New boxed sets of TOS-R and TNG-R Blu-rays coming in June

CBS Home Entertainment has announced that it is releasing new Blu-ray complete series sets for the The Original Series and The Next Generation in brand new packaging in time for the 50th anniversary. For fans in North America this is the first time a nicely boxed up complete set has been made available for the Blu-ray releases of the two series.

Pics of the new boxes after the break.

Here are the two new handsome packages for the complete series sets. There’s technically nothing new to this release, but if you’ve been holding out for a complete series package, or know someone who wants one or both of the complete series, these would be the releases to get.


The TNG set will have all the discs that were released as part of the individual season sets, but does not include the five special standalone releases of “The Best of Both Worlds,” “Redemption,” “Unification,” “Chain of Command,” and “All Good Things…”, and naturally, it then doesn’t their exclusive bonus materials either, which a bit of a bummer, but not too surprising. This release is for new and/or more casual fans who want a (hard) copy of TNG.



Also note CBS is doing a re-release of TNG on DVD, it is yet another repackaging of the same (old) DVD releases from the early-2000s.

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*This* is a perfect gift.

The TOS box set has acceptable artwork, but that TNG box is awful. I mean it’s laughably bad – positioning the saucer so that it overlaps the corner of the box. What in gods name is that strange lens flare on the deflector dish? and how come the DVD artwork (not shown here) is about a thousand times better?

Madness, I tells ya.

James Rye,

Agree, just awful. And some have the audacity to suggest that the reasons the TNG blu-ray boxed sets don’t move is TOTALLY the fault of the die-hard fans!

For the 50th anniversary why not release a bluray of the infamous bloopers of the original and tng…and lets throw in the nbc promos from 1966-1969? And while we are at it, lets put in ALL of the previews of coming episodes scanned at hi-def as well? Why wouldn’t that be special to encapsulate all in hi-def instead of paramount/cbs loosing revenue with bootlegs of same in awful quality?

I wonder if the dvd’s have a feature in which you can watch the original, more endearing effects with the studio models….

Studio models are better imo ^^

If you’re referring to TOS the Blu-rays allow you to choose between old and new VFX, as far as I know. The TNG disks only have one version, but there they didn’t change the effects as much.


Having seen the really unfortunate “revised” effects on MeTV broadcasts, I won’t buy the new set. Luckily, we still have all of the original, two-episode-per-DVD episodes, and that’s fine with us.

Physical media? How quaint!

Money talks.

No way, no how. It would be like mixing matter and anti-matter. :)

*This* is a perfect gift. (2) I would pay sweet money for this

Just give us freaking DS9 and Voyager on blu ray!

I’ve had trouble with the TOS blu-rays in that the sound gets out of sync with the picture. These are the only blu-rays I have with this problem…

I’m a little disappointed. I like the open-endedness of the Abramsverse. Hopefully they don’t get too hung up on what is to come, a la Enterprise.

Wrong thread. Not sure how this happened.

you would think they’d make the box art a bit more… unified.
this looks like 2 completely unrelated products.

Just to clarify, before I by, but the June 2016 Blu ray release of TOS will have everything that the previous Blu ray release had, i.e. can watch both original version and remastered version? I was going to by the older version to be sure but won’t if I don’t have to as this version is cheaper in preorder. Shame the new display box looks so cheap for the 50 anniversary.