Star Trek Beyond Warps to a Projected $60 Million Opening Weekend

Star Trek Beyond, the latest entry in the franchise, is projected to take in $60 million over its opening weekend, according to Variety.

The film took in $5.5 million during Wednesday marathons and Thursday previews, and it grossed $22 million on Friday. Despite dominating this weekend at the box office so far, the projected opening weekend gross is down 14% from Star Trek Into Darkness‘s $70.2 million opening weekend and also down 20% from Star Trek 2009’s $75.2 million opening weekend.

While Beyond may take in less revenue in its total opening weekend than its two predecessors, many analysts point to an overall box office slump this year. Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse only took in $65 million during its opening weekend at Memorial Day, while Independence Day: Resurgence earned $41 million its opening weekend. The top performers this Summer have been the family-friendly Finding Dory at $135 million and The Secret Life of Pets at $104 million during their respective opening weekends.

Beyond hit the high-range of its opening weekend projections, and now it remains to be seen whether the film can continue to dominate at the domestic box office thanks to good reviews (an 85% overall score at Rotten Tomatoes) and positive word-of-mouth. It will face direct competition at the box office next week when the Matt Damon-led Jason Bourne opens. The film will slowly roll out in 37 markets internationally over the next several weeks.

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The middle to end of July is when many familia take their last vacations of the summer.

I certainly hope it does well. It’s a bona fide entertaining Trek movie, and strikes the right balance of being accessible to non-fans, whilst appealing ( mostly ) to long time followers of Trek.

( Going to try and catch it at the cinemas for a third time this weekend. )

It’s funny, If this had been the first, ever follow-up to the Original TV show, it would have slotted into the timeframe and mythos ( more or less* ) just fine.

*If this movie had picked up at the end of Season 3.

I hope it does well. It’s a deserving film that, to me, defines what Summer fun at the box office should be. I want more from this iteration of Trek so this sounds like good news.

i like the picture being used… where can I find a higher rez version to use

therizino, Maybe TrekCore has a screencap.

Stupid not to have a worldwide opening.

I know I’ll be going to see it again. Many fans will attend multiple times, the film is very enjoyable.

STID bad word of mouth is why its not way higher. That movie has a lot to answer for its hard to overcome a previous movie with poor word of mouth!

Should be a higher opening because the movie is better than the previous entry, also we didn’t have to wait almost 5 years like we did between 09’s trek and SID.

I’m glad its projected to reach its upper range predictions as a good opening weekend is, strangely, a motivating factor for the 4th quasi-announced movie (one that will hopefully be better than Beyond) as much as or (and this is the strangeness) more than its final domestic theatrical numbers. Personally, I enjoyed Beyond for the most part (though I thought it was quite poorly directed, its best sequences, like the attack on the Enterprise, owing more to the visual effects designers and the best scenes the result of such a perfect cast for the core characters, as they’ve proved twice before and now seem completely confident and at ease). I realize I’m in the minority, certainly here but even in the revisionist media coverage, but as much as I enjoyed Beyond as a nice, entertaining trifle (that wastes a great actor as a dumb and dull antagonist with a convoluted, contradictory and forgettable backstory and motivation), it works as a heartfelt ode to Trek’s significant anniversary, but I just don’t believe it’s in the same league as the more sophisticated, smarter, more beautifully made (on every level) and, generally, better film, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

I actually thought Krall’s backstory is very original and more fleshed out than Nero and John Harrison.

Krall, a war hero who got ‘demoted’ to being a captain of an exploratory starship (not a military vessel) when he could have been a high ranking military official. Probably is suffering from PTSD and who felt betrayed and abandoned by the people he fought for. Which a lot of our soldiers do feel these things.

John Harrison with a lot of exposure, like the entire STD was all about him. Only to fall back on a safe venture as the greatly remembered Khan who from WOK.

And Nero, just a simple Romulan miner who went mad when he lost his wife and planet.

I obviously don’t agree. Every time we cut back to Krall (and I didn’t like his look; like a low rent variation on Tim Curry’s Darkness in Legend repurposed for an episode of Star Trek Voyager) he hits the same notes and, seemingly, the same lines again and again with Uhura. I had no idea what the artifact in the metal box really did, nor was I particularly invested in it. And while I liked the idea of a military man who’s run out of wars being assigned a life of peace as a starship captain and coming up against his own limitations, why not keep it as simple as that – – find some reason he’s living a long life but don’t have him turn into a typical sci-fi monster with a diabolical plan.
My other main conceptual problem with Beyond is this: when we last saw Kirk and Spock (and the rest of the crew including Carol Marcus who I hope they bring back in #4, otherwise its a waste of a really good actress and a real grown up plot line about Kirk actually falling in love and committing himself to a smart woman who’s his equal, and drop dead gorgeous),they were quietly thrilled about a five year mission and the adventures that await. Then the next film begins half way through their mission (fine, great, lots of possibilities) but they’re all heartsick and homesick and Jim wants to give up the Enterprise because he’s bored. Shouldn’t there have been maybe an opening act (if not a whole movie first) in which we see them learn things on the job in dangerous situations and emerging as the cool professionals, Starfleet’s elite?
Again, I generally liked the movie because I love the cast, those actors reinventing those classic characters. I just feel the storytelling was off in almost every respect, though Michael Giacchino gave us another great score and the Beastie Boys’ solution was a hell of a lot of fun.

I don”t get your point on Krall. You just want an old cynical human man? Like Mr. Wilson to Dennis the Menace? Balthazar already would have died before the film started. And if he’s going to be like Mr. Wilson, that’s just an annoying villain. Heck, not even a villain, just an annoying old man.

So he needed to live longer for his revenge against the federation whom he thought abandoned them. And if using alien technology to achieve that then he’ll do it. And diabolical plan, remember they got ‘abandoned’ and ‘forgotten’, so its not far off he wants revenge. Krall’s a military man, he’s not going to be contented with being all emo, he’ll definitely ‘strike back’. Its why his last captain’s log was the deadly ‘Be ready!’

And Carol, just for falling in love, grown up story? Just reminded me how Carol’s actor Alice Eve alluded she hated that STD scene but she was more gracious in her answer at the panel: I am in awe of Carol’s intelligence that she doesn’t care undressing infront of other people.

Or something to that effect.

A couple of points: I don’t understand where you think I thought Krall should be a “Mr. Wilson” – – (Miter Wilson, really?) but rather, I was thinking he’d have been more effective as a “Colonel Kurtz” Why not a simple make-up design that let’s Mr. Elba really make an impression rather than be a cartoon. (One can hate ST ID and the choice of using “Khan” as much as one wants; I don’t care anymore – – it’s just a movie I love and think is genuinely great; say what you will, Mr. Cumberbatch certainly was no monstrous cartoon, he delivers a remarkably assured nuanced performance.) And even without going down the same lame-ass road as Insurrection, it would be simple enough to come up with a viable reason he’s lived so long. Y’know, science-Fiction?

And no, I didn’t mean for you to take my comment as a belief that Carol would be a plot point. I meant, in terms of the “Hero’s Journey” of Myth that Kirk is clearly going through ( in an even more efficient and involving a manner than Luke Skywalker) in Into Darkness, where we see early on he’s still a sexual tomcat, he learns Pike’s lesson about taking on the burden of responsibility to be worthy of the Chair. He’s learned to accept his father’s legacy and has become his own man. The last thing left for him to achieve fully human dimensional status as both a “hero” and a man, he needs to reconcile himself and give himself over to his “better nature,” a woman of, or better than, his strength and intelligence, and looks, rather than giving in to his selfishness with two young cat-women at once (Carol’s line about Jim’s “reputation” and his cleverness carry more emotional and thematic weight beyond being a catchy remark). Carol’s story in Into Darkness is also meant to be a reflection of Jim’s on a more personal, intimate level with her father’s betrayal also being a betrayal of Kirk’s belief in Starfleet as represented by Pike, thus making them equals in their holding out for mankind’s nobler self. But she is also clearly introduced to be developed further in Film 3 (Abrams didn’t cast Ms. Eve just because she’s a knockout; he thought Carol would require a good actress, and she is that as seen further in 2 of Neil LaBute’s most recent films – – and she was also contracted for at least another film and mentioned in an interview that she and Abrams have talked about the future of the character as late as last summer, during Beyond’s production). So, I’,m not saying there should be a “love story” movie, but dealing with them in a sexual romantic way as an ongoing element in a movie, or movies, and treating it in a mature, natural and adult fashion would help distinguish the Kelvin-timeline even more, and for the batter.

As for your last point, you’re way off. I know as a fact that Ms. Eve “enjoyed” shooting the shuttle scene as much as a woman can in those circumstances with a largely male crew, and that Abrams’ sensibility made it worthwhile; she didn’t “pretend” to enjoy it in interviews when, as you claim, she hated it — what she hated and was baffled by was the same thing I have been now for 3 years, the bizarre unequivocal negativity that greeted it constantly, and that people didn’t get the real point of the scene and the very funny joke at its core.

If Krall would have had Khan’s tech that would be redundant. Instead of STD doing WOK, its STB doing STD. That’s lame and the whole movie will be just another rip-off.

But seems you just want no makeup and no alien-like, would Krall’s old man looks at Yorktown please you then? After all 100 years had passed by, he’s going to age spots. Or do you want him like Cumberbatch’s Khan that looks like normal 35-45s human? Do you want that? Again, redundant. Even with supposed different tech, that still wouldn’t make a mark on the Star Trek sci-fi villain history. Because Cumberbatch’s Khan did it already.

Cumberbatch’s Khan was the story of STD. Sure elements of Star Trek were there but 3/4s was all Khan/Harrison. Its a movie about the villain rather than our Starfleet crew.

Nope, Alice Eve hated it. Sone people just thinks she doesn’t with JJ going rounds of deleted scenes of Cumberbatch showering. Lol Like it makes that better for us to know they also filmed Khan showering.

And I’m sure you got Carol’s dialogue then, right? During that STD scene about her friend Christine Chapel and Kirk being chummy and Kirk left Chapel? You sure, Carol would like to be with Kirk? If anything, McCoy and Carol should be IT.

I suspect you didn’t read my last note, maybe just skimmed it. I don’t know what your first statement relates to in terms of response (it doesn’t connect with anythiing that I wrote. And I also just don’t understand it, it’s quite poorly written.)
Second, if he has to seem or be transformed into an alien for the plot twist (a very easily guessed twist), I simply think they could have gone with something more interesting. But yes, I think it might have been more interesting if he was clearly human, if deformed or just partly transformed (I don’t know if you understood my “Kurtz” reference; if not, look it up). He could appear not to have aged much (again with some believable explanation; a native drug?) and the comparison to Khan wouldn’t even enter into it (don’t know why you’re stuck on that) as Khan’s backstory is well known and very different from Idris Elba’s and thus, their motivations have nothing in common other than it makes them both adversarial.

And finally, you’re just plain wrong on Ms. Eve’s feelings about the shuttle scene. For reasons I won’t get into, I can assure you, as a simple fact, she didn’t “hate” it. Re-read what I originally wrote. She wasn’t thrilled shooting it for the technical reasons actresses, and actors, don’t enjoy nudity or partial nudity when they do love scenes either (it’s largely boring and you’re also surrounded by just as bored techs who are mainly male) but she had done it before in “Crossing Over” and with an “all spinach diet” for weeks, she had conditioned what she called a “Starfleet body,” particularly because she wanted that scene to work And she went in knowing what the scene was really getting at and thought it came out very well. And indeed I’m sure I got her dialog about Nurse Chapel (that was part of the statement and joke she was making in exerting her obvious power over Jim, that is set up by her reference to knowing his “reputation”). Its all about their mutual attraction, the attraction of similar “types” (and if you don’t think she would like to be with KIrk, take a look at the look in Ms. Eve’s amazing eyes in her last beat on screen at the end of the movie, the look she’s giving Kirk after he’s welcomed her to the Enterprise “family” – – Wow.

Hawkeye Pierce,

First, you assure she didn’t hate it? When she said ‘Carol is intelligent that she doesn’t care undressing infront of other people’. Like I said, she’s better in wording it.

Joke about Kirk’s reputation? At the expense of her friend Christine Chapel. That’s low. It wasn’t a joke nor was it said in a joking manner. She was telling Kirk as it is.

No woman nor man should make a joke at the expense of her/his friend’s heartache. That’s just low.

ENTERPRISE family. Sure. That means Kirk can’t have relations with her as he is her boss. She’ll have to be off the Enterprise if Kirk manages to pursue her.

Be happy Beyond did not put Carol in the Enterprise crew because that means Kirk might pursue her in the next film. Though if we go by the comics, Kirk is sowing his oats across the universe. No Carol in sight. And I think, the script for that movie was penned together with Bob Orci who also has a hand in the writing of the comics. Doesn’t look good for your OTP, but who knows. I’m actually rooting for Pegg and Jung to come back and rework the next film’s script so maybe Carol can come back.

Second, you wanted less makeup or no makeup or no alienlike features for Krall. I said would you be happy with 140++ year old Krall in Yorktown.

Less makeup Old man Krall in Yorktown fits that. And look, he has a set of perfect shiny white teeth! And my, how strong is the old man! He fought James T ‘the body’ Kirk!

And why should we get a Kurtz-like Krall? Another ripoff?

Also really, native drug? Weren’t Khan and his people made with drugs to make them ‘be better’?

Third, deformed human? Oh, Krall wasn’t? He became a humanoid. That’s not deformed for you?

Fourth, I’m not sure why you didn’t understand my first paragraph. Its very clear.

STD ripped off WOK.

And if we go by making Krall kinda like having Khan’s tech or what you think should be the re-birth of Krall and how he looks, then its Beyond ripping off STD. WE DON’T WANT THAT.

Fifth, gasp! Me stuck on Khan? Pffff. I mean, were we talking about STD, so we have to talk about Cumberbatch amd Khan! After all, Khan was the star of STD. It would be silly to talk about the supporting cast.

Sixth, its a bit challengin to read your post. I’m not sure if its a Trekmovie glitch but your post appears to me in a single paragraph. No pause nor breaks in between thoughts.

I had a very good response coming up. Particularly how strangely wrong you are about Carol Marcus, Alice Eve and the shuttle scene – – I don’t know if going over it again is constructive as you can’t see what’s pretty clear (and, as mentioned, I’ve got very good reason to know that Ms. Eve didn’t hate that scene and if you are quoting her above correctly — of course, she has no problem with Carol taking off her clothes; for one thing she’s eager to get going on solving the mystery of the torpedo and needs to be in workclothes and tells Jim to turn around.) But the fact that you don’t get the humor of the scene as it plays with sexuality and male/female power relationships, suggests you just don’t get it, nor were you paying attention to the perfectly in tune style of the actors’ performances..

Also, not hitting all your points but:

– Kurtz was adapted from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness into the Col. Kurtz of Apocalypse Now, a mad soldier; that’s not a rip-off — time and classicism has turned that figure into a recurring mytic-narrative touch stone

– by “drug” I meant something naturally occurring on the alien planet

– Khan and his crew were not the result of drugs, rather a Eugenics program to “improve” individuals’ body strength, intelligence and their force of will

– and my biggest problem with your argument, is your coughing up the entirely illogical groupthink that ST ID is a remake or rip-off of WOK; if you seriously believe that, we’ll either have to call it a day or you can explain why you think it is a rip-ff and I will go on at some length proving why its a damn smart movie that is actually– well– I’ll write it if you’ll seriously consider it but I gotta be somewhere. Let me know.

I’m double spacing my ‘graphs and am frustrated that they wind up posting as a single, annoying paragraph; how do you space your ‘graphs? Maybe I’m missing something basic?

Damn. Printed as a single paragraph again! I gotta be missing something obvious.

Hawkeye Pierce and RIPIX,

I think what you fellows are misssing is that trekmovie’s new posting engine “abstracts” what it regards as overly long posts into a maximum paragraph size by removing multiple spaces and line separations and then truncates the text putting a green lettered “Read more »” placeholder at the bottm righthand corner. If you click on the green “Read more »” you will find that it will expand the treatise back to its original length with paragraph formatting restored.

Thanks, Dis!

I think Beyond is the best of the 3 movies. I saw Star Trek at least half a dozen times in the theater but only went to STID once. I will go see Beyond again!

Well, Boxofficemojo is projecting only $59,600,000 for the weekend — not even making the $60 million they hoped.

And Rotten Tomatoes dropped to 84%, though audience ratings are still at 86%

And unlike the previous two’s CinemaScores of A, BEYOND walked out with A-. Seems odd people keep expecting it to have better WoM.