UPDATED:“Star Trek: Discovery” Cast and Crew Tease Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Some of the cast and crew of Star Trek: Discovery have been sharing some spoiler-free Star Trek-themed photos as production continues on the show.

Producer Teases Behind The Scenes Shots From Star Trek: Discovery Set
Production on Star Trek: Discovery kicked off at the end of January at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. This week it was Supervising Producer Ted Sullivan’s time to be on hand (the various writer/producers take turns at the set). While in Toronto, Ted has been sharing on social media, beginning with jokes about how the Canadian city is as cold as a Klingon prison planet. In the last couple of days he has sent out some (spoiler-free) images from the Discovery soundstages, teasing that “you’d freak out” if you could see some of the things just out of frame of his photos and showing some green screens as well.


A number of tweets have been removed from Twitter. Below are the remaining tweets from Ted.


Back at home base in Los Angeles, the team in the Star Trek writers room have also been joining in on the fun, joking about Sullivan eating the Klingon delicacy gagh and even staging a toy beam out photo while introducing a new “character” for the show, Jason Gorn.

There was even a ‘behind the scenes’ tweet showing how the Jason Gorn shot was created featuring the writing team of Bo Yeon Kim (with the phone) and Erika Lippoldt (holding the Enterprise). 

Obi [T’Kuvma] sings about Klingons, Isaacs [Capt. Lorca] knows that he has big boots to fill
One of the more prolific tweeters in the Discovery cast is Chris Obi who plays Klingon leader T’Kuvma. On Monday he tweeted out that he was back in Toronto for more Star Trek.

One of the things Obi likes to do is post short videos of himself. Over the weekend before he left for Toronto it appears he needed to take a break from learning his lines in Klingon, and he took to social media to sing a song about how he wished he really did know how to speak Klingon.

Last week we reported that Jason Isaacs had been cast as Captain Lorca of the USS Discovery, and early this morning he tweeted out that he was headed to the airport, bound for Toronto. Earlier in the week he shared a tweet about the big Star Trek boots he is stepping into.

Another actor sharing some Discovery goodness today is Sam Vartholomeos (Ensign Connor of the USS Shenzhou) who posted this selfie to Instagram earlier today, with the caption “Took her to warp 1 where no man has gone before….Toronto.”


Took her to warp 1 where no man has gone before….Toronto

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One thing is for sure, it looks like the cast and crew are having a lot of fun braving the cold in Toronto to make Star Trek: Discovery. See the TrekMovie Star Trek Discovery category for all the news on the show, plus see our special Discovery page for all the details and trailers.

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