CBS Planning “Reimagining” Of ‘After Trek’ For Season 2 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

The second season of Star Trek: Discovery is currently in production, but the status of After Trek, the CBS All Access after show for Discovery, has remained an open question.

After inquiring about the future status of After Trek, a spokesperson for CBS gave TrekMovie the following statement:

We are reimagining After Trek for Season 2.  The series will continue to have all the fan-driven elements that Star Trek: Discovery viewers enjoyed this season and more. We’ll be sure to share more details as we get closer to launch.

Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp on After Trek

Trek’s after show gets a rethink

Star Trek Discovery’s after show ran for 14 episodes in its first season, with each episode made available on CBS All Access one hour after the latest episode of Discovery. Episodes also aired on Sunday nights on Space in Canada, and were made available along with episodes of Discovery on Netflix around the world.

Hosted by Matt Mira, After Trek featured live panel discussions with actors and writer/producers, along with pre-produced behind-the-scenes segments, bits of Trek trivia and audience participation via submitted questions.  The after show took a deep dive into that night’s entry from Discovery and also often offered hints and tidbits about upcoming episodes, including a weekly clip from the next week’s episode.  

After Trek host Matt Mira had some trouble with some tribbles

After Trek is produced by Embassy Row, who also make AMC’s Talking Dead along with other after shows. The Trek after show has already seen some changes during the first season, including having episodes produced during Discovery’s second chapter being taped earlier on Sundays, instead of being streamed live on Sunday nights.

The first season of After Trek offered behind the scenes insights on Discovery

At this point, it isn’t known what CBS has in mind for the reimagining, but TrekMovie will provide any updates as they become available.

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Some of the pre-produced segments and trivia felt like 80’s kids’ “magazine show” quality. Also, the host felt a little to artificially sweet. But I watched every episode and was grateful for it :)

A lot of trek fans act like kids still living in the 80’s

Since when is this no longer the 80s?

So, TNG fans then? ;)

Yes, they also love the color beige.

A little? I now have type 2 diabetes after watching the initial episode. Turned away and haven’t missed it.

To be fair that first episode was the hardest to watch. It got significantly better as the season went on.

They toned it way down after Episode 1. I also couldn’t watch Episode 1, but it got a bit better after that.

The 80’s Reading Rainbow Star Trek segment had more interesting behind the scenes info than any episode of After Trek.
Here’s hoping for a more adult version of this per episode in season 2. I’ll watch but I won’t hold my breath.

I want more nudity.

That’s just Mira.

I liked After Trek to a degree. But it definitely wasn’t without issues. Sorry my American friends, but this Matt Mira bloke grates on me too much! That’s just how I feel.

Get rid of the trivia stuff for a start, it’s pointless, it’s somewhat boring!

I don’t see him being American has to do with anything? If he sucks, he sucks (in someone’s opinion).

I think there is a cultural thing that Americans TV hosts, are often quite loud and vivacious. For people outside the US who aren’t used to it it can be a bit off-putting.

OK but I was saying its OK to just hate him lol. American or not.

I personally like him (never heard of him until this show) but he can be a bit ‘big’ at times.

I’ve watched non-American talk shows. They’re just as loud and annoying in other countries, including the UK.

Graham Norton. Rest my case.

After Trek season 2 better respect After Trek season 1 canon, or else I’m gonna go ballistic, hehe

I enjoy After Trek and looked forward to it every week following Discovery’s new episodes. I hope they keep Matt Mira, he’s a great host. He is clearly a Trekkie and understands the show.

Fully agree. I love the geek-out quality to the host. My only suggestion for a change would be a little more probing on “controversial” questions about DISCO (e.g.,”should they have killed off Culber,” “was the Klingon makeover over-done,” etc.

That’s what happens when you’re deep in the pocket of Big Rod.

Friends of DeSoto know what I’m talking about.

That won’t happen as such.
CBS actually want positive buzz and not any critical analysis.

That’s what retrospectives are for, many years after the fact, for critical analysis.

Agreed, Mira proved his Trek chops with some serious deep cuts. He grated aflf first, but quickly win me over and I really hope he sticks around. He just seemed to be enjoying his dream job.

Hear hear! Matt did a great job.

If anything, they need to go back to the live show format. It had a more “immediate” feel. The latter shows felt a little too, well… packaged.

Thank god they are reimagining it.

That Mira dude was more interested in showing how much HE knew about Trek than letting the guests speak. Plus he is annoying as hell.

Also… please avoid spoilers!! So many spoilers in After Trek…

I am not a fan of talk shows in any format but I really enjoyed After Trek and it’s pointing out of tidbits and Trek rerefences.

I could never find the “after trek” show after I watched discovery, at least on the CBS AA app, it was no where to be seen.

It was there on the app the whole time. Still is. If still not visible, you could search After Trek and BOOM, there it is!

C’mon, brother, even a techno-idiot like myself could easily find it!

I never checked this out but then, I didn’t watch the whole season until February. If anyone has seen could you please confirm with what I am guessing it is like? I think it is producers, actors, writers and fans gushing about how great the show is and creating interest in catching the next episode. Of on or off the money is that?

Why even post here with this “My Guess is it
Sucks Review?” Who does that?

Hey, I didn’t say “My guess is it sucks.” I said my guess was it was producers, actors, writers and fans gushing about how great the show is and creating interest in catching the next episode. I wasn’t editorializing on whether or not such a format sucks. Maybe there are people who like that…

Well, it’s getting overhauled, so ‘my guess is it sucks’ might be a spot on assessment.

Its EXACTLY like that lol.

Amongst all that, there were some helpful insights.

I only watched the first After Trek episode. Didn’t care for it, not particularly interesting. Provided no special insight or useful discussion. After shows just aren’t my cup of tea.

I just couldn’t with the after show. That host really got on my nerves. Also, I found it difficult to go from very heavy/dark episodes into the overly joyful after show.

You want a suicidal goth as the host?

I enjoy Matt Mira on podcasts or as a co-host, and appreciated the joy and enthusiasm he brought to season one of After Trek, but sometimes found myself watching the show from behind my hands. There was a little too much of producers and writers explaining backstory or story points we didn’t get clearly (or at all) from the episodes, and waaaayyyy too much gushing over so-and-so’s writing/performance/direction in the next episode only for us to be let down.

That was my guess. Not really interested in seeing artists gush about how great their work is.

@ML31 you sound pretty jealous. 🤣

Sounds like someone needs to look up the definition of “jealous”.

The only part of this show I liked was the backstory stuff and where the writers and producers whetting our appetite for future episodes, most of which then exceeded expectations when viewed.

Thank god. That bozo who hosts is embarrassing

No need to personally attack him.

Far from it. It’s a descriptive word that exactly describes what I get from seeing him in action on his show:

noun, plural bo·zos. Slang.
a rude, obnoxious, or annoying person

our policy against personal attacks is about civility.

Final Warning

After Trek was pretty terrible. Just bring Wil Wheaton on as host, stop doing a fan art section, and stop asking pointless questions. We all saw this coming.

Wil Wheaton or John Champion. I know Mira was doing his job — they told him to be a cheerleader and he was — but, there just have to be more interesting ways to discuss/dissect an episode and series. There are serious issues in media today, even in sci-fi shows, and I’d like to see someone push it to the limits, not just give us the ‘rah rah’ stuff.

Wil Wheaton? I hate that guy. I would rather the women from THE VIEW were hosts over that jackwagon.

Just recast him.

Netflix discontinued ‘AfterTrek’ in my country , but I’m seriously considering getting
the Series on Bluray/4K when it becomes available . And I certainly hope Matt Mira’s ‘AfterTrek’ Show is one of the extras !

In my case, new episodes of After Trek would often only become available several days after a new Discovery episode had aired (also on Netflix). And more than once, the Netflix app wouldn’t show me a new episode of After Trek was available, but if I rewatched the previous episode and skipped to the end, the new episode would magically appear.

Thanks , Diginon !

I think the show is OK for the most part but I agree with others they could definitely make some changes. I probably seen most episodes but I sort of treat it like I do most talk shows I’m mostly interested depending on who they actually have as guests. And I’m always more interested when they have a writer/show runner/director on although I was really interested in hearing from Jason Issac after the big Lorca reveal and death.

And it would actually be nice if they could really mix it up like have Mira on the set of the show in a few episodes or bring in former actors and writers from the other Trek shows to give their take on the show. Or like what Talking Dead does sometimes bring in celebrities who are fans of the show as well (I’m sure you can find one or two!). But I guess all of that is probably beyond their meager budget.

“although I was really interested in hearing from Jason Issac after the big Lorca reveal and death. ”

Did he have any particular insights as to why Lorca had to be evil Lorca or anything like that? Was one of the reasons he took the part that it was a one season gig? Things like that?

Oh yeah he had a lot of great insight at the time. He’s given a couple of other interviews about it too so you can find those online if you can’t watch the show but he said he knew he was suppose to be from the Mirror Universe when he accepted the role and that he signed on knowing it was for one season only (and probably why he took it). I don’t remember if others on the show knew he was from the MU though but he stated he wanted to know everything so he could shape his character and actually worked with the writers directly on how to do that like the little clues that were given throughout the season.

So he was given a lot of involvement in the character and twist.

The only thing I can really recall from him was basically him saying that “Lorca is not like any other Star Trek captain.” Which I found intriguing. Never in a billion years would I have thought it meant what it did. Once the reveal came I suspected he knew before shooting one scene. It makes me wonder what Lorca would have been like with the exact same writing but that he WASN’T a secret mustache twirler. (sigh)

Sadly the Lorca twist (mad, moustache-twirling) turned out to be quite the bummer for this viewer.

Good point on mixing it up, Tiger2. I enjoy it for what it is–a chance to reflect on everything that happened that particular week during the DISC. It’s not meant to be standalone entertainment.

I enjoy it too. Sometimes I feel like I want to fast forward through some of it though but its just great to get real insight into the episodes. But yes it would be nice if they bought other people not directly related to the show on but worked in Trek in the past with their thoughts. I think when Frakes was on for the episode he directed and talked about his time on TNG it was fun how he compared and contrasted between the shows. Trekkies love hearing that stuff.

Never once felt the need to watch it. Apparently I didn’t miss much.

Same here. After watching each of season one’s episodes, I was done. No elaboration necessary.

I’m a fan of host Matt Mira so I have no problem with him, but After Trek just didn’t have the energy of its sister show, The Talking Dead. The formats are similar but TTD is always live, has a celebrity “super fan” on the panel, and overall just seems like more fun. Poor Matt Mira always had to commute from LA to NYC every week just to do AT in addition to all of his other commitments. It’s known that, on the AT ep with Frakes, Mira suffered from a pre-show stress anxiety attack and almost got hauled away by EMTs.

I guess they recorded AT in NYC since they wanted to get Disco actors and producers on the set while Disco was still in production in Toronto. Perhaps with season 2 being produced so far ahead of a likely 2019 release date, most everything will be wrapped up and they can do After Trek in LA. Then, if they keep Matt, he won’t have to travel cross country to be the host. Can’t hurt to have a well-rested host.

I wouldn’t be opposed to Wil Wheaton hosting either.

“It’s known that, on the AT ep with Frakes, Mira suffered from a pre-show stress anxiety attack and almost got hauled away by EMTs.”

WOW, I don’t think many people knew that, certainly not me. I watched that episode (specifically for Frakes) and you would’ve never knew that, so it was played off well. Does he suffer from that normally?

Mira talked about it on Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast (now known as ID10T). This was his first experience with such an anxiety attack. I went through one several years ago and thought I has going to have a heart attack. At the time, Mira was over-extending himself with multiple projects, one big one is that he is also a writer on “The Goldbergs”. Anyway, I don’t remember the date or episode number but it was interesting to hear him talk about it. I think I remember hearing him say that Frakes was helpful.

I found the Nerdist podcast ep 929 here and you can hear them talk about it at about 4:30 mark.

Oh wow interesting. I didn’t know he wrote for television as well. You had it too? To be honest I thought he had a pretty easy going life talking about Star Trek and geek popular culture all day. I would love someone to pay me to do that lol. But yes you are still being pulled a lot of directions. Glad he was OK.

If interested in listening to it, you can google Nerdist or ID10T podcast episode 929 and go to the 4:30 mark.

I kid you not I just heard the Nerdist like two weeks ago. I was looking up something online and that site came up. It took me a second to know why the owner sounded so famaliar. I had no idea Hardwick did any of that but yes it all make complete since lol.

But I will check it out. I’m just curious to hear his thoughts about the show in general.

Um, Talking Dead is NOT the sister show of After Trek. Nope.

This is the first TREK production ever where I actually didn’t even care to watch any b-t-s stuff on it. I’m guessing it was like a fanboy version of Entertainment Tonight?

I will tell you kmart, I am only interested in the bts and disc extras kind of things when I really enjoyed what I just saw. I’ve rented discs that had commentary tracks and such but thought the film was terrible so I didn’t waste my time with them. But even if the movie was mildly enjoyable I will take the time to examine the extras. I get a kick out of them.

I’ve been very big on making-of books since I was 12 or 13 and the only ones around were on 2001 and TREK, but I find that they’re often best when they’re about bad movies. Trouble is, these days you don’t often get a warts-and-all retelling because there is too much PR control, so the odds of getting a book as honest as SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE (about Preminger’s horrible ROSEBUD) or HERETIC: MAKING OF EXORCIST II are pretty high. And you almost never get frank disclosures on disc supplements (though I remember some early Criterion laserdisc ones on the first few Bond films that were so honest they were deleted on subsequent pressings.)

I’m pretty sure DSC isn’t going to have a feature explaining why the space shots look so bad, so I’m guessing there isn’t much in the way of honest reporting to interest me on this.

BTW, those two making-of books I mention, while not common finds, are worth reading. The creative ideas in THE HERETIC, spanning from the original concept of the investigating priest (which morphed from Jon Voight or Christopher Walken to Richard Burton) and the visual concepts (like eliminating the color blue, which is pretty impossible to do when you’re shooting summer NY — I mean, blue jeans, y’know?) are kind of amazing, and indicate there was the nugget of a terrific movie that was undermined by actor deaths and bad luck and some amazingly stupid other aspects. And ROSEBUD should be enough to prove to any Robert Mitchum fan what an undeserving success his latter career turned out to be — he should have been blackballed for his on-set behavior instead of getting a giant career resurgence with the PI pictures right afterward.

Well… There is that. While I generally enjoy the commentary tracks the bulk of them are just actors/directors gushing about how great it was working with each other. Very little strife is discussed. Which I understand. No one wants to be the person to throw others publicly under the bus. We will however, get some really good stuff and when enough time has gone by from film release to disc commentary recording, then some pretty interesting things have been said. I’ve heard one track where the writer actually apologized for his script!

If you enjoyed after trek, or not, you should listen to Star trek the next conversation.

They watch the episode with Matt and someone whos never watched it. That both work as writers on TV, so interesting inside information

I’d say get rid of Matt Mira, but if they do they will probably replace him with an even worse SJW slacktivist like Wil “Let me tell you about how hard it was for me on TNG for the 90th time” Wheaton.

“SJW”? What does it stand for? STAR WARS JEDI?

Worth watching as a one-shot “deep-dive” after each ep. Any improvements to the format would be welcome. I can take or leave Matt Mira, but his apparent deep knowledge of the material gave him some “heft” as a host, IMHO

After Trek never appeared on NETFLIX Australia! GRRR!

I take that back – they never promoted it. I just found it now but I never saw it anywhere during DSC first run. Double GGGR!

I got messages after each episode was released

A shame CBS aren’t re-imagining the production of the actual show. Another season long arc that’s wrapped up with a deus ex machina, a moody and joyless main character, unrecognisable iconic alien races and changes to the first iconic hero ship of a 50 year franchise- no discovery, no new civilisations, no real science, no Star Trek. But they’ll make chnages to their ‘after show’ that sooooooooo many are watching… glad they’ve got their priorities in order.

Star Trek disaster

I sampled episodes here and there (mainly just to feel like I was getting a bit more use out of my $5.99) and could not bear it. But I could never bear Talking Dead, either, so I think this kind of show just isn’t for me.

I only watched it twice. I didn’t feel like it brought anything to my enjoyment of the show, barring previews of the following week’s episode of Discovery… which was something TNG eps did in two minutes (‘Next week, on Star Trek: The Next Generation…’).

New host would be enough.

@Joe Siegler — I didn’t like him at first, but he grew on me. Now I can’t imagine anyone else hosting. He’s exactly the right personality for nerdy-in-depth-review of the night’s episode. It’s not like I’d want to see Don Lemon, or Lester Holt hosting it …

On the few times that I watched it, it seemed like everybody was trying too hard to copy the Talking Dead format and it all just felt forced and artificial. I remember Matt Mira from his days on Attack of the Show and what we got from him on After Trek was pretty similar; it’s just his style and delivery. I do think that a host who can dial the delivery back a bit and get substantive information out of the guests, as opposed to just trying to force humor into every single segment, might work better.

Discovery simply wasn’t good enough to justify the conceit that was being pushed by this show that we should be eagerly devouring every titbit and piece of trivia they served up. It gives me absolutely no pleasure to say that I hasten to add. Here’s hoping season 2 puts things right.


It was nothing but a CBS-party line-propaganda machine. As long as it’s made in-house, that’ll never change.