SPOILER ALERT: Stay far away from newest promo “Be Ready”

In what seems to be a misstep for the marketing machine, Paramount UK has posted a new promo that we feel reveals far too much about Star Trek Beyond’s villain Krall, it is titled “Be Ready”. TrekMovie recommends everyone avoid this video, it really is that big of a deal. The video is making the rounds, and people who noticed it when it first posted, watched it, and now regret it. We will not be posting a link to it, however it is already out there on social media, so you’ve been warned!

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I saw it before I had a chance to be warned. Yes I now regret it. I was just like “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT????”

Agreed. I too saw it and was like….Nooooo…..that would have been such a nice twist had I not seen the preview. First paramount drops the ball with the first teaser trailer, and now this tv spot. What the hell are they thinking, or Prehaps they wanted to draw viewers by show Idris Alba.

Wow sounds like a Terminator Genisys debacle. Thank you SO much for the warning TM. Honestly I avoid the big spoilers like most but I watch all the promos, clips and interviews and I wouldve definitely clicked on it. So glad I saw this first!!!!!!!

Simon Peggs Twitter even posted a warning.

I saw a Facebook post by the official Star Trek page. Damn Paramount! What a dumb-ass thing to do. Wish I’d seen this story first . . . really glad you’re warning fans. It hasn’t ruined the movie, but it sure blew a major surprise. Stay away, for sure.

It DOES seem stupid. I never understand movies [comedies, particularly] that reveal so much in trailers. Sometimes I feel like they’ve shown me the whole movie in the preview, so I end up staying home. Saves money!

Also just realized because of it I guess we have to avoid most of these sites now because technically its no longer a spoiler so people will be talking about it openly. Man this sucks. :( I been obsessed with this film the last two weeks and wanted to talk about it until it opened. Oh well. I guess I’ll just be watching Trek episodes on Netflix instead. ;)

Why would they do that? Maybe it has something to do with the last film and the whole reveal debacle. It won’t stop me from supporting the film or loving the film but it would have been nice to be genuinely surprised. We don’t seem to do that anymore with films. Now we want to spoil everything.

I saw it before realizing or seeing any warnings sigh… Now I am a bit bummed but not ruined. I will say this though, I believe that the reason they showed it was because they wanted to highlight a certain famous actor in the film in the UK etc.

Yeah, it auto-played on my twitter feed & before I knew it, they revealed something that should not have been revealed before the movie is out.

Frankly it seems like a move of desperation and insecurity. Paramount doesn’t have enough confidence in the movie that audiences will turn out unless they more incentive than appears evident from all that has come before.

It’s at 89% fresh at RT and even the three “rotten” reviews seem to be sort of neutral. There is no need to feel desperate. It seems to be one of the best Trek movies ever and visually the only one yet to take the Trek premise literally. Finally some nice strange new worlds to explore and some FX used to create something instead of JUST blowing things up. Yeah, there will be plenty of that too but it’s shown against the background of a really alien world, not just some unimpressive, unimaginative landscape. This could be the first “real” Star Trek film. It took them 13 movies to finally do the prologue some justice!

“Star Trek:The Motion Picture” and “Star Trek V” were real Trek films, :)

Considering ST4 announced… I think they are ready to hit the ground to go BEYOND… 3

This video you speak of must’ve been taken down because I cannot find it…

It’s not called “be Ready” it’s called “overwhelmed”

It doesn’t appear to have a proper title.

The description says:
‘”Be ready.” Idris Elba has a warning for the crew of the Enterprise.’

Which is why we’re calling it that.

Here is the clip, proceed with caution:


The rub is that Paramount UK posted it, but made it unlisted. However it got scooped up by many people’s feeds anyway.

What Ahmed posted IS the video. Proceed with caution. I watched it before any warnings today and I wish I hadn’t.

Actually, I don’t understand why it’s supposed to be SUCH a big deal? It’s not anything close to a “My name is Khan” sort of revelation. It’s a very mild spoiler, if you ask me and should be in the movie’s synopsis or in the main trailer so that people have some idea what the movie is actually about. So far we had NO IDEA whatsoever and now that there is that tiny glimpse of a plot and motive, you call it a major spoiler? Seriously?
Trek movie trailers used to give almost everything away in the main trailers and that’s how I liked it! People watching trailers for TMP, TWOK, TUC, GEN and NEM knew exactly what this movie was about. JJ started this crazy “mystery box” idea and it did really hurt the last two movies because the “big surprise” proived to be rather lame twice and not worth the wait.


“Actually, I don’t understand why it’s supposed to be SUCH a big deal?”

You watched Krall in the trailers appears in one form, and then you have this clip that shows him in a different way, something from the very end of the movie, so yeah, it is a big spoiler.

But it shouldn’t be! This should have been in the trailers a long time ago! Just like the TWOK trailers gave away Khan’s story or the NEM trailer introduced Picard’s clone! I prefer the old way trailers used to tease movies… more recent trailers always try to hide something and are therefore less effective.
Actually, I hate these surprise twists. I still can’t stand the final revelation of INS about the So’na being offsprings of the Ba’ku. Totally unnecessary. And don’t get me started in STID’s Khan thing… just tell a straight-forward story and tease it frankly in the trailers.

“This should have been in the trailers a long time ago” but no because it just ruins surprises. Just cuz the TWOK trailer and NEM trailer revealed it does not mean all movies should follow suit. All the movies you listed are from previous decades. People like to be surprised (for the most part) and JJ mystery box is nothing new. And yea its a pretty big spoiler, out of left field. Can you honestly say you expected it? No you can’t. They were right to keep it a secret and Paramount UK screwed up. If you don’t like these twists and want them to be ruined in the trailers, consider yourself among the few that do. Most of us enjoy the twists because it surprises us which in turn leads to excitement. Smike you will find very few people who agree with you. I guess all we can do is agree to disagree lol

Again Smike I agree with you to a degree but its not like Star Trek has never hid things before. You mention TWOK as an example but you sort of left out that whole part about Spock dying lol. I don’t think you either know or remember the kinds of methods Paramount did to keep that secret from the public until the film came out. That was obviously a big part of the story and even when it was rumored they denied it up and down sort like everyone did with Khan in STID. They even included the line ‘Aren’t you suppose to be dead” at the beginning to trick people for another 100 minutes before they found out it was true. And yes that example is probably a bit different but its still a surprise twist. They couldve just said Spock is going to die in the next film and got people to see how they would’ve handled it. They basically did just that when Kirk was killed in Generations but I think because an actor slipped it to the press and they didn’t try to lie about it.

But imagine the biggest twist in movie history, “Luke I am your father” moment in Star Wars. Just think how that wouldve sucked if you knew ahead of time of something like that. Now I’m guessing Krall is not really Kirks dad but its Star Trek so you can’t be too sure lol. The point is some twists should remain a secret. Now this is probably not a big deal but there is nothing wrong with wanting a little surprise in films and shows. And since they never made it a big deal its nothing wrong to keep it quiet IMO.

So you’ve seen the movie already? Any good? Might see it next weekend or something.

I don’t know ANYTHING about this reveal but I do think its a bit different because STID the whole story was marketed around who was John Harrison really and everyone from Orci to Abrams teased it to death to the point when you finally knew it was Khan it went between shrug to outrage. I always said as well they shouldve never hid the fact he was Khan because people felt they were taken for a ride instead of genuinely surprised.

In relation to Krall the marketing never made a big deal of who he is and more about what he’s doing. Yes its a slight difference but one that didn’t focus on him being a major iconic character just his motives being tied to Kirk and the crew. And yes, sadly I will say this is probably the ONLY mystery in the entire story so it is still a bit disappointing if their only one twist is out. At least with STID there were actually other mysteries happening like Admiral Marcus being the real villain and his role in Section 31. THat was oddly the REAL mystery of STID but it was never even hinted at in the marketing. It was just all about John Harrison. You could even argue it was a clever cheat to distract you from the true villain of the piece by focusing so much on Harrison but I wouldn’t over state it either.

But yes you’re right when you build the mystery up TOO much and we have the internet where thousands are throwing out wild eye theories for months at a time it usually is going to feel disappointed when you follow it to death or every has guessed it. Believe me, I have a feeling thats going to happen with Episode 8 in Star Wars and we find out Rey is Luke’s cousin or something. Should’ve just revealed her connection in the first film but whatever.

Oh also forgot to include Kirk’s ‘death’ in my example. It was another twist the marketing never made a big deal of so for a lot of people it was a surprise although yet that made the rumor rounds too.

Oooops,my post was meant for Ahmed, My bad.

I have enough gray hair to remember when trailers and teasers pretty much spilled all the beans – that said, this doesn’t seem to do much except reveal Krall sans the lizard suit. Nothing here that’s caused me to say ‘screw it, there’s no point in going now’…..

I don’t believe in spoilers, as an English Lit major, it’s about how the story is told, not the surprises or twists, so yeah I watched it…and now I”m even MORE intrigued as to how they’re going to make it all happen


THANK YOU! I don’t mind spoilers per se; I’ve always believed that it’s the journey that’s the interesting part, not the destination. Knowing about some plot points doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of the film as a whole, especially if they’re plot points in a written article (which simply can’t compare to seeing it actually play out in front of you). I saw this 30 second promo and I honestly thought the “big reveal” was anything but. That’s my opinion, anyway.

Ditto from me too, re: don’t care about “spoilers.” It never seemed to be such a touchy issue among fans back in the day. The journey is indeed the thing!

Count me in on how the story is told.

If you have not seen the video and want more instead of less surprises, do not watch the video. I watched it before there were any warnings. A few hours after twitter blew up with warnings. I wish I hadn’t watched it simply because it would have been one more surprise in the movie. Granted its a two hour movie, still plenty of surprises but ill advise against watching it.

I have to agree with those who don’t really think it’s that big of a deal. It’s a piece of the story but it doesn’t spoil the plot, just gives context to the character’s motivation. It’s not as if someone says, “The Federation must be stopped. Genesis will destroy as all.” THAT would be a major spoiler. This? Meh.

There’s two kinds of trailers: 1) the “Luke I am your father” type, and the 2) the Sulu is gay type. In the former, it might actually affect your enjoyment of the movie. In the latter, it’s a spoiler best gotten out there before the fans are sitting in the theater and pulled out of the movie with the revelation.

This is clearly a plot twist that’s intended to pull the audience deeper into the character and story, and for those who know it now, one less interesting moment in a film which may not have a lot of them.


My older brother spoiled the end of Planet of the Apes in 1968. I never told him jack about it. I just moved on. So if you’re standing in line for STB or if you’re in the theater watching and some a-hole reveals something you’d consider a major spoiler, please don’t become violent.

Is it okay to zap them on stun setting?

This was absolutely a twist that I would have enjoyed being surprised by in the theatre. It’s unconscionable Paramount likely spoiled it because of their lack of confidence that UK audiences knew who Idris Elba was, and/or that he was actually in the film, to the extent they did know it. Then again, this is the same country in which the top Goigle searches after the Brexit vote was “what is the EU”. So maybe they had a reason to be concerned.

For those who are interested in the current comparison:

Rotten Tomatoes

STB 89%
STID 86%
ST09 95%
STN 33%
STI 55%
STFC 93%


STB 71
ST09 82
STN 51
STI 64

I am warned. Thank you.
I will find out this Wednesday night, hopefully, and I won’t be telling…

LOL was the EU search really that big AFTER the vote? Hilarious. Anyway I don’t want to speculate since the point of this article is not to discuss the spoiler but it sounds like they wanted to let people know the actor was in it. And sadly thats the way it goes in marketing sometimes, dumb it down as much as possible. The first trailer of this film already made that clear. I guess this is the one disadvantage not having Abrams have complete control of the marketing this time.Its no way it would happen if he was in charge of the film. Obviously not blaming Lin, his hands is simply more tied on this one.

Update: STB is now up to 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m confused. How is this spoilery?
Why is he pissed off at the Federation? We still know almost nothing about Krall.

TMI, Legate. Though I should have known better than to read the comments-!!


Then why write it?

This is just dumb and dumber. The film makers haven’t “dumbed down” Star Trek but some of the fans certainly have made it seem that way by their inane comments.

Sorry – just frustrated and pissed.

@Nomad, @Legate,
RATS I read too far.
Now I feel like I almost might as well watch the prev—….

Anticipation is half the fun :-)

LOL thanks man. The entire point of this article was to AVOID that spoiler and you just spoiled it. Congrats.

But I know you didnt do it on purpose and it was a mistake but yeah when Trek Movie say they won’t even link the promo for people to watch that really should tell you they didn’t want the spoiler leaked here. Oh well, its out there now obviously. And as others who seen it its not a huge deal but being the one twist in the film it wouldve been nice to be surprised by it.

Sorry guys, we missed it!
We really didn’t think someone would be rude enough to spoil it on the very article warning about spoilers. I’ve edited the comment, so more people don’t see it.

No worries you guys do as much as you can but it would help others who come.

I’m not watching this particular trailer thanks to this article, but will be interested to check it out once I’ve seen what the movie offers.

But although I liked the 2nd trailer for BEYOND well enough, it doesn’t doesn’t surprise me that the marketing department has messed up again, considering how ill-judged the 1st ‘Beastie Boys’ teaser was!

Can I respectfully suggest that people don’t reveal the spoiler in these comments? I’m wishing I hadn’t read them now-!!

With all due respect, the article is a warning about avoiding spoilers in the trailer. That’s all you need to read. The comments are almost certainly going to discuss said trailer and why it should be avoided. On such a well labeled article, I’d suggest you get in and get out with only the information presented in the article.

True enough-!

Looks like the marketing department has gone rogue! Pegg is recommending to avoid all new TV spots/trailers!!

Pegg News ‏@simonpegg

If you are planning to go see Star Trek Beyond, Simon suggests you avoid all TV Spots and trailers from this point forward.


Yep, during the regular ads for NBC’s TODAY this morning they played the “Backseat Driver” promo that got my attention and during the next commercial break “Be Ready” played.

I wouldn’t consider it a major spoiler. It’s more like a “what the fuck?” based off of what we know about the character.

Saw it. If anything, it makes me want to see the movie even more. I don’t understand it so it didn’t ruin anything for me.

To be honest, I’m more concerned with how they’re going to deal with the Enterprise than anything else. Does it get rebuilt at the end of the movie? Do they get a new Enterprise?

Seriously? Because if they don’t rebuild the Enterprise then what’s the point? Of course they rebuild the Enterprise! Were you thinking they break up the crew, and we follow the individual adventures of Kirk and Spock, and the rest, or they get reassigned to the USS Saratoga?

I’m much more concerned about being surprised and delighted by the movie I’m watching now. Not whether they will enevitably get another Enterprise.

That’s like any fan actually wondering if Kirk really died in STID. There’s no franchise without Kirk, Spock, or the Enterprise.

Actually, I’d loved it if they stayed on the Bird of Prey and went Indie for the remaining films after TVH, rather than returning to Starfleet. You could have focused on the characters and not wasted money on San Francisco and the dumb mushroom blimphangar in space, and spent the money on some ‘strange new worlds’ instead. Giving them another Enterprise was a disservice to the ship’s memory, too.

I’d love that too, but not gonna happen. Also, DS9

The reveal really doesn’t spoil anything for me. I think it has a lot to do with ‘John Harrison’ who was obviously Khan. (Remember the Gary Mitchell theory?) Into Darkness (a film I Loved) in my opinion has been overly criticized but the ‘John Harrison’ thing deserves some criticism. They handled that reveal poorly. If you have been watching Star Trek or reading it, it was so obvious from that trailer who Harrison was. The reviews have been cool so far. I don’t think this hurts the film. I am rooting for Star Trek. The more success it gets, the more content fans get.

I looked at the trap, Ray!

TM, Thanks for the warning, I really am trying to stay spoiler-free before Friday.

I’m not going to watch the movie anyway, but I’m still not bothered to watch this video. No fucks given here.

Then what the hell are you doing here?

Does this really matter at this point since the entire movie plot is obvious based on all the promos? Seems a little late to stop watching trailers now. The particulars of this trailer probably wouldn’t matter if removed from the movie all together. You could probably edit all the promos together into a Cliffs Notes version of this movie and skip the theater all together.

Well done Trekmovie! Too many times have I watched a promo/trailer only to regret it or gone on to an Internet site that has put a blatant spoiler into a headline just as click bait so it is very refreshing to see an entertainment website take the opposite approach. It speaks to the integrity of Trekmovie and shows that at heart the contributors really are just fans.

I was aware of it but watched it on YouTube by mistake (though it was a different promo) :'(

Well Trekmovie, I thank you for trying but its now done. I just saw the commercial on TV an hour ago on CNN watching the Republican convention. They are airing it everywhere now. So yeah its out there, its being aired on TV so you can’t really avoid it unfortunately unless you are not watching TV. I didnt actually see the preview until today even though I was spoiled before. So yeah that battle has been lost lol.

Meh, not THAT spoiler heavy… More like a tease that brings about more questions than answers. To me, that’s ok.

Just curious as to the ones that have seen it… did you see the shoulder patch?

Another clip on the Colbert Late Show interviewing Zoe Saldana … Lots of spoilers … What’s up with that?

I thought the TODAY SHOW one revealed enough. But then the HP one made sure I really got it.

I don’t think it is spoilery to say that the Krall philosophical perspective just isn’t as new and unconventional as advertised by Pegg and Lin. I’m pretty sure we saw it in ENTERPRISE.

What, is Kraal Khan or something?


Worse, they repeat the real villain trope.from another picture.

That should be cryptic enough to leave you unspoiled if that’s what you want but just enough to get you there if you think enough on it because you don’t care about spoilage.

I was watching a completely unrelated video on Youtube and this promo popped up as the ad lol. Yeah basically we were always doomed to see it. ;)

Spoiler alert: The Movie ends with the crew aboard the USS Enterprise -1701 A. Wikipedia gives away everything.

Thank you so much for the warning. I just watched the movie tonight, and thanks to this post, I did not watch this preview. HUGE SPOILERS!

Saw a few seconds of it before Digg video of Greasy Ted’s speech. Can’t unsee it. Makes me reconsider whether I should even go see the movie. Good Job Paramount!