Season 2 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Nominated For 4 Emmys

This morning the Television Academy announced its nominations for the 71st Annual Emmy Awards, and Star Trek: Discovery picked up four of them for its second season, which is double the amount the show received last year. Our adopted show The Orville also picked up a nomination, where it will be competing against Discovery.

As is typical for Star Trek and the Emmys, all of the nominations were in Creative Arts categories, which are presented in a separate awards show. Like last year, Discovery was nominated for Outstanding Sound Editing and Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup. New nominations for season two: Outstanding Main Title Design and Outstanding Special Visual Effects.

For Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup For A Series, Limited Series, Movie Or Special Discovery is nominated for the episode “If Memory Serves.” Discovery is going up against episodes from American Horror Story: Apocalypse (FX), Chernobyl (HBO), Game Of Thrones (HBO), and Fosse/Verdon (FX).

The following members of the Discovery team were nominated:

Glenn Hetrick, Special Makeup Effects Department Head
James MacKinnon, Special Makeup Effects Department Head
Hugo Villasenor, Special Makeup Effects Artist Rocky Faulkner, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Chris Bridges, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Nicola Bendrey, Special Makeup Effects Artist
Mike O’Brien, Prosthetic Designer
Neville Page, Prosthetic Designer

“If Memory Serves” featured the return of the Talosians to Star Trek

For Outstanding Sound Editing For A Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour) Discovery is nominated for the episode “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2.” Discovery is going up against episodes from Better Call Saul (AMC), Gotham (FOX), Game Of Thrones (HBO), and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (Amazon).

The following members of the Discovery team were nominated:

Matthew E. Taylor, Sound Supervisor
Tim Farrell, Sound Designer
Mike Schapiro, Sound Effects Editor
Clayton Weber, Sound Effects Editor
Dan Kenyon, Sound Effects Editor
Rickley W. Dumm, ADR Editor
Sean Heissinger, Dialogue Editor
Bob Jackson, Dialogue Editor
Matt Decker, Music Editor
Alyson Dee Moore, Foley Artist
Chris Moriana, Foley Artist

For Outstanding Main Title Design, Discovery is going up against Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, Game Of Thrones (HBO), and True Detective (HBO).

The following members of the Discovery team were nominated:

Ana Criado, Creative Director
Nader Husseini, Animator
Francisco Sánchez de Cañete, Art Director
Zachary Kinney, Animator
Christian Antolin, Designer
Kyle Cooper, Creative Director

This Vulcan salute was one of the new elements in season two’s title sequence 

For Outstanding Special Visual Effects, Discovery is nominated for the episode “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2.” Discovery is going up against episodes from The Man in the High Castle (Amazon), Gotham (FOX), The Orville (FOX), and The Umbrella Academy (Netflix).

The following members of the Discovery team were nominated:

Jason Michael Zimmerman, VFX Supervisor
Ante Dekovic, VFX Supervisor
Ivan Kondrup Jensen, VFX Supervisor
Mahmoud Rahnama, Associate VFX Supervisor
Alexander Wood, VFX Plate Supervisor
Aleksandra Kochoska, VFX Producer
Charles Collyer, Lead VFX Artist
Fausto Tejeda, CG Supervisor
Darcy Callaghan, Special Effects Coordinator

The second part of the season finale featured some of the most extended visual effects sequences for the entire series

The two-night Creative Arts ceremony will be held on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15, to be broadcast later on FX. The main Emmy Awards will be broadcast live Sunday, September 22nd on Fox.

Star Trek: Discovery is available exclusively in the USA on CBS All Access. It airs in Canada on Space and streams on CraveTV. It is available on Netflix everywhere else.

Keep up with all the Star Trek: Discovery news at TrekMovie.

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I never felt it sporting for the 20+ episode shows to be going up against the 8-13 episode shows. Even considering shows are nominated for individual episodes here. Still doesn’t feel right. The longer series’ are at a severe disadvantage. They ought to be separate categories. But then, the Television Academy has often had a difficult time determining comedy from drama so it’s not surprising.

As you say TV shows are nominated for individual episodes. So in a way longer season shows have a better chance just because they have more opportunities (episodes) per year to get nominated for.

However, the shorter seasons are shorter for financial reasons. Many have claimed that if they had 20+ episodes per season there is no way they could maintain their “better than typical TV” look. So they have the massive financial advantage. Essentially they have fewer shots at the target but they have the latest equipment designed to more easily hit that target where the others have more shots but do not have the means to accurately hit said target.

What, no nod for Anson Mount?

I couldn’t agree more. He MADE Season 2. And I believe single handedly may have handed them season 3. His Pike is #1 captain now in my book. I keep hoping he and Ethan will have their own series soon. It will out-perform and out-profit any ST series in history if they do.

Burnham and Emperor Georgiou made Season 2

excruciating verging on unwatchable.

Finished it for you.

Haha, but you better brace yourself for an onslaught from the STD fans… all five of them!

Those two are so wooden (as well as the unbearable attempted mass murderer Admiral Cornwell), my TV has termites now.

Good one with the termite comment!

And for the record… I found Tilly more watchable than Burnham and evil-Georgeau. Think about the gravity of THAT statement.

You want wooden? Try anyone from the original cast. Trek has never been known for award winning performances, Nimoy not withstanding.

Love the “all five of them” comment. That sure belies a certain resentment– that the show is good and thriving.

The marionettes on the Thunderbirds were less wooden than those two.

And TonyD adds a gem to the thread.

“Star Trek: The Original Series is excruciating, verging on unwatchable.”

Fixed that for you, Bryant.

Handed them season 3? The show (haters’ sound and fury not withstanding) was in no danger whatsoever of cancellation. It’s an anchor show for All Access. Everybody on it “handed” them season 3 with their continued excellence.

For what? Really seriously, for what? At this measure The Expanse should be nominated at least for 10…

Get over it, Discovery was more than deserving of those nominations.

No noms for the talent in front of the camera. I’m afraid we have a long way to go….

Writing needs to be better… imo

I think you mean, “Still have a long way to go” as no Trek actor has ever been nominated for an emmy, and in general space-based sci-fi has always had a hard time breaking into the ceremony.

And it’s not going to get any easier, with the wealth of quality TV right now, between broadcast, cable, and streaming. More high quality performances than ever before, with many Oscar winning feature film actors and actresses doing TV.

As an example, Benicio Del Toro, Laura Linney, Viola Davis, Robin Wright, Hugh Grant, Amy Adams, Patricia Arquette, Don Cheadle, Michael Douglas, Sam Rockwell, and Olivia Coleman all got nods.

Where did you get the idea that no Trek actor had ever been nominated for an Emmy?

Because I didn’t look up TOS, because that show is awful. Though if any actor in Trek ever deserved it, it was Nimoy, easily the best actor and character in the entire franchise. Kirk being last.

All of that said, 1966 was a very different time in TV. There were only 3 networks, and what, 30 primetime dramas shows on TV in total?

“All of that said, 1966 was a very different time in TV. There were only 3 networks, and what, 30 primetime dramas shows on TV in total?”

People use to drink more back then.


Re: 1966 was a very different time in TV

Indeed it was, which is why it would be far more useful for us, if you would cite its contemporaries in US network programs airing 9/8/66 – 6/3/69 that you believe were consistently better written, acted, directed, etc.

Why would I do that? That’s not the point of my comment, or my beliefs. Most 60s TV was unwatchable by today’s standards. It was all very stagey, poorly written, poorly acted, and terribly shot. It was a new medium, after all.

terribly shot, my foot … in your ***


Re:terribly shot, my foot

Absolutely, I agree.

Afterburn, continually reveals there’s no merit to these pronouncements of his on art before his time.

Worse, it’s obvious they are based on latter decades casual syndicated viewings that have been inartistically and randomly trimmed physically, time compressed (1st analog in the earlier decades and then digital), etc., i.e. nowhere near their original presentations.

None of the Trek shows and movies that came after it would exist if not for TOS. And it still remains in the public consciousness even as most of subsequent incarnations have fallen by the wayside and been forgotten by everyone other than a few die-hard fans. Given all that, I think TOS did something right.

Leonard Nimoy was nominated for best supporting actor in each of the three seasons of TOS. Quite an accomplishment considering that back in the 1960s science fiction really had a hard time being taken seriously.

As for Discovery, quite frankly, other Anson Mount for his performance in Through the Valley of Shadows and maybe Doug Jones, I don’t think anybody in front of the camera is even remotely close to meriting a nomination.

I was going to mention Nimoy. And Stewart got one nomination in the 7th season of TNG. That felt to me like a “make up” nomination. He ought to have been there much sooner.

Patrick Stewart never got a nomination.

That is a crime.

My bad. It was the TNG show itself that was nominated for best drama its final season. Got things a bit confused there.

Just as an FYI, Stewart was never nominated for his performances on TNG. He’s gotten 4 nominations over the years (never won) but none are for TNG.

There are a lot of actors and actresses that don’t get nominated but are very deserving of it. How many years should Patrick Stewart have been nominated but wasn’t?

Outstanding Main Title Design should go to Game of Thrones. They redid everything for the final season and it was damn flawless.

Discovery ought to take the rest.

Didn’t care for the new GoT titles myself, but to each, his own.

Neither did I. It was ‘change for the sake of change.’

Agreed, and to me the updated GOT titles will forever be associated with the season that killed the show

I really feel that the make-up award is overdue.

But as others have said, Trek has struggled for respect at the Emmys since forever, despite having led the way in the adoption of many technical innovations.

I haven’t seen the final season yet but I LOVE the GoT opening. Love it.

Well they redid the whole thing, which you may or may not like. They also redid the entire show for the worse, which you may or may not like

We shall find out next year when I see the 8th season. I will be catching season 7 in a month or so.

It was such an amazing season. I wish it had been nominated for even more awards. It’s won everything in my heart. I believe it’s the best show I’ve seen in my 66 years, and I’ve watched all the ST series and movies, and own many of them.

I’m 62 and feel the same way. Was a trekkie 45-50 years ago.

I preferred the big space battle in The Orville’s Identity Part 2, over Such Sweet Sorrow Part 2. The action was much more coherent in Orville, Disco just gave me a headache. Props to the team who clearly worked very hard on it, but I feel like it was busy for the sake of being big (how many shuttles does the Disco and the E actually have?) I dunno. I’m someone who loves big action sequences and it just didn’t work for me, so I’d rather see Orville win that.

I think if Orville wins, the Trek team will have to look seriously at themselves and their abilities why, with all their money, they can’t beat a network TV show

Anyone else think Marc Alaimo’s Dukat is one of the best Start Trek tv performances out there? I think it was def Emmy worthy. He was such a great and complex villain.

Alaimo was great, but Harris Yulin’s anguished Cardassian war criminal in “Duet” is simply one of the best Trek performances ever put on film.

I would vote for Andrew Robinson’s Garak. But he wasn’t so much as a straight up “villain” as more of a shadowy figure where you did not know where his allegiances lie.

Many of DS9’s Cardassian characters were very well-developed. Both Garak and Dukat were brilliant.

I thought Andrew Robinson was absolutely BRILLIANT as Garak.

And to think he was the same guy who played the crazed killer in ‘Dirty Harry’ way back in ’71.

And was a finalist for Decker in TMP.

Lots of wonderful performances on DS9, Garak included, but I think Melanie Smith said it best in an interview when she commented on how it was written and directed: like a stage play. Lots of theatrical performances, direction, and staging. It was a deliberate choice, and while I appreciate it and enjoy those shows, i’d never say they were wrongfully passed over for awards.

I’d also put Louise Fletchers Kai Winn in this potential list too. She was excellent in DS9 and was an Academy Award winning actress.

I thought Discovery was a complete lock for a nomination for “Best Re-imagining of a Space Alien That Originally Looked Like It Had a Butt on Its Head”, but no. It was robbed!

Congratulations to all the Discovery team for its Emmy nominations.

The Talosians wound up looking more like the Vians from “The Empath.” There were definitely things I liked about the episode (Pike’s vision of his fate in particular), but the re-imagining of Talos IV turned out to be a real disappointment.

Agreed. I wish they had shot it on a very large sound stage. The rock quarry didn’t work for me at all. Otherwise, great episode.

I liked the rock quarry.

I’m long past tired of foam rocks on soundstages and the same old, same old set of caves behind Paramount’s backlot…

Having rewatched Voyager with our kids and am now working through Enterprise, I’ve too familiar with just about every available angle at the overused southern California locations.

LOL so true.

I’m forced to agree that SoCal has been shot to death over the years. CG allows them to change things up a bit but much of it is still amazingly recognizable. The Disney ranch, the Vasquez rocks, the LA harbor… The list is endless.

However in this case it might have been worthwhile to try their best to recreate the Talos IV surface on set as best they could. And as with the rest of the season, Pike was the best part of the episode, which I found to be if not outright pandering then borderline.

I actually thought the Talosians from “The Cage” looked better than in Discovery.

Mike Williams,

The “new” Talosian heads seem to have less uniformity than the old ones. I’m not sure what this variability was meant to convey? Age variations?

Man, that pic above captioned with ‘the second part of the season finale’ looks like previz to me, like seaQuest out of water. Not getting the nom for vfx at all, given stuff like THE OA really delivered with their creature.

Hot take: nobody in Trek ever deserved an Emmy. It was never known for award winning performances, and that’s fine with me. I love DS9, TNG, and enjoyed VOY and ENT, but I don’t lament that nobody ever won an acting emmy.

Blow GOT out of the water in these categories, please (though I loved their opening credits last season. Best part of the show).

What, no noms for acting or script writing? What a surprise! And yes, I’m being sarcastic.