finds that there is another more primitive leftover culture that resides in the planets under world, and whom had been rejected by the more advanced mainstream culture. Kirk eventually meets their leader, Shawna. She is a strong women and her high intelligence has allowed her race to prosper where there are little natural resources. Eventually she shows Kirk the secret of the Organians technology, the Organian planet’s core is made up of a lattice work of pure dylitium! There is more raw power trapped in the planet’s core dylithium matrixes to light up the all the star in the sky! The Organians have been evolving themselves for years genetically to be able to ingest and use that Raw power to live on Captain – FOREVER! Eternity Captain, does this excite you? Kirk smiles.

The alluring leader Shawna smiles as Kirk takes her by the hand. The couple start spending a lot of time together and she introduces Kirk to the many startling species and locations on her home world. More time passes and Kirk falls in love. Along with a few other marooned Starfleet officers and crew members, marriages take place and a new Starfleet / troglite culture is started.

With their new allies on the home world and knowledge of future events Captain Kirk eventually leads a campaign against the advanced Organians and thier Citidel of Power. Kirk is successful, but only with the help of the Troglite denizens which even now included Kirk and Shawna’s strong offspring, their daughter, Ruth and son, David.

A final battle is planned and includes a raid to the Organian Citadel in an attempt to secure an energy source to fully power the rebuilt warp core and stop all the events from ever occurring. Part of Kirk’s plan is to confront and convince the Organian’s leader Ayelborne to materialize his home world far earlier, than when the probe was previously launched. So that Kirk can apparently communicate with Himself(?!) in an attempt to stop Daystrom.

Communications with the Organians are still difficult and eventually break off completely. Alternate plans are made to build their conduit to the planets core matrix but eventually fail. Kirk realizes he will have to raid the Citadel to tap the power needed. The planned raid is successful and includes several remaining shuttle craft landing Troglite fighters into the Citadel, a large battle is fought, but in the effort many lives are lost. But the Citadel is breached.

Another large phaser battle is fought against the Organia forces [whom are using light staffs that disinegrate target instantly.]

Kirk’s daughter Ruth is captured in the battle and the Organia leader Ayelborne threatens to kill her unless Kirk and his forces retreat. Ruth does not agree and attempts to stab the Organian leader. She manages to fight her way out of his grasp and past some guards to open the door for Kirk and his comrades to enter.

Kirk meets the Organian leader who insists he only wants peace – and all the power. He promises Kirk eternal life and all his planets energy. If he would just become one with Organia. Kik says to Ayelborne, “Your planet is your’s to keep, we don’t want your planet!” What I do want, is for you to get along with your other citizens of Organia! Is that not important to you, Ayelborne? Your Troglites are down their keeping your matrixes in operation year after year!, Don’t they deserve some of your good culture? Does’nt watching them survive on their own in the darkness of the caves shame you? An embarrased Ayelborne, looks down and says, “Perhaps with so many lost lives there could be a time for talking again.”

Kirk now mostly in control askes for the home world to appear again in normal space so that Kirk might speak with his other future-past-selves crew members.

The world rematerializes but like last time, is still too late to stop the Enterprise and Daystrom’s dangerous scheme.

An explosion is seen on the Citidel’s local space imagery. The Pulsar is collapsing, again!

Uhura finally manages to get an open signal to the still space born Enterprise. But an unconvinced younger Kirk is smiling back at them, demanding some real proof from his somewhat unfamiliar and rugged looking former comrades. Not to mention that they all appear to be downtrodden duplicates on a foreign strange new world!
In response, the older and now angrier Kirk slams the communication console shut and orders Commander Scott to beam his much older and seasoned bridge crew directly onboard their old Enterprise.
The beam out is instantaneous. Once there a shocked and dismayed younger Kirk demands answers from his own older self(?). His first words, “How did you beam on my ship?” A smiling older Kirk eventually tells all, and evidence is presented for the court martial of the still living Commodore.

The younger Kirk turns to hear a report being yelled from his bridge crew, “Captain, THE PULSAR IS COLLAPSING!”

The remaining time-looped crew are beamed off Organia and join their own younger astonished selves. Quickly, a shocked McCoy realizes that all have beamed up, except for Spock who still resides on the planet. The younger rugged looking Spock is shown in close up, slowly arching an eyebrow with a discouraging and somewhat dark expression on his face.
Spock hails his Captain from the surface and explains that he has been considering Daystrom’s calculations for many years now, and logically, after the fall of Vulcan, and numerous other deaths that are a result of his own direct meddlings with the fabric of time itself, and with the Organains Citidel at his control, that perhaps it is the logical time to correct some events that should not have ever come to pass.

Both Kirks rush to shout “NO!” into the communications panel.
“Live long and prosper my beloved friends.”

Spock’s final words are uttered as he activates controls on from the Organian command center.

Back on the Enterprise (in orbit) an older and astonished Scotty quickly explains, “I knew Spock was adding Organian technology that they had captured through the years in our engagements at the Citadel but I… I never suspected that this…!”

A stark red beam is emitted from the crash site of Enterprise’s rebuilt nacelle. From the surface of the Organia home world and deep into space to neighboring system’s giant pulsar.

Scott, “I just never suspected…”

A new tear is opened up across the galaxy and red sparks seem to fly from the opening in an intense storm. The light become white hot and eventually cools to reveal the red glowing hull of the USS Enterprise E.
A young Captain Kirk addresses her crew.

Kirk, “Readings, Mister!”

An older Mr. Spock reads the data from his blinking console and says, “It seems we have experienced an unexpected graviton discharge as we passed the heliopause of the nearby system, Captain.”

A young David scans from his science station. I swear. Readings still show that the hull was red hot… for a second or two!

Everything seems nominal with my readings now, Captain.
A smiling Captain, Ruth Kirk responds to her first officer, “Scorched only? Good, Mister. I would not be too happy taking back to space dock on my first mission.”

The Enterprise E streaks off a new first mission.

The Voyages Continue!

For all those that want a SHORT take on my vision of the developing Star Trek III.

Typos… Sheesh. Forgive me!

Cmon tm. It was all there last night.

With all due respect, TrekMadeMeWonder, that sounds rather boring. And the dialog is wooden.