Isaacs And Latif Talk ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Fan Theories + More Details On Original Saru Design Revealed

Even though it’s Thanksgiving week, there are still some Star Trek: Discovery bits of news to catch up on, including actors talking possible spoilery fan theories, more details on the original design for Saru, and George Takei comparing Discovery to the J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies.


Isaacs and Latif talk theories

There is yet more from the recent UK press tour to cover. Actors Jason Isaacs and Shazad Latif spoke to Games Radar about various fan theories about Discovery, with each taking a different view. Isaacs said he “really loved” some of the fan theories even though he thought some of them were “really bonkers,” and noted:

“Some people get some bits right, no one has got the whole thing right.”

As for Shazad Latif, who has been the subject of most of the fan theories, he too admitted “some of them they get right.” However, he didn’t seem as keen as Isaacs in indulging the theorizing, saying:

“I like to retain mystery. I don’t like to analyze something before…I find that very strange. Why would they want to know before it?”

When asked specifically if his character of Lt. Tyler was secretly actually the the Klingon Voq, Latif would only say:

“Let’s just watch the show and retain some mystery.”

10-eyed Saru

In a profile on actor Doug Jones on Buzzfeed there are some more details on the original design for his character Saru.

When he showed up for his first makeup test for Saru, the brand new alien [Bryan] Fuller had concocted for him to play on Discovery, Jones recognized some pivotal issues with the initial design of the character. The biggest example: Saru had 10 eyes, which rose up in giant crescent shapes above his head. The hefty design had to be held up by a helmet underneath the makeup, which kept slipping forward any time Jones looked down.

“In order to make it not slip so much, it would have to be tightened to a degree where, you know, I would need ibuprofen every day,” said Jones. “I could do it if it was a two-day role — I would gut through that. But looking at a multiple-year contract, well, that’s a lot.”

Discovery writer Bo Yeon Kim actually posted her personal doodle of the original Saru on Twitter earlier this month.

Takei: Discovery is return to Roddenberry’s Star Trek

Speaking to the Edmonton Journal, original Star Trek actor George Takei had some nice things to say about Discovery:

It’s getting back to Gene Roddenberry’s idea of infinite diversity in infinite combinations — and the use of sci-fi as a metaphor for current issues. With J.J. Abrams’ (films), we got way off the tracks — great space operas, all that running through corridors, zipping through space. And I envied John Cho getting that skydive. But that was it — you didn’t have that other dimension, the real throbbing heart of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.

Jason can keep a secret

And finally, here is Jason Isaacs on Instagram making a joke about the secrecy surrounding Discovery.


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Star Trek: Discovery is available on CBS All Access on in the US and airs in Canada on the Space Channel. It is available on Netflix outside the USA and Canada.

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