SDCC18: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Panel Live Twitter Feed

Join us on Twitter @trekmovie or you can keep this article open, it has a live feed (refreshes every couple of mins) of our Twitter stream.

The panel will start at 1:30PM Pacific time.

Cast members scheduled to appear include: Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Mary Wiseman, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Mary Chieffo and Anson Mount, alongside executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin. The panel will be moderated by series guest star Tig Notaro, who will appear as Chief Engineer Reno in Season 2.

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Now I’m freaking out.

Spock #3 will be played by — not Zachary Quinto.

LOL I’m not surprised. I said over and over again its no way Quinto would be Spock because it would be confusing and they clearly want to keep the film universe and TV universe separate.

BUT I was also the guy who said I didn’t think they would ever show Spock on the show (at least as an adult), so I’m not pretending I have a clue what’s going on lol. The Quinto thing was just common sense though because its no way they would’ve filmed those scenes with him and not made a big deal about it.

I hear ya’.

So, now the speculation begins: Who will be Spock? Then the comparisons begin: Who is the better Spock?

It’s gonna be a long year.

LOL there will be tons of that. But thats already been happening between Kelvin and TOS obviously. At this point its natural.

I won’t even begin speculating who it is, although I’m shocked he’s just not at CC for a surprise appearance. THey already let the cat out of the bag. My guess is we will here very soon at least.

I’m thinking he hasn’t been cast yet and may not appear until the second half of the season.

Wow that didn’t occur to me. But looking at the trailer (which looks AMAZING btw) I can see that happening. I read somewhere Pike and the Enterprise would only be in the first two episodes but I guess it doesn’t mean Spock himself can’t show up later if thats true.

Maybe a bit more Pike than Enterprise?

Leonard Nimoy will always be the true Spock and will always be the definitive.

I think we’ll only see Spock as a child in flasbacks

Could be right but it would be weird to have an entire story line trying to find the guy and we never actually see him.

I did say that if they have the Enterprise then they HAVE to have Spock there. But I also tempered that with the fact that STD did amazingly dumb things before so I would not be surprised if they did some more in S2.

Any one ask about more visual continuity with TOS?

I don’t believe so, no.

This is all very pleasant but there’s not a lot of meat here so far other than Spock and we’re an hour in. C’mon, people!

There was the No. 1 reveal. But I think we sorta knew that had to be coming anyway.

Yeah. No major announcements, no footage, no trailers, no surprises.

Supposedly there was a S2 trailer shown and would be available later.

It is now on Youtube!

Yep! Just saw it. And wow what a DIFFERENCE from the season 1 trailer…and in a good way.

In every possible way. In the immortal words of Fandom: “Please don’t suck! Please don’t suck!”

That was a bit underwhelming.

My takeaway from this is pretty much not what I think STD people would like. And that is, it feels like a show centered on Pike commanding the Enterprise would be more fun and interesting than anything done on Discovery. A side effect of bringing in the Enterprise so early in their run.

As soon as the Enterprise appeared on screen that immediately shifted the focus of season 2.

Yes. AWAY from Burnham & Co. and the Discovery to the more interesting and exciting prospect… The USS Enterprise under command of Christopher Pike. Again, not what I would think the people running the show ought to want have happen.

Probably not, no.

It feels like a cop out Pike would show up and take control of DIS. Of course they will have some technobabble reason for it but people want to see him on the Enterprise. But I find it hard to believe they would be able to get away not showing the bridge of that ship.

My fear is that we’ll see bits of the Enterprise but never make it onto the bridge.

Yeah that will feel like a total cop out. If you’re going to go there, then GO THERE!

I’m not into the whole Pike/Enterprise/Spock thing like others are but I understand why they are doing it and I’m naturally curious (and I have been very supportive about it even if I think its all too soon). But once you showed that ship, you raised expectations so don’t chicken out now!