Watch Airiam Makeup Time-lapse, And Other ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Emmy Campaign Updates

With Emmy nomination voting now under way, the CBS press and Discovery production folks are doing one more push for the attention of the voters.

More details on CBS Emmy submission

We have been reporting on the CBS push to get Emmy nominations, with voting happening right now. Today, Gold Derby offered some more details. In addition to the show being submitted for Best Drama, Sonequa Martin-Green for Best Actress other actors being submitted for supporting or guest roles, Gold Derby has details on the specific episodes which were being submitted by CBS for a number of the categories they are seeking nominations:

Best Directing (Drama)
“Despite Yourself”
“Vaulting Ambition”
“The Vulcan Hello”

Best Writing (Drama)
“Context is for Kings”

Best Casting (Drama)

Best Cinematography (Single-Camera Series, One Hour)
“Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”
“The Wolf Inside”

Best Costumes (Fantasy/Sci-Fi)
“What’s Past is Prologue”

Best Hairstyling (Single-Camera Series)
“Will You Take My Hand”

Best Main Title Design

Best Makeup (Non-Prosthetic, Single-Camera Series)
“Will You Take My Hand”

Best Makeup (Prosthetic)
“Will You Take My Hand”

Best Picture Editing (Single-Camera Drama Series)
“Maic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”
“The Vulcan Hello”
“The Wolf Inside”

Best Production Design (Period/Fantasy, One Hour)
“The Vulcan Hello”
“What’s Past is Prologue”

Best Sound Editing (One Hour)
“What’s Past is Prologue”

Best Sound Mixing (One Hour)
“Into the Forest I Go”

Best Special Visual Effects
“The Vulcan Hello”

Best Stunt Coordination (Drama/Movie/Miniseries)

From Mitich to Airiam

As part of their promotion of the team behind the makeup, CBS has shared a video on social media showing how actress Sara Mitich gets transformed into the mysterious cybernetically enhanced Commander Airiam.

And makeup designer James MacKinnon did a bit of his own promotion, with a Discovery slideshow featuring some of his work.

We are all proud to be part of such an amazing team of talented artists that give their hearts and souls for the world of Star Trek: Discovery! . . For your Emmy consideration: Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a tv Series. . Glenn Hetrick JamesMackinnon Hugo Villasenor Rocky Faulkner Chris bridges Shane Zander Neville Page Michael O'Brien . @glennhetrickalchemyfxstudio @jrmackinnon @mobscene13 @nevillepage @versionsofu @mthreefx @ozfx @chrisbridges4 #startrekdiscovery #startrek @mthreefx #prosthetics #startrekmakeup #makeup #makeupfx #makeupartist #prothetics #prosthetics #prostheticmakeup #emmyawards #emmys2018 #emmys #local706 #local706makeupartist #klingons #saru #makeupfx #makeup #cbsallaccess#local_706 #local706hairstylist #space #cbs #vulcans #klingon @marythechief @actordougjones @mr_kenneth_mitchell #fyc #emmy #local798 #local798hairstylistandmakupartist

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More Emmy interviews and profiles

The Discovery campaign machine was out in full force, giving interviews to multiple notable entertainment websites.

Entertainment Weekly: Growing up gay on TV: Wilson Cruz on My So-Called Life and Star Trek: Discovery

Deadline: New Hollywood Podcast: Sonequa Martin-Green Talks ‘Star Trek: Discovery’, Importance Of Representation In Sci-Fi

Gold Derby: How Jeff Russo boldly created a new but familiar score for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Vanity Fair: How TV’s Demons, Aliens and Dragons are getting more cinematic.

IndieWire: ‘Star Trek Discovery’: How They Designed the Mirror Universe and the Klingon World

Variety: Emmys 2018: The Orchestral Arms Race of TV’s Sci-Fi

Variety: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Team Talks Building a Better Space Whale

The space whale from Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

Klingons in cafes getting coffee

Earlier this week we reported that part of the CBS Emmy campaign for Discovery included a “Be Bold” mural at a coffee house in Silverlake. And after it went up, Klingon actors Mary Chieffo and Ken Mitchell took a little field trip to check it out, sharing the moment on Twitter.

The nomination round of Emmy voting started earlier this week, on June 11th. Nominations will be announced on July 12th. The awards round of voting commences in August with winners announced at two events in September: the Creative Arts Awards ceremony on September 9th and the Emmy Awards ceremony on September 17th, which will be telecast on NBC.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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Cool time lapse! I hope that Sara Mitich and the other bridge crew actors get more screen time and character development this season.

Me too. Time to start giving them lives.

Is this where their budget goes?
You don’t spend this amount of time on a background character that’s said less than 10 words in a season.

Seriously, complain about saving cash while outfitting a completely useless character spending hours and money on unnecessary and underutilized characters.

Point it, use it or lose it.
It’s cool looking but useless and she could have been a Gorn or an Orion or a Pakled.

Precisely. Not only are they making bad creative choices but they are making questionable budgetary choices as well. Hopefully jettisoning the two they did will help. But it might be too late to save season two given how far into production they already are.

Wouldn’t be the first time a Trek production spent its money up front and didn’t have anything let for the finishing stretch. That’s why TFF had those great new hand phasers and tons of other props, they were all commissioned early, before the final budget came down and Shatner lost his big zoom through space from Nimbus to Earth and a lot of other big visual moments. They still wound up spending on the back end when they had to do a ton of OT and farm work out to finish on time, but in the interim months, the look of the show was really marginalized.

Still doesn’t justify doing so on the STD show. Or on TFF. In both cases people running things messed up. And besides, while there are some good moments in TFF, the move overall is not good. STD even less so.

Well… details are very important for the imersion.

Exactly. She is just a weird robot, cyborg, alien, whatever thing, who looks strange without any explantion why she looks the way she looks. Then they might as well use a human in her role or an alien character, which is ready faster.

I’m guessing they’ll use it.

They should have gotten more use out of the variety of Klingon designs they created. I know it’s a sore subject overall but those are some beautiful creations among the Klingons.

Absolutely. Remember those articles about 3D printing different pieces of clothing and all that talk about the different Klingon houses? Somebody somewhere thought they were creating an outer space Game of Thrones and poured all the budget into it. Then, the plan changed at some point.

i am sorry that my englishe is a little bit carzy.

is commandant airiam a robot woman? not ever do I see this type of robotic in the original star trek so please, could any persons please tell the story about this robot woman? I only ever see this type of robotic in discovery!

many thanks

She’s an augmented humanoid, not a robot. They haven’t gone in to much detail about her, we may learn more in season 2.

LOL, Aaron & Gretchy got CBS to push for them to get an Emmy for episode 3. All Bad Things…

An awful lot of work for a character you hardly see. Also, she looks so much better without the makeup!

Sara is quite beautiful.

I want a sex bot.

Hoping her character has an awesome backstory. I will say, however, that the little humming sound effect they did when the camera zoomed to her as she cocked her head was silly!

Aw! She looks like a little robo-pixie on the left. I look forward to seeing Airiam have more to do…I hope so, at least. Great design.

Hmm… that timelapse just made me think that it’s almost a shame that her face is hidden behind all those prosthetics…
But from an in-universe perspective, I’d definitely be excited to get a bit of a backstory for that character