Angela Bassett says it would be “thrilling” to be new Star Trek captain


In an interview with E! Angela Bassett responded to the rumor started by Bryan Fuller himself in 2013 that he would choose Bassett as his starship Captain.

In an interview with Den of Geek in 2013, Bryan Fuller, now executive producer of Star Trek All Access, revealed what his plans would be if he were ever given the keys to a new Star Trek television series of his own.

“I want Angela Bassett to be the captain, that’s who I would love to have. You know, Captain Angela Bassett and First Officer Rosario Dawson.”

Now that Fuller does have a say in who takes up the new captain’s chair, would Bassett be a realistic choice?

According to E! who talked to Bassett at the premier of Underground, a new WGN America show about the Underground Railroad, Fuller’s dream captain will have to remain just that: a dream.

“That’s thrilling,” Bassett told E! “That’s very nice, but how am I going to do that and American Horror? How is that going to work? Oh my gosh, and raise twins?”

So with Bassett seemingly off the table, who would you pick to be the captain of Star Trek All Access?

Hat tip to Ben Fedigan for the tip!

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Of course, this assumes there will actually be a captains chair….

Phil, that was just a horrible thing to say. Minus 6 voted for you…don’t ever say such awful things again here.

Minus 7 now. It would seem that despite all the chatter about new directions for the franchise, there seems to be some sentiment for cheeks in the captains chair…

it’s probably going to be called: Star Trek – Marines…


Michael Weatherly
Yvonne Strahovski
Dule Hill
Olivia Munn
Timothy Olyphant
Jordana Brewster
Matt Bomer

I always thought Micheal Weatherly would make a great Kirk

I daw a rumor on line that he’s leaving NCIS to be in “Star Trek.” Key words: “rumor” & “on line”. ;^)

Ugh. SAW. I *saw* a rumor.

I tawt I taw a putty tat.


I never thought of that but could not agree more

Michael Weatherly is at the top of my list too.

Oh well, CBS just announced he is starring in a show about Dr. Phil.

If Dule Hill is the captain, then I will not rest until the show is canceled ;)

In other words, Basset is saying, thanks, but no thanks.

To be fair, she is on another show….

That silly horror thing. Whatever.

A paying gig is a paying gig. Maybe it’s a bad that I don’t pay that much attention to network television, but I can’t think of any actor I’d particularly want to see on the show…that, and it looks like everyone forgot about Tony Todd.

Todd is way too old…

I’m not a fan of hers. She’s been lousy on American Horror Story. So no.

If she’s on Trek, would she have 3… , like no AHS?

XO Rosario Dawson? Yes!

Yvonne Strahovski, Naomi Scott or Timothy Olyphant

Is there ANY NEWS on Star
Trek Beyond???

Seriously, who are the bozo’s who vote someone asking a simple question like this down?

You moron’s voting Chad down should be ashamed of yourself..what a bunch of losers.

It’s bozos not bozo’s. Buddy.

And it’s “It’s bozos, not bozo’s, buddy.”, not “It’s bozos not bozo’s. Buddy.”


And shouldn’t the words “bozos” and “bozo’s” be in quotes to properly indicate that the words themselves are being spoken about and are not part of the sentence proper?

Numenosium — yea, I noticed that to. What a hypocrite.

It’s also important to know the difference between “to,” “too” and “two.” Basic grammar proficiency is vital to success. These are things people learn in elementary school.

And calling them morons, and losers does not improve your own image.

Perhaps the up/downvote BS should be removed instead?

It’s raffie not Meurik. Buddy

I suppose you and your cronies decided to downvote my previous comment, because I suggested the REMOVAL of the obviously broken up/downvote system?

Whose the one with the “cronies” support here — you at +5 or me at -6.

At least look at the numbers next time, Einstein. Have a point as well, perhaps?

You have to forgive Prodigal. He has appointed himself Enforcer-At-Large of all things Star Trek and all things Message Forum related here.

Yes, because we just don’t want to hurt any of these thin skinned people’s feelings now, would we?

I speculate that it might it be that those that voted Chad down did so because a BEYOND question is off topic for an article on CBS ALL ACCESS STAR TREK casting?

As I always advise the younger generation: Be very very careful what you wish for; you just might get it.

The comment voting is hilarious on this site.

It seems ultimately pointless, too.

Why are you so obsessed with it. You love it when you’re up voted and others are down voted and then you show your frustration when you’re down voted. Who cares? Move along…

@Prodigal Son,

Count to ten and breathe. Breathe, breathe, you can do it!

LOL. Yep.

Someone who doesn’t when to use apostrophes really shouldn’t be calling others bozos and morons (or “bozo’s” and “moron’s,” as you put it). Oh, and ellipsis have three dots, not two. Basic punctuation proficiency is a good thing to have.

LOL it is funny how there has been really no news about Beyond since that trailer and that was nearly 3 months ago. We did get one interview from the set of E.T. but that was the usual fluff piece. Hopefully something soon as the film is just 4 and a half months away now. My guess is they are saving it all for the next trailer which probably will hit in May. I would love to see one come sooner but if its like the other Trek films they have only released 3 and didnt release the final trailer to STID until 6 weeks before the premiere.

Hopefully we’ll get some story details at least but I’m waaaay more curious about the new show since that’s cloaked in darkness right now and I think everyone is focused on what the premise will be. Thats going to be a make or break moment for a lot of fans I think (but will all be watching it anyway ;)).

Agreed, I was surprised it’s gone silent after the trailer. I have a feeling the next trailer will be April/may. But yes the movie is what it is, but all anticipation is on the new tv show.

I’m with you Chad. The lack of any info (or curiousity) at all is kind of weird.

BR’s MO is to ramp up promotion just a few weeks prior to release, though with this being the 50th anniversary, it might start sooner

And that is SO STUPID of them. Put a dang good trailer into theatres & online SOON and whet appetites. Then major stand-up displays in movie lobbies (a la “Avengers”, which was there for THREE MONTHS before the movie came out). Cripes. Paramount had better get their stuff in one sock this time around.


Unlike its predecessors, STB is coming out in July not May. Given the delays in production I think they might need more time to get the movie ready. Also by looking at STID marketing, it looks like Paramount started the marketing campaign five months before the movie was released.

Timeline of STID marketing :

December 3, 2012: Official STID poster was released.
December 14, 2012: First 9 minutes were shown on IMAX.
December 14, 2012: The first trailer for STID was shown.
January 2013 – April 2013: Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness comics were released.
February 3, 2013: A second teaser premiered during Super Bowl XLVII.
March 21, 2013: The international STID trailer was released.
April 16, 2013: The final US domestic trailer was released.
May 9, 2013: STID released in Europe, Australia & New Zealand
May 16, 2013: STID released in North America.

Also there are some rumors of financial trouble at Paramount. I hope this is not the case but that could be a factor.

Fortunately the the TV half of Star Trek is owned by CBS, who is spearheading this effort, not Paramount.

Chad, looks like my comments “shamed” some people into giving you a positive upvote total instead of the negative 3 votes you had late last night. So my comment worked.

You keep right on posting your complete legitimate and non-controversial questions, man. I’ll take the heat here for you, Phil and others. For me, the higher the negative vote total, the more it shows that my comments are being read and are impacting people here.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a new trailer, since the writer and director (not to mention a lot of the fans) didn’t seem too pleased with that last one.

Hmmm… With Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS while still very much in good graces with CBS, that’s not an impossibility.

I would absolutely love seeing Michael Weatherly in the Captain’s Chair.

Wow just checked out pictures of micheal weatherly after reading an article about an actress I’d never heard of asking the question “who would be in the captains chair?” And reading a load of responses with other actors names I’ve never heard of…

And he looks like Chris Pines older brother.

I initially thought this TV show was gonna be TOS re-done. I’m sorely disappointed it’s not. But hey ho.

Why no English actors listed? Apparently an English actor played everyone’s second favourite* captain.

Either way I think a captain role should go to someone who can ACTUALLY act first, look good second.
Wooden cutouts will not do!

*also often only favourite

Your suggesting Michael Weatherly can’t act? Guess you’ve never seen NCIS, or Dark Angel.

Now there are some great television series!


Dark Angel wasn’t great, but that wasn’t due to Michael Weatherly’s acting. Also, not sure if serious or not, but I’ll assume you never seen NCIS. I mean, a show that has lasted 13 seasons (renewed for an additional 2), must be completely terrible…

I’m happy it’s not the TOS redone. Let’s move forward with something new and fresh with Star Trek.

Yep, it’s going to be a Clean Slate approach. Glad to see you say it and get 8 up-votes. I said pretty much the exact same thing and got negative 20 votes. LOL

I don’t get that LOL

Not sure where you got the idea that Star Trek 2017 was going to be TOS re-done. CBS never said anything to that affect. Michael Weatherly isn’t the world’s greatest actor, but he’s done very well as DiNozzo on NCIS for 13 years or so now and I think he could do well as the star of Star Trek 2017.

If you’re talking to me, I got that idea from comments here. People think Nicks comments meant TOS and I didn’t get that at all. Like I said this romance people have with Kirk & Spock is mind boggling. Or they think without TOS Star Trek can’t be successful.

Gina Torres

I know she’s on a series right now, but HELL YEAH!!!

I would love to see her as captain.

Claudia Black or, and I think the best fitted Elizabeth Mitchell

Wow… I would be in heaven if either of these two was on the show, but I’m not sure Elizabeth would make a good Captain. Is Claudia even acting anymore? Her voice melts me every time I watch FarScape or the final seasons of Stargate.

John Cho. As Captain Sulu.

It’s about time we have an Asian captain and main character in Star Trek. (Yes, I know there have been Asian captains before in Trek, but they were never the main character)

Why is it about time?

Cho is probably too young. Sulu would be looking at his own command 10-ish years after the current movies. Not a bad idea though. Get a new actor to play Sulu post-TOS movies. Have a “far future” intro with George Takei telling someone his story…

Cho is the weakest link of the Abrams Trek cast. He barely emotes.

That’s ’cause Sulu is cool. ;-)

I think he would be great!! Even if it’s not Sulu as the character.

Rosario Dawson as Captain and Timothy Olyphant as first officer !!! That would be nice …

Won’t be a female captain

Why not? Voyager’s problem wasn’t the gender of the Captain, it was the show’s inconsistent writing.

Regarding the lack of Beyond news, I’ll be stunned if Paramount releases 10 Cloverfield Lane this Friday WITHOUT a new Star Trek Beyond Trailer.

Paramount wasn’t even allowing any tech interviews for CLOVERFIELD so I’m not sure that they are invested in this at all.

It’s the only scifi-action movie Paramount is releasing before Beyond, and it’s a JJA produced movie. So if they don’t market Beyond with a new trailer at this movie, then the Paramount marketing department is even more inept than I already though.

This was back in 13, what would she say now?

No, Ms. Bassett’s comments are current. Underground is a new show, not from 2013.

Whose the clown who dow-nvoted Thorny. Thorny provided the correct information. What kind of moron here down-votes the truth?

The up/down votes are getting people riled up and into a mindset of one-upsmanship.

They are pointless and distracting from the discussion.

“Who’s,” not “whose.” Gheez, man.

Pam Grier

Michelle Yeoh

Good choice especially if the show is action oriented. .. also someone mentioned Gina Torres … freakin’ BOSS idea!

I would not find it inconceivable to have Mandy Patinkin in the roll of captain.

Bruce Greenwood…Captain Pike, on the Enterprise, alt timeline.

Hot diggety! Sadly the studio might say he’s “too old”.

Love that idea.

She can quit the other show. I mean… this is Star Trek! Nobody will remember that other show in a few year’s time. But at Star Trek she’ll be immortal.

Otherwise… I keep thinking about Brenda Strong. She played a pretty solid looking ship commander in Starship Troopers.

Thanks for this. It’s a pretty good recap of what we’ve seen here and on TrekCore bit by bit over the last five months. Nice summation for people who want to catch up and have it all in one place.

There are some screencaps over at TrekCore from the months of filming, which add a few clues.

JJAbrams has shown us how misleading trailers can be though. So I don’t put a lot of stock in them, except to see characters in unusual circumstances, off the Enterprise, having challenging planetary adventures….or drinks at a Starbase? Bar? At the beginning or end of the movie?

Weeee’ll seeee!

That’s why they have something called contracts. You’re not going to just quit a show and work for another without a huge and costly fight from the first show. Unless they let her out of it with their blessing or she’s contracted just per season probably wouldn’t be able to on that basis alone.

She’ll be immortal for better or worse.

Just FYI… Strong guest-starred on TNG in “When the Bough Breaks”.

My votes: Captain–Viola Davis, Idris Elba, Denzel Washington ….
First Officer– Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo ;-) , Lucy Liu ….
Doctor — let’s make him/ her a Vulcan: Tony Todd, Rosario Dawson …

Many possibilities and I’d like to see a South Asian (East Indian) in a prominent secondary role, as the Engineer.

Michael Dorn as Captain Worf.

Let the cast be diverse: a Ferengi, a Xindi primate, a Vorta, and an El-Auran counselor.

Michael Rooker (human) for head of security and tough guy

Michael Weatherly, portraying Nicholas Locarno formerly played by Robert Duncan McNeill

Christopher Judge to play a Voth (with some friends of his who came with) who are on a quest to find their original homeworld..

No Captain Worf

I had such high hopes. Oh well.

I have to admit I’m not a fan of hers. I think she’s far too melodramatic in her acting approach. So I hope she’s not brought into this project.

Wasn’t Tony Todd rumored to be interested in becoming involved? He would be great. Bruce Boxleitner, it has been long enough from B5. And a strong female as the first officer. Not on any Enterprise. A new ship, in an established era, I personally like the Star Trek 6 era. After the retirement of captain Kirk, which ship became legendary after the Enterprise? The Yorktown? The Ranger? The Pike? I would love to know the story. I would make it that the captain can’t stand the mention of Captain Kirk. That is where I would go with Star Trek.

Nice idea there

How about 25-ish years after TNG and its the first circumnavigation of the galaxy, with the ship being the USS Magellan.

Cool photos. TOS women were the best!

That’s for sure Cyg, – LLAP.

Look like voting got turned off???

I guess Trekmovie board passed new voter ID laws :)

Now you can stop whining. But don’t get your hopes up, voting will be turned on again in no time. We’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties.

8 hours later and your “in no time” pronouncement is not panning out. So much for your “we’re” — I don’t believe for a second that you are part of the Trekmovie administration, clown. Lol

The tweaks will require more time. But have no worry, it will be back and after that you can continue your whining.

Interesting comment from Basquil on Reddit — supports my prediction that will will see a new trailer for Beyond this week with Cloverfield 2, and also agrees with me that we may want to start worrying about this movie if we don’t get a trailer this week?

“Next Wednesday, 10 Cloverfield Lane is released. This movie is getting a lot of attention in that it was filmed entirely in secret. The studio has done very little to market it too, but as hoped, ther anti hype has led to some grassroots hype. Google the movie and you’ll find find articles suggesting that this could be a game changer for Hollywood marketing. Oh, and it’s a Bad Robot production, released by Paramount pictures, and a sequel to a JJ film. I think a Beyond trailer is a given. I also wonder if the seemingly quiet approach taken to marketing this film is deliberate. Star trek is getting a ton of free publicity thanks to the 50th anniversary, and Beyond could benefit from the attention being given to the 2017 series. Perhaps the producers are banking on this to fuel interest in the movie. Or, perhaps Paramount is broke and afraid to spend money on what’s been a troubled production. Maybe they don’t know how to market it properly, and were taken aback by the flood of disdain that washed over the first teaser in December.. Guess we’ll know more Wednesday.. Because if we DONT get a Trailer, than what does that tell us about the state of the production?”

The state of the production is STRONG :)

Paramount is having some financial problems but not sure how that will impact STB.

Here is my review that presents the “Greatest Hits” of “voting era” in regards to the handful of morons who voted everything down for no good reason other than perhaps that they just didn’t like some people:

— Ugh. SAW. I *saw* a rumor. (Marja, -1 vote)

— Is there ANY NEWS on Star Trek Beyond??? (Chad, -3 votes)

— Hi Bob! Miss ya man.Yeah! Alex, Fuller, Meyer,Rod and Roth! Wow ,ya think you might get a call ? (Walt Koslowski, -5 votes)

— oh,but I do like it — I get to do it, too, again, finally. I am just a fan, here. (Bob Orci, -8 points)

— “…a different kind of “Star Trek” along the lines of the movies..” Nice…having had enough discussions and negotiations to seal the deal of his participation with the new series, I think this is a fantastic nugget of information. (Jonboc, -2 votes)

— Oh for heaven’s sake Trek fans, let’s all calm down. We won’t see evidence one way or another until 2017. How’s about we save the nay-saying until then. (Marja, -3 votes)

— What’s with this down voting the truth? Shame…:( (Keachick, -4 votes)

— It would be interesting to know if the sets from Star Trek Beyond were ever packed up and shipped out of Canada…or do they stand ready to do double duty as a cost saving measure? Use as is, for different starship? Or alter them to create your new universe? Or spend a fortune and start from scratch? (Jonboc, -5 votes)

— I think this is going to be a “CLEAN SLATE” approach. The only canon that will preserved is that their will be a Federation/Starfleet, and this show will take place on a starship, with transporter technology. There will be an updated version of IDIC/Trek Philosophy/Prime Directive. It will take place….etc. etc. (Prodigal Son, -3 votes)

— Not too sure Josh Whedon wants anything to do with a franchise, any franchise these days…. (Phil, -5 votes)

— ‘Trekmovie, please disable the upvote/downvote feature. No good will come of it. …It will encourage groupthink, both positive and negative. ‘ I agree. For my part, I’d much rather see people expressing their views as to why they agree or don’t agree with a comment. (Cygnus X-1, -5 votes)

— I predict this new universe will be the best one yet! (NuFan, -2 votes)

— First. (Vger23, -10 votes)

— None of my attempts to respond to this post are making it through the filter. (Cygnus X-1, -2 votes)

IN SUMMARY, to all of the losers who voted negative in the above posts, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are pathetic. You ruined the ability for our entire community here to have legitimate voting – congratulations, jack-asses. :-(

Dude, you’re taking this whole voting thing way too seriously. I’m sure it is very annoying to you to be ‘honored’ with the most negative votes in the short history of Trekmovie voting system, but come on, who really cares?

Just express your opinion without attacking people left & right & everything will be fine.

You’ve got is completely backwards. LOL The attacking is summarized above, and those people know who they are, and yes, they should be ashamed of their behavior.

I’m not dwelling on this…but I certainly thought a final review was worthwhile.

@Prodigal Son,

In this very thread you called people “morons”, “losers” among other things, and that might be the reason you were down-voted.

Like I said, you don’t need that. Just say what you have to say without restoring to name-calling. This is NOT the GOP debate :)

Dude, if I had wanted to make this about me, I would have included more that just 1 out of 14 examples of the negative voting that went on — voting that was punitive on many regular posters here not because of the content of their posts, but because these people didn’t like them or were trying to settle scores. This was across the board, and included people I don’t always agree with — heck, Cygnus is in two of my example. This was systematic, petty score-settling.

“Morons?” “Losers?” Well, when an excited fan says he predicts this will be the best Trek universe yet, why would 2 people possibly vote against that? When another fan simply corrects a typo, who really would vote against that? When a fan wonders aloud what happened to the original set, why would 5 people vote against that? Bob Orci just shows up and responds to someone without discussing any issues, and 8 people vote against that.

So, “morons” and “losers” — yes, the shoe fits.

I don’t see others bemoaning that they got negative votes, like you did more than one time on this thread & the others. At the end of the day, what difference does it make?

One of my comments got negative 9 votes, so what? Anyway, I’ve nothing more to say about this.

mj, should be proud of himself: he wanted over 20 downvotes and he got over 50, a new trek record. BTW, Anthony posted in another thread recently.

Who does he post as? I wondered if he was back because they’ve been able to change the format.

Thanks for the note that Anthony is back — that is truly good news.

Tony has not posted anywhere on TrekMovie in over a year, and I can’t find any instance of him posting recently. Link?


I think B Kramer was referring to a comment made on March 6, 2016 9:49 am on the “Nicholas Meyer: “I think it’s going to be a different Star Trek”” thread by someone named Anthony. Our own AP usually uses his full name ‘Anthony Pascale’ when posting a comment, so I don’t think this is him.

Yeah I just realized that myself. It’s been a while. LLAP

And it looks like writing AP’s full name will flag a comment!!!

Hey Brian,

I saw a post in the ‘Nicholas Meyer: “I think it’s going to be a different Star Trek” ‘ thread that I thought was him. Maybe it’s not, it was posted by someone named Anthony, no last name. LLAP

Agreed. The voting is an unwelcome distraction from what could be a fun and freewheeling discussion.

Let’s not take it seriously. Because really, what does it matter? If people want to disagree with an opinion they can “use their words,” or use the up or down keys. (Shrug) I’ll be reading comments, not counting votes. Both Cygnus and Prodigal have pointed out the concept’s absurdity!

By the way, Cygnus is a really cool constellation and The Prodigal Son is a really well-said parable.

Thanks Marja. Although the worst of the negative voting had to be whatever jerk-week voted you down for simply correcting your typo. I mean, come on? LOL

Pathetic whiners (let’s not mention any nicknames) whining about it are an unwelcome distraction, the voting itself is not. But I agree with you, some here (again, let’s not mention any nicknames) are focusing too much on this voting stuff. Besides, if there are down votes, then it surely must be a reason for it. Calling others morons for no apparent reason no doubt contributes to it.

Ineresting how you and TUP are the ones who are acting so vehemently opposed to my simple sharing of some unfair examples of negative voting. One might conclude…….

“One might conclude…”

That you’re paranoid?

Please shut up.

By the way, I have no recollection of which posts I voted on because I dont care. But I only have one vote anyway so if you want to cry about having a significant down vote, I’d suggest there are plenty more people than myself who are sick of you’re childish antics.

Cry us a river. Many of those people were down voted because they deserved it. Who are you to decide what should and shouldn’t be down or up voted? Start your own website cool guy.

I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that your negative votes all ALL OVER my 14 examples here.

“I have NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that your negative votes all ALL OVER my 14 examples here.”

No doubt. Paranoia.

Are you ashamed of all your attacking, insults, name calling, off-topic posts, whining etc? Are you?


I have to agree. And I love how he’s giving Bob a run for his conspiracy money. In PS’ evaluation no negative vote could just possibly be fumble fingering even though the Reply button is right next to it.

Hey Jonboc,

Apparently, the five people who voted down your completely innocuous post below where you are just asking what happened to the original set, all separately accidentally voted you down which a slip of their finger. So don’t worry about it — we will pretend those are actually 5 up-votes now. Think of it like a special gift under your Christmas tree from Disinvited, like getting magic nebula gas chemistry set or a reverse time travel slingshot. ;-)

“It would be interesting to know if the sets from Star Trek Beyond were ever packed up and shipped out of Canada…or do they stand ready to do double duty as a cost saving measure? Use as is, for different starship? Or alter them to create your new universe? Or spend a fortune and start from scratch? (Jonboc, -5 votes)”


(use mirror)


What the bloody h#ll is your problem??? You need to up your medication or something. You have serious issues. Try breathing deeply before you go off the deep end insulting people and digging back through countless posts to do so.

Good lord…some people…

Right on schedule…LOL

NASA Has Designed a Warp Ship Inspired by ‘Star Trek’s Enterprise


Not quite. It’s concept art for some proof of concept experiments, none of which have even made it past the calculations stage yet…

who would you pick to be the captain of Star Trek All Access?

That’s assuming the show will revolve around a starship, which may not be the case at all. But let’s have some fun with this in the meantime…

Top two choices would be Bruce Greenwood and Bryan Cranston. If the show’s set in the Prime universe and after DS9/Voyager, Greenwood could play Christopher Pike’s grand-nephew. So you could even keep the surname.

Cranston, well, it’s obvious why he’d be great as the lead.

Other choices? Jon Hamm or Mark Valley. Both charismatic leading men. Hamm is now free after Mad Men. Arguments for casting him as the captain should be obvious too.

Valley was great in Human Target (especially the first season). I’ve actually always thought he would’ve made a perfect fortysomething Kirk. The guy gives off the same vibe. I’m not saying this is literally the character he should play in the new show, of course.

Recent convert to Jeffrey Dean Morgan after catching him on The Good Wife. Ridiculously charismatic guy. The situation is crying out for casting him as the lead in something.

Isn’t he too popular?


“Isn’t he too popular?”

Which actor?

“Which actor?”

Bryan Cranston. He may be too popular (well known) to be cast as a Star Trek Captain.


There were rumors last year that he was considered to play the villain in STB. Then in an interview with ABC, Cranston dismissed that as just talk.


As for work on another Star franchise — as in Trek — Cranston insists rumors he was playing a baddie in the third film are just that: rumors.

“A lot of it is just talk. It’s like the Lex Luthor thing that was going around [on] social media,” he said.

“That’s assuming the show will revolve around a starship”

CBS said it would.

Anyone doubting Angela Bassett’s ability to be awesome should check her out as Mase in “Strange Days.”

I’ve created a petition requesting to have the new Star Trek series be made a prime time TV show instead of only being available through CBS all access’ paid subscription service. The petition signatures go directly to the CBS President and executives.

Please sign and share!

All –

We know that the implementation of the new comment system(specifically the “voting” part) has been a little rocky, and we’re making adjustments as we go. We appreciate the feedback.

Thanks. I was thinking that perhaps having an edit function as well as an auto quote when replying to a comment might be more useful IMO than having the voting feature. Just my 2 cents!

I’ll give my four cents. One for voting option, one for editing.

I mean, two for voting option, two for editing. Speaking of editing…

Hey Brian, on some Disqus sites, people are only allowed to UP-vote; no down-voting. You might consider that here?

@Prodigal Son,

Why? You either have both up-vote & down vote, or get rid of the whole voting thing altogether.

I am sharing what some other sites do. Not taking your bait. Ask Disqus.


I agree with this. (See how I expressed that without the upvote feature?)

If you’re going to tee up a response for people to just click on, one that facilitates them expressing a positive sentiment doesn’t seem to have any downside. Whereas teeing up a sentiment of negativity for people to click on is rather like handing out rotten tomatoes to the audience as they enter the theatre—it certainly doesn’t foster productive discussion in this discussion section of the site.

Though, no sooner did I say that than I realized that people upvoting a nasty, negative comment would have basically the same effect as people downvoting a comment. Better to do away with the stupid up/down pile-on system altogether. If people feel strongly enough about their opinion, they’ll use their words to express it.

Agreed — getting rid of voting entirely is the best solution. But if they think voting needs to be included, then not allowing negative voting is a middle ground.

I disagree. Sometimes you don’t want to use words. The option is handy. I say we vote on the voting. I bet the majority will support the option.

quantum47 Today 2:33 am

Why don’t you want to use words to express yourself in a discussion forum?

This is not a discussion forum, it’s a commenting section. Disagreeing or agreeing with something can be expressed in non-verbal way, too. Thumbs up or down is another way to do that. I see nothing wrong with that.

If you and I agree on something, we must be on the right track here. :-)

I disagree. It’s more practical to have a thumbs up or tumbs down button. No one forces you to use it. The fact that some people are fixated on it and bothered by it doesn’t mean there can’t be a productie discussion if such option is available.


A looooong time ago I tried to get MJ to see that the various online polls held on such sites such as RottenTomatoes and the very one we are using now, were ultimately meaningless because they aren’t done in a scientific mathematically rigorous way subject to peer review, and the various systems are subject to gaming.

He disagreed vehemently. He was equally passionately arguing in favor of them and their results being meaningful. The bulk of his contention seeming to be that the vast numbers that the internet allowed to participate drown such “noise” out ultimately.

And now, suddenly, the scales have fallen from his eyes.

How about voting third party? Oh, too soon…

O Mods, my metaphorical kingdom for an actual EDIT function …. and a log-in to comment ….

Actually, hoping y’all switch to Disqus.

There’s nothing wrong with the voting system. I’m sure the majority has no problem with that whatsoever.

Good grief. Can we have a ban on talk of voting. Who gives a flying f*ck?

Don’t know her work so I’m neutral I guess.

when I try to vote, I get “Must be logged in to vote”. How the hell do I log in? I don’t see a log in button anywhere. Thanks :-)

They’re working on it!


I think that’s going to require a blood sacrifice. Or deep frying a hamster.

Don’t worry, Scotty’s working on it. It’ll be up in no time.

Woman Captain? Is Lucy Liu too short? :-) How about Gillian Anderson!! (I know, she might be doing more X-Files) Gena Torres!!
Male Captain: John Cho would be AWESOME!.

Other…. I would love to see Summer Glau get a role, as well.

Captain – A CGI Shatner/Kirk
FO – A CGI Nimoy / Spock
Now THAT would make everyone sit up and watch!

Can’t say Im a big fan of hers and Im not sure they should go with an older actor. if the intent is to revitalize Star Trek as a TV property, Im sure there are younger actors just as capable if not more so.

I sincerely doubt it will be a woman captain anyway. We can debate the reasons but they will err on the side of caution.

Besides, if Bad Robot taught us anything, its that women in Trek are emotionally needy, naggy unprofessional and meant to be ogled.

“…women in Trek are emotionally needy, naggy unprofessional…”

Sounds like you?

(just kidding! lol)

TOS took place in the 60’s. That’s not a suitable excuse for the garbage that Bob Orci and friends put out. Misogyny is alive and well in Hollywood (and Bad Robot) es evidenced by their portrayal of women in the two Trek films.

Like the female gueat stars and Nurse Chapel in TOS weren’t? And like Uhura — though brave and professional — didn’t wear a hyper-mini skirt …

Come on now – TOS was on the cutting edge of fighting sexism in society……sorry, I can’t even type that with a straight face. I should vote myself down here.

If Bad Robot taught us anything, it’s that Trek is retarded. Luckily, we know it’s only a Bad Reboot.

Melissa O’Neil would be awesome. Not only hot, but a darn good actress as well. Definite Captain material.

While we are at it, Roger R. Cross would be awesome as well.

BTW, I’m getting a “Subscribe Conformation” every time I post. Even with multiple posts in the same thread.

Maybe that is one of quantum47’s upgrades…he’s been working on the new system all day and should have everything back on line for us at any moment now.

OMG: YES! Make it so!!!

How about Zsa Zsa Gábor?
She’s still alive I think.


Personally, I’m partial to Maureen O’Hara. Do bad she’s dead.

“Do bad she’s dead.” — Phil

That is either an Archon reference or one of the most interesting Freudian slips I’ve ever heard. Can I get gas money with that?

Well, maybe she’s not dead in the Brigadoon Nexus, to thoroughly mix our Scottish/Irish metaphors as they would be on any well balanced Darmokian ship.

On the up/down voting controversy, I’d cite a recent comment by Phil as a perfect example of why the up/down voting feature is bad. Phil simply made a comment to the effect of not being sure whether the new series would feature the traditional “captain’s chair.” Certainly nothing offensive about that comment, but he got piled on with a bunch of negative votes.

Now, what do those negative votes mean? That people are offended by Phil’s suggestion? That they disagree with him in terms of the likelihood of a “captain’s chair” in the new series? That they just want to express negativity toward Phil personally? That they want to discourage outside-the-box thinking? Something else? The negativity being nondescript is the problem—nobody but the downvoter knows why they poo-pooed the comment. It’s just meaningless negativity. And how can that be good when the aim here is to have fun and informative discussions about Star Trek?


We are in full agreement.

Please see my 14 other examples in my post from last night — here, I will repeat the four of the most inexplicable down-voted ones out of my 14:

— Is there ANY NEWS on Star Trek Beyond??? (Chad, -3 votes)

— It would be interesting to know if the sets from Star Trek Beyond were ever packed up and shipped out of Canada…or do they stand ready to do double duty as a cost saving measure? Use as is, for different starship? Or alter them to create your new universe? Or spend a fortune and start from scratch? (Jonboc, -5 votes)

— Not too sure Josh Whedon wants anything to do with a franchise, any franchise these days…. (Phil, -5 votes)

— I predict this new universe will be the best one yet! (NuFan, -2 votes)

Oh, shut up already…

Take your meds and stop being fixated on insignificant things.

@Quantum – *Upvote*

Upvote to infinity and ‘Beyond’. ;^)

Says the person who is so fixated on what I say that they make the same complaint about me post after post.

Follow your own advice.

And in regards to your comment about the meaning of the votes, I strongly suspect that it’s in the vein of:

“That they just want to express negativity toward Phil personally?”

Yep, I think it’s pretty obvious people are voting negativity simply because they have a problem with Phil personally — they don’t like and/or his viewpoints and commentary here, and it has nothing to do with the actual substance of the post in question. And people use this as a “piling on” type of bully effect — junior high level crap!

And then you have well-meaning people like Ahmed who just kind of blindly go along with the group-think piling on thing — here he how he put it to me:

“Just express your opinion without attacking people left & right & everything will be fine.”

In other words, if I behave more like Ahmed wants me to behave, I will get rewarded, and people won’t indiscriminately punish me with negative votes that have nothing to do with my actual thoughts/information that I am expressing in individual posts.

Middle School shenanigans all over again. It’s pathetic, and yes the people who are punitively down-voting others to settle perceived personal scores of theirs are moron-losers.

@Prodigal Son,

Here is the funny part, neither Phil nor Jonboc, Marja, me or any of the people who were down-voted were even concerned about it. You’re so hung up on this whole thing in such a ridiculous way.

And what making even more ridiculous that you’re keep framing it as a concern toward the ones who were down-voted, pretending that it is not about YOU, while IT IS clear that the down-votes that you got hit you so hard that you considered it as “punishment” against you & won’t stop talking about it for DAYS now!!

What’s the matter with you?

I am responding to Cygnus’s post. But thanks for repeating your scolding of me again…much appreciated.

I knew there would be a diatribe by Prodigal whining about voting again.

And here he is yet again, calling people names and insulting people. What a childish, immature person.

Prodigal, you’ve lost all credibility with these tantrums. Please stop. Please take a deep breath and try to act like an adult. You’re sullying this whole community for the rest of us.

Sure, whatever dude. LOL

Initially, I dismissed all the down votes as nothing more then a reaction to the vote feature, and the comment landing at the top of the list. However, I’ve come around to Cyg’s line of thinking here on the anonymous up/down vote. It is stoking meaningless negativity, little good can come of that.

Setting personal preferences aside, the green lighting of a new Trek series is a positive development. Specific to my personal preferences, yes, I’d rather see either a well developed story arc, or some exploration of some other aspect of Starfleet – hence, the comment. I don’t need to see yet another series based on the ‘captain and crew’ format. Feel free to disagree. Better yet, ask why. Don’t just ‘thumbs down’ something without giving it a bit of thought.

There’s nothing controversial about that feature. It is a few individuals, who are for whatever reason fixated on that, that are making it such. Mainly it’s a crazy fixation by a seemingly paranoid individual, prodigal son.

I agree. There’s absolutely NO way to know exactly how or why Marja got absolutely ONE count ’em ONE down vote. It’s noise in the process at best. But instead of negating that vote by up voting her we get reams and reams on why that ONE instance absolutely HAD to have been done on purpose for some nefarious reason worthy of insulting more individuals than can possibly be responsible for it.

Not really. I shared 14 examples, and Cygnus shared another as well. 15 cases is not 1 case. Not sure where you are coming from on this?

You and Amhed together have made a point of posting probably 10 times now in 24 hours on me having the audacity to share my personal opinion on this topic.

Who is fixated on who here? I don’t see any others besides the two of you (TUP’s self-embarrassing posts notwithstanding) feeling the need to send response after response to me sharing my opinions on this?

You guys need to take your own advice. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, then stop whining about me in post after post. It’s hypocritical.

If the voting system is meaningless and you don’t even notice it or care, then why bother to single me out time after time for sharing one person’s personal opinion of it?


If it’s meaningless, why does it bother you then?

I suggest that no one pays attention to your complaints anymore, including the mods and admins, and turn on that feature again.

End of story.

Do you want an autographed 8X10 of me? You seem fixated on me. Please stop. Its weird and creepy. Grow up.

For captain: Matt LeBlanc
For First Officer: David Schwimmer
For Ship’s Doctor: Matthew Perry
For Communications Officer: Courtney Cox
Helmsman: Lisa Kudrow
Navigator: Jennifer Aniston

BOOM! DONE! Somebody pick the Chief Engineer!

Peace out!

Chief Engineer: Jason Alexander. Bam! Done.

Can hardly wait for the “Summer of Scotty” episdode



If you are looking to continue the FRIENDS theme I suppose the Chief Engineer would have to be the actor who played the character Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Tom Selleck. And he’s good at dealing runaway tech too.

Major Don West as a Starfleet Captain is a rather interesting idea to mull too.

“Somebody pick the Chief Engineer!”

Gunther, of course ;)

@dmduncan, Friends in Space LOL