New Star Trek Licensees Announced for CBS 50th Anniversary Merchandise Program


As we all wait on baited breath for 50th anniversary merchandising (not to mention Star Trek Beyond merchandising) to kick it up a notch, CBS has just announced 32 new licensees to the Star Trek brand. Hit the jump for info on what toys, tees, and gizmos we can expect in the near future.

As a part of CBS Consumer Products’ 50th anniversary global merchandising program, we get 32 newly licensed companies producing official Star Trek merch for us to empty our pocketbooks on.

“This is going to be a landmark year for Star Trek and we are thrilled to have so many new licensing partners on board for fans around the world who love this iconic franchise,” said Liz Kalodner, executive vice president and general manager of CBS Consumer Products.”

Apparel and Wearables
In the wearables department, we’ve got a number of new licensees waiting to fill your wardrobe: from running apparel by Brainstorm to Accutime’s line of Star Trek themed watches.

  • Accutime Watch Corporation: watches
  • Brainstorm: running apparel
  • Burlee: footwear
  • Katalyst: apparel and giftware
  • Logoshirt: apparel
  • Nimble Solutions: scarves and umbrellas
  • Planet Replica: watches and home accessories
  • Rosstamps Confecção e Estamparia Eirelli: apparel
  • Santex: apparel
  • SNI Optometric: eyeglasses and accessories
  • Somerbond: sleepwear
  • Threadless: t-shirts and socks
  • Unemployed Philosophers: watches and novelty items

Collectibles and Gift Items
I’m not exactly sure what the category of “giftware” covers, but I’d imagine it’s stuff I can put on a shelf and occasionally dust.

  • Abysse: giftware
  • Build-A-Bear Workshop–­50th anniversary collection make-your-own “Star Trek” furry friend with clothing and accessories
  • Josma Sport: giftware
  • Roads Innovation: levitating ship collectibles
  • Sun-Staches: novelty sunglasses
  • That Company Called If: bookmarks
  • Titan: vinyl figures
  • Wish Factory: plush collectibles

Toys and Games
A wooden tri-dimensional chess set really captures that old yet new niche.

  • Gale Force Nine: hobby games
  • FameTek: headphones and Bluetooth speakers
  • Spin Master: remote control vehicles
  • Wooden Expressions and The Franklin Mint: co-branded tri-dimensional chess set
  • USAopoly: board games

Expanding the expanded universe!

  • Cross Cult: novels
  • National Geographic: Star Trek Guide to Our Universe book
  • Price Stern Sloan: Star Trek Mad Libs and Kirk’s Journal


  • KV&H Verlag: calendars
  • United States Postal Service: stamps
  • Thomas Tucker: confectioneries



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Star Trek Mad Libs, that could be fun!

really milking it aren’t they.

First the huge event in NYC, now this…so much for all the gripers that complained the studios weren’t doing much for the 50th.

I don’t see the company on here that is going to put DS9 on blu-ray? Please!!!!

Bookmarks? It’s about time.

I wish they would spend more time on making a great Star Trek film for the 50th anniversary than trying to empty our wallets with a bunch of stuff.

I’m not saying that Star Trek Beyond will be a bad film but, it doesn’t seem to be a film that celebrates anniversary.

CBS would be smart to salvage the best parts of the upcoming movie and

completely use a new story with different character background – history.

Use a new ship besides the enterprise where they actually explore and

come across new civilizations. The ship being blown up – destroyed with a

predictable villian isn’t working. Can’t CBS and their story writers see that?

At least have original characters with a newer agenda – purpose. The guy

who was Captain Kirk 2 years ago or so is much better then this young dude

trying to be something and someone he’s ill fitted to attempt to portray.

What…. no new verison of the Spock Helmet ?


Of course they’re milking,just like every other franchise does. lol.

Who was Kirk two years ago and in what? Or do you just mean Pine was better in the last movie than he will be in this one? We don’t really know that yet of course,but who knows…..he might actually be good again,lol.

All this fun tat will be great to see in stores though,lol! And you can choose to buy it,or not.

Not so inspiring. What the hell is an “Accutime” watch?

Any coffee-table books? Retrospectives?

No toys or prop replicas ? No Merch for the upcoming new movie or new TV show ?

Where’s the Merch for kids ? Giftware and Watches/apparel isn’t fun for kids to play with…

Who else thinks Star Trek consumer products needs improvement esp in helping attract the younger audiences ?

Just give us a decent tv series in 2017!

How about granting a licence to the Axanar folk and allow them to finish the movie, or is it down to the fact that it’d likely blow Into Darkness out of the water, if the trailer is anything at all to go by?

Into Darkness? Hmmm,kinda old by now,but I enjoyed it. LOL! If you mean Beyond….well the jury’s still out on that one since it don’t open till July. Same weekend as Comic-Con,so going to the movies will be a nice break from the con.

Trek really needs a great video/computer game. For whatever reason Trek video games are fair to poor for the most part. The last ones I really enjoyed were the old point and click Star Trek 25th Anniversary PC games. There was a sequel too but I can’t remember the name of it.

Here’s an idea….

Why don’t you all stop complaining! Every single time, you nag about something.

What’s going to make you happy?

No action figures? Bummer

Mike – nothing is gonna make them happy,I think they’re stuck in a continuous loop of complaining no matter WHAT comes out or how good it is or whatever,lol! Wasn’t there a TNG episode like that?! LOL!

VFX – there’s the very great looking Mezco figs coming soon. At least it’s something. Was hoping for some figs from the new movie too. Oh well,maybe one day…

No DS9 blu-ray mention? :(

This is very very very late.
It’s doubtful this stuff will help build an audience for STB, which it needs.
Yes, it’s a good thing for Trek, but little of the actual stuff seems to be terribly interesting. Keep working on it. Actually, walk through a few stores and see what Star Wars is doing… THEN do that! (I rarely say that, but in the case of merchandizing, yes, imitate SW.)

#12: Anyone pushing for Axanar to get a license has no understanding of how licensing works. Axanar screwed up, plain and simple.

#3: Why do you assume that site was the source? You are incorrect. CBS sent out a press release to many websites, and both TrekMovie and the site you linked to posted the info in that press release, which is how this has always worked.

Not the most inspiring line up. It looks like more of the same that one would get from Star Don’t get me wrong, I bought a few bits and pieces from there and am very pleased with them, however I’m reminded of the Simpsons episode where Krusty was on the run from the mafia where his accountant bemoans:

“…but you’ve already merchandised everything! Nothing is selling anymore! Even your Krusty Krowd Kontrol barriers…”

Did we even get any figures from Into Darkness? I would have loved a figure of the new Klingons.

I guess those ultra lame Playmates figures from the 2009 movie really killed any possibility of mass-produced figures for future Trek movies.

Star Trek is the most prolific and profitable book series in publishing history.

How may Trek books have there been… a thousand? And it seems like two or three new ones every month forever.

VZX – I think the Square Enix Play Art Kai figs of Kirk and Spock are considered to be from ID,but don’t think there was much else from that movie in the way of figs. My bad I got your name wrong earlier btw.

Other than those figs it’s just mostly ships from either EM or HW. Would still love some good figs though.

build-a-bear sweet,being wanting them to do that for agers

I would say that Star Trek Series 6 Season 1 will be available on DVD either in the second half of 2017 or the first half of 2018. It would be nice to see new starships. Maybe we’ll see the Mark-12 phaser cannons , quantum slipstream drive, coaxial warp drive and phasing cloak in operation

This may be off topic, but why the hell was there no Star Trek Beyond Super Bowl commercial this year??!

50 years … and STILL no Salt Monster action figure!

Tanner – my thoughts exactly! Paramount missed out on that one,to put it nicely.

@21– Agree… Mimic Star Wars Consumer Products !

Its crazy but all these years I dont own any Star Trek Blue-ray/DVDs. I had my VHS tapes back in the day but thats it. but I’m thinking with the 50th approaching I’m going just go balls to the wall crazy and just buy the entire Trek library. All the shows and films. BUT I’m going to wait until Star Trek Beyond and the new show are also on Blue Ray or DVD and just go nuts. Yeah being a Trek fan isn’t as exciting as being a Star Wars fan again for the moment but its going to kick into gear soon. I’m just SUPER excited we are getting both a new film and series within the same year. Feels like the 90s lol.

I only have the movies on Blu-ray,and not even all the series on dvd. Only have TOS and STE complete,but that’s ok,I’ll get round to the rest some day,lol! New series is next year though,so not within the same year. Pretty close though,lol.

I’m super jazzed about the scarves and umbrellas and socks. I only hope my 50th year is so cooltastic!

A Star Trek Potato Head?!!! Now I’ve seen it all!!

Kayla, I think you mean “bated breath” (i.e. reduced or diminished breath), not “baited breath”.

In looking at that list I really don’t see anything in the way of toys or replicas of props or ships. Also no high end sculpts or action figures. I’ve never had much interest in novelty items nor do I care to wear Star Trek themed socks or use a Star Trek themed umbrella. Most of the stuff feels distinctly low-end so this announcement was pretty disappointing to me.

Is CBS producing any content for the 50th? A show?

I want that 3-D chess set, been wanting one for decades.

If all these licensees are “partners” with CBS Consumer Products that gives me pause to consider whether that’s the extent to which CBS is involved with the NYC Con 50th anniversary celebration? Wish there was more information about that.

Hmm, my comment is gone, anyway, looking forward to the Tri-d chess set, been wanting one for many years.

There’s only ONE thing coming out this year that I really want.

Go look up “The Wand Company” and find their upcoming bluetooth Communicator.

That’s it. I have zero interest in “branded scarves” or any of the other sputum listed on the list above.

And, one poster above mentioned the books as a sign of the health of merchandising… but the “thousands” of books (actually , not quite a thousand if you’re considering mainstream-market-place publications) were mostly published years, and years, ago. I still have an original copy of “Spock Must Die” along with all the “Star Trek – New Voyages” short story collections from the early 1970s, so I feel somewhat qualified to discuss this subject matter.

The heyday of book publishing is long since past. These days, we get a handful of books each year.

What about Axanar license?

That’s funny. Hi, CBS, this is Mr. Peters. We’ve committed numerous copyright and trademark infringements on your IP, and now we’d like you to grant us a license to continue that activity.

About as much of a chance of that happening as the Mexican government agreeing to build Mr.Chumps wall.

What I find the most disappointing with merchandise is they used bloco and not lego for star trek kits. Bloco is ill fitting cheap ass garbage crap and I have no idea why it is made or sold. I cant believe that people buy it when their is perfectly good lego on the same shelf.

As I was saying before I was rudely censured by the sensitivities of the moderator. Why did they release ST kits with bloco bricks and not lego, bloco is a sh7t storm of awfulness. Its like anti lego and should be removed from circulation.

# 46. Phil – February 8, 2016

” That’s funny. Hi, CBS, this is Mr. Peters. We’ve committed numerous copyright and trademark infringements on your IP, and now we’d like you to grant us a license to continue that activity.” — Phil

Really? Because I don’t think Art Buchwald found it very funny when Paramount tried the exact same maneuver on him.

# 48. Son of Jello – February 8, 2016

“Why did they release ST kits with bloco bricks and not lego…[?]” — Son of Jello

Easy answer, because Lego wouldn’t knuckle under to CBS’ terms and Hasbro did.

However, I do wonder if that’ll change once Mattel buys them out?