Star Trek Beyond Has A $59.6 Million Opening Weekend

Star Trek Beyond has a very solid debut, but falls short of its predecessors.

The film’s opening tally represents a significant dropoff from the $70.1 million debut of Star Trek Into Darkness and the $75.2 million weekend enjoyed by the 2009 film, Star Trek.  Overseas box office figures are not yet available, but we will update this article when those figures arrive.

UPDATE – We have some numbers to share, courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

In the UK it opened at #2 with an estimated $6.1 million, which is 15% below Star Trek and 37% below Into Darkness. In Germany the film opened in first with $4.5 million, 31% above Star Trek and 29% below Into Darkness and in Russia it opened #1 with $3.3 million, a 240% improvement over Star Trek and 13% above Into Darkness. It opened with $3 million in Australia as well as with $1 million in Taiwan, $932,000 in Italy, $912,000 in Thailand and $766,000 in Philippines.

The film’s international rollout continues over the next three months, culminating with a Japanese release on October 21.

The $185 million film currently enjoys an 84% “Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.



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I was hearing 56 57 million tester day,so i will take it.

I don’t get it, how can they know the numbers already? Sunday hasn’t finished yet!

I think $59.6 million is a decent number for the opening weeknd and places it in Paramount’s predictions for it. It’s also the third film in the kelvin timeline and the 13th Star Trek movie in all.

It shows though that Star Trek is still a popular franchise but isn’t a film franchise.

It’s been a film franchise for 37 years.

Kirk, James T.,

These are projections. The actual numbers come out Monday afternoon. The studios just like to bluster anyway they can till then.

exactly, I’ve seen the actuals finish higher. It could happen here too.


What this film DOES have is solid word-of-mouth, and is great for repeat viewing. i sincerely hope it does well.

It’s still trending at 86% on Rotten Tomatoes for audiences, but it’s dropped down to 84% for critics — which is all audiences are going to see. I still can’t believe Paramount had the balls to promote the initial 93% RT rating based on less than 15% of the total ratings the movie will receive, since for anyone who saw that and now looking at RT are going to think it was false advertising. Paramount got a little ahead of themselves.

GREAT for repeat viewing, indeed!!! :)

I’m one who was not impressed with ST09, strongly disliked STID, but absolutely LOVED STB!

I’ll be going back to see it a time or two more in the theater, something I haven’t done since the early 1990s.

Glad to hear it, Vokar. Still waiting for ‘movie money’ attached to KHAN replacement disk (in theory anyway), will look forward to seeing film whenever that comes in on Fedex (or if somebody nearby starts having a 5 buck movie night again.)

Sorry to say it’s no surprise
that a so-so film has gotten off to a so-so start. You needn’t feel unduly deprived that you haven’t seen it yet (though I was looking forward to reading your opinion).

@kmart What??? Have you been drinking? What does any of that mean? I’m concerned about you, Kev!

vokar and I are old friends from back in the days when people actually met each other and worked together on zero budget film projects.

vokar, just in case you don’t already know, Thompson is definitely not one of the good guys. Think that Dennis guy who used to always be hanging around back in SJ — but only after he had an mtx telepod accident fusing him with the current Republican Prez candidate.

Didn’t get Khan’s numbers back up to where they should have been. It took nearly 7 years for the TMP effect to wear off and let audiences get all invested again, with TVH of all thigns.

This lower box office take isn’t surprising. After the general movie-going public got screwed over by paying good money to see that piece of dogshit Star Trek Into Darkness, who can blame them for being a little gun shy?

Nasty. Like your name Harry.

STID was a great Trek movie compared to some of the older crap that came from the Next Gen. What where Insurrection and Nemesis Box Office numbers again?

Funny thing about Insurrection was a lot of non trek fans loved it. I don’t get it ,but I was there at the time in the theater it was packed!!

STD focused so much on the villain. It seemed it was a villain story rather than a Trek one.

I think the general public liked Into Darkness a lot. I’m just going by reactions I see online and in my personal life. I don’t have actual data to back that up – it’s just a feeling. Virtually every time I talk to someone about the new movies they will say how much they liked Into Darkness, especially Cumberbatch as Khan. Frankly, it’s made me reconsider my feelings towards the movie. It’s not a giant mess, or a “piece of dogshit”, as you say. Sure, the whole ripping the script out of TWOK was a bit much, as was Spock yelling “KHHHAAAAAAAANNNNN”, but the movie was actually pretty good otherwise. I still prefer 2009, with Beyond now my favourite. Actually, Beyond is now one of my favourite Trek movies, by far. I might put it in the top 5.

Not great numbers considering the $185 million budget and $100 million for marketing.

$100 millon for marketing? Really? Where was the marketing?


Yeah, I was wondering the same thing when I saw the figure on Deadline!


“Star Trek Beyond is said to carry a $185M production budget (not including distribution and marketing costs of over $100M globally)”

Oh, globally. The one where Alibaba Pictures pays for?

Sure as hell wasn’t at my local cineplex. No lobby cards/standees till a week before; no previews that I saw.

Perhaps the rollout overseas will yield big profits. I hope so. I’d like to see Star Trek’s KT universe continue.

Why no worldwide opening day? Is there anyone who can explain this?


Yeah a lot of people don’t factor in marketing $$$ when they’re trying to determine what the “break even” point is.

There are other factors, too – the studio cut of the box office varies by territory.

Good read here:

Whatever their marketing budget was the planning was disappointing when compared to say Star Wars: FA. And I know that Star Wars started off as a movie franchise and a blockbuster one at that but Star Trek movies need time to build for the non-trek general public to get the word and get excited (just the cast alone is great marketing, staring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana and Idris Elba) come on Paramount. A ninth hour marketing rush after an initial trailer that gave me no clue that this movie would be maybe the best of the reboots. When I talked to some friends and posted on Facebook that I loved the film some had no clue that they had even made another movie. However it finishes at the box office though it was a GREAT Star Trek movie.

Agreed, Andrew.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ Hits No. 1 at the Box Office, Despite Low Opening

“Star Trek Beyond” hit theaters this weekend, but audiences didn’t boldly go like they have in the past. The third installment of the rebooted take on the USS Enterprise crew debuted at No. 1 with an estimated $59.6 million – but it was the lowest opening of the series.

The “Beyond” opening is about $15 million below the original “Star Trek” debut in 2009 and $10 million less than what “Star Trek Into Darkness” premiered with in 2013. “Star Trek Beyond” had a costly budget of about $185 million.

International Box Office report from Deadline


‘Star Trek Beyond’ Takes $30M In Debut; ‘Lights Out’ Opens To $8.3M – International Box Office Sunday

With $59.6M domestically, Paramount Pictures’ latest installment of Star Trek pulled in $30M in its 37 markets — or 45% of its international imprint — and grabbed No. 1 in roughly half of them (16) for a global debut of $89.6M. In comparison, Star Trek Into Darkness bowed in 2013 to $70.1M domestically and $31.7M internationally (for $101.8M). The release pattern was different in terms of markets in release for Into Darkness, however. In the U.K., where the performance of the franchise has been consistently solid, it was edged out this weekend by Steven Spielberg’s family film The BFG (see below)

Paramount said that the heatwave in Europe negatively impacted the weekend’s box office results for the film [!!!!] which was 35% above the first Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond is 14% below Into Darkness and only 2% below Pacific Rim.

Deadline crew really doesn’t Star Trek Beyond to do well, huh?

Wonder why?

Deadline crew really doesn’t WANT Star Trek Beyond to do well, huh?

Wonder why?

Trekmovie, when will you put an edit button? Please, can we have one?


Every since Brad Grey took over running Paramount Pictures, he has used Deadline as a conduit to get his ideas and thinking out to the public and entertainment industry.

If you are getting that sense about Deadline, chances are you are having that sense about Grey and it does not bode well for STAR TREK at Paramount Picures because it looks like he’s aiming to have it take the onus for their financial problems just has he blamed TNMT prior.

Deadline is owned by Paramount? So as Star Trek fans and casual viewers want Beyond to do good, its studio doesn’t want it to do good?


Is he going to this as a reason to ‘sell off’ anything or everything at Paramount? He should at least offer the Star Trek brand to Jeff Bezos. I’m sure Bezos would be over the moon and Jupiter.


Deadline is not owned by Paramount. Grey just feels they accomodate his “leaks” with the slant that he wants out in the press.

I see. What’s his beef with Star Trek then? We don’t get this vitriol with Mission Impossible. Right?

Yeah, and Bezos has a huge marketing machine :-)

Seconded on edit button

I wonder if business conglomerates which want to “ding” Paramount have theatre and media companies under their auspices.

Thirdedfourthed and fifthed

Well they do point out that STID rolled out in almost 100% of the international market before it opened domestically. I’m glad to see this 33% of the gross coming from international is only half of the total market. So theoretically they could have grossed close to $120 million had they opened in 100% of the worldwide market this weekend. But you are absolutely right, for a $185 million budget film, plus that additional $100 million in marketing, they’ve got a long way to go to even break even. Yikes!

Bad numbers could mean no more ST in theaters. And Abrams says ST 4 story is very good…

@Bumblebee he said the same thing about STID…and TFA…I don’t think he would know a good story if it smacked him in the face. Please note I enjoyed both films. But story-wise, no bueno

Take it like a grain of salt. If JJ is smarter, he should have Jung, Pegg and Lin come back for the next movie.

Unless he’s obligated to use the script that they already discarded before. Then bring Pegg, Jung and Lin to re-work it.

Obviously, Star Trek is not neither Guardians of the Galaxy nor SW. But as tv show , ST is more important than both. So…

Personally I decided that I’m not going to see any more Star Trek content in theaters. The movie producers have screwed up too many times with the Star Trek franchise.

If a TV show can produce 15 episodes of generally well thought out TV for $50 million dollars a year (or whatever it is) while the movie producers spend 150+ million on a single 2 hour movie (often with a poorly thought out story). Someone is wasting money. I would say the movies don’t give people their money’s worth and are generally not worth supporting at that price.

Maybe I’m unique to believe that Star Trek should not be expected to be a summer blockbuster franchise. Paramount would do better to spend $50 million per movie and release two per year. There are plenty of movies with a $50 million budget that make a profit, and having two movies per year would allow for much better story development.

Beh, you are not unique, pal.

I’d love to see this cast in a 10- or 13-episode series every year. It could be done.

I’m not sure you could get these high level movie stars to commit to a TV series for multiple years. But I’m thinking even just a single year of 16 episodes could dramatically expand the character development then let the cast return to their standard movie roles. I’d bet all of them would agree to a limited Star Trek TV series if they knew it was only a one year commitment.

The Brexit affected the UK numbers. The pound is weaker against the dollar.

$89m global opening is shockingly low. Even if Bbeyond has a 4.5 multiplier without China that’s not even $400m China is the only thing which is going to make this gross the same as STID at this stage sadly!!

In only a third of the international markets at this stage.

I don’t care how it makes themoney, as long as it makes enough to warrant a sequel. Which seems most likely at this point. Good enough for me!

We have to wait for the second weekend before there can be a final verdict. Good word-of-mouth could turn this around, plus lots of geeks had been preoccupied with Comic Con. Hopefully more people will want to see it twice in comparison to STID. And yeah, it’s mid summer and most tentpoles are already out… only Jason Bourne and Suicide Squad are still to be released so the whole of August could bring some decent numbers for STB.

And if things turn out ugly, the Chinese might save the day in early September. They could not save Warcraft but Trek has already earned more than Warcraft domestically, so we’re still good…for the moment that is…

I think we need to wait before the international rollout is more than 45% complete to determine anything. Which is going to be well beyond the second weekend. STID had a $101 million international total on opening weekend because it had a significant rollout internationally before debuting domestically. The major international markets for STB won’t be finished rolling out until September, with the movie debuting in China September 2 (which is a huge player these days in regards to box office).
Essentially, we can’t really compare these numbers with STID at this point, or make it as simple as pass/fail after 2 weeks.

@smike — Didn’t necessarily mean to reply directly to your comment! Oops!

It’s going to be hard. They didn’t have a lot of competition in its first week with Ghostbusters being considered a dud but the new Bourne movie comes out next Friday and will eat a lot of those box office dollars. If Beyond drops more than 50% from week one to week two it could mean trouble

Warcraft made less than 58 million in the United States?
Wow, that really bombed didn’t it ?
I had no interest in it because it didn’t seem to made general audience member like myself who never played the game.
Big Mistake, IMO

What ever the numbers isn’t it good enough that the film was largely well received and will likely have a hefty take for opening weekend.
Either way, it assures us this series of Kelvin timeline films will live long and prosper despite the up and downs of die-hard fans.

And I am fine with that.
Just don’t make another STID to spoil new adventures cloaked in what we’ve already seen to retell a story that didn’t need retelling in the first place.

And YES continue to create great scope worthy of motion pictures.
It’s a movie, every thing needs to be big, faster and entertain every one on all levels.

“Either way, it assures us this series of Kelvin timeline films will live long and prosper…”. Really? The total take of this film is estimated to be roughly equal (or below) it’s production costs. That doesn’t include another 100 mill in marketing costs. How is that “prospering”?

50,000 little old ladies in Leningrad saw it this weekend!

“Justin Lin’s Star Trek Beyond has landed a Sept. 2 release date in China. That’s good news for the third installment in Paramount’s rebooted sci-fi series. The last film, Star Trek Into Darkness, grossed almost $60 million in the Middle Kingdom in 2013, and the Chinese box office has only grown since then.”

It’s a shame Beyond didn’t make as much money as Into Darkness. I saw it last night and it was just great!

Yeah, I’m still ticked about Sulu’s change in sexual orientation, but I was ticked about “English Khan” in STID too. It’s not a big deal compared to all the things Beyond did so right. It was a better movie than Into Darkness (and I really liked that film too, despite pseudo-Khan). My wife said she liked it more than Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“English Khan” is not even in the same ballpark as gay Sulu. One was just wrong, and the other isn’t.

Both are wrong. Khan has always been an arrogant warlord from northern India and Sulu has always been a heterosexual asian male. Cho’s casting was bad to begin with…it was ridiculous to have a 40 year old actor playing a “younger” version of a role that George Takei played in his 20s, and Cho looks and sounds absolutely nothing like Takei. Reinventing Sulu as “gay” just made it worse. Both Cho’s Sulu and Cumberbatch’s “Khan” have almost nothing in common with the source material besides the character name.

The box office won’t be a problem.
STB is positioned to be number 2 behind Jason Bourne this weekend.
The international situation will continue to improve as the rollout continues .

Ticket prices, condiments, have gone up, going out is less safe, too much revealed in ads, not a catchy title, Dem and Rep conventions, the stars are not aligned, new ST series so why bother, bad weather, death, destruction everywhere, cats and dogs living together, who can say? Base the next film’s budget at twice the take on the first weekends’ Box Office.

Wonder if Comic Con could have been a factor too.

Given that it still has a number of international markets that it has yet to open in and has a very strong word of mouth, It should still do okay.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t make as much money as Into Darkness because there was a lot more marketing for that one. Trailers came a lot sooner and I remember when I saw it seeing lots more posters and standees in the theater. Hardly any of that for Beyond, which is disappointing, because although I like STID more than most, Beyond is clearly still the superior film. Wish Paramount had made a bigger push for it.

It will do fine. But it didn’t even make its revised estimate. They were projecting $60 million, revised it down to $59.6, and it ended up at $59.25 actual today. It’s hard to say how STID played outside the US in other languages. If audiences responded to the action, then they should be excited to see Beyond. If they were confused by the story, then they may not be so excited to see it when it roles out.

I’d be very interested to see if the Sulu scenes are cut completely in certain markets too, especially China.

A LOT of folks simply didn’t know about it. On the day I was going to see it I mentioned it to several people at work. I was very surprised at the lack of awareness! Paramount definitely flubbed the marketing.

I’ve seen it twice now and the very subdued lighting at the beginning plus the action taking place in the dark for the first hour(?) almost put me to sleep.

SB has made a little over 65 million.

I wonder how much of Beyond not performing as well has to do with Into Darkness not being that great of a movie? I’m sure, despite the reviews, that many people are reluctant to see Beyond because of Into Darkness.

There are a lot of people who won’t see Beyond because of STD.

And there also people who won’t see Beyond because they love STD.

STB has made over 77 million.
Crossing 100 million this week should be no problems at all.