New ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season Two Posters and Cast Images, First Episode Gets A Title

With Season 2 only a couple of weeks away, Discovery is out in full force. New images have been shared with various press outlets.

New Posters

IGN got an exclusive set of new Discovery posters which pair off different characters – Pike and Georgiou, Burnham and Spock, Stamets and Culber, Tilly and Saru.

These are interesting, and hopefully hint at how these characters will interact in the upcoming second season. For example, we know Burnham and Spock have a lot of unspoken issues between them. We also know that Captain Pike was not made aware of the fact that Georgiou is not the Prime universe Captain he once knew, so could this lead to conflict in her new role working for Section 31 as she pushes the limits of his ethics?

New Cast Photos

E! Online also got a batch of new press photos of the cast.

From the new photos it looks like Tyler has been recruited to Section 31. He has a new leather uniform of sorts with the black badge, matching Georgiou’s style, and his new photo is on the bridge of the “Section 31 bridge/lab” set we saw being built in the “start of filming” promo video back in April. Apparently Section 31 also gets their own phasers, as both Tyler and Georgiou are shown with a dark phaser that has different detailing, most notably a slight hood over the top of the emitter. These new phasers are reminiscent of the “assault phasers” seen in Star Trek V and VI.

Photos from first episode – “Brother”

Thanks to USA Today we now know the title of the first episode of the season, “Brother.” They have some press images from the season opener too. We can see where season one left off, with Saru in command and Sarek on the bridge. We also can see Tig Notaro’s character of Chief Engineer Reno getting rescued by Pike, Burnham, and Nhan (the redshirt), behind her is the fellow crew member she’s trying to keep alive, Notaro described the scene back in August.

Star Trek: Discovery is available in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

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Many sources ( and other interviews we can see on YouTube) show that the entire cast and crew (most of which, by their own admission, grew up as Trekkies themselves – much to my delight) are inviting us to come along for the ride, saying our questions about where this Season takes us will be answered by the end of the season. I for one am jumping at the chance to see how Anson portrays Pike, Ethan portrays Spock, and how the writers have elected to direct Season Two’s arc toward TOS stories. We know two things now: First, this “Red Angel” arc might eventually influence Spock’s take on the universe at large (…..reference his statement in TOS ep. The Galileo Seven “…I, for one, do not believe in angels.” Could that statement have been influenced by what transpires during ST:DIS’s Season Two? Second, Michael Burnam’s revelation over Sarek’s dismay at Vulcans declaring he has two “half Vulcans,” or “half children” in Season One may be an indicator of how Spock’s remaining dismay of his race holds sway over his own life-decisions, as well as his human heritage. There is SO MUCH to mine here…. maybe also any confusion over what happened regarding Sybok.) Let’s see what the writers do with this: I have faced “broken” times in my own life, only to come out the other end feeling like a shining penny – and that’s no joke. Therefore, the OPTIMIST in me really does want to see how they develop Spock now — BEFORE we ever knew him in TOS canon. Let’s boldly go!

A very well thought-out, eloquent comment Rhett.

A pleasure to read, and it makes a change from the brash, crude and childish comments often found on these types of comment boards.

Agreed, well put and hoping everything falls into place in Season Two.

Thank you!

Last week, I started re-watching the first season. Knowing the trajetory of the characters makes it a completely different and relatively interesting dramatic experience. It makes me wonder if Lorca’s secret could have been shared earlier. Either way, this new season is definitely exciting. Onward!

Almost 11 months since the season 1 finale. Man, I long for the days when a tv series’ season started in mid-September and ran for about 22-23 episodes until April with a break in December. Haha, I guess those days are long gone. Can’t wait for Jan 17th. Nice to see Number One enjoying a delicious space burger and fries haha. Okay, back to work.

You said it, DeanH. I too miss the mere 3 month break between seasons. And I am not a fan of 10-13 episode seasons, as well. But, as you said, that is the direction things seem to be moving. I’m reminded of a great line said by someone else… “You can’t have progress without change but not all change is progress.”

Yes, I miss the churn and burn TV factories. It was nice as a kid, but as an adult, I don’t have enough time in my day to watch all the TV I want. I rather enjoy 10 episodes every year (or less in this case) particularly since the quality is so much higher (not saying it’s necessarily better).

Obviously the producers of many of today’s big hits think the same way. And I guess the production values of a show like Disco are through the roof compared to network tv, so 20 plus shows are probably simply not financially viable.

I think they’re viable, but only on cheaper network shows that rely on advertising dollars. My biggest wish for DSC is that the studio really embraces the advantages of streaming, and stops meddling in the creative side of things. That made sense when you had to appease 50 different sponsors, but not anymore.

I’d rather have 15 High quality episodes than masterpieces like Shades of Grey or Threshold

If Discovery’s first season was your idea of “high quality” episodes, I’d hate to see what low quality looks like to you. Interesting you mentioned Threshold, the premise is ridiculous nonsense but the episode itself was far more entertaining than anything I saw on Discovery. I just like to think of Threshold as some crazy dream Tom Paris had after drinking a mysterious alien liquor.

It’s interesting that you say that because it got me thinking and I agree. The concept behind the episode “Threshold” was far more interesting and intriguing than anything we saw on STD.

Lol it didn’t get you thinking. You’ve been saying that very same thing on every article for the past year and a half.

I for one find it much higher quality than the average TOS, TNG, VOY, or ENT episode.

Wrong again. That was the first time I have seen someone compare STD to specific episodes that have consensus of low quality. And it did get me thinking that the premise of Threshold was actually more interesting than the how STD was executed.

For the record, the PD of STD is indeed vastly superior to any other TV Trek. It’s the writing and plotting that bring the show down.

“but the episode itself was far more entertaining than anything I saw on Discovery”

This, of course, is entirely about you and says nothing about the episode.

The first 15 minutes of the episode are great, it’s everything after that that breaks it.

That’s a myth though. Shortened seasons do not mean better quality episodes. Dog episodes are going to come. Many high budgeted motion pictures are terrible. The fact that there is only one with higher production values does not mean it will be good.

Shades of Grey wasn’t THAT bad. Fans leap on it for no reason.

I think with the current trend being story arcs across a year, instead of every episode being a one-off, it’s better to have shorter seasons. Also, I think most genre shows do better with fewer episodes – they don’t need to have “filler” episodes to get to 22.

“Filler” episodes still exist. It felt like “The Americans” had a lot of “filler” episodes particularly their last two seasons. And it is possible to run story arcs through 20+ episodes. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it. So did it’s spin off “Angel”. And currently the Arrow-verse shows are doing it. Albeit some better than others, but they are doing it.

Ah yes the good old days when a season wasn’t 10 or 13 episodes. Sad times we live in.

And still no poster of Linus! lol

And none of Denise Reno (Tig Notaro) either!

The new season looking quite promising indeed, can’t waiting for the first episode. And later in the year for the Picard series as well! Btw,is there any way to filter out those comments about Orville which are soon to appear? Seriously, I’m rarely reading any comments nowadays in ST articles and content because of that. I’m sick of it. :/

Despite my many misgivings and problems with Discovery, I like it and am excited for Season 2. Nevertheless I’ll continue ranting about why the crew of the Enterprise look like they’re wearing straight jackets (so much so that the actor playing Pike has to have a different shirt for filming while seated vs. filming while standing). The Klingons better be able to fully move their faces in season 2. And for the pete’s sake, if they had changed the Millenium Falcon to satisfy modern audiences holy hell would of broken loose, so why is it okay to redesign the Enterprise?? You don’t mess with the Enterprise.

I will say, I think the actor playing Spock feels like a good fit to me from what little we’ve seen so far.

I’m in the same boat. I didn’t LOVE Season 1, there was a lot to be critical of, but there was more good than bad, and there was a spark of potential that I never felt in Enterprise, for example. Overall I really enjoyed it.

RLM’s latest RE:VIEW criticized the trailers for feeling “Too Avengers” but frankly, if any existing franchise would make sense to use that tone, it’s Star Trek. The TOS films all had a very similar tone, and if they are trying to make DSC a “television” version of the movies (or a cinematic version of the tv series), it makes sense.

As for the Enterprise, I am more than fine with redesigning it. The Millennium Falcon’s design was made to stand up to film, the classic E was not. It deserved a refurbish. It’s largely the same, it’s really little more than a new coat of shiny paint.

I’ll hold judgment on the Enterprise until we get a closer look in season 2. I do think it’s much closer in spirit to the original (and better looking) than the version in the Kelvin Universe.

Ohh! Assault phasers ala Trek 5/6!

Love those new phasers. They look like the assault types from Star Trek V and VI.

I’ll be very interested to learn why Hugh Culber is still around. (Not that I mind seeing Wilson Cruz back in the cast.) Is he someone only Paul Stamets can see?

Is “Nhan” the same “redshirt” who’s standing behind Pike on the transporter stage? She appears to be wearing full commander’s stripes, so is she his security chief? Chief engineer? Trying to make out her forehead appliance, too … looks like either Odan-style Trill or early-Ro Bajoran.

Finally, Number One is wearing lieutenant commander stripes. This is good continuity. It shows the producers watched “The Cage” and heard Pike call her “lieutenant” in 2254. Now we’re in 2257 and this seems like a reasonable rank advancement.

So … excited for S2. Looks good so far. LLAP.

Red shirt is wearing a skirt

And is wearing the rank of Commander (Outranking “Number One”). At least the ranks are visible with the Enterprise Colour Uniforms.

This is the kind of stuff that Trekkies notice! Nhan does seem to be wearing full commander stripes. If she is a permanent member of Enterprise’s crew she would outrank the apparent Lieutenant Commander “Number One.” That wouldn’t make much sense. It could be a mistake or there could be a story there. she definitely could be an engineer or a security officer. In other photos as an away team member she is wearing a phaser and carrying some other large equipment. In TOS only sometimes does Scotty wear a tricorder, but by TNG, engineers always wear them, which makes more sense. Lets see what happens!

Just heard a clip of audio from “Brother.” Nhan is an engineer.

Honestly as someone who had a lot of problems with first season, I can honestly say so far nothing that has been shown or promoted has been a big red flag for me, not one. I honestly can’t believe just how much I have loved everything I have seen or heard thus far. I think it really proves they DID listen to fan complaints and made the changes when necessary. Now it doesn’t mean its going to just be a better show but it does prove they want it to be and as a fan I give them much credit for that.

Now how it will all play out in actual episodes is a different issue entirely but the story line, tone and characters all feel a lot more promising to me at least and making it a bit closer to TOS will probably get more on board.

I was hoping we would get two episodes again like with season 1 to start.

I love the Enterprise uniforms so much, it makes me resent the drab DISCO ones quite a bit.

I love the Disco uniforms. That royal blue is absolutely lovely and suits every complexion. Unlike mustard yellow.

I liked what they did with the Enterprise uniforms. It’s what they should have done with Discovery from the start. That said, the uniform they DID come up with would have been a decent fit had the show been set some 25-75 years earlier than it was. It looks like it fits between the Kirk era and the Archer era. Just not 10 years from either.

Looks like fun. I’m down.

Yes! More lens flare! Ha, ha!