Watch Clip Of Tilly Playing Beer Pong From ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 7 + Latif Talks Burnham/Tyler

Entertainment Weekly posted a clip from “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad,” this weekend’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery, which you can check out below. It features a party on board the USS Discovery with Cadet Tilly really getting into the spirit, to the tune of Wyclef Jean’s “We Trying To Stay Alive.”

And in case you missed it, we posted 10 images and a video preview from this episode earlier today.


As seen in the clip there are hints that a romance is brewing between Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) and new crewmember Lt. Tyler (Shazad Latif). Latif tells TV Guide there is more to come, saying:

“There’s definitely a chemistry there and we continue to explore that.”

The beginning of a romance?

Episode 7 will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, October 29 by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, October 30 at 8 am BST.

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Looks fun

Tilly is so cute. “Umm, the soldier thing is back”

TOS ‘The naked time’ TNG ‘The naked now’

OMG. 1997. Wyclef Jean. “We Trying to Stay Alive”. I listen to it all the time in my car. But I *grew up* in the 90s. Why are they listening to it 238 years in the future? Is #StarTrekDiscovery just trying to be cool? What’s next? Trap Music? #zeroimagination

Uh they appreciate classical music like Kirk and the Beasties Boys. You never listen to classical music?

No, I listen to Beastie Boys and Wyclef.

How much longer for the concerts aboard the 1701-D?

So… classical by DSC time.

It’s a mildly funny line when you read it in THE WOUNDED SKY, where they reference the classics by starting with the usual suspects and end with DEVO. But if you have to trot these lesser forms out to insure audience participation, it is a copout, copout deluxe.

Ah! “The Giants”!

I love listening to recreations of medieval music, and also more recent stuff from heavy hitters Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, etc…
In 500 years, some folks will still be jamming to 21st century music… So yeah, makes perfect sense that the DSC crew listen to Wyclef…

@Dr Beckett — nope. I’ll give them the Beatles, if any pop band makes it into mainstream pop culture 300 years from now, it will be them. The Beatles transcended musical boundaries and marked a cultural turning point in music. The Beastie Boys and Wyclef, not so much. They are products of their time, a dime a dozen, however successful during it.

I’ll keep an open mind until I see the context, but no, I’m not interested in seeing them go down this particular rabbit hole.

Granted, it’s very hard to guess what kind of music will be popular in 300 years, much less create something that would even make sense to modern audiences with that guess, much less convey the intended emotions as pop music does for movies today. Movies like THAT THING YOU DO, demonstrate the challenges of even depicting in the current era, a fictional band whose music was supposedly wildly successful, to write new original songs as a believable baseline for the audience. So I get why they’d just use modern music in a party scene — something Trek has traditionally avoided for the most part in its history. However, I’d prefer they create something original in whatever contemporary style so as not to lock in the identity of the song and further call attention to these kinds of apparent anachronisms. At least VOY gave us Tom Paris which character’s predilection for 20th Century pop culture at least hung a lantern on the problem, and gave the producers an excuse for it. Maybe Stamets is the Tom Paris of DISC? If so, I’d rather they not.

Eh, I’d make an argument for Springsteen and Queen

Wyld Stallyns. Just saying.

I agree, though that’s mostly a matter of taste.

Head now to Eden
Yea brother
Head now to Eden
No more trouble in my body or my mind
Gonna live like a king on whatever I find
Eat all the fruit and throw away the rind
Yea brother, yea.

I always thought it was “headin’ out to Eden…”Join the discussion

Me too … ‘head now’ ? Is that in a script or the Blish adaptation?


Have you ever been to a good party at which they DIDN’T play Mozart?

Funny thing about Mozart, he wrote a song called “Leik Mich Im Arsch”, look up the English translation cause the site will filter it if I post it here.

Cheeky fellow, so to speak…

It would annoy me is 1) it was 2017’s hottest song 2) they did it all the time, like on Orville.

Its a party. Let’s assume it was at least 3 hours. Probably had some music from the 1970’s up to the 22whatevers.

They shouldn’t be listening to it at all. In the 1990s the Eugenics Wars were raging, and Wyclef Jean (and MOST pop music as we know it) didn’t exist. In Trek history, Wyclef Jean was likely killed in the early 90s, along with 30 million other people. Humanity was certainly not in a position to be playing hip hop party music in 1997 when they were just trying to climb out of the rubble.

Ep.3: “The Thing”… in SPACE
Ep.7: “The O.C.”… in SPACE

Not even close.

Suicide is painless…

In 230 years they will party as we did in the late 1990s. Just like we today always party as they did in the late 1790s. The writers are so unimaginative. Embarrasing.

We have parties today which are fancy dress or theme nights, so the party in DSC is a themed 20th Century night.

No, it isn’t, until they say so in the episode. And why are Star Fleet members always fascinated of the 20th century? Only because the writers think it would be cool. Next great idea: the crew watching Star Trek. If they know Wyclef they should know Star Trek, too.

‘Wall-E’ was fascinated by the 20th Century too. Great sci-fi often uses genre conventions to utilize a love of the past as a guide for imagining the future.

It’s made worse by the fact that in their continuity the 1990s were the f*cking Eugenics Wars. 30 million people killed. Humanity driven to the brink, and World War III building up in the wake of it all.

There was no f*cking Wyclef Jean music in the 1990s of Star Trek. This show is an embarrassment, and an insult to Trek fans.

@Spock Jenkins — if that’s what this is. And even then … Really!?

Tom Paris would be in heaven at this party.

Or they played music that spanned 200 years but we saw ONE clip and it was a 90’s song. So what? If they do it all the time then yes, we can complain.

If they had written an original song and referenced it as some 23rd century band, people would complain about how it sounded like someone from today.

I go to parties or nightclubs today that have music from the 50’s (yes occasionally) up to today. So its not akin to a dance party featuring Mozart. Its a dance party featuring dance music.

You must love Orville!

@Thomas W — artists have used anachronisms for centuries; it’s a way to help relate the issues of a distant time or place to modern audiences. In practice I have no problem with it. That said, I’m so tired of Star Trek and their 20th Century fetish, which has plagued almost every incarnation of the franchise to some degree — though Berman/Braga seemed to have the biggest problem with it. As far as canon is concerned, DISC fits right in so far as honoring that tradition. It would seem that the 20th Century is enjoying a 200 year Renaissance in pop culture from ENT to VOY in the Trek universe.

I understand why they’re doing it, and I wouldn’t necessarily call it lazy, but even so, I’d just as soon they avoid it altogether if their only choice is to license something currently popular, simply because they have the budget to do so. If they’re going to do it, create something original in that style.

One way to look at STD’s 20th century fetish is as the usual anachronism and lazy writing. Or it could be that the 20th century was the first visually recorded century (thank you, film!) and those pastiche memories would be archived as the most intriguing and visually engaging anachronism of a nostalgic past.

You know Beer Pong is still a thing right? It wasn’t a discarded artifact of the ’90s.

Beer pong is such an American fraternity party thing that it makes this so US-centric. Starfleet should be represented as more global in terms of Earth as well as more interplanetary. Or do the show’s creators want to argue that American pop and party culture will continue to dominate not only the world but also other star systems in the coming centuries?

@Garzo — to be fair, I think Tilly does come from North America? If not she should. Regardless, it doesn’t mean that even in an international setting that someone wouldn’t pull out a local game from their home region and teach it to the others. I’ve been to many a party in the US where a visitor from another country was demonstrating various local customs, from drinks, to drinking games, and more.

Would I prefer they create something entirely original? Sure. But I don’t have a huge problem with beer pong here. I don’t disagree that they might have chosen a more universally played international game, but what would that have been?

Yeah… No other Star Trek ever showed people partying like that.

They never showed anybody partying to 20th century hippie rock and roll music

They never showed anybody partying to 20th century jazz music

Have whiners even watched the shows before complaining about nonsense?

Yeah… No other Star Trek ever showed people partying like that.

They never showed anybody partying like the 60s to 20th century hippie rock and roll music
Oh wait… See youtube /watch?v=PvqDkPhD3jU

They never showed anybody partying like the 80s to 20th century jazz music
Oh wait… See youtube /watch?v=Eu8GUuk3AWQ

Have whiners even watched the shows before complaining about nonsense?

The problem isn’t the old music (by their standards) but the fact that there is no popular music in their continuity from the 1990s BECAUSE HUMANITY WAS FACING THE EUGENICS WARS. Wyclef Jean was likely dead by 1997 in their continuity. People certainly weren’t living the same lives in their 1990s as in ours. Popular music was likely put on hold while people struggled to survive. This is why no other Trek refers to anything from 1990 until after World War III (in Zephram Cochrane’s time).

USS Voyager visited the 1990s and saw no trace whatsoever or the Eugenics Wars. The Eugenics Wars are also identified as World War 3. World War 3 ended 10 years before First Contact, which happened in 2063.

You mean like how TNG crew sat around and played poker instead of some futuristic game, or how Q’s son conjured alien strippers instead of some other thing in Voyager’s engineering, or how TNG’s crew held concerts of what would be ancient music played on ancient instruments? Hilarious how some Trek fans really have selective memory when it comes to this franchise and Discovery.

Funny how Discovery fans will find any and every way to deny, deflect, and defend this piece of crap show that pees all over Trek continuity.

I don’t see many drinking parties with classical music from 238 years ago. How about a more likely explanation? They are mindlessly applying music that seems cool to today’s audiences to a show that is supposed to take place in the 23rd century. Discovery is intentionally pandering to current trends. This show has very little courage and lacks vision for the future. Hard to believe Star Trek has been reduced to this. And yet it’s true.

How would you correct the party night?

Have a serious and inventive composer work with a couple of avante garde bands and then play their stuff backwards and sideways through processors, then use that as just the background to a whole new kind of music – a genuinely new sound, not the cliche that something is new just because they added a drum machine or old-is-new-again’d with dreaded sampling from pop sources. In other words, don’t just do BUCK ROGERS at a disco, which is what I remember BSG78 and BR doing.

But stay with traditional underscore for the drama/action (because the crew doesn’t ‘hear’ that.)

The suggestion made elsewhere in this thread that current musical trends would continue for centuries to come is among the saddest I can imagine. What, in the future, everything will be sampled from ‘the good stuff?’ That’ll make music like seeing most feature motion pictures, which seem recycled from elements out of the good ones or the popular ones. C’mon! Get imaginative here folks; you keep claiming you want good science fiction concepts along with your compelling characters and storytelling. Try to tell me that The Traveller wouldn’t have worked better in WHERE NON ONE HAS GONE BEFORE if he had been basically doing something akin to (but utterly new and futuristic in musical styling) ‘whistle while you work’ to get the group mind aboard the -D to help him think the ship back home. You hear musical tendrils permeating the consciousness of individual crewmembers, each different in some fashion, yet combining to inspire a rhythmic and unified response in the 1000+ aboard, helping Traveller trigger his mindwarp.

The best example I can think of for a dramatic presentation in recent years that really conveys another world or way of thinking is the whole movie UNDER THE SKIN, which to me seems like it was DIRECTED by an extraterrestrial. THAT’s too far out to go for TREK, to which contemporary audiences have to relate, but having a single element like ‘source music’ reflect the strikingly different culture of centuries hence would be a wonderful enhancement.

But hey, that’s right, don’t listen to me, because I don’t watch this series.

Haha! All I was thinking with this clip was Buck Rogers and gifting crap disco to the 25th century. To be honest, Buck had a better excuse: he was actually FROM the past!

You don’t even really need to do that, Plenty of alien sounding genres out there today that general audiences aren’t familiar with. Look up BT 1.618 or the entire genre of Psytrance or bands like Shpongle. Could easily have stuff like that playing.
In terms of the party, you can still have people dancing around and drinking (people have been doing that for thousands of years) but look at Burning Man or “Doofs” for inspiration because those parties are based around the weird, futuristic and psychedelic. Not 90s college frat party movies.
As I said before, Discovery is heavily influence by TMP in terms of aesthetic, why not go with then Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene? Sounds very alien, modern audiences are unfamiliar with it (Despite Jean-Michel Jarre held concerts where hundreds of thousands attended) but it would be a nice shoutout to the 70s and and the sort of music that was in TMP.
It’s just lazy.
The worst part about this scene is the thinly veiled US military troop worship stuff. I mean, the word “Soldier” just seems so out of place in Trek anyway.

Very, VERY good idea:
“As I said before, Discovery is heavily influence by TMP in terms of aesthetic, why not go with then Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygene? Sounds very alien, modern audiences are unfamiliar with it (Despite Jean-Michel Jarre held concerts where hundreds of thousands attended) but it would be a nice shoutout to the 70s and and the sort of music that was in TMP.”

I DO think that the programme makers needed a very quick shorthand for that scene to be easily understandable as a fun, party scene.

If they DID try something very radical music-wise, it would be mis-read as being about the music, and not about the dialogue, I feel.

I see plenty with music from the 60s and 70s though. I’d imagine it’s a lot easier to have theme nights when the music from the time period actually exists in recorded form.

@Gary Seven — do not kid yourself that they haven’t been doing this since TOS, and the Berman/Braga era was the worst offenders — far worse than I’ve yet seen on DISC. Every single comment you make in your post could easily describe numerous episodes of TNG, DS9, VOY and to some degree even ENT and TOS. Indeed, DISC is actually staying true to canon by continuing this practice. But don’t let that stop your incessant DISC bashing.

300 years ago, I’d imagine all drinking parties had classical music.

Yeah… “reduced to this”. You are totally right.

It is not like Zefran Cochran himself played a 100 year old rock and roll on the Phoenix… oh wait…

True–but, to be honest, I didn’t really care much for it there, either. (And in that case I liked the song, at least.)

Again, he was playing music from BEFORE the Eugenics Wars. The Wyclef song was from the time period that would be in the fallout right after the Eugenics Wars, in the build-up to World War III. That song should NOT exist at all.

Yeah… No other Star Trek ever showed music like that. You are totally right!

It is not like Zefram Cochrane himself played a 100 year old rock and roll song on the Phoenix

Oh wait… See youtube /watch?v=DYE3nm9voUk&t=37s

Or, maybe, the ones partying “are mindlessly applying music that seems cool” to them too? Generations love music that affectively engages them. Period. They don’t research the timeframe.

I recognize that today’s musical crowd is so much more historically sophisticated than future generations when it comes to which sounds were released when.

In the future, it will be harder to tell which sound is more retrospectively appropriate.

So, you should leave them a time capsule with CD recordings of which songs were popular at this time. And which songs they should be listening to.

You’ll also want to build a time machine and go back 100 years to make sure that your definition of 19th century popular music matches theirs. I’m sure they were only listening to Beethoven.

Be sure to remind them of that that.

In that case you don’t go out much… I mean… Eff it, I don’t go out much but when I go out I usually go to Trash Parties (60s onwards Trash Music) and Classical Jams to dance and get tipsy…

You know even before this rather blatant attempt at “making the audience relate” I was thinking how dated this show Discovery will look in just a few decades, from the 4K overdesigned everything over lens flares and shaky CGI on to obscure late 20th/early 21st century references (not to forget contemporary swearing!) It’s like that TOS hippie episode expanded over an entire series.

The funny thing is the show that came closest to trying to extrapolate human development and social changes centuries into the future by showing something that maybe won’t be spot on, but that intentionally tries to look different than the time it was produced in, is TNG seasons 1 and 2. Just compare humans today to humans in the late 17th century and you get the idea what kind of change we are talking about… So “let’s not quarrel, let’s not eat meat and drink alcohol” future humans strike me as more believable than these 21st century carbon copies!

Every Trek show looks dated. Especially TOS. Followed closely by TNG.

It makes more sense to be playing a 200-year-old party song at a party (for all those making classical references — I can almost guarantee you that no group of soldiers anywhere have ever partied to Mozart), than it does to have a shipful of officers in miniskirts and beehives.

I fell that the best Trek party to date was Dax’s bachelorette party on Ds9. Great party, but not too contemporary.

The Ferengi doing the BatDancing seemed pretty innovative — and DAMNED funny.

For all those complaining about the music, please refer back to every single Star Trek series or movie that referenced the 20th century as if it were the pinnacle of cultural development…

Also, comparing classical music to modern music isn’t very fair or relevant because it doesn’t consider musical trends and development. In the next 200 years, I don’t see why current trends couldn’t continue, and perhaps our modern music will be similar enough that people will find it enjoyable.

Hear, hear!

@Ashley — nice try, but nope. I’m not buying it. I’d rather they just didn’t, thanks.

I would love to think that TNG would be watched by people in the 23rd Century.

Honestly I would just love to think that we REALLY do make it out into space and actually working better as a world. We will have to leave Earth By the end of the 21st Century hecause not we simply cannot rely on one planet for long term survival as a species.

Am I the only one who is ashamed (in German we call it sth like “second-hand embarassment”) to watch this? No beef with the canon, some story loopholes etc., but this is so trashy. Why the hell? Does anyone consider that cool? And Tilly is more and more transitioning from overambitiously neurotic to 21st-century urban nerd/geek.

As long as they’ve all completed their relevant work and revision timetables I don’t mind them partying.

I hope they don’t start getting too ‘cute’.

@Anthony Thompson — the Elon Musk reference was “cute”, and a gamble that in 50 years it won’t backfire. But Wyclef is doubling down on that, and suggests they’re moving into the Berman/Braga era penchant for incorporating 20th Century pop culture into more episodes than they really should have. That was beyond “too cute”. DISC only defense in revisiting that sad chapter of Trek, is that “it’s canon”.

Sadly it also seems to be what everyone wants, us to go back to the Berman/Braga bull that handicapped Voyager and made ENT a joke until Manny took over. DS9 was sooooo much better when they were not involved.

Can’t you just say “watch new clip from episode 7” rather than describe its content right in the headline? Some of us prefer to watch the show as it unfolds and avoid clips and trailers.

Seriously? People cant stand people from the futur listening to old music? Like if there is no logical explanation! Some of you guys should write your own show! I would hate writing for star trek. Feels like the writers are painted in the corner with each move they make even if its a good one. I hope the majority enjoys the show. I for one feels like there is talented people behind this and its getting better and better! Keep it up DISCO crew. This scene was fun!

Can this show get any dumber? Aparently YES.

Someone just threw a crate of Tijuana-purchased M-80s into the dumpster.

Is this a ship in the Federation and did the crew really go to the academy? Was the academy just college? Despite recent stupid rewriting of Trek being a peace keeping force or just explorers, Starfleet is the military/Space Navy of the future so what is all this ridiculous behavior among the crew from the way they talk to the Captain to other members of the crew to this stuff. Not to mention how the Kilingons have zero honor which is the biggest thing about klingons. It seems the poople who like this show (as a Trek show) are just suckers for anything with the words Star Trek attached to it.

So don’t watch it… bye!

Brilliant response. Is that what your parent always told you instead of making your voice heard to improve something. I’m hoping they see the complaints from so many and improve the show.

A) Look on reddit or elsewhere here for people who actually served on ships, this is pretty accurate when it comes to R&R B) The Klingons have never been honorable, that much was proven in TNG where Worf was the only one with honor, and the only one who wasn’t raised Klingon but book learned it all. Stop looking for any little thing to hate and just stop watching.

The Klingons weren’t honorable in TOS. All that honor stuff was brought up during TNG which is 110 years after Disco. And even then Worf was a bit of a fanatic.

They basically flipped the Roms & Klings on TNG, which really annoyed me, given that I found the Romulans to be of at least minimal interest initially. The only Klingons I’ve ever found totally compelling were the ones in THE FINAL REFLECTION by John Ford, though there’s a feeling in the mess hall scene of MATTER OF HONOR that comes close (even that requires including Riker into the scene to make it work, which kinda compromises the whole idea.)

A) You haven’t watched TOS then, Klingons were everything BUT honorable in that timeline… B) You haven’t watched any other Series and Movie because there are plenty of Club Scenes and people getting fucking shitfaced, damn it Scotty was a straight up Alcoholic C) Are you a Member of a Military Organisation or have any other First Hand Experience?

Please, let’s have Tilly killed-off this season.

What? Why? Then we’d have one less person telling us how awesome and perfect Michael is! We can’t have that!

There’s a part of me that’s having ‘The Way To Eden’ flashbacks.

Not good.

While I wish they’d chosen different music (or better yet composed something original) for this scene I’m not concerned about the crew of the Discovery letting their hair down a little in this fashion; they’ve certainly earned it. But I have to say that, seven episodes in, they all seem pretty gung-ho on the war. Have the producers dropped the military vs. science schism within Starfleet implied in the first few episodes? I hope not, because for me that was potentially one of the more interesting things about this series.

I don’t know, it always comes across as odd to me whenever Star Trek tries really hard to be one of the cool kids. Just reminds me when my great uncle traded his cowboy boots for Air Jordans, ha ha. Yeah…lookin’ sharp, old boy.

Well, at least we have Burnham there as the stranger in a strange land. That Trekkie thing is back.

Looks like a crappy Freshman college party. Please, as someone who like was a music promoter, people don’t really party like this today even anymore unless they’re copying what they saw out of movies. Beer pong? What are they 14?

On the music thing, the annoying thing to me is that there are genres out there that SOUND alien and weird and audiences are unfamiliar with. Why not throw up Sphongle? Psytrance? Experiemental Rock, Experimental Electronica? We know Discovery is heavily influenced by TMP.. know what was big back then? Jean-Michel Jarre? Why not have Oxygene playing as a shoutout to TMP era? Something modern audiences probably are not familiar with and it sounds weird and alien.
They constantly do this in sci-fi over and over. No people in 300 years aren’t going to listening to awful 90s RnB. If they were it would at least be like Beastie Boys or Lighthouse family or the Acid House stuff that was revolutionary and still gets played out like Black Box – Ride on Time.
Also stop with the lame 90s college parties in media please. You would think television writers and entertainment industry people would know how to party considering the entire industry seems to move to Burning Man every August for the past couple years.

Why? Because this is dumbed-down beer-pong Trek for people who thought Star Trek was boring and nerdy. Because this show doesn’t give a damn about continuity, doesn’t spend two seconds checking the series’ own continuity to realize that humanity was in a shambles and not producing any pop music in 1997, and because they’re aiming for the lowest common denominator audience members who will bend over backwards to be Discovery apologists because the show looks cool.


People, it’s a television show. When the writers decide they want to show the crew having a party, they could go in one of two directions: they could lean into the science fiction element and try to show “this is what parties will be like in the future”, or they could present something that the audience can easily recognize and relate to. If they do the former, it runs the risk of alienating the audience, especially the casual audience who don’t spend time on websites like this one. As science fiction fans, you (we) might be more interested in seeing something new and original, but that may not be what fits best in the story the show is telling this week.

Dramatically, I expect that this scene is set early in the episode, before Harry Mudd shows up and things get weird. This is the baseline, showing relatable characters. If this scene had strange futuristic music and incomprehensible party games, there would be less contrast with whatever is to come.

Choosing a reference point that the audience can relate to isn’t always “lazy”. Sometimes there’s a good reason for it.

Yes, thank you. I know these people get paid very well for doing a job many would envy, and yet once again I’m reminded of what a thankless task it must often be, producing a show like this for an audience of nerds who obsess on every trivial detail and story point.

Do you really think they are “producing a show like this for an audience of nerds”? I don’t. They obviously keep them in mind, but they’re hardly the target goal, given the numbers CBS must need to pull in.

And to borrow a quote from my favorite or 2nd favorite TWIN PEAKS character, “Achievement is its own reward – pride obscures it.” If they feel they’ve done the job, they shouldn’t need ‘attaboys’ or fanwank. And if they’re wrong in their assumption about the quality of their work, they probably still aren’t going to lose any sleep over alienating the nerdience.

Sometimes being a professional just means doing what is expected and moving on — I remember being very annoyed reading a comment from the guy who adapted HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER who said ‘Art was a guy I used to know who died back in the 60s’as a rationalization/excuse for not bogging down over particulars when hired — and it is only the rarest professional who can take stands and walk away from jobs if it means compromising their values.

Like any TV science fiction, Discovery’s audience includes, but is not limited to nerds like us. The writers and producers care enough about the nerd audience to give us Easter eggs like the list of captains two weeks ago, but they have to care about the general audience too.

It’s precisely because the audience has to be broader than just nerds that the writers and producers occasionally place the needs of the story they’re telling above concerns like continuity or imagining what dance music might be like in 340 years.

@Josiah Rowe — yes, but if this had been one of the earlier series, chances are they wouldn’t have had the budget to license a contemporary song, and they would have had to do something original in the same style. TOS is full of cocktail parties and bar scenes with original mid-60s lounge music, lightly tinged with the shows musical themes. My point is, they should have skipped going after the recognizable and instead done something original that can’t be pinned to a specific time period. That would have gone a long way toward mitigating this debate.

I think the easy identifier, whether it is using a rap song or even just always going to Shakespeare like TNG did, is a disservice to SF storytelling (which is not TREK’s main bag, I admit.) I always thought the ‘putting on a play’ thing with TNG was particularly uncreative as a solution, and would have preferred seeing some avant-garde thing involving VFX that enhanced the storytelling.

TNG used Shakespeare all the time because they had Patrick Stewart on hand, and if you’ve got Patrick Stewart in your cast and you don’t let him do a bit of Shakespeare, it’s like having Mandy Patinkin in your cast and not letting him sing.

Although I will give them kudos for showing in “Frame of Mind” that new plays were still being written in the 24th century…

It wasn’t just TNG that referenced Shakespeare all the time. There are Shakespeare allusions throughout TOS starting with “The Conscience of the King” and running through the movies– obviously culminating with the Shakespeare references in the aptly named “The Undiscovered Country.”

Well guess wha? When it come to THIS show- THat is the job. You want to make a beer pong show? Go to the CW.

What would have been funnier is if in the middle of the party, their Spotify subscription ran out. This must be the Halloween episode. Mudd’s not even in it. It’s a guy dressed as Mudd!

@Trek in a Cafe — I’m pretty sure that’s gonna eventually happen on ORVILLE. ;-)

Looks like a college party from the 90s; between the music, the game and a mostly young crowd.

Unless the party was just for junior officers it seems that everyone but Lorca & Saru is under 40 on Discovery.

The first clip with Stamets was better and there is a new clip with Mudd taking control over the ship that was released today by Variety.

Cadet Tilly is the new Wesley Crusher, so has anyone looked to see if there are any Sylvia Tilly must die message boards. If not, I will start one.

Either she goes or we better see those big tribbles of hers bouncing before season’s end.

All right, your dorkwad status now confirmed. Thanks.

Dorkwad is related to dillhole, perhaps? (never heard it, yet it SOUNDS very 70s-period.)

Probably harkens more from the Eighties or Nineties, and refers to socially maladroit types who have issues with successful, attractive women for reasons perhaps best we don’t know. If you need further details consult Linguistics. 😊

He’s closest so far.

Is it fun to watch a TV show picking it apart or analyze to pieces? Personally, I watch shows like this for fun.

Wyclef Jean’s “We Trying To Stay Alive” should NOT EXIST in the Prime Universe. The song was released in 1997. In Trek continuity, 1997 was a year after the Eugenics Wars ended. Most of the popular culture of the 90s and early 2000s as we know them didn’t happen, because 30 million people were killed and the world was plunged into a dark period of reconstruction and the build-up to World War III.

But then, this is Discovery, which constantly ignores Trek continuity. Androids in Starfleet, replicators and holograms on ships, holodecks, uniforms not matching anything in Starfleet despite this being at the same time as Pike’s Enterprise, humans doing mind-melds because they were raised by Vulcans, wedging a secret adopted sister in Spock’s family, Sarek being a snarky dipweed, and so on. This show isn’t Star Trek. It’s dumbed down serial scifi with Star Trek labeling aimed at people who think playing beer pong and shouting “f*cking awesome” is what Star Trek should be. F this noise.

By the end of season 2, Tilly is going to fully turn in to Felicity from Arrow.