UPDATED:“Star Trek: Discovery” Cast and Crew Tease Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Some of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery have been sharing some spoiler-free Star Trek-themed photos as production continues on the show.

Producer Teases Behind The Scenes Shots From Star Trek: Discovery Set
Production on Star Trek: Discovery kicked off at the end of January at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. This week it was Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan’s time to be on hand (the various writer/producers take turns at the set). While in Toronto, Ted has been sharing on social media, beginning with jokes about how the Canadian city is as cold as a Klingon prison planet. In the last couple of days he has sent out some (spoiler-free) images from the Discovery soundstages, teasing that “you’d freak out” if you could see some of the things just out of frame of his photos and showing some green screens as well.


A number of tweets have been removed from Twitter. Below are the remaining tweets from Ted.


Back at home base in Los Angeles, the team in the Star Trek writers room have also been joining in on the fun, joking about Sullivan eating the Klingon delicacy gagh and even staging a toy beam out photo while introducing a new “character” for the show, Jason Gorn.

There was even a ‘behind the scenes’ tweet showing how the Jason Gorn shot was created featuring the writing team of Bo Yeon Kim (with the phone) and Erika Lippoldt (holding the Enterprise). 

Obi [T’Kuvma] sings about Klingons, Isaacs [Capt. Lorca] knows that he has big boots to fill
One of the more prolific tweeters in the Discovery cast is Chris Obi who plays Klingon leader T’Kuvma. On Monday he tweeted out that he was back in Toronto for more Star Trek.

One of the things Obi likes to do is post short videos of himself. Over the weekend before he left for Toronto it appears he needed to take a break from learning his lines in Klingon, and he took to social media to sing a song about how he wished he really did know how to speak Klingon.

Last week we reported that Jason Isaacs had been cast as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery, and early this morning he tweeted out that he was headed to the airport, bound for Toronto. Earlier in the week he shared a tweet about the big Star Trek boots he is stepping into.

Another actor sharing some Discovery goodness today is Sam Vartholomeos (Ensign Connor of the USS Shenzhou) who posted this selfie to Instagram earlier today, with the caption “Took her to warp 1 where no man has gone before….Toronto.”


Took her to warp 1 where no man has gone before….Toronto

A post shared by Sam Vartholomeos 🎥🎬 (@samvartholomeos) on

One thing is for sure, it looks like the cast and crew are having a lot of fun braving the cold in Toronto to make Star Trek: Discovery. See the TrekMovie Star Trek Discovery category for all the news on the show, plus see our special Discovery page for all the details and trailers.

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Glad everybody is having Fun.
I hope it translates onto the show

At least they are being consistent. Their TOS reboot aimed at overweight 40+ year old Americans is in full swing! Bring on the Russians/Klingons!

It’s not just the hatred for another TOS reboot/another prequel, it’s the fact that it has come at the expense of every other possibility it could have been. That’s the real problem here.
Everyone has their own series they prefer, so it’s no surprise that a fanboy pitched his Kirkfest to CBS and now everyone else is pissed.

I’m sorry you chumps cant understand that. We’ll vote with our Netflix star ratings, and we’ll go out of our way to destroy the ludicrous and ignorant choice Moonves set in motion.

We won’t let you turn back the clock to prequel town yet again.

Just read through these comments It’s all TOS fanboys. “Nice to see some of the old TOS uniforms and props are nearby the production staff”

“Wow, is that the original NOMAD prop?? If it is, it’s in amazing shape!”

“Love those pictures of Shatner and Nimoy, and the TOS McCoy shirt – awesome.”

“Nothing like getting a peak at those old TOS props”

“Nice to see some of the old TOS uniforms and props are nearby the production staff.”

“I’m guessing it’s a repro. Parts of Nomad became the cloaking device in “The Enterprise Incident,” and Flint’s probe in “Requiem for Methuselah.” They might have had extras, though.”

No one outside of your limited circles wants this. As it’s being forced on us as the only available option you can expect to find blame. Bad writing? Viewing format? Time of year? producers? I’m sure you’ll find something.

You’re currently hated.

@Mark Fry:
Wah. Wah wahhhh wahhhhhh WAHHHHHH! WAHHHHHHHHHH! Wahhhhhhh!

(Sorry, trollboy, I don’t speak your language, but that’s as close as I can get.

Mark Fry,

Does this mean that some pertinent quotes from Al Roker’s favorite movie, revealing why this has to be, will go right over your head?

“Oddball: Always with the negative waves Moriarity, ALWAYS WITH THE NEGATIVE WAVES!”

“Oddball: Don’t hit me with them negative waves so early in the morning. Think that bridge will be there and it’ll be there. It’s a beautiful bridge, and it’s gonna be there”

“Oddball: It’s [the bridge] still Up

Bombs and explosions

Oddball: No it ain’t .. See what sending out them negative waves did

Moriariti: Hey that ain’t my fault I’ve had nothing but good thoughts about that damn bridge ever since we left. What now?

Oddball: It looks like we’re gonna have to find ourselves another bridge.

Moriariti: And where are we going to find another bridge?

Oddball: There you go again more negative waves. Have a little faith, Baby, have a little faith.”

“Oddball: Take it easy, Big Joe, some of these people have sensitive feelings.”

“Oddball: Easy we can fight we got an Army”

@Mark Fry

Funny you should say that because I see two types of fans here:

1) TOS fanboys who hate Discovery, saying things like “TOS is True Trek, stop trying to remake it.”

2) TNG era fanboys who hate Discovery, saying “stop with the TOS era stuff! Move forward!”

The key point: Discovery’s concept pleases no one, really.

Me? I couldn’t give two sh*ts where or when it’s set. Give me good Trek and i’m happy.

Stop spamming, pataqh.

excuse me? nobody outside the diehard Star Trek fandom cares that this is a prequel. it must really rustle your jimmies that the three movies with Kirk from the past eight years were so well received by the average person

I am confused. You think because the show will be bad because it ostensibly draws more from. 50 year old show than a 30 year old show?

Time to come home Trelane.

Oh grow up and judge the show on its own merits.

such as? I agree with everything the guy said. I think this is going to displease most of the fanbase, they have gotten off on the wrong foot with most, the only people lapping it up seem to be the original series fans. i’ll gladly admit if im wrong but it doesnt excite me at all. in fact it’s lost nearly all of its appeal to me at this point as it just doesnt seem to be aimed at fans of any of the other shows. i am expecting another jj type situation.

As someone who has flown in and out of Billy Bishop airport, I’d recommend it.
Pearson International is a challenge to get in or out of.

I concur with you. Billy Bishop airport is only ten minutes walk from Downtown Toronto. I have been there many times and I love it!

Best one-man show I ever saw was “Billy Bishop Goes to War” at Washington DC’s Arena Stage, 1980. Funny/tragic show about the hero flying ace from WWI, a proud son of Canada.

Love those pictures of Shatner and Nimoy, and the TOS McCoy shirt – awesome.

Above all, Trek needs to be fun. If they’re having fun, then hopefully we will too! The anticipation is swelling…fingers crossed it’s out by August, but that’s still five months away ughhh. Thank god GOT is back in July.

That’s right, Game of Thrones is late this year. Usually starts around April right?

Nice to see that they’re both having a good time and well aware of the awesomeness of the act they’re following. :-)

Having fun seems to be a hallmark of many Trek casts, and definitely adds to the chemistry in the show :-)

Nice to see that starships are made of 2X4’s. I’m running out now to Home Depot for a DIY trip to the stars…

I thought they were made from Apple stores.

Nice to see some of the old TOS uniforms and props are nearby the production staff. Hopefully for inspiration on how to be somewhat consistent to the prime universe visual continuity!

Stella Star Trek Dog had on her Twitter that there was the visit of a ‘pup’ who was a rival. There was also a rainbow flag with the Tweet.

Conclusion: Anthony Rapp is currently filming in Toronto (his Twitter handle is Albinokid).

Well hello there Ensign Connor

Indeed. <3

Wow, is that the original NOMAD prop?? If it is, it’s in amazing shape!

I’m guessing it’s a repro. Parts of Nomad became the cloaking device in “The Enterprise Incident,” and Flint’s probe in “Requiem for Methuselah.” They might have had extras, though.

FWIW there was a complete unit in Paramount’s possession in 1986. (I don’t know if it was an “original” or a reproduction.) I saw it on display at the 20 year Anniversary Party on the Paramount lot September 8th, 1986.

I was standing there gawking at it when I heard a *very* familiar voice behind me. I turned to find Vic Perrin (the voice of Nomad) and his wife chatting and looking at the prop. I was lucky enough to talk to them both for almost 20 minutes – both thoroughly delightful people, and one of the highlights of that evening!

Nice info. 86 seems early for a repro to be made by Paramount. Maybe they pieced it together for the event. Thanks for sharing.

FWIW, STAR TREK: THE EXPERIENCE had NOMAD in its timeline museum you go through while waiting in line. I don’t believe it was original.

I wish I had been able to get out to see Start Trek: The Experience while it was still in operation. Maybe it’s their NOMAD that’s now in Toronto.

I wonder how many NOMAD reproductions there are floating around…


Re: … how many NOMAD reproductions there are floating around…

Ha ha ha, ho ho ho! LOL, hopefully none of them, or we are in for some deep do-do as they usher in the robot apocalypse.

The Experience was amazing. Was lucky to see it on 2008. I was blown away.

Every time I see Nomad I’m reminded of the old Star Trek arcade game, Strategic Operations Simulator I think it was called, which I believe featured Nomad as a “bad guy” you had to fight.

So there is at least one set that is two stories high…

Didn’t Enterprise open with Klingons? I’m really not ready for another series focused on Klingons. I’ve been re-watching ENT on ION lately, and saw the opening episodes … the Klingons are depicted in such stereotype … seriously, they were so much better in TOS, so much more intelligent and adversarial, not just klumsy, angry, brutes.

Man, I loved John Colicos as Kor.

If you love TOS so much why don’t you marry it.

Stereotypical Klingons? How does that work? They’re IMAGINARY.

Benjamin Adams,

Re: Stereotypical Klingons?

Could you clarify? I’m not sure what distinction you are trying to draw as stereotypes by their very nature are fictional and are as not based in reality as the fictional characters, such as as “Amos and Andy” and Stepinfetchit, used to embody them.

Or are you trying to falsely assert that in no character written for STAR TREK has another character treated a Klingon character in a racially insensitive or bigoted manner?

I suspect he means that the Klingons have become a parody of themselves.

And I agree. We should probably prep for all this TOS garbage littered throughout this production. I’m not a fan of anything I’ve seen or heard about discovery.

Agreed, early Klingons had class, were mysterious and cunning…the latter day Klingons were too honor-obsessed and frankly kinda stupid, not anywhere near as captivating as Kor. Actually, now that I think about it, Koloth was a bit of a ham, or maybe that was just a circumstance of the episode he was in.

Lots of 2×4’s. Looks like high school shop class on steroids.

Are they called 2x4s in Canada?

Off topic: Is Ivanka Trump a Federation officer Time Traveller? She is even using a star fleet communication pin!!
comment image

if she’s from the future then we can breathe a little easier about the direction of our country, cuz who knows how long the future will last with all this nuclear saber-rattling…

If we assume that time traveling creates a different time-line it means that our time-line right now is already different from the time-line that she’s from, so our future is unknown. We can just hope for the best.

Is she trying to come together with Germany e Russia to try to stop a Borg invasion?

Could only imagine what Merkel is thinking: “I’m sitting with the Presidents daughter who makes designer clothes for Nordstroms in a high level meeting. This place has become crazy town.”

I don’t but she’s pretty hot. And who’s the ugly guy in teal next to her?


I do not remember a gray uniform. Maybe it’s from a time after Voyager. Who knows?

What are you talking about? There is no gray uniform in any of these photos.

sorry, my englishe is not very great.

i really hope that the discovery goes very nice, and is success. it is unfortunate that when it come to many star trek show, americans use a method…which i like to call..’silly’

So basically, I have a few pics of my attic, trailers in a parking lot and a Keurig. Awesome.

Nothing like getting a peak at those old TOS props… so they can promptly re-imagine them.


I kid, I kid…

I do wonder why those props are there. They are not filming in Hollywood so they would have had to ship them to Toronto. Seems like there was some reason. Unless maybe the guy who tweeted out still works out of LA?

Chris Obi seems like a fun guy to be around lol.

Don’t get it?

He said he was a fungi :D

LOL, OK, I’m slow! ;)

I see nothing compelling in these behind the scenes pictures and a lot of films and tv shows are guilty of this. I just can’t get excited about far away shot sets or green screen or clappers or selfies on planes or pictures of food on official show chairs. Big movies do this too like Star Wars and Marvel and I don’t get excited about that either. It’s nice, it’s fine but to me it’s just “meh”. Finished product shots and stills, or trailers do get me excited and when I see some finished product then I’ll have a better idea what Discovery is really about. Until then, this is much ado about nothing.

Of course. Its just suppose to be snippets of the production to let you know its happening basically. I doubt anyone can be excited about it.

Uh, I live in Toronto and it’s not THAT cold!

I’d tell them to “grow a pair”, but then they’d probably complain about how they shrunk up into their body from the cold!

Well, it is freezing in Toronto, a tad different from the 74 degrees that it is right now in LA, where many of these people are coming from. A forty degree temperature difference must certainly allow someone to comment that it is cold, doesn’t it?

Mark Z just said it, if you’re not use to that weather at ALL, yeah its cold for you. I’m from L.A. as well but have lived in colder climates around the world. I remember the first time I moved to Asia after living in California and I literally thought I was going to die and it hasn’t even snowed yet lol. After a few months, yeah you adapt. But unless you are from a cold weather environment of course its not THAT cold for you. But for people who grew up in yearly warm cities where its ‘cold’ once it drops below 60 degrees it does take awhile. But yes most adapt in time.

But yeah one thing is true about L.A. The weather!

Right, Tiger2 and I’ve also had Canadians visit LA when it’s 80 degrees and act like they are going to die of heat exhaustion. I’d never think of telling them “grow a pair”. Our world is overflowing with lack of empathy.

Exactly Aaron!I have had plenty of people who came to L.A. during our heat waves who thought we were living through hell lol. It goes both ways.

In fact I was just thinking about Martin-Green and what it must be like for her because she is from Alabama IIRC and works on The Walking Dead which shoots in Georgia. I think it was her in an interview I recently watched on The Talking Dead that said they usually work in 110 degree heat there (Works mostly in the summer). So it must be nuts to work and live to such a humid environment for years to now be in the complete opposite weather (although they work mostly on sound stages for Trek obviously). I’m sure she’s been to a lot of places in her life at this point so maybe she’s use to the weather but I can imagine its still a big change for her.

Yea pity I won’t be buying All Access

Lorca is the name of an important 20th century Spanish poet and dramatist. Might there be a hint in that?

90% cgi, 10% practical.

the TOS fest is in full swing.

OMG! The ship is made out of plywood!
It’ll never stand a chance in a fire fight.
Crash and burn.
The crew is toast.

Honestly I simply can’t get excited about this.
It’s a good thing however that it’ll be for online only.
At least not many people will bother to watch it.

Will Discovery be available via FIOS without separate subscription? I already pay more for TV than I’d like, and would like to cut it back a bit. But this could make a difference. Either way, I won’t do a separate subscription. But I hope it succeeds even if I’m not watching…