Watch: Yakki The Movie – McDonald’s Japan’s New Star Trek-Inspired Promotion


McDonald’s Japan has a crazy new Star Trek-themed campaign for their brand new burger, including a new promotional movie. Check it out below

McDonald’s Japan goes Star Trek for ‘Yakki The Movie’

This week McDonald’s Japan introduced a new burger flavored with ginger sauce nicknamed ‘The Yakki.’ And they are using an (unofficial) Star Trek-themed promotion for their new menu item.


Included in the promotion is what McDonald’s Japan is calling ‘The world’s first hamburger 4d movie’ titled Yakkie The Movie. The film features classic Star Trek (ish) characters exploring a giant Yakki Burger in space. Check it out.

The movie was shown in theaters in Japan starting earlier this week before being made available online. Screenings were followed by ‘tasting parties’ for the new Yakki Burger. In addition to the promo movie, McDonald’s Japan is also running a Twitter campaign promoting the burger.

You can win 1 million yen by just retweeting the below tweet (you need to live in Japan to win).

For more info on the Yakki Burger and promotion, visit the official McDonald’s Japan page.

h/t Mashable

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Better than Star Trek Into Darkness.

Nah not really

Better than TOS

Wow. Amazing recreations of my favorite Trek characters: Kirk, Spock, Uhura and… Chewbacca? LOL.

Yea that was a little strange. Confusing their franchises a little bit I guess. :)

Because Star Trek is a sequel to Star Wars.

This is what Axanar will end up looking like.

They just warped into the planet…? I wonder if this was played before Yamato 2202’s showing?

~Pensive’s Wetness

Where to start? The captain looks like John Koenig from Space:1999, no Japannese actors, bad dubbing, franchise mix, bas fx, they even threw in a Whilhem screen.
I agree, still better than STID

I wish they had a version with the original voices, though. The YouTube auto translate into English is useless.


Yakki sounds like Yucky

How do I erase this from my memory? Awful.

WTF just happened?

That was weird… Weird but entertaining!

I’ll take one, with a bowlful of crazy, please.



What the hell did I just watch?

The “Chewbacca”-like character looks like an overgrown Ewok. Moreover, why the heck are they “warping” *into* the burger and Earth?