Check Out The ‘Discovery’ USS Enterprise In Action, From ‘Star Trek Adversaries’ Online CCG

This week’s update for the online collectible card game Star Trek Adversaries brings in one of the most talked about things in Trek this year, the USS Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: Discovery. The USS Enterprise appeared briefly in the season one finale and will be part of the second season of Discovery as well.

Discovery’s USS Enterprise in Star Trek Adversaries (click to enlarge)

Star Trek Adversaries is a free-to-play online collectible card video game set in the Star Trek universe. In the game you collect ships and crew to play against your friend and engage in ranked play and tournaments. The game was released earlier this year (see TrekMovie preview).

As of this week’s update, in Star Trek Adversaries, you can purchase Discovery’s version of the USS Enterprise as an optional “skin” to be used when you play with the Constitution Class as your “flagship.” Skins cost around $1.00 (65 command points) which is one of the in-game purchases you can make in Adversaries. Skins don’t change the fundamental abilities of a ship, but are a bit of fun to vary the look of the flagship you are playing.

The design of the ship in Star Trek Adversaries is based on the same computer files used for Star Trek: Discovery, to ensure accuracy. The video below (with no sound) shows an animation of the Discovery USS Enterprise from the game.

More Discovery ships in Adversaries

Star Trek Adversaries features ships and characters from all over the prime timeline of Star Trek, and they have been adding more and more elements from Star Trek: Discovery. Major ships from Discovery are available in the game as flagships, or flagship skins, including the Crossfield Class (USS Discovery), Walker Class (USS Shenzhou), Klingon Sarcophagus Ship, and Klingon Sech (L’Rell’s prison ship).

Crossfield class ship from Star Trek Adversaries (click to enlarge)

Walker class ship from Star Trek Adversaries (click to enlarge)

Klingon Sarcophagus ship from Star Trek Adversaries (click to enlarge)

Klingon Sech ship from Star Trek Adversaries (click to enlarge)

Play Adversaries for free, now on iOS too

Early access to Star Trek Adversaries for PC began earlier this year and the game is still considered in development. It is now available on Steam for PC and just this week it was released for iOS in Apple App Store. An Android version of the game is also in development.

You can also visit the official Star Trek Adversaries YouTube channel and Twitch page to see gameplay videos, which are updated regularly. This week’s video can be seen below.


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Don’t they already have a game (think it’s called… STO or something?)

~Pensi, oh you know what

There are lots of different games.

I really hope that’s how they do the E’s phasers in the show!

Agreed. I hate the “pew pew” phasers from Abramsverse and Discovery.

I don’t really mind them, but it would be really cool to see the classic ones.

Personally I don’t mind the “pew pew” ones, however, I would like to see traditional phasers introduced as upgraded tech.

Perhaps at this point the Enterprise has the “pew pews”, but Disco will be given standard phasers later on as Starfleet transitions.

I’m hoping the Kelvin Ent also gets this upgrade

The USS Enterprise….
The only thing ship that doesn’t look like junk in ST:Discovery. And its not even right, canonically speaking

No, but it’s not radically different either. In fact, it’s still mostly the same. The changes also make a lot of sense too, as they fit very well within the lineage between the NX-01 and the Constitution-refit. There are even slight hints of the Kelvin, Shenzhou, and Excelsior. I’ll always love the original model, but this is actually a good retcon since we can now see what came before and after the TOS Connie.

However, I’m still not entirely convinced this isn’t an alternate timeline. I rather like the idea that the Enterprise-E in First Contact altered the past, giving Cochrane a slight edge which lead up to the development of the Warp 5 Engine (before it’s time) and influenced the design of the NX-01. Then this influenced all development after, leading to the Kelvin and all the ships in Discovery. Thus, this is the Constitution-class of the modified timeline, which is obviously descended from the NX-class refit. I’d even go as far as to say that First Contact was entirely in an alternate timeline, and the changes occurred retroactively. The Akira, Saber, Norway, Steamrunner, and Sovereign could all have been a result of a modified timeline as we don’t see any of them before First Contact. The Akira could be directly influenced by the NX-class design, and the Enterprise-E could now exist instead of a Galaxy-class refit to replace the D. But I’m going off on a tangent… The point is, THERE ARE WAYS that the new Connie could be canon…

Well said.

Actually all those classes you mentioned were launched as part of the Anti-Borg program. Launched around the same time as the Enterprise E, see Memory Alpha.
DIS (as much as I’m not enjoying it) is in the prime line, however they’ve visually retconned a lot of stuff (understandably) Hell they could’ve set this show after Voyager with the same ships, uniforms etc, and it would’ve made more sense. Just swap out the Klingons.

Yes, I am aware of all of this. It doesn’t contradict anything I’ve said.

I’m honestly on the fence about the showing taking place after Voyager. Personally, I want a show after Voyager with newer designs and perhaps a war with the Borg, but after all I read on why Bryan Fuller wanted the ships to look the way they did I don’t mind DISCO being before TOS.

Its more sleek and shiny so it doesn’t match TOS all that well, but the reasoning’s behind the designs make sense to me.

Fuller wanted a lot of the ships to be experimental designs when Starfleet was trying to break free of Vulcan influence which is why they look so different and why there are so many random designs. I think its a pretty cool idea.

As for the Klingons, I really like them, I just wish that they also kept the original ones so that we could see there are different ones out there.

A lot of people are upset over the Klingon ship designs, but at this point they are not united so I can see all the houses having their own designs.

I guess we’ll have to wait an see.

Forget the Borg. VOYAGER basically neutered them .

I think I remember a similar theory regarding changes as a result of First Contact when Enterprise first came on the air to explain why we had never saw or heard of the NX-01 in any of the other shows when referencing or showing ships named Enterprise. Like in the TNG conference room or in the lounge in TMP. But, it seems like the Enterprise finale negated that theory when Riker used a Holodeck adventure, set before the events of First Contact, to visit the NX-01. I still like your underlying point, however. There are any number of temporal events that might explain the visual differences while maintaining general story continuity. I think one possibility is the appearance of the Defiant in the Mirror Universe back in the 2150s. Getting technology from the 2260s sooner no doubt influenced the development of that universe and perhaps there were a few cross universe adventures that occurred in the time between Discovery and Enterprise that explains the visual differences in both universes.

Love it! I love the new Enterprise!

Man, if that had been the Abramsverse Enterprise design… that would have been super.

Agreed. What an awesome design!

Agreed. I don’t dislike the Kelvin-timeline Enterprise but I like this design A LOT more.

Oh crap…the STD Enterprise is worse then I thought.
The JJprise is looking a whole lot better with every new release of this STD design.

And speaking of STD’s, has everyone gotten themselves checked lately?

You’d be funny if you were funny.

The Star Trek Discovery producers are going to be bringing us a new universe of Star Trek content. I’m looking forward to all of it!

Roger Perry is dead. I hope he isn’t buried in a Klingon Turd ship.

Looks good. Camera pans remind me of how the footage looked with the Enterprise-E in First Contact.

“We come in peace, shoot to kill”

Now that’s how you fire phasers!