First Look At ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Transporter Room And Phasers

Michelle Yeoh - transporter room of the Shenzhou - Star Trek: Discovery

Entertainment Weekly has yet another tidbit from their upcoming feature story on Star Trek: Discovery.  This time it is a look at one of the transporter rooms from the U.S.S. Shenzhou. The image features Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) preparing to beam down in newly revealed tactical uniforms.

Two to beam down

This transporter room is quite a departure from typical Trek transporters, with large dishes behind each platform. The large dishes are perhaps meant to show that the Shenzhou is older/less advanced.

EW’s article addresses this new unusual looking transporter room, saying:

This particular transporter bay is aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou and it’s unlike any that Trek fans have ever seen before. So if you love this new design, great, it’s in the show. If you don’t, hold that thought, because the transporter bay in the U.S.S. Discovery is very different from this one (and has not yet been seen).

We have previously had a chance to see the new transporter effect from the trailer released last month.

New Phasers (Lasers?)!

The image also gives us our first look at the new phaser (or possibly laser?) side-arms for Star Trek: Discovery, or at least the ones carried on board the U.S.S. Shenzhou.

These seem to contain elements from both the main Type 2 phasers from the original Star Trek and earlier design laser pistols seen in “The Cage.”

More from next issue of Entertainment Weekly

EW: has so far teased out a quotes on the showrunners on the show’s delay, first look at Jason Isaacs and a quote from Sonequa Martin-Green on her “vuclan struggle” and her reaction to complaints Discovery’s over diversity.

EW promises “more Star Trek: Discovery scoop” in their upcoming issue.

Star Trek: Discovery story coming in June 30 issue of EW

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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LOVE IT, looks very retro-Sci-Fi, circa the 1950s. To those who were complaining it the show looks too advanced, this looks precisely like it could fit ten years before TOS’s 1960s aesthetic.

I’m sure there will be complainers though as always.

YES YES YES EXACTLY! I LOVE IT! Kinda steampunk but mostly reminds me of 50’s, early 60’s tech like The Cage, Forbidden Planet or the first 007 movie Dr No. I love tech from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s, when automation was become more prevalent and computers first came out yet we had no idea what to do with them just yet. Its one reason I really love The Cage and Dr. No because of that classic technology where we still had brass and copper coloured highlight. Fantastic!

And yes, I’m sure there will plenty of people complaining…. unfortunately.

The Cage and Dr No are my Favorites as well.

Right on. Ive always loved The Cage for many reasons, but mainly I love the style. 1964 so its still early enough in the 60’s that it has some late 50’s style and flair. By 1966 episodes the series was distinctly 60’s style. And Dr No is among my fav Bond movies.

You are right. When I saw “the menagerie” for the first time, I had no clue about “the Cage”. I really thought this was some kind of flashback-story and that the style was deliberately created for that episode to make it look like 10 years before TOS.

You need glasses.

Absolutely. This looks *nothing* like “retro” sci-fi. It looks like grade-a pfft!

But its not a Retro Sci-Fi movi!
Its a SERIOUS Science Fiction show set in the same era as TOS after ENTERPRISE where the Transporters were established.
It is Star Trek not Steampunk which is not a practicle, functional thing but more of a fashion & fetish scene.
It never existed in the past & wont in the future- for a reason its a fantasy.
JESUS you people have No Idea what star trek is.
This show is a total joke- its so embarrassing to be a Star Trek fan with this crap being produced.

Yeah, I dig that. The TOS phaser is a fantastic design. All three of the original main toys the crew had to play with were so cool, so well conceived,… CLASSIC! I’m pumped about this.

Sure, provided you ignore the ship exterior, the insignia, the Klingons, and so much else. Love the phaser –
give the designer a raise and promotion and let him/her redesign every other visual in the show.

Some nice things here. Some surprises. Just want to say I’m glad they’re showing the fans stuff this far out. Thanks.

Yea no doubt. Its just as bad to have multiple leaks as it is to release nothing at all like Beyond. Im liking how close they’ve been playing it to the chest, not leaking any secrets but since the trailer they’ve been steadily yet minimally releasing photos and interviews with the actors, producer and writers instead of just the CBS executives. As we only have 3 more months to go I am assuming this steady release of tidbits will continue until the release.

Ya. That’s how marketing works. Why would they release anything like this a year out from a premier?

Weapons look cool, transporters (at least on that ship)…not so much.

I always loved the Cage pistols. And it looks like the barrels are similar to that.

Same, I like the brass and copper colours used in The Cage for various items.

It does look as though its meant to convey an “earlier” technology. Which would be cool. Hopefully they have that level of cautious with respect to canon elements.

Didnt Enterprise ruin the phasers by introducing them in the pilot?

At first, they had really cool looking weapons in the pilot, but then switched to phase pistols halfway through the episode. The phase pistols were ugly.

Yea the phase pistols were ugly looking. The phasers were nice but you think they would put a little more design into the pistols. But it might be a typical Hollywood prop trick. In this case, make the phase pistol look really ugly the newly introduced phaser looks really cool.

I am sure they do. Reading what the writers and producers say on Twitter about the show is that they have the utmost respect and awareness when it comes to canon elements for the stories. As much as the haters keep chirping, the writers and producers, are fans of Trek and they know their stuff.

I’m gonna let it be what it’s gonna be. That said, I still to this day wish Enterprise had flown without at least some of the Trek pieces of tech, including transporters. It would have made more sense to see the need for those inventions before we saw them full-blown. Also, Enterprise’s transporter is closer to TOS’ than this, so now we have dueling prequels with sidewise tech developments. Sheesh.

I agree about NX-01 transporter. I like how it was still used mainly for cargo and people were afraid to use it. In the grand scheme of things they didn’t use it all that much, the shuttles were used so often. But it would have been cooler to maybe bring the transporter in, in season 2 or 3. But its the most advanced ship so you would think that it would launch with one since it had been approved for bio matter transport.

With regards to the Shenzhou’s transporters, I am sure they look nothing like Discovery’s transporters. And at the same time, who know how many different types or styles of transporters were being used on Federation ships. This Shenzhou could have a Mark V, Discovery uses a Mark VI and 1701 uses a Mark VII. We know 1701 used active feed pattern buffer, 1701 D used multiplex pattern buffers, Shenzhou would have some other tech (make one up) even before active feed.

It looks ugly and even less advanced than the one they used on ENT, a show that took place a 100 years before ‘Discovery’

comment image

I’d argue though that ENT looked too advanced.

If I recall the ST:Enterprise transporter was just rated for human transport but many of the crew were wary of it. Perhaps the new Shenzhou transporter has more safety controls. But overall I like the fact that they are trying new designs (transporter) as well as keeping some older ones (the sidearms)

Yep, they said the NX-01 had the first transporter rated for humans.
In the dialogue it was said to be rather new and not advanced, but the actual production design looked just about like any other transporter from the Berman-era. So I don’t think it did enough visually to look older/less sophisticated.

That’s a solid point. It is a Berman-era transporter regardless if it TNG, DS9, VGR or Enterprise. The design elements are going to be similar. New show, new designers, new styles.

Its a shame Enterprise actually did that. They started with a lot of promise and then “advanced” themselves out of a lot of good story-telling opportunities.

They wanted to be a less-advanced ship that had to rely on cunning and talent and then blew it all up by just making new phasers, new transporters etc. They should gone that entire series without a transporter rated for human use.

It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the franchise just quietly laid aside the concept of transporter tech. Afterall, it was only used because of the expense of filming the enterprise landing every time, much simpler to just have the crew appear on planet, voila! At the very least it should be made as only suitable for transporting elements; iron, copper, carbon, tungsten, etc… I wish they would have made Enterprise into the Daedalus class ship with a storyline of a new age of Federation exploration begins with the class of ship being a rugged little explorer ship and dedicated planet-lander, kind of like the Mars series from National Geographic, only more advanced, but still looking to survive on what they find on the new planet that they are rapidly settling with a base camp and a dedicated away team who will stay, awaiting further visits from Daedalus Class explorer/supply ships. Such a series can still be made, and would be pertinent to our Mars asperations.

I agree 100% that Enterprise should have been the Deadalus on a deep space mission that would actually pay off the idea of being on the final frontier, away from home, surrounded by dangers, inside a ship that while super advanced is also seemingly held together by duct tape because you cant just pop into a starbase for repairs.

Perhaps but at least they kept the same layout of TOS transporter room.

The rest of USS Shenzhou looks too advanced but somehow they made the transporter room looks way older than both ENT and TOS.

Well it won’t be the first time. The KT Enterprise is easily the most advanced looking ship, definitely the bridge. But the engineering room looks just a few levels above Titanic’s. ;)

Ah man, that purple kills me lol.

I always thought the Ent transporter room looked a bit too advanced as well.

What can you say? ITS A WEB-BASED SHOW. New/old/alternate? transporter room looks real bad. Although I will have to see it in action.
It looks like something I would have made in high school. Especially with the irregularly placed shiny paste ups on the wall. FAIL!

I guess its going to take another 200 years to catch up to the 60s styles.


Well thats not an excuse considering its one of the most expensive shows on the air. Its $7 million an episode. The only show I can think that is currently more expensive is Game of Thrones.

Its not costs involved, its just aesthetics. But I don’t hate it but sure don’t love it lol, so like you said have to see it in action. And its not the only transporter room although I can’t imagine the others look too different.

But its weird all the time we are invested in talking about a ship thats A. Not the main ship and B. May not even last longer than the pilot. Maybe it will with so much attention on it but Discovery is the ship everyone is really concerned about….whenever they shows something from it.

Really? So you would like it better if they made the show look like the 60’s?
In this day and age ,not going to happen.

I agree. Its not that Shenzhou’s looks too archaic, its that NX-01 looked too advanced. But should I care? no.

Actually it did not. It looked less advanced because it looked too complex. The more advanced the technology the more simplistic it looked. That was a thing Roddenberry shot for.

Enterprise screwed up a lot because they never had the commitment to their own premise. Which was a Berman staple. Voyager suffered the same fate. Come up with a great premise and all these great ideas and then get lazy and just write same old same discarded TNG-lite plots.

Maybe it’s intended to be a “non-standard” transporter room.

Did the production designers watch Star Trek before working on this show?!

At least Kelvin universe played it closer to the original series

This photo is proof that they watched LOADS of Star Trek because they very wisely said “no, these old designs won’t work today.”


Wrong. The producers already told EW that ‘Discovery’ will have a very different transporter room from the Shenzhou. One that will most likely adhere to those “old designs” you’re referring to.

That’s a pretty big assumption to state I’m “wrong.”

but it doesn’t matter, I was just being snarky to respond to Hugh’s idiot comment.

lol exactly!

Kelvin universe’s transporter room reminded me most of the one in ST:TMP. Both had the transporter console segregated from the pads, with doors/walls/windows between. Very different than the open-air transporter room of TOS, TNG, etc.

Indeed. I personally have always liked the segregated transporter controls from the pads, makes it seem like a more powerful, dangerous, ominous restricted device. I also like when there were usually 2-3 people in the transporter room. By TNG, its just one operator and a simple looking main control console.

Even though its only an altered TNG transporter, its appearance in The Undiscovered Country is my fav. Looks advanced but still segregated offering those certain perceptions and feeling about it. Also the Enterprise transporter beaming effect in TUC is my fave. Something about those blue vertical lines moving from inside to outside is something I always preferred over the thinking sparkle effect.

I never cared for the swirling effect seen in the reboots. In one of the trailers for Beyond there was a gold thinking effect that looks very good, TOS style but for the movie it was changed. It was the scene where McCoy and Spock encounter the alien ships and Spock is beamed away by the Franklin transporters. In the movie it had much more of a tearing, ripping effect.

Theres adhering to canon and then there is simply not accepting change. Which one do you think you are?

I follow a few of the writers and producers on twitter and if you’ve read their posts you would know how much they know of Star Trek. Not only have some watched it, some have been watching it since age 8. There was a recent post showing a photo of the producer Ted Sullivan and Klingon actor Kenneth Mitchell watching some Klingon centric episodes. Not to mention actor Anthony Rapp watching every episode and every series!

Maybe know your facts before spouting nonsense for hates sake. “Did the production designers watch Star Trek before working on this show?!” Give me a break.

The dish makes no sense as it’s focal point is forward from where the people are.

Oh no, maybe the energy beam come out of it! Heaven forbid!

Ugh. Sorry, I’m just not feeling that “transporter room” at all. Doesn’t look functional in any sense of what humans would actually build, let alone tie into Trek from any era. Definitely a big one for the ‘minus’ column.

Meh it could be a Mark V transporter, one we’ve never seen. I would rather look for an explanation, a way for it to fit it than the opposite.

Weird… Really really weird. But interesting.

Getting my popcorn ready for the comments of the “The show looks too advanced, should look like The Cage”-fraction. They probably complain now that it looks too retro compared to ENT. :D

@Alex – Hear, hear!

“Doesn’t look functional in any sense of what humans would actually build, let alone tie into Trek from any era.”

So true. If its not too advanced then it too retro or too….thats not how the transporters look lol….enjoy the popcorn.

It fits nothing, it is worst than the Gold Key comics but at least they had the excuse on never having seen Star Trek.

They say they can’t make it look anything like the 60’s Star trek so it all looks like The JJ Abrams movies then the Transporter room randomly looks like a 1950’s Sci-Fi movie machine? WTF?

Yet the Phasers look exactly like they do in the Original series- not The Cage Phasers 10 years before they used them?

NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE- do they think the Audience is Stupid?

Trekboi, you have no clue of the context. Stop complaining for the sake of complaining.

The colors and the “dish” in the transporter room look way more like a Klingon transporter than the Federation IMO. But then again I’m sure this won’t be the only visual item I am not happy about so whatev

You can always go back and watch TOS.

Why should we have to, isn’t there a New Star Trek series coming? shouldn’t that be like STAR TREK?

You realise that your complaints are about things with zero context right? Wait to see the show before you let loose with irrational complaints.

From what we’ve seen this does seem to fit in to the aesthetic of the Sarcophagus ship more than the Shenzou’s style, which is cleaner but obviously Kelvin-esque. The dish seems almost George Pal, The Time Machine steampunk.

Also, anyone else getting an Agents of SHIELD vibe with this tactical armor look?

I’n thinking we’re looking at the back of Saru’s head on the left.

Different and interesting, which is very exciting, if you ask me.

Yup, I agree.

Go watch 1950’s Sci-Fi movies then.
Star Trek fans want to see Star Trek- New Star Trek adventures

I like it, looks functional. Also like the Cage style phasers! Nice!

Except no Velcro?

If each of those wheel/dishes in the background can only transport one person then I wonder if the transporter room is a big circular room with more of those. Looks a little bit steampunk with the machinery like that that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of what we’ve seen of the Shenzhou so far but it’s certainly interesting.

I’m wondering about that as well. It does seem like maybe there’d be more along the wall, and the console would be in the middle of the room. But who knows!

The phasers look like a cross between TOS and The Cage.

But the transporter room looks ridiculous and chintzy; the “dishes” on the back remind me of the back of Rod Taylor’s Time Machine from the 1960 movie.

I personally find it interesting. But LMFAO! I though that SAME EXACT THING! The rotating dish from the time machine lol.

whats there to laugh about as they ruin what was a great show.

Seems way more like what the Klingon transporter room might look like.

Same here, and if not, then what does a Klingon transporter room look like!?

First off Im loving the transporter room. A mash up of modern and 50’s/60’s tech. Looks great, two thumbs up.

The phasers are looking like a classic sci fi laser weapon.

And the body armour, finally! I hope they are more than just for show and are functional like deflecting/dissipating phaser/disruptor blasts.

Looks like the producers knew that U.S.S. Shenzhou transporter room might not get a good response from the fans, they made sure to tell EW that ‘Discovery’ will have a very different design.


This particular transporter bay is aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou and it’s unlike any that Trek fans have ever seen before. So if you love this new design, great, it’s in the show. If you don’t, hold that thought, because the transporter bay in the U.S.S. Discovery is very different from this one (and has not yet been seen).

Or they’re just being honest.

I think I’ll wait until I see it in action before I form an opinion.

Smartest thing I have read all day.

by then it’s too late- we need to show them how wrong they are when there is still time to maybe save some elements of the show from the disaster they are producing.

Star Trek used to be renowned for its both stylish and realistic future technology. This cyberpunk crap neither fits into the chronology, nor does it look in any way like a possible future technology. It is cyberpunk crap designed by people who give a shit on the franchise.

Star Trek fans also used to be renowned for their reasoned intelligence, fairness, and open minds, but here we are.

Bravo Torchwood!

Not in the face of blinding stupidity & obvious disrespect.

I think you may mean ‘steampunk,’ not cyberpunk.

Yup. I wrote the comment on the tablet late in the night, lost the clipboard and had to start over.

Why I HATE prequels and they were silly to think they can reboot it in prequel form. Fans are just too fickle. NOW I’m not saying people can’t complain about it, I’m just saying many were going to complain no matter what for it being so different.

But I think its unfair to say they don’t care. Of course they do, they are just trying something different. You can disagree with that but they are trying to make the show their own. In some ways its commendable. But others its very dangerous.

I will say this though, when I first saw the station of DS9, I thought its NO WAY fans are going to like that show. To go from the very hip and cool Starship Enterprise to that was just asking for trouble. But fans were opened minded enough and the show was a hit.

So again, I don’t think people are wrong in how they feel about any of this, but hopefully when we see the finished product and how it all come together come September hopefully it will calm people’s fears. If it doesn’t I expect this to go on until the show is done.

Here’s the thing: whether they set it in the prime universe or the JJ-verse, post Nemesis or a prequel or some other time period, whether it kept completely visually consistent with Trek of the past, or reimagined it for today, whether they were all white men or all minorities, or a diverse mix– there was inevitably going to be outrage from some part of the fandom.

This is because Trek has spanned 5 decades, 3 distinct generations, 6 television series’ and 12 films, all with their own unique flavors and sensibilities. Some TOS fans hate some of the spinoffs, some fans of TNG hate Voyager, some fans of First Contact hate The Voyage Home, some fans of Enterprise hated TNG, some old school fans hated the new movies, and everyone hated Wesley.

Because of this enormously broad spectrum of fans, they were never going to make everyone happy. Everyone had a different idea of what a new Trek show should be.

So if criticism and backlash was inevitable no matter what they did, they likely decided to just ignore the critical response they knew was incoming and forged ahead with what they thought was best– rather than try to please anyone specifically.

Of course, I don’t disagree but they would’ve made their jobs much much easier and cut the moaning down if they put in its own time period and not the one all the TOS fanboys considers sacred ground where every prop and insignia is analyzed to death. Again if the show is good, this will all go away soon. If its not that good, I expect the moaning over it to go as long as Enterprise and the KT films. Ie, eternity. ;)

I don’t know what they were thinking but hopefully they made a really good show.

And its been 13 films unless you’re not counting TFF, then yeah its 12 lol.

Very good points.

“Because of this enormously broad spectrum of fans, they were never going to make everyone happy.” Exactly! And that is an important point. Its not about pleasing ALL the fans, its about making a successful TV show, carrying the legacy, that will please most fans and bring in new fans. I just showed one of my Star Wars friends the trailer today and he said “damn, I think I’m gonna watch that.” To which I responded cool, beers and whiskey at your place Sundays night then. Thats a good thing, yet “those fans” will twist what I said and say “see they’re attracting the Star Wars fans.” Im rolling my eyes. The show will be successful and the petty fans will be left by the wayside….they won’t be missed.

“and everyone hated Wesley” lmfao! Thats a hate we can all share lol. Nah I kid, he’s alright.

13 films…unless you’re not counting Star Trek V, insurrection or Nemesis lol.

100%. The people who were very opposed to a prequel were going to complain about it before they even saw a single photo or heard a single rumor.

And if it was post nemesis, there would be people complaining. Because those that say the visuals have to fit the era would complain that post Nemesis visuals didnt fit the post nemesis era.

Complainers complain. Always.

It would be great if the producers and writers came to my house and took notes as I explained exactly what I want to see and then did that. But CBS doesnt make TV series for ONE person. People have to chill out.

There will be low points and, hopefully high points. Some brilliance and some boners. It’s a big budget Star Trek series. We should be happy.

Well said Tiger2, very poignant points.

It is unfair to say they don’t care. If one is on twitter and reads the comments the producers and writers are saying especially Ted Sullivan one would know how passionate they are. How educated and aware they are of Star Trek…all incarnations. They know their stuff, they appreciate Star Trek, more so than the haters and bigots currently making noble Star Trek fans cover their faces and having to defend Star Trek fandom saying this is not who we are, were not all like that. Pathetic.

Im looking forward to it, regardless of what it looks like. Personally I love everything I’ve seen. As long as the stories stay true to Star Trek thats all that matters. What it looks like is like judging a person by what they look like. Its ridiculous to judge people like that and a new Star Trek show.

They don’t care. its just another job then they move onto the next one they don’t have to live with the series for the rest of their life as a fan of Star Trek.

If you’ve read about what the writer and producer say and talk about, especially on twitter you would know they are well versed in Star Trek, they know their stuff!

So we have some fans complaining that it doesnt look enough like the 60’s and others that its not futuristic enough.

I dont know, what should a friggen TRANSPORTER look like? lol

Perhaps this is just one of many tech designs during the period between ENT & TOS that were being used or tested in the field and they eventually settled on what we know from TOS and beyond.

Very logical. Would be nice if all fans would think like you and look for reasonable possibilities or explanations rather than complain. Haters would argue “oh NX-01 transporter looked more advance and more like typical transporters than the Shenzhou.” But that does not negate the possibility you mentioned that they could have been testing different designs until finally settling on what we know as transporters.

Thanks. That or it is a commandeered Klingon ship. Looks like it may fit into that aesthetic.

Maybe there can be a scene of some Admiral displaying TOS-style uniforms where he mentions to our character that its a prototype for “the next generation of Star Fleet uniform” and that it’s currently being used by “some ships for testing purposes”. Our character frowns.

Well that’s…different. Like a set from Wild Wild West and a set from Mad Men had a baby. I expect the landing party to materialize with martinis in hand.

Im thinking more The Cage/Dr No/Forbidden Planet/The Time Machine had a foursome baby.

Haha, good eye.

I’m also getting some game show vibes from that image. The two women look like they’re competing in a Trek trivia challenge.

There is a little Dating Game thing going on, isn’t there?

Ok wow, I’m really loving what I’m seeing. The sidearms look like a modern design of The Cage’s lasers, and I REALLY like the tactical uniforms. I’m all on board for this the more that we see and hear it’s sounding very Trek. They’re giving us a look that fans can pick apart and talk about and I really liked what I’m hearing about character development and the fact that we’ll be seeing science again in Trek in a practical way.

Yes EXACTLY! I like your thinking. You’re my type of fan. Cheers.

How can you like this- its a mess, modern, contemporary & retro elements all clashing so badly & making no sense. I can’t believe this.
Unless this is a Klingon Transporter room being manned by Starfleet crew for some reason then this is a Disaster.

Having held both one of the hero phaser and communicator props at our office before they wrapped out the in house VFX team I was on, I can say that both props are fantastic and got my Trek heart all a flutter.

You held these props? How well made are they, how reminiscent of TOS are they?

WOO-HOO! New stuff pouring in fast now. Love it! And would you believe it: They appear to have phasers that actually LOOK like phasers!

I think Discovery have an impossible task and we should give them some creative license. “Enterprise” made big mistakes by making the show about a ship 100 years before TOS look more advanced, and have just about all the technology that TOS had 100 years later (phasers, transporters). It was ridiculous.
Also TOS, which is supposed to take place 10 years after Discovery, was made 50 years ago with the aesthetics of the 1960’s.
So this means on the one hand you have one series which takes place in the past which looks too futuristic, and another series (TOS) which takes place in the future of Discovery which looks way out of date. So this is why they have an impossible task. I say let’s recognize the realities, that one can’t work within these impossible parameters, and let them have some leeway. It is a tv show you know, with the realities of television production changes over decades, not actual history.

I’m probably wrong, but it would be cool if the dishes in back rotated up and over the person being transported to a position directly above …


That would be amazing!

That would be cool and hey its always possibility, but I would say no, simply because even today we’re building tech with less and less moving parts. If a transporter would need moving parts, they’ll break down….. but even with solid state transporters they always broke down lmao. Regardless, I think its a cool idea.

Looks more like they’re on the Tardis.

Definitely more Whovian than Trek. Hardly looks like Federation tech at all. Will have to see it in context.

The more I see of the DISCOVERY show’s costume and production designs, the less it reminds me of anything which relates to the TOS ‘prime era’.

I certainly wasn’t expecting a like-for-like match with the original show’s costumes, color-schemes and materials for this latest re-imagining, but there’s absolutely nothing so far which makes this look as if it could believably be set just before the TOS show episodes.

That’s fair enough, but it’s going to be much easier for me to look on DISCOVERY as being a separate ‘Expanded Universe’ kind of ‘Trek’ show/storyline which isn’t set in the actual ‘prime universe’ to begin with.

With that said, I’m hoping this show proves to be a highly watchable entry in the franchise, with some characters and storylines worth watching on a regular basis.

I think it’s really sad the focus people are putting on the visuals.

Im bothered by how this series with a big budget in 2017 doesnt look anything like the series from the 1960’s, Ummmm okay.

Isn’t TMP just as soon AFTER TOS, and it similarly looks entirely different? And what about TMP to WOK????

I’m continually fascinated by people’s ability to accept something as awesome super canon if it happened 30+ years ago, but do the same thing today and it breaks their brains.

It’s true. At the time, we were CRAVING change. It was just after Star Wars, and our minds were reeling with the possibilities of seeing Trek take advantage of new VFX technology, unfettered by TV budgets. Plus, the changes (Klingon brow ridges, notwithstanding) were made integral to the story, so it made it easier to accept them. Now, forty years later, nostalgia has kicked in and made some of us pine for “the good old days.”

Im not going to nitpick your comment. But your last sentence…SOLID!

Woot Can’t wait for SPACE POLICE

Remember the days when Trek would introduce something that broke continuity or seemed incongruous, and instead of wringing our collective hands and getting angry with producers we had fun coming up with in-universe justifications?


Are you really that thin-skinned that you’re unable to fathom the notion that people may not share your opinions? Half of your comments here and on other threads are nothing but whining about fans expressing different views.

I am unable to fathom Trek fans closed minds and stupid opinions, yes.

Im a canon junkie. And I think it’s really really important. Not just in an in-direct “respecting the fans” sort of way. But one of the benefits to Trek (some might say drawbacks) is the 50 year history and rich depth of the material.

If you dont want to respect it, create a new series unrelated to Star Trek. But they want to take advantage of the fandom. So respect it.

In fact, if I was showrunner, I’d have a sign in the writers room that said “First of all, respect canon”. Because I dont think it hamstrings writers, I think it makes them better.

Many of us complained about the increasing use of technobabble in the Berman years because they were too lazy to come up with real explanations or problem solving. So they created magic ways to get into trouble and magic ways to get out of it.

I maintain this position about the JJ films. If you have a great idea that violates canon, keep the idea but use a different road to get there. It makes the writer more challenged and, I think, better in the end.

But saying that, we have to accept that what we saw in the 60’s cannot be maintained for modern audiences in 2017.

And that, TUP, is my biggest concern about this show – maintaining and respecting continuity, canon. If they throw canon to the wind, that’s what is going to take me out of the show (besides bad storytelling). I’m not a fan of the time period the show is set in, but if they can sell me on a good story which respects canon, I’ll be in.

I am all for different opinions, as long as opinions are rationally constructed. Not liking Discovery because there’s not enough white men for example, is going to get a harsh rebuke from me. Swearing off the show based on the lighting, or the inconsistency with TOS visually, and continuing to repeat your complaints every time a new image is posted, likewise.

Now, if someone says “the look of this show is important to me, and I hate the look so I won’t be watching, and I will no longer be posting in this forum because I no longer have interest in the series”– I will tip my cap and say “fair enough.”


People watch Star Trek, or any other show for that matter, for various reasons. Some people love the characters; others enjoy the science fiction aspect of the show or like the action-adventure more, or whatever. You just can’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t like about any given show.

And from your second paragraph, it looks like you can’t handle hearing something different from others to the point that you wish them to just go away from the forum.

Look, I get it. You’re so excited for the show that you don’t want to hear any criticism that may dampen your enthusiasm, however not everyone is as easily impressed as you.

“not everyone is as easily impressed as you.” thats a low jab and not at all warranted. Its not about being easily amused. Its more so about people complaining about minutia and irrelevancies. The differences those people are compelling about are the visuals, the surface stuff. Its like judging someone based on their looks. its so shallow and petty and judging Discovery on what we have seen before any story has been told is something far more problematic than being, as you infer “easily impressed”

There’s plenty of stuff about Discovery i’m not in love with so far, but it’s all minor or irrational surface level silliness. I think it’s fun to debate what we like and don’t like in a friendly manner, but there are so many people on this site who are over-the-top angry about things like the look of the bridge, the design of a ship, or the time period to the point of regurgitating the same complaints in every article 10 times, and telling us how Trek ought to be, without allowing for the same difference of opinion you accuse me of being intolerant of.

Look, I get it. You’re so angry about the show not being exactly what want that you don’t want to hear anyone say they’re excited for it, however not everyone is as close minded and stupid as you.


Since none of us have seen a single episode and we have little to none details about the plot, we’re left with surface details. People will continue to express their views on those surface matters regardless of your feelings.

And no, I don’t know if the show is “awful”, haven’t seen an episode yet.

“Now, if someone says “the look of this show is important to me, and I hate the look so I won’t be watching, and I will no longer be posting in this forum because I no longer have interest in the series”

I would just say byeeeeeee. See ya wouldn’t wanna be ya!

I wouldn’t say different views, I would he comments on fans complaining about surface issues like looks that have no bearing on the stories, the true hear and soul of Star Trek. Its not about whining about fans expressing different views, it about fans complaining about insignificant things. Oh no uniforms, ships and transporter rooms don’t look right. Im a proponent of canon but cmon, and no Star Trek is not just some show or franchise….but in the end its a fiction story.

Exactly. But like I said, if there’s someone who bases their opinion on the surface stuff, that’s totally fair– that’s what they like, and this isn’t it– but now that we know what the surface stuff is, shut your damn mouth, go enjoy the pretty shows you think look cool, and let us who are willing to keep an open mind discuss and have fun without you trying to kill the vibe.

Ahmed there can’t handle that someone is excited about Discovery. How dare someone look forward to a series that he and he alone apparently knows is truly awful. It’s like he’s the “End is Nigh” wacko on the corner who can’t understand why nobody believes him. “Why isn’t everyone running for the hills?”, he must be thinking, can’t they see how painfully obvious it is that the world is ending tomorrow? THEY’RE ALL DELUSIONAL!”


“but now that we know what the surface stuff is, shut your damn mouth, go enjoy the pretty shows you think look cool, and let us who are willing to keep an open mind discuss and have fun without you trying to kill the vibe.”

Well, thanks for confirming that you’re indeed very thin-skinned individual.

Any time, my fellow thin-skinned friend.

@The Chadwick,

We don’t know anything about ‘Discovery’ story. As I just mentioned all we have so far are surface details & people are reacting to those details.

I still do. I completely agree. I would rather and always try to find an explanation that outright damn something which has no reason to be found distasteful.

Someones gonna raise hell about the transporters….

This show is going to upset a lot of people. If anyone haven’t read the Youtube comments section of the original trailer, just don’t it if you’re thin skinned. I can only imagine how much images like this will bring them to utter rage lol.

I’ll be honest, not loving it either, but I’m open to it.

Is it weird that the more they depart from TOS and the more they piss off fans, the more I love it?

@ albatrosity – yes, yes it is. But all opinions are welcome regardless.

I’m a long time fan and have watched the episodes of all of the series multiple times. I wholeheartedly agree. Gene Roddenberry made this universe with the concept of being open minded and open to possibilities. IDIC. However, it’s quite entertaining watching people lose it over aesthetic. Get over yourselves, or as the Shat put it in SNL…GET A LIFE!!!! hahahah.

I’m looking forward to this and keep telling people that it’s coming soon. Finally we don’t have to grin and bear another JJ outing, but something that seems to embody what we all have loved for decades.

Well said LoCuTu$. I feel the same.

Yeah not remotely surprised at any of it frankly. The second we saw those Klingons in that leaked photo I knew we were in for a ride lol.

I think people were either just in denial or wasn’t paying much attention but basically every statement they put out told you if you are looking for it to look like TOS look elsewhere. I was prepared for that for months and HAPPY it looks like its own thing. But I will also be honest I don’t want it to put off too many people because if enough turn against it it won’t last too long UNLESS they pick up a lot of new fans. But we’ll see.

I’m just hoping people will get over it by the time it premieres and accept it as its own thing.

I feel the same. But I wouldn’t been too worried about it failing due to loss of fans. Unless ALL the fans rise up, the ones that don’t like it won’t be enough to jeopardize the show. Its not the old era anymore. Discovery is launching simultaneously in 100 countries! That huge, and 98 of those countries will have it on Netflix. Many more people will be watching this than Enterprise from 2001-2005.

Lol I feel the same, but I wouldn’t say fans, I would say “those fans”

I enjoy sipping the tears of people who hate this.

Just wait. All those people that hate it and never want to watch it will be online complaining about every little detail of the show while maintaining they dont watch it! lol

looking dumber and dumber all the time.

I myself am not a fan of the “new” transporter and it looking completely different BUT put the panels in front of it and whose to say the others didn’t have something like this behind? The later Enterprise transporter had some illuminated circular wall panel/patterns maybe this is just the exposed hardware. I know a stretch and non-typical but I’ll wait and see.

Looks good.
Forbidden Planet

Looks great!
If I want to see something that looks just like TOS … I’ll watch TOS.
Michelle Yeoh still worries me. She was so evil in Strike Back!!

They use the same uniforms but both ships are supposed to be technically different?
So from which time period might the U.S.S. Shenzhou be? I smell some time travel story or at least some time travel paradoxon. Did the U.S.S. Shenzhou disappear and then reappeared decades later?
Or is the U.S.S. Discovery indeed a klingon-federation hybrid spaceship?
The “new older looking” transporter and the effect reminds me of the machine which was used in Tron:

Nice. Love the phasers. The set doesn’t look too bad either. Promising, but I’m still very skeptical overall.

Starfleet engineer # 1: “The construction of the Shenzhou is almost finished. We have a minor but peculiar problem though. Somebody screwed up an order, and now we have two surplus deflector dishes.”
Starfleet engineer # 2: “Eh, just install them in the transporter room.”

Also, combat vests! That’s also something new in Star Trek!

I’m going to have to start updating the website again, aren’t I? It’s only been ten years.

I think the show will be a good entertainment Sci fi, should it be called Star Trek, that will be determined after I see the show, I am disappointed with the look of the new Klingon, and the non respect of the timeline from what I’ve so far, the advance tech is fine since I understand that we can’t stay with computer paper readings.
I’m just they have a good explanation to all the changes, since we were told it was (Prime Universe) and not the Abramaverse.

I took me a while to figure out why the transporter room dish felt familiar (and I don’t know how to post images here), but to me, it looks a lot like the dish behind the seat of the time machine in Nick Meyer’s Time After Time.


Here’s the time machine from Nick Meyer’s ‘Time After Time’

However, I think the dish in Shenzhou transporter room looks a lot more like the one in the 1960 movie ‘The Time Machine’ with Rod Taylor.

To post images you just need to add the URL or the link to the image in the body of the comment box and make sure the URL ends with .jpg or similar image extensions.

Aaargh! I confused the two movies!

Lens Flare!!!

Technology, especially military tech tends to be make it work, then improve make it smaller, prettier etc. It’s possible transporter tech just evolved over time with different variations. Perhaps this version is just safer and more reliable compared to what was in Enterprise and then over time it developed into what we are familiar with.

Looks like huge fans. I guess it gets really hot in the transporter room.

Makes me flash on Time Machine, that Victorian era time traveling machine…very steampunk.