CBS and Alcatel Reveal First “Star Trek: Discovery” Ad Tie-in With 360° Video

Alcatel, a large North American mobile phone manufacturer, has partnered with CBS Interactive to debut what they are calling a “VR experience” at major tech conference CES 2017. The 360° video is hosted on CBS’s YouTube channel and is the first advertisement tie-in for Star Trek: Discovery although it does not contain any material directly related to the network’s newest Star Trek series.

On a desktop? Use the arrow pad in the upper left to look around. On Mobile, simply move the phone to look around

The video is a 3D rendering of several famous Star Trek ships, starting with the Enterprise NX-01, then panning back to reveal the NCC-1701, the 1701-D. Eagle-eyed viewers will also catch a cargo ship from The Animated Series in there!

The clip, set to music from The Next Generation, ends with the logo for Star Trek: Discovery and the words, “Coming May 2017”.

Star Trek: Discovery logo, coming 2017

“The Star Trek legacy is among the most iconic in American pop culture. Partnering with CBS Interactive to bring these quintessential show experiences to life not only expands our brand presence here in North America, but also honors our commitment to delivering consumers rich, engaging content,” said Steve Cistulli, President and General Manager of Alcatel’s parent company TCL Communication.

Sadly, the video does not reveal anything related to Star Trek: Discovery, but perhaps it will drum up some more excitement for the show before its debut on CBS this May.

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That was cool.

That was terrible.
Just like the rest of the low brow, low budget crap that’s been pushed out thus far.
4 months to go, something tells me they’ve not even started yet, other than hiring abysmal animators on obviously low budget, short timescale “productions”.

I’d imagine that Netflix are probably getting pretty worried by now that they’ve been fleeced. The showrunner throwing in the towel after unlivable air dates (even after an extension) is not going to ease their concerns.

Isn’t it about time this whole bloody 1960’s prequel reboot fantasy is canned to make room for something which will appeal to people under 45 who are happy to not have their minds blown with multi million dollar episode budgets?

To those of you who think this is the best thing since sliced bread – you’re so far from the reality of consensus that it’s painful. Insulating yourselves from that by concluding that this and similar sites is mostly populated by average viewers doesn’t help your perceptions. The irony however is not lost, but it doesn’t detract from this slow motion car crash.

Do you SERIOUSLY believe that it’s all going to be thrown together in the next 4 months to universal appeal? You’re out of your Vulcan minds.

90% of the funding for this is coming from Netflix, who know precisely how many views and dropped viewers come from every single second of content watched.

Aside from the Kirk fanatics desperately trying to justify zero marketing and zilch publicity of any kind outside of their own circles, even trying to adore the Star Trek Online style teaser of a ship hysterically trying to appear both modern, and pre TOS, NO ONE HAS ANY INTEREST IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN THIS WHOLE VENTURE DYING.

We all had our hopes at what STD might be, and then systematically saw it chipped away with one deflating press release after another, and then another. Some glimmer of hope that it might all be dumped to one side with Fuller’s departure sadly hasn’t come to pass.

It’s not possible to win an argument on the internet. If you find yourself in the minority who will take one season of this and enjoy it then you bloody well should, and the rest of us will be happy for you. Spare a thought for everyone else who is watching a dramatic reading of some CBS executive’s reason for shelving TV trek for another decade. Our only hope is that the rights can be sold off to some other corp who can see the reality of what could be of a future unwritten, rather than a slither of cannon sandwiched between two cancelled TV shows.

Live long and prosper.

And just to engage the universal translator for those who do, and don’t speak Murican:

CBS announcing “it’s already paid for itself” with Netflix money = “Netflix subscribers are paying for the marketing of CBS All Access in Murica”. Do you think CBS can afford to fund season 2 without NetFlix?

Now then, a huge part of NetFlix’s offering is being the world-leader in 4k content delivery. Most of their home grown content is 4K. It’s why serious TV and Film fanatics subscribe to it, why it engages us, and is why so many 4k TV’s are in people’s homes since black friday, while cable and satellite broadcasters have no hope of surpassing 1080p at $9 a month anytime soon.

So, either CBS All Access will be in 4k, or all Kirk-Fixated Muricans will shun CBS HD and instead will be torrenting and not paying for CBS on their 4K TV’s.

But wait! We’re happy to watch it in 1080p! – Said no average global Netflix subscriber with their 4k TV and $9 a month subscription.

Is it in HDR by the way?

Whichever way you look at it, from whichever country you’re going to be watching it from, STD’s best season to it’s TOS following will be it’s first, and last, because it will either not be what you want (cough In To Darkness), or not make enough dollars (cough beyond).

Who knows, there may be some international viewers who’ll torrent the 1080p, drastically reduced in budget, 100% Murican funded season 2. Remember the “Save Enterprise” campaign which got season 4, but no season 5? Fans tried to pull enough money together to justify the spend of another season.

Things are different now. You can crowd source your own fan Trek! CBS don’t seem to like that approach either. Breaking even doesn’t cut it, it’s all about returns on the gold pressed latinum and tv exec promotions for outstanding achievements in following the rules of acquisition.

@Cap’n — So, do you have a comment about the video in the story–you know, the video Legate Damar said looks cool? Or are you just going to barf up your anti-Discovery rantings? Did you even bother to watch the video? Or did you just leap to the comments to vomit forth your bile as quickly as possible?

How about that video, huh? Any comment on the actual video?

@Cap’n – I forgot, you did say “That was terrible” before launching into your nonstop rant, so I guess you did comment on the video before vomiting your nonsense. My bad! Sorry about that, cupcake!

You love the non stop rant so much that you absolutely HAVE to comment.

You’re welcome.

Yes, it’s terrible.

Agreed. Going before the days of Kirk was a total fail the first time. This series should have been post-nemesis. And the girl they chose as the lead – one of the most boring, forgettable characters on the Walking Dead.

You just can’t get in to the minds of the TOS fanboys. Anything to relieve their childhood at the expense of everyone else’s hope for something new, rather than something old in a tarted up frilly dress.

I actually agree with most of what you said Cap’N and I’m one of the biggest TOS fanboys out there (I’m only 32 btw). I think TOS is the greatest entertainment creation ever but that doesn’t mean I want a prequel to it. I did like ENT but that was atleast 100 years before TOS so they had some room to make things look different. DIS is set so close to TOS not to mention it won’t look like TOS but will be a “reimagining” (Really? How many reimaginings are we Trekkies going to have to endure?) that it sounds absurd. I mean if you can’t respect the look of Trek and/or it’s canon but have to change things and/or reimagine them then just go create your own piece of fiction. But my main point is I’m like you and desperately was hoping the show would be post nemesis. Me and all my friends are all so deflated. Post nemesis would move the Trek canon along and free them up to do so many unbelievably cool things it boggles the mind. Not to mention it’d be the best bet to revive Trek and carry it into the future ala TNG in 87.

You “Star Trek” fans are insane, you don’t like Star Trek & want to see something else? Then GO WATCH OTHER SCI-FI SERIES! Stop trying to have them make Star Trek into something else, something unrecognisable.
Let Star Trek be Star Trek & people will like it like they like the old shows that they have been rewatching for years & decades in the absense of new content.

“Going before the days of Kirk” was NOT a total fail the first time. That’s your opinion, and you’re welcome to it. “Star Trek: Enterprise” had its faults, but not nearly as many as “Star Trek: Voyager” did.

I, too, would be interested in a post-Nemesis series, but this is what we have for now. There’s always the future for the series we want to see.

Sonequa Martin-Green has a lot of charisma and will make a fine series lead. I can’t wait to see what she does with her role in DSC.

It was a total fail and it was cancelled after only four seasons because of it. Voyager was infinitely better than ENT. At least it felt like trek. ENT felt like some other crappy sci fi series.
As for the actor, charisma is not a word that describes her on Walking Dead at least. Rick and Neegan have charisma. We’ll have to wait and see I guess.

I hate to tell you but 4 years is longer than most series last. Including the original series.

Comm. Lohmann,

Re: 4 years is longer than most series last

Yep. And what kind of series experiences a “total fail” while currently being broadcast OTA in syndication?

Captain Ransom

Re: Total Fail

You don’t know what “total fail” is until you’ve lived through being a fan of Tim Conway [Still am.] in 1969 and seeing the sketch comedy show TURN-ON that he hosted the first episode of, and watching the show and the episode evaporate right before your eyes. The second episode, the only other one made, never aired.

Enterprise was by no means a “Total Fail” thats Mythology.
Rnterprise bet its competition & was the highest rated Drama on UPN, it was cancelled due to politics from the parent companies splitting & the new trend of Cheap reality TV looking more attractive than an expensive sci=Fi drama. UPN folded very soon after Enterprise ended.

You negative Hateing bit*hes just jump on the negative bandwagon because its safer to trash something than see the value in something & support it.

Alcatel is French, not North American. They don’t make mobile phones, although they sell phones made by TCL under the Alcatel brand.

Actually there’s “Alcatel” the brand, which is now a subsidiary of TCL.

and then there’s the well known Alcatel-Lucent telecom equipment company.

This CES event is being held by Alcatel, the company now wholly owned by TCL. So technically the article is correct.

They refer to themselves as “the fourth-largest mobile phone manufacturer in North America” in their press release.

Here’s the full press release if you’d like to read their own verbiage:

That was cool. But I am not convinced this show is actually going to get made. Case in point: why show us three of the Enterprises and not show us the final version of Discovery?

I’m on the fence as to whether this show sees the light of day as well. A whole lot of fluff and no substance. I get the feeling that if it is made it’ll be one season and that’s it.

And I still think the downfall of the show will mainly be the method of delivery to the public. Not enough people are going to buy CBSAA JUST for Trek. I don’t see it happening. And when this show brings in much lower than hoped for subscriber numbers, it will get pulled. And CBS will blame Trek, not All Access for the failure.

Problem with that is, Netflix is the international distributor. So if Trek doesnt pop subs for All Access but IS strong on Netflix, CBS cant blame Trek.

If All Access is a flop and Netflix is still happy, I could see CBS just letting it be a Netflix exclusive in the US too. Or syndicate it. If they are making money from Netflix without selling a single sub in the US, then it wont really matter how well it does. Unless we think CBS would decline profits from Netflix just to kill Discovery for some reason.

I been saying this over and over again as well. If Discovery doesn’t do well (or well enough) for CBS ALL Access but a hit on Netflix in most regions they will simply give it to Netflix to produce it. The entire reason Les Moonves said they put the show on All Access because how well the old Trek shows do on Netflix and Amazon and said both begged them for the rights to make their own show. Honestly I wish they just went that route and let Netflix make the show because not only do they make quality shows pretty much all of them get multiple seasons. Even the Marvel shows which originally had the deal be one season each and then a team up show has all given additional seasons.

Netflix has a loyal platform and its a platform where it has zero competition. This is why streaming, for better or for worse, is the future. None of those shows on Netflix or Amazon have any specific TV scheduling. They don’t have to worry about the day or hour they run against other shows. There is no such thing as ‘first run’ or ‘live’ vs ‘time shifting’ viewings. Those shows have wide berth in terms of viewing and can be watched over and over again.

I know people hate the idea of ‘paying’ for Star Trek and being on ALL access but this is the future. TV will never die but in the next decade they will be just as many shows on streaming sites as TV. In time there will be more shows on streaming as more pop up. I can see cable networks like HBO and Showtime making shows just for their sites like CBS is attempting. The only downside is the up cost to starting one where All Access is at now. So Discovery can fail there because its new, people are (rightfully) worried and don’t want to pay money for one show. But I see the show going several seasons easily, if not on ALL Access then yes continuing on Netflix. My bet is there is a back door deal they have as well that Netflix gets dibs on it if it fails at CBS.

ML31- Your absolutely right.
just like UPN failing & taking Enterprise with it.

Yes it will see the light of day. If they are hiring the actors then clearly they are close to filming now. If they were that far behind no one would be hired yet.

Personally, I think it’s because the saucer section on the Discovery (or whatever the ships name is) looks like a roulette wheel – something I think is prescient.

If anything, the fact its being delivered Over The Top should work in its favour as far as being renewed. The economics are different. Surely it will do well on Netflix which means Netflix will want more…which means Netflix will pay for it. Worse case scenario, the whole CBSAA flops and they just let Netflix make more seasons.

Given the allegded popularitly of old Trek on Netflix, one has to assume this will be well viewed. It would have to be really really bad to alienate the Netflix Trek fans.

I beg to differ on your worse case scenario theory. Worse case… CBS does not get the subscriber bump they needed. Show fails. CBS blames Trek. No more Trek on TV. Netflix, as they are not the keepers or even US provider of the show, will have little to nothing to say about it unless they can convince CBS to let them take over.


Re: Show fails. CBS blames Trek.

You didn’t finish.

CBS sells worthless STAR TREK property to Netflix for $175,000.

And now you know, the rest of the story.


I was taking for granted the fact Netflix has long wanted to produce their own Trek. if I recall, it was Netflix wanting to do this, their viewership numbers for Trek, that made CBS realize it was viable.

Unless Discovery is so bad as to actually drive viewers away from all Trek, I’d suspect Netflix would still be interested in MORE Trek for their service. If CBS decides it doesnt work for them, what stops Netflix from licensing rights to produce their own show or continue Discovery?

If CBS doesnt do it, they might as well let someone else. Free money.

My guess is because they want to market that reveal separately on a bigger level. I mean who would even know this exists if it wasn’t for sites like this?

And guys I dont get all the hand wringing over if the show will be made or not? Of course it will, hence why they hired actors. If they are at that stage then clearly progress is happening. Yes the show got delayed, this isn’t a new issue and it was mostly because of Fuller. Now that he is let go they probably are probably on track to premiering in May.

Kinda’/Sorta’ related:

Hulu says it’s adding CBS to it’s streaming service. But CBS is still moving forward with THEIR streaming service. Does this mean STD will be available on Hulu?


Doubtful. It looks like Hulu is launching a service a la Sling TV where there will be bundled cable channels. CBS-AA is still going to be a separate digital platform from CBS the Network, and won’t be carried as part of a bundle on Hulu TV.

Wow. Four months to go and we haven’t even seen a phaser or a uniform patch or… nuffin’. I’m still hoping the first look at the Discovery was not indicative of what’s to come.

Couldn’t agree with you more. They won’t tell us a single thing about the show other than what we learned MONTHS ago about it, and yet here wer are getting closer and closer to release and still nothing? Very disturbing to me.

We may not know much of anything about the show from a literary or entertainment perspective, but gee, at least we’re up to date on everyone’s sexual orientation.

Good one about the patch. Lets hope that the costume designers follow TOS canon, and create a sepearate assignment patch for the USS Discovery, as was the standard back in that era. The individual assignment patches for different ships ended in the 2278 time frame, and the USS Enterprise arrowhead/delta symbol became the de facto Starfleet emblem.

I have little doubt they wont have that level of commitment to canon, unfortunately. Embracing canon is WHY you do a prequel. Which is a lesson JJ and Orci never learned or understood.

“I have little doubt they wont have that level of commitment to canon, unfortunately. Embracing canon is WHY you do a prequel. Which is a lesson JJ and Orci never learned or understood.”

Absolute nonsense. The quality of a work has nothing to do with its fidelity to canon. When fans use canon as shackles, they’re just keeping good, original work from being made. I have little doubt that if some these so called fans were around during the original run, they would attack “Journey to Babel” because it had already been established that Spock was an orphan.

Canon as shackles? lol Talk about nonsense. Respecting canon doesn’t mean you write the adventures of Kirk and Spock in grade school. But if you do a prequel without respecting canon, you’ve lost before you even begin. The exciting aspect of a prequel IS the canon.

Only a lazy uninspired writer wouldn’t be devoted to respecting canon while working on a prequel. It would certainly excite me. Have an original idea? Make it respect canon. Can’t do that? Then quit being a writer.

Again why prequels suck. They have to shackle themselves to canon and the second it changes in some way here comes the moaning. You would think after Enterprise and the KT films they learned the lesson but maybe the makers of this show is really committed to it. But the look of that ship alone already tells you they are going to do a lot of their own thing already so it will be interesting.


Re: Shackles,

There really isn’t any difference between canon tied TV drama and historical era piece drama like MAD MEN. It just makes no sense to me in light of TV productions having the tools to manage actual history why you and others think these tools won’t as easily translate to equally well-written canon tied television? Whatever minutiae that may be attached to a prequel’s canon, it pales next to that of actual history.

To me, it seems as if you and others are really arguing that what you fear about a prequel is that it would have to be extremely well-written, and you want the cushion of the promise of shiny new things being there to distract you if it should ever slip in that into mediocrity. But STAR TREK’S “history” is nowhere near as fleshed out as our actual history and this is why TUP and others like us believe it won’t be any sort of impediment to this series coming up with extremely well written episodes with room for plenty of new shinies for those that crave that.

“There really isn’t any difference between canon tied TV drama and historical era piece drama like MAD MEN. It just makes no sense to me in light of TV productions having the tools to manage actual history why you and others think these tools won’t as easily translate to equally well-written canon tied television? Whatever minutiae that may be attached to a prequel’s canon, it pales next to that of actual history.”

Well then help me out here Disinvited, the fact is we have two prequels series now that fans moaned over PRECISELY because in their heads it ruined future canon NOW. Dude I’m not basing this on ‘what ifs’ I’m basing it on literally the last 15 years since Enterprise and now the KT films. There is a whole list of them on Enterprise (most I was personally fine with btw) and the KT films both the 09 and definitely STID were criticized. The 09 film only by the most hardcore who hated how Kirk became Captain, the designs being so different from TOS (or ie, modern ;)) destroying Vulcan and all of that. STID is obvious: Khan.

What I’m SAYING is we already have two prequel series that many of the so-called prequel lovers hate. And yes I GET its not just bending canon alone but it is a big part of it. So god help me, knowing how anal Trek fans can be, that I’m not sold that you guys won’t be moaning the second you realize Discovery can go warp 9.7 although on episode 86 from TOS it was stated Starfleet ships can only go 9.5 and every other nit picking things fans moans on about.

Again, whats funny about this a few weeks ago on this board when we learned one of the Captains would be a woman someone literally through a line from some episode from 1967 where some character mentioned there weren’t women Captains. Now to be FAIR about this the poster they didn’t care personally but the fact that you have people who DO care about crap like that is why I HATE prequels. Another example from this board Bryan Fuller mentioned there would be robots on the show and someone got upset about it saying robots don’t exist in this time period although we have seen tons of robots on TOS. But for that person robot automatically meant DATA I guess and there was an argument over it because Fuller mentioned the word robots and a few people determined thats not right without any actual information on it. I’m oddly the one defending all the stuff we heard about already.

This is what gets eye rolling. I hate them because yes they feel backwards but yes I hate Star Trek prequels because the last two series has kind of prove they aren’t as easy to get away from the pitfalls for fans even when you do what the KT films did and set it another universe. So why keep trying?

If there was less MOANING about them then yeah I would be more positive. Whats nuts. But take my word for you it, you will probably be one of the biggest moaners when you realize the uniforms are too modern for the period just like whiners moaned the Enterprise NX looked too modern than the 1701. If we had less of these moaners then I could be more excited but yeah I see the constant whining coming several light years.

But hope I’m wrong! ;)



Well, you’ve certainly explained yourself and I have to be grateful to you for that.

I think your plan to reduce the amount of fan nitpicking by avoiding prequels is ill-conceived. Nit-picking in STAR TREK’s been there from the beginning – it’s part of its DNA – and didn’t spring from the airing of THE MENAGERIE episodes.

And historical based fiction gets reamed far more than Trek prequels for rewriting history. Although, I find it far more concerning that more people readily take up the changes to actual history in fiction as actually being their history than moan about STAR TREK’s canon.



An article with examples of critics bemoaning historical inaccuracies in Oscar winning films:

TUP is right & your totally wrong. Commitment to cannon maintains a believeble universe for people to recognise & invest in Like people did with Star Trek from the 1960’s up untill Enterprise whene it lost some fans.
Look at the successful Rogue One- you could edit That film & Star Wars a New Hope into one long film.
If you want a different Original Sci-Fi show, watch other shows instead of expecting Star Trek to be something else- you people have it all wrong.
This is why Star Trek struggles because they are always trying to make it into something else.

Exactly TUP, Commitment to cannon maintains a believeble universe for people to recognise & invest in.
Look at the successful Rogue One- you could edit That film & Star Wars a New Hope into one long film.

“The individual assignment patches for different ships ended in the 2278 time frame, and the USS Enterprise arrowhead/delta symbol became the de facto Starfleet emblem.”

The evidence is ambiguous at best. In “The Cage,” during Pike’s Orion slave girl fantasy, we see a Star Fleet officer wearing the arrowhead insignia. From the context, it is unlikely he was from the Enterprise. In “Court Martial” we saw non Enterprise officers wearing the arrowhead insignia. The intention may have been for it to be the Enterprise symbol (the the boomerang-shaped insignia Starfleet’s general symbol) but it was inconsistently applied. My personal theory is that it was always the Starfleet insignia but around the time of the original series, they began experimenting with ship-specific insignia but the Enterprise never adopted it.

Can’t say as I’m impressed with the quality of the rendering. Hope they do a better job with the real deal. :-/

This is just a virtual reality thing you could watch on your phone or computer so you can spin around and pretend you’re in a 3D environment. It’s not something done as a television production.

Yeah, I get the whole 3d environment thing. Used to do a little commercial animation work in the aughties, though nothing as complex as the above. The modeling looks ok but the textures are really basic. Since all of this is pre-rendered, I was surprised they didn’t use higher resolution textures. It would have looked better. But it’s a small nitpick, my childhood remains intact. lol

“the aughties”?

The fact it’s on a phone does not in any way limit the rendering quality as it’s essentially a movie.

It seems the logo’s changed somewhat.

The less I hear about STD, the more concerned I become. This is just more “Oh look what we can do with CGI” teasers. The fact that we’re learning nothing about STD getting closer and closer to release is quite disturbing to me.

We did just learn a bunch of the cast.


It´s more like – oh look we CANT do decent up-to-date CGI teasers.

I hope Time Travel will be involved in this Show that way we could visit Post Nemesis Era.

^^I would too but Fuller did say there won’t be much of it in the first season. It doesn’t mean it won’t exist at all and both Enterprise and the KT films had time travel elements in it so I won’t be too surprised if we see it in some form but I don’t see the ship jumping to the 24th century or anything.

I’ll bet there’s a tug-o’-war for the Axanar story rights, that’s the hold up. I think this is why CBS got nervous, & filed suit against Alex Peters. Strange how he announced recently that “he doesn’t desire to play Cap’t Garth, in front of the camera anymore.” Instead he said that he would take a backseat, working in the production dept.

They sued because he made a salary from their property… Not the same thing, if he would not have gotten greedy, he would not have been in trouble

I don’t think they’re going to hold up the TV show because a fan film is using the obscure reference that they want to use.

There is no proof whatsoever that Discovery has anything to do with Axanar.

The time frame isn’t even right. The 4 years war is 5-9 years before Discovery, possibly longer depending on where in the ’10 years before Kirk’s historic 5 year mission’ it’s set. The timeline doesn’t match up.

Exactly. But that won’t stop certain parties from continuing to propagate this for their own purposes.

That was pretty cute. Still not paying any more to watch this new show.

Turning into nothing but a platform for Social Justice Warrior lunacy. I bet the crew will wear pins showing their preferred pronouns.

Wow, you must be sooooo popular at parties.

No kidding!

There’s a reason the word “justice” is in social justice, as it’s something worth fighting for, as Star Trek has always been about. The show will be fine.

star trek minus social justice = not star trek

Can people imagine if the internet was invented in the 60s? People like you would’ve been pulling your head out in 1966 when TOS premiered. And oddly 50 years on you’re still doing it.


Re: Can people imagine if the internet was invented in the 60s?

I was teenager in the latter half of the 1960s working with RTL integrated circuits in my electronics studies. And I don’t have to imagine as that’s exactly when it was invented in the research labs with the first leg implemented in 1969.

Like Scotty, I used to read the IEEE SPECTRUM magazine for fun. Heard my first digital encoded voice from a flexi-vinyl record insert from a 1950s back issue.

Never forget my field-trip to the Naval Research Lab…

Yet another pathetic video utilising graphics which make STOL look good.
You start to wonder if the marketing people work on a voluntary basis cobbling junk together from freeware.

I hope the people who make Star Trek Discovery Ignore the Fans and go down a more Action oriented route.

I like star trek. I’m excited about more star trek.

Oh dear, I can’t help but feel very underwhelmed with this… I hope I do not have a similar feeling in May when I watch the real thing.

That’s IF this thing gets made.

Losing Bryan Fuller is huge.

Trying to remain positive though… *forced grin* Wonder what Ronald D. Moore and Ira S Behr are up too – Outlander I suppose.


Less is more, folks.

First of all… Alcatel is a 100% Chinese company, not a North American one. Their parent corporate offices are in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. Originally was part of the French consortium Alcatel-Lucent, and sold to TCL about 10 years ago. Second, that video looks awful. The graphics make the Xbox 360 game Star Trek: Legacy look good. I can’t believe that we are 4 months away from Discovery’s premiere and there’s basically no marketing material available. CBS is probably spending even less money than Paramount, and that’s to say a lot as Star Trek Beyond had one of the worst markeking campaings ever.


That &^%t gave me a head ache (and yes, I was looking for stuff). Fairly certain that the millennials in charge of CBS are keen on driving their IP into/over guard rail and well into the valley below (but minus the kiss) :/ I guess all the topics my Wife and kid keep telling me about Cable being dead maybe correct (the kid champions Netflicks, especially)

~Pensive’s Wetness

I like it :-)

Westworld was postponed a year. Now, everyone loves it. I don’t, but let them do the work and stop complaining about what you haven’t seen yet

Not overly impressed with this promo. Mediocre animation at best.

I love the nod to TAS :-)

Why is this considered an ad for Star Trek Discovery when it shows nothing directly related to Discovery? I see the NX-01, 1701, 1701-D, the Regula space station and some random cargo ship.

Still very curious how the final version of Discovery will be compared to it’s crummy “work in progres” version we saw back in July.

You know long before Enterprise came out, the website was updated and there was a “Series V” Site. standards back then it was pretty good to have a website with lots of info. Now, here we are 2017 when inanimate objects have their own website and still doesn’t feel like there is anything available for a series that was supposed to start this month, then changed to may but still very little announced or mentioned except “token” type characters who are being described soley on one attribute each. One-dimensional characters.. yay.

This video feels exactly like the Star Trek I’d love to see. Great wonderful musical score, the classic starship feel. The ENT-D was out of place but the rest feels wonderful for an early TOS-era series. I hope they can make it feel like that in the finished product. That’s what I want to see… This series should be a true prequel to TOS / TOS movies, just like Rogue One was a true prequel to the Star Wars OT. ENT was the PT, now it’s time for something like Rogue One in Trek…

The vid is cool but yeah um, why is this a ‘tie in’ to Star Trek Discovery if we don’t actually see the freakin ship????? It just feels like clickbait. Not to Trekmovie, I mean CBS and Alcatel. My guess is they will do another when the ship is released but until then call this what it is: Star Trek VR. This is misleading as hell and clearly upset a lot of people so why advertise it that way? You’re only setting up disappointment.

Shakes head…that was simply terrible.
Inexcusable in today’s standards of CGI.

Personally it’s becoming very apparent the Paramount made the wrong move by giving CBS the TV rights to the franchise.
There’s no focus on directions, watered down marketing and frivolous merchandise tie-ins.
My prediction is Star Trek will continue to flounder until it can all be brought under one roof.
Until then it’s going to be all muck and no substance.
It a shame too.

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Re: Paramount made the wrong move by giving CBS

Paramount prior to 2005 did nothing of the kind. Throwing out VIACOM at the risk of oversimplification in the service of brevity: Redstone in essence renamed old Paramount, CBS and it retained its ownership of STAR TREK and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

Then he created a new Paramount and gave it the TREK and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE film libraries.

Why did he, in essence, create two Paramounts? Because he had two powerful entertainment executives, Tom Freston and Les Moonvies, in the original Paramount, each who fancied himself a movie mogul with a vision of the prestige of heading a major motion picture studio, and the interoffice politics, back stabbings, etc. to position each as the next in line to the throne of Paramount Studios escalated to a war that started affecting Redstone’s bottom line.

So Sumner hatched a solution which he regarded as brilliant: he would give each man his own Paramount. Ostensibly, one would focus on motion pictures and the other TV, but if you check you will see that the Paramount of now has a TV division where they are developing a GALAXY QUEST show that will directly compete in the same market as the CBS show, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. Also, CBS has a motion picture division which currently only can finance modest under 9 digit dollar films but if it ever gets a PARANORMAL ACTIVITY type of hit I think we can expect that to change.

Anyway, so Sumner Redstone’s plan was to take the energies being wasted in the great office war and channel them into a marketplace competition between the two Paramounts. Unfortunately Moonves never let up in his war against Freston and he eventually prevailed in getting him ousted but the great competition remained to this day where VIACOM/PARAMOUNT clearly has lost ending up in dire financial straits with CBS flourishing.