Check Out 7 New Photos And Video Preview Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Episode 8

CBS has just released seven new images from this weekend’s episode of Star Trek Discovery. The eighth episode is titled “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum,” which features some actual exploration.


The USS. Discovery is tasked with a high priority mission to planet Pahvo and learn the science behind the Klingon’s cloaking technology.

New photos








Video preview

CBS has also released the video promo for “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” on Twitter. (same promo shown on All Access after last weekend’s episode on CBS All Access).

Episode 8 of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access on Sunday, November 5th by 8:30 pm ET. It will air in Canada on the Space Channel at 8:00 pm ET the same day and be available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada on Monday, November 6th at 8 am BST.

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I love Sundays, havent felt this excited about a show since TNG season 3+

I totally agree. What a great way to start off the week right. Also much like TNG and the other Trek shows it will only get even better with the coming sessions. With the break coming after the episode after Sunday’s I wonder what’s in store for the second half of session one. I have one question for Sunday though: What is to become of Admiral Cornwell?

Admiral Cornwall is a dish best served cold

I love it, LOL… but if so, much like what Kirk tells Picard, whatever you do don’t let them promote you to Admiral. (Especially on Discovery) What if the Admirals are the new red shirts?

Shuttle pilots seem pretty expendable at the moment….what was the line from ‘The Bodyguard’, they always kill the driver?

Admiral Cornwall is going to want to go Harry Mudd on Lorca I presume… awesome! She is one of the breakout characters in my opinion, a TOS Starfleet bureaucrat that isn’t necessarily incompetent.. or is she?!?!?


You know she’s dead, right?

Who is?

“Admiral Rickey, report to the Transporter Room.”
“Oh CRAP.”

At least Burnham’s body armor has the delta shield.

I think 70-80% of STD is garbage, but I do like the direction it’s going, and it is becoming more “Trek-like”. IF the show runner make good on their claim that they will answer all the questions long time fans have and make this show fit into continuity properly, I will be fully onboard.

I’m sure they are working on that, just for you….

No need to be snotty Phil. In fact, that have said that they are indeed working on that, hence his comment.

LOL I actually liked Phil’s comment.

Most likely because you are a snott rag too…..


Honestly that is what keeping me interested in STD, I HOPE they pull off some epic masterpiece eureka move that will explain everything. How cool would that be?

Some of us didn’t just start watching Star Trek 7 weeks ago. Sorry if I upset you.

You don’t strike me as someone who knows much about Star Trek, so I have my doubts about that.

After 35 years of watching Star Trek I know enough that STD have f’d up the Klingons and traded in classical liberalism and humanistic values for ugly SJW politics. It’s sad how they can slap the name “Star Trek” on something and some people feel to to defend it like their life depends on it.


It’s become a religion by now, doncha know? ;-)

-a classic liberal humanist


Word. :)

Define the difference between classical liberalism and ugly SJW politics as if your life depended upon it, please. It’s been a long week, and I could use the laugh.

“classical liberalism and humanistic values for ugly SJW politics.”

This is the least self-aware phrase I may have ever read online. And that’s saying something.

And some of us have been watching it for 40+ years and nevertheless manage not to agree with you. Which is perfectly okay, btw — believe it or not, there are no right or wrong answers as to whether any particular TV series is worthy of your time.

Exactly. I state my opinions. You’ll never see me following around a STD groupie like a stalker and poo poo on everything they say.

No “poo poo”-ing, that is, aside from referring to those who disagree with you as “STD groupies.” Yes indeed, you’re quite the exemplar of mature, reasoned discourse all right.

@ Michael Hall “all right”?

I feel it’s going the other way, getting less epic and more paint-by-numbers. We now get to hear how the crew of the Discovery has changed the course of the war where all we got to see was a changing map and people playing beer pong. It’s a far cry from the pilot episode where we see a Federation ship on the end of the frontier doing space walks and a flagship self destructing for principles and to save the Federation. Even a cool character like Harry Mudd ends up in a time loop episode, blah. Could have been a weapons smuggling episode, prime directive issues, dilithium shortage/trading, blockades, etc.

Saving graces in last episodes – Michael character is just awesome!! Love how she is a former star officer now an outcast post mutiny finding her way again. Love the Spock-Sarek story line, made her integral to the Star Trek story. Love the props. Lorca pretty awesome character as well – is he good, bad? Saving Starfleet or wrecking it? Throwing that Admiral under the bus was a shock! Don’t get me wrong, even the last episodes still x 100000 times better than TNG in my humble opinion. Still watching, just missing the epicness of the first episodes.

Oh and seeing Harry Mudd talking Stella. Yeah, made the time loop episode worth watching. That guy needs a spin off series.

Oh, give a rest – really.

It could have been anything and everything, and always some will complain. Discovery is not superb. It is a little dry and plain. The actors need to bed in with their characters, find them. The writers and show-runners need some time to iron out their gameplan and so forth. It is like a new football manager coming in and trying to assemble a football team of his making. At first it is likely more than not, a souless and dis-organized mess. Over time, the team will mature and may come good!

I find just the opposite, that they came in with all guns blazing and set up an exciting story with a high budget high stakes pilot… and that they are slowly losing focus with a noticeable quality decline (and I am thus far a huge DISCOVERY fan). I’d say.. yellow alert! Energize defense grids.

Cmd B, they put a lot of the budget on screen in the first two with the gorgeous Klingon set designs [note the metal tracery on their uniforms, too], the elaborate prosthetic designs, and much more. I’m sure this was a sound production decision to arrest the eyes of viewers — and draw them into subscribing to CBSAA.

At my friend’s house, the video stalls and we see the Donut of Hell, rotating while the data stream re-assembles.

“Discovery” on CBSAA — gorgeous product, pretty good writing, very good acting … not such a great streaming experience.

Yeah because it was the pilot, they are always going to be the most expensive and elaborate, at least first season. To this day the Voyager pilot is one of the most expensive ever, at $23 million. Both DS9 and Enterprise were $12 million. And thats because they spend all the money to set up the show obviously but also want those episodes to feel bigger than what you might get in the regular season. Of course there are episodes that felt much bigger in Trek than their pilots like Best of Both Worlds in TNG (still one of the best episodes of the franchise ever) or Year of Hell for Voyager, too many to name in DS9, etc.

But yes Discovery will get that again and every episode feels like a big budget although the last episode was generally the first bottle episode of the series. And for me, I didn’t love the two part premiere. I mean I liked it but now looking back on it with a few episodes now shown they do feel a little week but thats a Star Trek tradition with a lot of their pilots IMO.

As for your friend’s problems with All Access yeah thats too bad. I honestly was afraid when I first signed up for it I was going to get a lot of problems with it but I signed up 6 months before Discovery started. And yes there was a LOT of that at first. It felt frustrating watching an episode of Survivor and constantly stopping every few minutes. BUT it has improved a lot for me and I had no issues with Discovery at all minus some of the commercials start ups but those have been minor.

:LOL listening to Cmd. Bremmon every time is like being stuck in our own time loop. ;)

Told the guy he was going to be disappointed. And in all honesty everyone wants something different from Trek so its hard to please everyone even if most will watch no matter what.

Hey I am happy with Discovery for the most part, just feel that it’s losing some of the epicness of the first episode. Just worry in 20 episodes we will end up with Snooze Trek TNG complete with holodecks. A little shocked the epicness did not ramp up – I mean we are hearing about all this cool stuff, not sure why we don’t see it. Hopefully teasing for what’s to come.

We already saw a holodeck in episode 6. It may not be as ‘advanced’ as the 24th century ships but this stuff is already hinted at in a show that is suppose to be 100 years before those.

Just like 70-80% of your posts are garbage. Hopefully you’re working on that as well.

Come on now, 70-80%? Lets not make it worse than it actually is. It’s more like 50% garbage, (which is a better average than typical broadcast TV shows). But I too wish it were more like Star Trek and Gene’s ability to present his vision of future humanity without the PC pretentiousness.

No one was more “PC pretentious” in the history of the known universe than Gene Roddenberry. You’re either being willfully obtuse, or know next to nothing about the realities of the franchise in general.

Michael Hall, so much truth. The man married Majel in matching kimonos for goodness sake. He loved diversity that much.

JustaStarTrekFan is either a legit troll, or just an old school idiot. He’s used racist language here before to describe people who disagree with him. And when that was pointed out to him, he doubled down on his stupidity.

Someone’s gonna die….

hopefully not a shuttle pilot

They’re almost as disposable as VOY’s shuttles.

Hello,,, Newman!
I’ve been watching season 4 of VOY and LOL’d at your comment. I keep wondering if they have some engineers and mechanics somewhere in Voyager’s lower decks, working 24/7 to make new shuttles.

That was the entire reason why they built the Delta Flyer, in response to all the shuttles being destroyed.

LOL, I remember that — did it last the rest of the series?

Yes it did!

I wonder if there’s a bookmaker out there right now, taking bets on “who’s next to die” … they do that for GoT don’t they?

We can only hope this series gets that exciting.

Actually I don’t think anyone from the cast will die. More than likely it will be one of the ships we see in the clip get destroyed and why Lorca says that line. Obviously I could be wrong but if someone was really dying, like a main character, they would be marketing that to get people to tune in more

Watching the preview clip, I could not make out the exploding starship’s name. Anyone else have better luck?

LOL no luck either. But I only watched the last episode on my phone. Have to see it on a bigger screen.

The guys from trekyards say the name of the ship is Gagarin, the first human to journe into outerspace

Ash “dies” reunited with Klingons and becomes Voq again

I have heard some people speculate that Voq might kill Tilly.

Killing Tilly would be a big mistake. I’m a little concerned for Stamets. Those are my favorite two right now.

While Discovery is a completely different animal and it could be that anyone dies (after Landry) – I’d like to place my bet on Admiral Cornwall.

I agree most likely Admiral Cornwall becomes taxidermy and is a nice head piece in the Generals room, after they feast on her like they did on Georgio?

Brrrr. I must say that would make me pretty chicken to fight any Klingons, dayum. Georgiou had guts.

Tilly is like the viewers avatar into the series. When you have someone like that you cannot under-estimate the emotional connection with viewers. She’s still new, but I can see her becoming that popular.

Look at the Walking Dead – everyone speculates why ratings fell after the premier last year and Ill tell you exactly why. They killed the “avatar”. The one guy that was just like us that we rooted for the most. The only character that HAD to be there at the end. They severed the emotional connection and made it easy for people to tune out.

TUP, Yep … though I wouldn’t put it past Kurtzman, so they can wrench our heartstrings. Remember George Kirk!

That would suck, I like Tilly. That said, Lorca and Tilly are still at the top of my list of performers who don’t make it to the end. Ash is getting close to the top three, though…

Who amonmg the cast hasn’t been in Toronto for a while?


Good question, FLB!

How about it, Toronto residents? Which actors have … mysteriously … left town?

Honestly Tilly is the absolutely last person they could kill and they know it.

Tilly is the last person they could kill?? LOL. She’s unimportant to the show. They could kill her this weekend and it wouldn’t have any effect.

It would in fact affect the whole tone of the show. She keeps the show light when it’s dealing with really dark times. And she has the biggest heart of any of the characters by far. And Tilly is the point-of-view character’s only friend – for now.

Yes but I doubt people are seriously tuning in for Tilly. I mean I like her too but she has no real character arc so far and feel more like comic relief. There is no real weight to the character. And thats OK but I don’t see her as very important to the show…yet. Right now, just a fun character to show here and there like Quark.

Agreed. Though Stamets has been pretty light this last week or so.
Lifted by spores

She’s unimportant to the story. Her removal wouldn’t matter in the slightest.

I think Tilly is very important, she is the opposite of Burnham and allows us to see how Burnham thinks and she is her only friend. You need Tilly to develop Burnham.

She’s not “unimportant.” She’s the “heart” character. While others are less predictable, Tilly is an earnest young Starfleet cadet …

Hmmm … perfect ‘cover’ ….!

She’s unimportant.

Geesh did someone leave open a window. It sure is cold in here.

Wait it IS very cold in space LOL

I don’t disagree with what you said about the character Andrew but I do think its exaggerating that people would tune out because she wasn’t in the show either. I like the character but she’s not really that important to the overall story like Burnham, Lorca, Stamets, etc is. So far she’s kind of there to be the audience, which again is fine, but its not the most important thing overall.

Yeah, young, curvy female. Boo-o-o-o, you.

Undercover Klingon Tilly would crack my soul.

Would be a mistake. Tilly is a cool below decks character, I could see a whole show on her working her way up the ranks, finding herself. Let’s put her on Christopher Pike’s Enterprise!!!

Exploring strange, new worlds… about bloody time!

I see a non-californian landscape! I always thought the whole galaxy looks like California.

Benefit of shooting in Toronto… shame that the off season for a lot of shows is the winter, wish we could have a winter planet that’s not on a set for once.

I think they started filming last January. Plenty of snow in Ontario in Jan – March if next season’s schedule is similar…

This is such a good point. I’m from California and I’ve driven past places in So Cal especially and have been like they totally shot Star Trek here and didn’t change a thing LOL. But yes I’d really like some of the new worlds and new civilizations to actually look like crazy other worldly places. As much as I love Star Trek I’d like to see more imagination there. I will say ST: Enterprise did do a better job with that than some other shows.

good ol’ Vasquez Rocks

It has been firmly established by the visual evidence from previous Star Trek episodes that 99% of the known galaxy looks like some part of California.

If you want peace,prepare for war. Ya I looked it up

New episode looks groovy. So no badge on Burnham means she was kicked out of Star Fleet, I guess? It makes sense. I just never heard it said.

I imagine it’s something like “stripped of rank”

That ship being destroyed in the preview looks like its the USS Buran. I guess we’ll get some answers on what happened there

I saw somewhere else, someone said it is not. Cant remember…but its another Explorer/Astronaut name I think.

Will be interesting to see if there is any mention of the Romulans!

The writers have said that they are purposely avoiding the Romulans, to avoid issues with Balance of Terror.

“Romulan is a dirty word in the writers’ room right now because of where we are in the timeline. The sparks fly when the writers bring up the Romulans.” Said Aaron Halberts

Which probably means they will end up showing up anyway lol.

hahaha yeah! They could mention them though. It would feel organic in an episode about cloaking technology. Like, why dont WE develop this. Oh yeah, we’re banned because of that agreement with the Romulans.

@TUP wasn’t the agreement with the Romulans that prohibited cloaking technology the treaty of Algeron from 2311? I always thought in the TOS era that they just hadn’t figured it out (despite the capture of the cloaked cell ship in ENT…). I’m happy to be corrected though!

@Dr C, heck, you’re right!

@TUP I did have issues with the cloaking technology in ENT though. It seemed to contradict “Balance of Terror” (and I generally liked most of ENT). But, I suppose there are different ways to interpret spock’s description of the romulan cloak in TOS, just as I’m sure there would be ways round getting the romulans in DSC somehow (I’d be cool with it at this point so long as the disco crew never interacted with them haha!). But given that one should never underestimate the Federation’s technical skill (to quote Gul Dukat) it’s surprising that they had a ship with a cloak for a hundred years (that they’d figured out how to operate) and never worked out how to reverse engineer the tech. Maybe the “century of silence” with the Klingons didn’t give them the impetus to develop it (I.e. no immediate threat that would warrant invisible ships)?

And why prequels suck. I really like to at least SEE the Romulans here and there even if they never really focus on them but Balance of Terror kills all of that. Oh well.

We can see them alright. As long as no Federation ppl see them there is no problem is showing them on screen.

But that’s what I meant. We can never have any TRUE interaction between the Romulans and the Discovery crew, even if just small inconsequential ones. Enterprise actually tried to pulled that off in season 2 IIRC without seeing them and the result felt mixed.

I really really wished they retconned that part in Balance of Terror but then people would be in an uproar about it so I can’t blame the writers for doing it this way. But then I always wondered what would a Romulan war story line would ever look like if you are fighting it but never see your enemy? Again, the whole thing really doesn’t make sense now, but it is what it is.

@tiger – not at all. We can see them. The crew can’t (or cant live to tell about it lol). But even if we could, you’d still have the vocal minority stomp their feet over seeing “old” species.

I always found the Romulans interesting actually and would be fine with seeing them. But only if it was done in keeping with established canon, meaning 1) our heroes dont see them, 2) its mysterious as the Romulans dont just fly around saying hello to everyone.

If they tell us that T’Kuvma got the cloak from the Romulans, thats good enough for me.

And that just feels silly to me. You want to have the Romulans square off with the Federation as done in all the other shows and films minus Enterprise (and even they attempted it a little). I just wish they could retcon that bit from Balance of Terror, especially since ALL the other shows we not only see the Romulans but actually work with them at times like was done in DS9 (although how that was done was questionable lol). But here they basically have to be invisible throught the entire series because of a few lines from a TV show from 50 years ago. Why I just hate prequels sometimes, this is a great example why.

I never understand why people like you–who clearly aren’t fans–even come here.

Huh? I’m not a fan because I have an issue with something on the show? The same guy who has liked every episode so far even for being a prequel and has defended the show over and over again?

Get your facts straight David. I am one of the most balanced people here when commenting on the show. I generally like and applaud it but also have no problem adding my criticism of it like any normal fan. This is one of them. I’m a fan of Trek, but not an apologist either.

If you can’t even cite ANY issues with a show or a film then why are we even on the internet? Its a difference between outright hating and being critical. If you are just going to be a fanboy who doesn’t believe in any descent, make a fan page on Facebook or something. Sorry if I don’t wear rosy colored glasses through every show or film for you if that what passes as a ‘fan’.

Based on the trailer, and Anthony Rapp’s and author Dayton Ward’s raves about the script, I’m hoping for great things from this episode.

Oh great, learn the science behind the cloaking tech… watch them figure out how to use it, find cloaked ships and build their own cloak all in one episode

I assume it is the TNG writers can’t get through an hour of starship combat without someone having a cloaking device, it’s all they know. Look at what they did to the D-7 battlecruiser because they couldn’t handle the idea of a space battleship – now we get to see fleets of bland Klingon “war birds”. Sigh. The saving grace is that it is STILL x 10000 more exciting than TNG Snooze Trek.


What TNG writers?

They have one writer who wrote for TNG & that is Joe Menosky and he co-wrote just one episode. The rest of the writing team on ‘Discovery’ either wrote teen dramas like ‘Reign’ & ‘Roswell’ or bland network shows like ‘Revenge’ and ‘Supergirl’. Beside that, you have Alex Kurtzman & Akiva Goldsman.

So, there is no such thing as “TNG writers” on ‘Discovery’

It’s unfortunate that you were traumatized by TNG & the FREE ENERGY, but you know what? You can always watch Tom and Jerry to feel better!

Make it so!

Com Brennon is starting to come off as a weirdo with his TNG hate obsession and constant reference to it. Yes there is one TNG writer but he wrote for most of the newer shows minus Enterprise. Majority of them that did write for Trek in the past (Fuller included) has written for a plethora of shows and films with the exception of TOS and Enterprise oddly enough. But Menosky is clearly the biggest veteran there writing for all the 24th century shows.

But yes overall you have tons of writers who have written a lot of other shows before, some decent, others not so decent. I doubt anything they do on Discovery is due to one show or entity since you have a lot of writers that draws inspiration from everywhere, including just their own thoughts of what should be done in a sci fi setting. Unfortunately after 700 hours of Star Trek content there really isn’t a lot you can do differently in Trek at this point. Its all been done before. You can bring a new variation to something like the spore drive or the recent time loop episode but so far everything we seen done on Discovery can be found having been done in the Trek universe at some point. Some of this might be done as a homage of course but either way its been done and yes mostly from TNG since it does have the most content out of every show to date.

I too am hoping for something more interesting than this. Considering they encounter some sentient beings that don’t communicate quite like them we may get a discovery spin on Darmok. Then again it looks like they take Saru over. On another note, I am wondering what the Klignons have been doing with Cornwell since we last saw her? Torturing her? I am still not sure what the writers are trying to with her character. Is she a good Admiral? Or a bad one in disguise? Maybe we will get a few answers in regards to her as well.

Actually to be equal with continuity, they will just learn what makes the ships cloak and how to uncover them, so that going forward that cloaking is ineffective. Klingons shouldn’t have effective cloak until Kirk’s time.

Same goes for the spore drive, got to end up a huge disaster of epic proportions.

Was it stated in TOS that the Klingons did not have cloak technology until that very moment?

@martin — Klingon’s don’t have cloaking technology. One Klingon ship has it, from one isolated house. So far, we don’t even know of it can be duplicated or shared, as has been promised for pledging allegiance.

Michael Burnham will probably wake up and end up being greeted by Captain Georgio as it was all a bad dream and asks her what she saw when she was at the unknown object and how she lost conciousness.

no record of such ship the USS Discovery or a Captain Lorca and the unknown object is gone

If they do that, better idea is, she wakes up in her quarters. hears the shower running. Thinks its Tilly, opens the door and its Philippa. She grabs Michael and pulls her in. The entire season was a dream.

Dallas reference for you young’uns.

good way to explain away everything and all the nit picks

lol, got it!

Because it doesn’t exist in the other bubble universe …

I’m thinking multi-verses, that’s my thought and I’m stickin’ to it until disproven

Already been dis-proven. Been stated multiple times its Prime. Marja, you’re too smart to contribute to the panicked few who are tying themselves in knots.

Every ship we heard for the first time must not have existed prior to that moment? Just because we havent heard of Discovery doesnt mean it didnt exist. Clearly it existed. Can you name every Navy ship? I sure cant!

I do believe Discovery is going to end up in tragedy, spore drive invites invasion, goes missing forever, something that spore drive is cursed and never used again.

Perhaps ending up being a Voyager redux? Personally, I’m banking on a full season of the Mirror-verse.

I’d prefer a Voyager done right, Discovery ends up too far from Federation space in our life time, must settle a new section of space where they must fend for themselves, get resources, settlements, etc. (Wagon Train to the Stars). You can then do a post-TNG series a decade afterwards on the “TOS spin off Federation” of Discovery descendants meeting up with the “TNG Federation”.
Season of Mirror-verse might be fun. Discovery gets stuck in the Mirror Universe and that is their new reality. Let me think about that.

But thats not going to happen though. It would just be Voyager in the TOS era. No one wants that.

You keep going on about ‘Wagon train to the stars’. Dude, its not happening, clearly. Not on that ship anyway. You have to move on at this point. Enterprise actually did that and what it was set up to do. Discovery is a very, very different animal and mandate.

I was playing with what somethoughts said.

But I’ve had the feeling we are maybe in and out of multi-verses. Perhaps I’ll be shown to be wrong in the course of the season, and that’s fine.

In the spirit of fun-fan guessing, Maybe the first part of the series was in the Prime Uni, and once Burnham shoots over to the mysterious object, and weird stuff happens, maybe there’s a juncture in which she shoots off into a separate “universe”? Perhaps she’s getting all kinds of learning that will help her be a great skipper when she gets back to Prime Time?

Also, TUP, remember those statements in 2012 that “it’s not going to be Khan”?

That would be interesting Marja and we do know they are going to the mirror universe, so…

That said it might be too convoluted to do and might lose people. I mean look at the Kelvin films, people argued for YEARS if those movies actually took place in a different universe. Of course it would’ve helped (a lot) if someone in the movie just stated that but you had Orci on this site directly telling you it did just that and people were still arguing as if the films took place in the prime timeline.

Now of course this may be the opposite argument and that people think this show doesn’t take place in the prime timeline but another universe altogether to explain why everything looks so different and much (much) more advanced.

The simple answer to that is that because the producers wanted to do it, no more really need to be said. But yes it could be your theory too and I think it would make some people happy if they learned they were dealing with another alternate universe situation instead of trying reconcile how such an advance universe the Discovery takes place in suddenly turns into everyone wearing go-go boots, pushing big buttons and walking around cheap cardboard looking sets in 10 years time.

But I do think all these ideas about having the Discovery thrown off to some far area of the gamma quadrant or put in another universe entirely really does prove the flaw of having this show set so close to TOS. Because in all honesty nothing about the show resembles TOS in any way and everything being done just doesn’t jive with that era, mostly the technology itself.

Again I get it has to look more updated and advanced but now we have holodecks (yes its still a holodeck no matter how you spin it), walking holograms communication and spore drives. Also that the ships look nothing like ships in this era including the Klingon designs like the D-7. If this show was in the 25th century no one would blink. Nothing on this show would feel out of place in a post Voyager setting minus the phasers and yet so much of it feels so out of place in the pre TOS setting. It really should be the other way around and yet it isn’t.

But thats just the show. You either accept it or you don’t. I don’t think its going to be any big in-universe explanation at this point outside of some things will just change down the line.

Tiger, Of course it would’ve helped (a lot) if someone in the movie just stated that. ….

They did, remember their realizing it in their discussion on the bridge? “a whole different life path” or something?

Kurtzman [maybe only when aided and abetted by Orci] is fond of convolution. Also fond of the easy way out, as in re-booting Trek TOS; just put it in an alt-verse and [most] people will be okay with it.

I certainly think an alt-verse is the easiest explanation for the advanced look of everything. … but then there’s ST:ENT and their sets looked far more advanced than TOS too. DISCO’s look could just be explained by the producers with “hey, we’re making this thing in the 21st century, we don’t want it to look cheesy.”

Yes they said ‘altered reality’ but to many people that just sound like living in an altered timeline, ie, time travel changing stuff as the film emphasized, not an actual different universe altogether. In other words, it was just too vague for most people to think that far with it. We only know because as said the man who wrote the film made it clear but if you just watched the film as a newbie it would just feel like another time travel story and that was always the problem with the premise IMO.

And to be fair to the DISCO producers they did say that. They said a few times. They also said that by the end it will all conform to the TOS-TNG canon we are all use to and THAT’S where the head scratching comes in. I don’t even want them to TRY and do that because it would feel too jarring IMO. TOS is simply old and outdated. It doesn’t mean its not a good show, its a great show, but trying to conform to it at this point just feels so unnecessary. But they have to appease TOS fans in some way and tell them everything they are seeing really is in the same timeline of that show even though we all have eyes. But if it comes down to some big time reset or Discovery disappearing, then what’s the point?

What they should’ve done is the same thing the Kelvin films should’ve done, just call it what it is, a reboot, and be done with it. I’m not sure why that is such a bad word for Trek producers given how many franchises have been rebooted whole cloth and seem pretty accepted when done right. I guess everyone loves the fact everything is connected and makes the universe whole but if it feels like its just contradicting that universe like many felt the KT films did (and mind you it was literally in another universe) then I know much this is upsetting people when they tell them this all happened in the same one.

Go forward as they should have or just reboot it. You do that, you will get (less) groans about it.

@Marja — I suppose the main problem with accepting Orci’s unverified (by the film) allegation that ST09 was a splintered alternate universe, is that suddenly the fans are following the adventures of a “fake” Kirk and crew, so why should they care? The same argument can be applied to the Prime timeline in general. A similar analogy is how the fans receive the mirror universe — There’s lots of stuff happening in the mirror universe, and it’s fun to visit, but does anyone really care about what happens to those characters? While it’s fun to watch essentially what-if stories, where’s the incentive to invest in these characters set in an alternatue universe? I think that’s where Orci’s AU concoction fails the franchise, as it fails to serve the original fan base. That said, Orci, for all of the grief he endured, probably did the franchise the biggest favor of all with his sacrifice, by getting those original fans to accept the possibility of an AU, with which to tell stories they might otherwise find unacceptable. Otherwise, DISC would be fighting the battles that ST09 endured, which it might not fare so well on TV, much less re-launching a streaming network. Me? It’s a visual reboot, they’re playing a little fast and loose with canon, but nothing irredeemable so far … Once they abandon canon, I’m not sure where they are with a franchise like Trek.

Well, looks like we get a few decent space/ship shots. That’s a good sign. Hopefully they treat the cloaking tech. plotline respectful of canon. Nothing should be cloaked yet, but already is….

I like the backpacks, reminds me of The Cage. And Gold Key Comics.

Wow finally an away team mission!!! Yes this is the Trek I want, like the time loop episode and actual exploration (even if its a military mission and not a diplomatic one).

Yeah sounds good. Looking forward to Sunday!

That’s a landing party. Away team’s are reserved for bland missions where we meet the humans-in-make-up or aliens-dying-to-be-humans.

OMG you know what I meant.

I’m just happy we are finally getting one. Its feeling more like Star Trek now.

Lol I know but DIS writers might be reading – I like to think we can make this landing party a fun action packed exploration.


Somehow I get the feeling Saru is going to die in this episode. I hope not though because I really like that character.

Hmm, from my multiple looks at the preview, it looks like he tries to kill Tyler. I think Saru gets //possessed!//

There is also a picture from earlier this year where we see Burnham and Tyler looking like they’ve been in battle. SMG is wearing blood make up. The scene hasn’t been on-screen yet Is it from this episode?

The picture I’m talking about was published in a Shazad Latif interview by Trekmovie on November 5.

Before DSC had aired, David Mack on Twitter said this episode penned by Trek author Beyer brought him to tears, and was the most classical Trek of all the stories. It was during this thread that he said DSC has the strongest first season of any trek series. I have to easily agree with him on that one (excluding TOS for comparison)

A Victor, yep, 1st season TOS was the best, and first half of 2nd season. After that, it became re-cycled with some reeeally cheesy plots, with some few great exceptions.

British Summer Time ended a week ago, so that should say 7am GMT…