Longtime Trek Author and Publicist Terry Erdmann Recognizes His 27-Year-Old Work in “Star Trek Beyond”

Briefly, near the end of Star Trek Beyond, there is a touching final moment that occurs in remembrance of Leonard Nimoy’s 47-year portrayal of Spock. It is a moment that was orchestrated 27 years earlier by the unit publicist on Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Terry Erdmann.

“I was really thrilled when I saw Star Trek Beyond,” Erdmann told TrekMovie. “When Spock opened the kit at the end and sees that picture of the original crew, Paula [M. Block] and I just looked at one another. I arranged that photo shoot, getting all the actors together after the fact. They had only shot together as a full cast for a few days, so I had to get the wardrobe, set, lighting, etc. to make that moment happen. I was so pleased to see it on screen when the picture flashed in front of me in the theater. I thought, that photo shoot still has legs.”

The photo, which is not actually in Star Trek V, was a publicity moment arranged by Erdmann and photographed by Bruce Birmelin, who also worked as a still photographer on the set of Star Trek V, as well as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Expect to discover more fascinating anecdotes like this from TrekMovie’s full length interview with Terry Erdmann and Paula Block on their book Star Trek: Costumes: Five decades of fashion from the Final Frontier. Look for it soon on TrekMovie.com.

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I was wondering about the history of that photo.
Cool to know where it came from.

That must have been such a special moment! It is truly amazing how much of trek history contributed to the final picture that is Beyond.

I freakn loved the film. My enthusiasm for nuTrek has been reignited; I would love to see one as fantastic, weird and thought provoking as The Motion Picture but in any case, these guys are back in the groove as of now

Don’t expect anything thought provoking. There will be no social or ethical analogies in the Kelvin timeline. You’ll get space battles and silly creatures…

But, you will get Star Trek Discovery in January! It is here that you will get the Star Trek you want 😀

we’ll see

It really is a great photograph. Everyone is captured projecting the best of their characters and themselves. Nice how Chechov’s hand is placed on Sulu’s shoulder in family friendship. They sure had great chemistry on screen. It’s a fitting depiction of these legends for us all to remember.

That’s Scotty’s hand.

Actually Scotti is standing next to Dr. McCoy. From his position it would difficult to put his arm around Checkov to reach Sulu and put his hand on Sulu’s shoulder.


A very touching moment in a very good Star Trek movie. A shame more haven’t seen it and my hope is that more have an opportunity with the bluray release

I admit I haven’t seen Beyond. I like Star Trek, the only one I could not gain any particular interest in was Enterprise. I enjoyed Star trek 2009 and Into Darkness though did not see them as the fantastic films. For me, they are no better than Generations or First Contact. Next Gen was my favourite Star Trek incarnation so maybe I’m biased? Anyway I plan to buy Star Trek Beyond on bluray and I hope to be pleasantly surprised. It’ll make a nice Christmas present.

Cinema trips are a rare treat for me anyway as they are so expensive to go to. Beyond just being OK sort of compels me to give it a pass and to watch it in the comfort of my living room. I think Rogue One will be the scifi film I’ll be seeing on the big screen this year because quite frankly, it looks like it had potential to be a very good film.

Had to get a Star Wars dig in didn’t you…
Rogue One looks pretty average & they get the plans.

I like both franchises. Star Trek more though.

In all honesty I think Rogue One looks more promising than Beyond did, based on the trailers for them. It’s the one film this year that I’m looking forward too. The trailer for Beyond just seems generic and a Star Wars knockoff.

That said, I haven’t seen either film so I will simply wait and seem!

How is saying he wants to see a movie a “dig? Fact remains the two franchises will always be compared to each other, fairly or unfairly. I’m a big fan of both but I lean more to the dark side for sure

No spoiler warning?!?


Rogue One has a potential to be a very good film, oh so it is like Beyond?

I too, really felt that “tug” seeing that picture on the screen. Whoever thought of that deserves a raise, what a special moment. Star Trek Beyond was a really great movie and for me the best of the Kelvin timeline films.

Fantastic scene. Showed giant respect for what came before.

I heard over the years that this was the final day of shooting and they were getting together to do this photo and George got out of his uniform and everybody had to wait for George to get back into uniform so they can take this picture.

I wish Nichelle had used a similar hairstyle, & color as she did in TUC, for that film. It always struck me as strange that she let it go to a rounded, & gray look, here, & then back to being dyed, & feathered, for for their last film together.

Im sure she had nothing to do with it. The make up department did it.

The only good part in Star Trek Beyond.

I had tears during that scene. It was the most pivotal scene of Beyond and although I was watching nuTrek, it made me wish for and long for the Olde.

I honestly, just about cried with delight at seeing the tribute to the original crew. It was and is more than an “easter egg.”

That scene not only gave me goosebumbs, but a big smile on my face, not to mention, the crowd cheered at that scene.