DST UK: Jason Isaacs, Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis And Michael Dorn Talk Returning To Star Trek, And More

(Sam Dar'Ragh)

Over the weekend many of Star Trek’s biggest names were in Birmingham, England for the big Destination Star Trek convention. We have already covered some of the announcements as well as the Discovery panel, but there were some more fun moments, comments and highlights, including a few Trek stars talking about what they are interested in doing in the future. We also have some fun social media highlights from the weekend, along with the best celebrity tweets.

Jason Isaacs ready to return to the Disco

“I’m not happy to hang up my phaser yet. If they’ll have me back, I’ll do it.”

Jason Isaacs (Sam Dar’Ragh)

What feud? Issacs crashes Shatner panel for hug

(Jason Isaacs) “This is my childhood hero. Enjoy him.”

Jason Isaacs and William Shatner at DST 2018

Jason Isaacs and William Shatner (Twitter/Set The Tape)

What would it take to get Kate Mulgrew to put her space suit on again?

“Shatner, Stewart and myself in some sort of movie – I’d love to do that. So the answer is ‘yes.’”

Kate Mulgrew (Sam Dar’Ragh)

Marina Sirtis wants to get one thing straight on new Picard series

“Let’s just this straight, right. When [Patrick Stewart] made the announcement that Jean-Luc Picard is back, in Las Vegas, he didn’t say Star Trek: The Next Generation is back. And that is all I have to say about that…We are not holding our breath, let’s put it that way.”

Michael Dorn is not interested in a cameo in Picard series

“I don’t want to be part of the Picard series if it is just a cameo, like, “Oh Mr. Worf, what are you doing here? First of all because I would have to put on makeup once again, and only if it is very important…I wouldn’t think we we are going to be involved in [the Picard series].”

Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis (Sam Dar’Ragh)

Renewed CBS interest in Star Trek gives Michael Dorn hope for Worf series

“Yes, I think there is a chance now [for a Worf Star Trek series on CBS All Access]. Before this last announcement of all the interest they have in [Star Trek], I didn’t thing it was going to happen, but I am encouraged. I would definately do it again, but it would have to be the right situation and everything would have to be along the lines that the script is. But yeah, I would love to do it.”

Michael Dorn (Matthew Rimmer)

Ira on the long wait for the DS9 documentary What We Left Behind

“It took us seven years to do 170 plus episodes of Deep Space Nine; it’s taken us five years to do an hour and fifteen minutes of this doc. After [seeing] the movie [What We Left Behind], if you could explain to me why, that would be appreciated.”

Ira Steven Behr (Matthew Rimmer)

Alexander Siddig crashes DS9 documentary panel to thank Ira

“Thank you! You are a wonderful human being, sir. And I think I owe you my career.”

Terry Farrell says Dax was very open-minded about inter-species dating

“I don’t think it was bestiality, but it was definitely on the pansexual range with Dax. That was cool about her. I didn’t even know what that was then.”

“‘Rejoined,’ that was definitely an episode where it was like this is going to be groundbreaking and it was more appropriate for Dax to play this part than any other splashy sitcom where two girls were kissing…they actually had a point to a story. But, I also think Dax and Worf being married and in an inter-racial relationship, but that didn’t feel so groundbreaking to me. It just seemed kind of cool that we were doing this and we were two aliens, but we were really a white woman and a brown man, let’s just say it…Whenever we got a chance to so something all-inclusive and made people feel good about accepting other people for who they are not just tolerating them, then we were doing what we should have for Star Trek.”

Terry Farrell and Alexander Siddig (Sam Dar’Ragh)

Walter Koenig on Star Trek‘s impact on his life

“Life in general is unpredictable, particularly with Star Trek it is a capricious situation that I initially considered to be something that I might have trouble remembering in a month’s time, it has consumed most of my life.”

Walter Koenig (Twitter/The Nerd Party)

Shatner reveals his favorite thing about Star Trek

[What was your favourite part of Star Trek?] “Me…And then George Takei.”

“When they said they were going to kill Captain Kirk, I immediately set to work working out how to bring him back [in the novel Star Trek: The Return]”

William Shatner (Graham Martin/Destination Star Trek)

Wilson Cruz on reaction to Stamets/Culber relationship

“We would be lying if we didn’t say there was some push back. Anthony (Rapp) and myself have tried our best to concentrate on the good, and there has been a lot more good. Some of the ignorant comments can be louder at times, but what has been overwhelming has been the gratitude towards us.”

Wilson Cruz with Jayne Brook (Matthew Rimmer)

Rene Auberjonois talks depth of characters on DS9

“Was [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine] the best? It was the best for us. I think at the time, the darkness, the neurotic quality of the characters gave it a kind of character and depth that perhaps was not part of the other versions.”

Nana Visitor sees some Kira in Discovery

“We definitely were [the black sheep of the Star Trek family]. I have only seen the first three episodes of [Star Trek: Discovery] and I understand as you go into it, it takes a darker turn. But we all stood on the shoulders of the show before and rightly so that they build on what we did. I certainly saw elements of Kira in the first three episodes, and I loved it. I was proud of it and was glad.”

Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois (Sam Dar’Ragh)

Jeri Ryan relieved she avoided typecasting as Seven of Nine

“One of the reasons I was reluctant to sign on to Voyager initially is because it was kind of notorious for the actors to be pigeonholed into those roles and not be able to break out into other things. And that was still pretty early in my career and I was not real excited to possibly jump into that forever and not be able to do other things. And so I was hugely relieved when within a month of the show wrapping I was on a David E. Kelley show, Boston Legal.”

Jeri Ryan (Matthew Rimmer)

Trek celebs celebrate DST Birmingham on social media

Here are some of the fun tweets from the Star Trek celebs and fans during Destination Star Trek.

Cosplay fun

Finally, here are some fun examples of the cosplay seen at the con.

DST will be back in 2019

UK’s Destination Star Trek had skipped a year;  the last one before this year was in 2016. But it was just announced the con will be back in Birmingham in 2019, from the 25th to 27th October. Tickets are already on sale at eventbrite.co.uk.

Special thanks to Sam and the other @TrekkieGirls for contributing some of the photos for this article.

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There won’t be a worf series. But they will offer dorn a role at some point on the Picard series along with the rest of the cast. What’s wrong with that?

I do hope we see of Worf, Riker, and Data at least in some key roles.

I hope not. The only Riker I would like to see is Thomas and Data is long dead anyway.

I would also like to see them return. Get as many as the old crew back as possible. That would be awesome.

I know some will show. But I am hoping they keep it to a minimum.

No actor wants a walk-on.

Would love dorn in discovery as a member of his house in the era.

Weren’t there rumors before the show even started that he was approached about appearing on Discovery but declined?

That’s a fun picture of Mary Chieffo and Michael Dorn. Wouldn’t the Worf ancestor who defended Kirk and McCoy in Undiscovered Country be kicking around somewhere in the Klingon Empire around Discovery’s time period…

Possibly but Dorn is 30 years older whereas his character would be 40 years younger.

The great thing about wearing so much makeup is that age is easy enough to work around and Michael Dorn doesn’t appear 20 years older.

Yes that would be awesome

Marina Sirtis recently played a Troi-like key character in 5th Passenger (2018)
, and showed she can still act well for an audience .
Love Bill’s Books and he should have produced them thru’ His Outer Space Channel .

They’re not “Bill’s books.” The Reeves-Stevens wrote them. He had very little to do with them.

Great coverage, as always. It saddens me that even a few Trek fans are bothered by the existence of the gay relationship. I just don’t get how you can be a Trek fan and yet be bothered by that stuff.

Same here, Jack. You’re absolutely right.

Some Trek fans in the 60s complained about the kiss in Plato’s Stepchildren. Some people are just dumb.

It’s news to me. I haven’t seen any homophobic behavior aimed at Disco at all. I have heard some concerns about Lt. Stamets, and how his character will evolve given the fact that if there’s no spore drive, you don’t need a mycologist on a Section 31 ship. Another concern was how Stamets would access the mycelial network to communicate with Hugh? It seems as though Hugh will have to be reincarnated/reanimated, or whatever. That scenario will require a classic, Star Trek, technobabbling explanation. No, the only concerns I’ve heard of any magnitude were in regards to the plot.
Besides, it’s best to just ignore that type of vitriol and stay focused on the subject matter. There will always be hatred, and if you expose your heart to it it will sadden you. If we’re ever going to reach the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th century, we will have to leave behind the anger, hatred, and divisiveness that is so prevalent these days. Maybe it’s suddenly risen to the surface because- as a species- we are finally ready to face it. It can’t remain hidden any longer. Who knows? All I know is that: As long as Star Trek continues to fill me with hope I will always anticipate the next episode, chapter, or movie.

Jerks are always the loudest ones in the room…

Discovery exists because of those jerks.

Because those people don’t really understand Star Trek.

No idea, why do we have gay relationships shoved down our throat instead of concentrating on the actual characters? What’s with the SJW identity politics? Those are the questions you should be asking.

Safe Space violated! Dissenting opinions will not be tolerated! Ban Troll! Ban Troll! Uptopia will be maintained!!

Sounds like Trekcore.

Amazing coverage TM! Thanks!

And man it’s amazing how big the Trek family is. So many great photos from all the casts. Dorn may not get his Worf show but I do have a feeling we will see Worf again and quite others in the future. ;)

Dorn needs to give up on this Captain Worf nonsense. It’ll never happen. If he is offered an appearance on the Picard show and the money is half decent it’ll be his best chance to revisit the character. I’m sure if that were the case his obvious bitterness will take a backseat.

Yeah he seriously needs to let it go lol. It’s starting to feel a bit desperate now. And I’m sorry I LOVE Worf, but a show just with Klingons would bore me to death. They already bore me on DIS and they weren’t even in every episode.

It’s starting to feel a little like Takei not dropping the Sulu show concept. He pushed that for quite some time.

I’ve seen this proposal for a Worf series mentioned several times, but is he really serious about it? Or is he just playing along as fans keep asking him at conventions?

Nope, he tried to crowdfund a campaign for it a few years ago and insists he has pitch meetings at CBS.

You would think so wouldn’t you?

Nope he is not only dead serious he has been pushing this idea for over 5 years now lol. I found a clip on YT in 2013 where he talks about it at a convention and go into a lot of detail. According to him CBS was interested in at least the idea until the Kelvin movies screwed it up.

It starts at the :25 mark:


Were fans ever REALLY clamoring for a Worf series?

It’ll alternate with Captain Sulu like Columbo did with McCloud back in the day.

Right on, Jason Issacs. They never should have written you out.

I think it’s pretty obvious he only signed for a season and wasn’t “written out”. His mirror universe status was hinted right from his first appearance.

You are of course correct El Chup although they have also suggested that the tie in media for the show is semi canon and (SPOILER)

the second DSC novel featured an epilogue that showed prime Lorca to be alive in the Mirror Universe so you never know…

Oh, I’m not saying he’s not coming back, only that he wasn’t “written out”. His (Isaacs’) arc was set from day one.

They never should have made him “boring evil guy”. Too late for him to come back now. I really have no interest in seeing the prime version of Lorca. At all.

They didn’t. He was among the best aspects of season one.

He was… Until he wasn’t.

you really can’t let that go, can you? How many times have you complained about his character by this point?

Why not chastise the others who have ripped on the decision as well? I’m not alone in pointing this out. And I will continue to do so every time the situation calls for it. You don’t like it, then feel free to ignore my posts.

They DIDN’T write him out. He was hired to play a one-season character, and it ended the way they intended.

More precisely, they should never have written him IN as “MU Lorca.”

I don’t think Worf needs to have his own series as he is the most explored character in all of Star Trek. He had 11 seasons to explore his character, I don’t really need anymore.

If only CBS considered it’s fans a little more…

Which fans?

As opposed to FRASIER, who had, what double this number? (not that I ever needed even three seasons of that in any form.)

Myself, I’d rather see a Worf show than a Picard show.

Michael Dorn has had the most screen time than any other Star Trek character imaginable. Worf is like Spock to me, we know MORE than we need to know at this point. Sure they can always add more obviously, but to say his character hasn’t been explored fully at this point is ridiculous. Unless you’re talking about a prequel where we see him as a kid his adult life has had more development than majority of Trek characters out there. Give CHekhov a show if this is about developing characters farther that actually need it. That guy has been around 50 years, most fans will be lucky to tell you five things about him outside of trivia.

CBS doesn’t take it’s fans feedback into consideration as much as other popular franchises. They always model new material towards new audiences that don’t know Trek. As a result they always have to re-invent, and re-explain their tech. leaving the fans in the dust.
I want to see a new, live-action Star Trek series made for the fans. I’m sure there’s enough of us fans of every age, ethnicity and background to support it.

The fans alone aren’t enough. They have to appeal to the wider audience as well.

To their credit they are trying to listen to fans and make the second season more fan friendly.

Plus, the franchise is so big and old that fans are fans for differing reasons and what may be fan friendly for one person isn’t necessarily so for another. So I would more interested in what you mean buy “made for the fans”.

Probably gonna get made fun of for this….but what is DST??

A convention in Europe. And before you ask: Europe is a continent.

More precisely, Europe is a continent on Earth, the 3rd planet of the Solar System.

More important: There are really other countries in the world than the USA…

Destination Star Trek. Ignore the idiots who want to make you look like a fool. :)

Had a great time at this year’s event. The organisers seemed to have listening and took on board what was said about 2016. They still need to sort the audio out though. On the Excelsior stage it was not good to say the least. If they ever read this please also don’t allow dumb stall holders to blare loud music around a cavernous echoy hall. That didn’t help either.

If you want to give feedback to the organizers there’s probably a better way than posting it as a comment on some random website.

The rainbow Bat’leth kills …. with love.

Oh, good god, Dorn, give it a rest. No one is going to do a Worf series.

am afraid time is the fire in which they burn

hello, jason issacs.

Wow, Armin Shimerman wearing his Quark makeup still looks EXACTLY as he did on the show. Max Grodénchik and Aron Eisenberg, on the other hand… hehehehe…
To be fair, I would guess that Shimerman wore an original Quark-headpiece and they just didn’t have original Rom- and Nog-headpieces at hand.

Agree, Shimerman looks great. They should rather make a Quark series instead of a Worf one.

Sold, American!

I’d rather see a Quark series than the Picard one. A Quark series could tackle Trumpism head-on. Could call it FALSE PROFITS.

Well… that’s how makeup works.

Par (On phone): Hey Michael you wanna be on the Picard show as worf? ….
MD: would this lead to a Worf series?
Par: uh no youd just be on the new show in a guest spot..
MD: then no..
Par: really? we got like an episode all about Picard travelling to the Klingon homeworld and you there as Ambassador Worf. your old pal Frakes is going to direct..
MD: um..er..
Par: ..and there will probably be more klingon eps down the line too where worf would appear..
MD: um..er.. Worf Tv series or nothing! *click*

Nitpicking: Paramount is not in charge of any Trek TV shows.

First of all: Data’s death was turning point in his path to gain humanity. He in the end had purest soul. More pure than eny human being. He sacraficed himself. Demishing his death that pushed Picard back to exploration would be like making The Last Jedi in world of Star Trek, where no actions that pushed story so far before never mattered at all. And story will be just fucked up.

Jeri Ryan’s next show after VOY was Boston Public, she guested in Boston Legal years later…

Clickbait. The title of the article makes it sound like they were returning. Very naughty.

Also Terry Farrell thought it was bestiality? Oooookkkaaayy.

Jeri Ryan wasn’t on Boston Legal, but on Boston Public.

You are the second person to point that out. It seems that Jeri Ryan said Boston Legal. So either she was misquoted, or she has the titles of those shows mixed up.