Check Out Behind-The-Scenes ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Photos And Videos For “Point Of Light”

There has been a lot of interesting behind-the-scenes info, images and video released following Thursday’s episode of Star Trek: Discovery “Point of Light,” giving more insights into the return of the Klingons, the introduction of Section 31 and more.

Yeoh talks Section 31

CBS has released a video featuring Michelle Yeoh talking about her return to the show as an operative for Section 31.

Chieffo talks L’Rell taking on Klingon patriarchy

Actress Mary Chieffo was the guest on yesterdays official Star Trek: Discovery companion show The Ready Room, where she talked about her return. Chieffo discussed how she sees L’Rell’s new position as chancellor, and what she was up to between season one and season two.  The show also included a couple of behind the scenes clips including Klingon fight practice and a fun moment of Chieffo, Ken Mitchell (Kol-Sha) and Shazad Latif (Tyler) goofing off and singing on set. You can watch the full video below.

More BTS for “Point of Light”

L’Rell’s new sword was highlighted by prop master Mario Moreira on Twitter. It is called a tajtlq and is the official weapon of the Klingon Chancellor.

Actor Ken Mitchell returned to Discovery to play Kol-Sha, father of the character Kol who he played in season one. The actor shared a comparison of his two characters, with a little joke about dying for the cause.

Executive producer and director Olatunde Osunsanmi has shared some of his photos and info about shooting “Point of Light” on the official Star Trek site.

Olatunde Osunsanmi takes a selfie on the set of “Point of Light”

Finally, the official Star Trek writers room Twitter account posted a behind the scenes photo from the green-screen set of the Klingon High Council as well as a photo of cast and crew gathering together to watch “Point of Light.”

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else. The second season debuted on All Access and Space on Thursday, January 17th, 2019, and on Netflix January 18, 2019.

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I really enjoyed that episode of The Ready Room. I hope you all continue to show them on this website


I loved the designe of the white haired klingon but they should tone down on the face and mouth of l’rell, it sounds like she has a mouth full of cotton and you can hardly see her facial expressions.

Mary Chieffo is so vibrant in interviews, and that makeup reduces her ability to be that by about 75%. Also limits her ability to be subtle. I still like her in the role, but I feel like the makeup is depriving the show of what could be a great marriage of actor and character.

Spock Jenkins

Hear, hear.


I hope they remove or at least make the mask thinner around her mouth, but it’s good that they realise their mistakes with the klingons and are trying to fix it. One of the reasons they never used allot of full face prosthetics on the of Star trek shows was because it hides to much of the acting and emotions.


L’Rell is still hott.


No, she’s still ugly as hell. But to each their own I guess… And yeah, take whatever she has in her mouth out or tune the prosthetics down, it sounds ridiculous when she speaks as L’Rell…


Mary isn’t a Klingon. I get what you’re saying but I also think part of it is actual vocal distortion in post production. There are times where it sounds digitally enhanced.

That’s quite possibly because the makeup prevents the on-set dialogue from being usable. Yet another reason why the makeup is bad: it causes the need for ADR, which means an increase to the budget.


Just wanted to say tank for putting this videos in one place to be view. I appreciate the work the staff does.👍🏾


Mary Chieffo is thoroughly impressive. Thanks to trekmovie for making this available for those who avoid Facebook.


Please, enlighten me. Where is she impressive? What impressive things did she do (acting-wise)? I’m not talking about her as a person or actor, because I don’t know her nor can I watch that ready room video where I am.

Vulcan Soul

So at the end of last season, they came up with this most ridiculous way to end the Klingon War and install L’Rell as replacement ruler: by having this hostile entity (to the Klingons), the Federation, forcing her to power by virtue of a big frigging bomb inside their home planet and blackmail of all houses! She also has a guy with the imprint of a Starfleet officer as torchbearer (no matter what he looks like) and by all purposes regularly communicates with the Federation.

As such, one does not have to sympathize with these Klingon houses to fully agree she is a “Federation puppet” and guilty of “high treason” even by the standards of Earth societies throughout history. And the lamest, dumbest explanation these creators can come up with is that she is some “feminist” icon taking on the “patriarchy” and “tiny male brains”?

Guess what, what is actually on the screen proves the opposite: she is an incredibly weak ruler and weak female who did not get to power in an honorable way (by Klingon standards) but through collaboration with the enemy, threatened genocide as well as treason and treachery, like the Duras sisters. She ursurps the throne not through her own capabilities but virtue of stronger powers and lethal force, not once, but twice (with “delicious” Space Empress Georgiou reinstalling her, again with sheer violence, at the end of the last episode) So maybe the creators think they are doing their cause a favor by this depiction, but in reality they are doing the opposite.


Noted Trekspert and novelist Keith DeCandido: “L’Rell is seriously weakened as a character by being, in essence, Georgiou’s lackey. And it’s all done in the service of getting Tyler away from the Empire and into Section 31 which is… not that compelling, frankly.”

Denny C

That pretty much sums things up.

More Troubles More Dribbles

What he said


Gotta admit VS, when you lay it out like that, you’re right. From ANY viewpoint they would see her as a Federation puppet because they literally put the bomb in her hands and told her to blackmail the Empire to lead. It would be one thing if she came up with that idea with her own bomb. Hell, they may have even been impressed lol. Then on top of that its clear Section 31 will do any thing necessary to keep her there. From all the Klingon assignations, civil war and coups we seen happen in TNG and DS9, oddly enough the Federation rarely got involved in its internal politics. How Gowron got into power is at best questionable but that was only because his opponent tried to kill him first and then Worf ended up killing that guy making Gowron Chancellor only for Worf to then kill Gowron a decade later lol (note to Klingons: you don’t fuck with Worf ;)). But end of the day that’s how Klingon politics works as brutal and cut throat as it is.

In L’rells case, her power is strictly on the back of the Federation and when she was about to get killed they rode in again to help her. So yeah you can’t blame them too much for questioning her authority. Being a woman is hard enough but being a woman alone is not why they question it. They simply worry she could be influenced by the enemy and its not hard to see why.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Yes, VS, we *get* it. You don’t like the show.


It impressed me that he can write such well developed nonsense, that to the dim witted might sound reasonable, to justify it. He’s like Armond White. Very impressive.

Captain Danno

Big improvement for The Ready Room this week. Higher production design and a longer run time was much better than the first episode. I like the deep dive with one guest, and Mary Chieffo is such a delight! As a non-actor, I really appreciate the explanations she provides for how she gets prepared for a scene. It helps put things like the severed heads scene into a better context. Also interesting to hear where she draws inspiration from real life historical people like Queen Elizabeth. The Klingons are probably my least favorite aspect of a Discovery, but Mary Chieffo is definitely not the reason why. She rocks!


Agreed. I always said, no matter how you feel about the Klingons or L’rell, you have to admire Chieffo’s dedication and love towards the role. She seems to love being associated with Star Trek and has clearly delved into Klingon culture and history when she talks about them like a life longer fan does. That deserves respect.


When I watch Klingon episodes of TOS, TNG, and DS9, there’s a certain delight I feel. Even if the episodes aren’t great, I relish the characters and the lore. Heck, I could watch an entire show of Worf and Martok just sitting at a table bickering if I could. But when the Klingons show up on Discovery, I feel a sense of dread. If they plan to continue these stories, perhaps Ron Moore can step in as creative consultant and give the Klingons a soft reboot of sorts.

Denny C

I had the same thought last week when I saw the preview for episode 3. “Oy. Klingons.”


Very good idea!


Kol-Sha…..awesome looking Klingon. They nailed that one, imho.


I guess I’d like to comment (again) that the events of one episode do not a permanent condition make. Yes, L’Rell is for the moment justly liable to the charge of being a Federation stooge. However, she is using its assistance to advance her overarching goal of uniting the Klingon Empire. If she succeeds in that purpose, isnt it inevitable that she will use the power she’d thereby gain to assert the Empire’s autonomy? She would reconfigure T’Kuvma’s strategy of uniting the Empire against the common enemy of the Federation by (ironically) using the Federation itself and without the massive and debilitating shedding of Klingon blood. Positively Shakesperean indeed! We really do need to let the plot lines unfold and not leap to knee jerk protests, imho.


The poor scripts really make everyone’s work on the production wasted. Such a shame.


Slider, are you really that bored that all you have is to troll all the Discovery boards?


Discovery boards? What other Star Trek is there to talk about?