CBS and Alcatel Reveal First “Star Trek: Discovery” Ad Tie-in With 360° Video

Alcatel, a large North American mobile phone manufacturer, has partnered with CBS Interactive to debut what they are calling a “VR experience” at major tech conference CES 2017. The 360° video is hosted on CBS’s YouTube channel and is the first advertisement tie-in for Star Trek: Discovery although it does not contain any material directly related to the network’s newest Star Trek series.

On a desktop? Use the arrow pad in the upper left to look around. On Mobile, simply move the phone to look around

The video is a 3D rendering of several famous Star Trek ships, starting with the Enterprise NX-01, then panning back to reveal the NCC-1701, the 1701-D. Eagle-eyed viewers will also catch a cargo ship from The Animated Series in there!

The clip, set to music from The Next Generation, ends with the logo for Star Trek: Discovery and the words, “Coming May 2017”.

Star Trek: Discovery logo, coming 2017

“The Star Trek legacy is among the most iconic in American pop culture. Partnering with CBS Interactive to bring these quintessential show experiences to life not only expands our brand presence here in North America, but also honors our commitment to delivering consumers rich, engaging content,” said Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager of Alcatel’s parent company TCL Communication.

Sadly, the video does not reveal anything related to Star Trek: Discovery, but perhaps it will drum up some more excitement for the show before its debut on CBS this May.

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