Nichelle Nichols Announces Her Final Film, Seeking Crowdfunding To Start ‘Noah’s Room’

Star Trek legend Nichelle Nichols has announced what she is calling her “legacy project” and she is seeking crowdfunding support, with some interesting perks, to get it going.

Nichols sees Noah’s Room as her legacy project

Nichelle Nichols has announced her final on-screen performance will be for the film Noah’s Room, a film she is also executive producing and sees as her “legacy project.” It is a film she has wanted to do for ten years, since it was first brought to her by her manager Gilbert Bell, who is producing the film. According to the official release, Noah’s Room is “a feature film about bringing diverse people together with love, faith, and forgiveness.”

Noah’s Room is inspired by true events and tells the story of an African-American family who takes in an abused and troubled white youth to raise as one of their own. When a horrible tragedy claims the life of their teenage son Noah, their family is left devastated and faced with an immediate and difficult decision to make. It is described as a “blunt in your face contemporary look at what it’s like to be black in today’s America.”

Nichols will be portraying the matriarch of the family. The actress has also released a video talking about what the project means to her.

Some other additional casting has also been completed with Cougar MacDowall (Camp Twilight) set to play the young white boy and Dennis Haysbert (24) set to play the family’s father. Casting for the mother and son is still underway. A script written by Allesandro Digeantano has also been completed, with a search for director underway. According to Bell, Nichelle Nichols and the team are keen to find a woman of color the helm Noah’s Room.

Cougar MacDowall and Dennis Haysbert are attached to Noah’s Room

Indigogo campaign with perks seeks to fund the filming of Nichols scenes this fall

The goal is to have the film released theatrically or via a streaming service. The budget for the independent film is around $2 million, and they are seeking $350,000 to jump-start the project. This initial funding should help them attract additional talent and investors to complete the film.

One key campaign goal is to film Nichelle’s scenes as soon as possible. At age 86, Nichelle Nichols has determined this will be her final on-screen performance. According to the campaign “Funds pledged to Nichelle Nichols Legacy Project, Noah’s Room will be used directly for the production and completion of the feature film.”

Being a crowdfunding campaign, there are a number of perks available, depending on the level of funding. $25 or more provides a guaranteed first look at the film before release via online streaming. $200 provides an autograph from Nichelle Nichols. Higher levels offer “UltraFan Packages,” set visits, and even a speaking role.

For more information, visit The campaign ends November 2.

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Still in love with this lady after 40-plus years. Axanar left a horrible taste in my mouth for this sort of thing, but no matter; I’ll gladly kick in.

Would be great to see her do something of some value beyond Trek for a change, particularly as a swansong. Glad she’s still with us.

I’d say her long work with NASA was “something of value”.

Happy to donate to this, a bit disheartening to see so little interest drummed up so far. Spread the word to other sites and forums!

Very interested. Love this!

I would love to believe Nichelle was up to this but given her diagnosis of dementia and the court case documents which state this so called ‘manager’ is suspected of stealing all her money, I would be very wary of supporting this.

Seems to have been shuttered. :(