Watch: Improv Group Turns London Underground Into Bridge Of The USS Enterprise

The London Underground is under attack! Watch, as it is transformed into the bridge of the USS Enterprise by an improv group.

Tube riders brace for impact

There is a new video floating around the web that shows a group of people dressed in costumes boarding a London Underground train and proceeding to act out a Star Trek battle scene, complete with camera tilts and bracing for impact. The commuters on the train at first seem bewildered, but then they start joining in on the fun. Watch it below. 

The video was put out by the London improvisational comedy group Urban Improv, however it turns out there is more to it than just that. If you watch closely you will see the opening shot of the video highlights a tube advertising poster for an online casino. It turns out this bit of Star Trek fun in the underground is actually part of a viral marketing campaign for Mr Green Online Casino. For now it isnt’ clear if this is the extent of the campaign or if there will be more to it, but at least for this one tube ride, some London commuters got to have a little space adventure in their lives.

London's Urban Improv group turns underground into a Star Trek-like battle for a viral campaign

London’s Urban Improv group turns underground into a Star Trek-like battle for a viral campaign

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If this were done here in America, everyone else on that subway car would absolutely hate them for doing this.


Re:[Americans] … would absolutely hate them for doing this.

I wouldn’t be so sure. They seem to take James Corden’s Crosswalk Theater in stride.

There has been tons of improv stuff done on trains in America. Search Youtube, its usually the same thing: Start off with confusion and bewilderment but usually by the end most are won over. Not counting the ones who stab the actors out of annoyance of course.

I’m sure these guys mean well, but as a Londoner who commutes every day I’d want to punch their lights out of they tried this on my carriage. On the way to work or court I am often having to study papers and on the way home I am often tired and exhausted. The Tube, when running properly, can be a surprisingly peaceful experience and I’d rather be left alone quite frankly.

Maybe I’m an old grump, but there you go.

Sound like you would have made a great improv Worf on this train! :)

…On my *carriage*. How charming, old boy! : )

If given a choice , which party to join for brunch today ? The British ST Improv Group or the Republican Healthcare Means Committee ?

Laser-phasers? Radar? OK, they like Trek, but they don’t REALLY like Trek.

They didn’t want Paramount to sue them. ;)

lol yeah