Preview: ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long a Sacrifice’ #1 – First DS9 Comic In A Decade

Tomorrow IDW releases the first Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic series in a decade. TrekMovie will have a full review of the first issue later this week, but for today you can check out a preview of the first five pages.

DS9 comics are back

The four-issue Star Trek: Deep Space Nine—Too Long a Sacrifice series is being written by Trek comic veterans David and Scott Tipton, who have recently been penning the popular TNG Mirror Universe comics and also wrote the last DS9 comics (Fools Gold) from 2010. IDW has teamed the Tiptons up with noir artist Gregg Scott, to showcase the mystery for this series set during the Dominion War.

Synopsis for Too Long a Sacrifice issue #1:

Death casts its shadow as Constable Odo searches for truth amid a web of treachery and lies. Everyone on the Promanade has a motive for this murder, be it vengeance, justice… or old-fashioned greed.


For issue number one, the A cover (seen below) was done by artist Ricardo Drumond.

A Cover by Ricardo Drumond

There is also a photo cover and a retailer incentive variant cover by J.K. Woodward. There will also be a virgin J.K. Woodward retailer incentive variant.

5-page preview

Available tomorrow

The 32-page comic Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Too Long a Sacrifice #1 will be available on Wednesday, July 15. You can pre-order the comic at TFAW for $3.19. You an also pre-order the digital version at Amazon for $3.24.

The trade paperback collection of the four-issue series was originally scheduled for December, although that may be delayed as the comics were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. That collection can be pre-ordered at Amazon for $15.99.

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This is not the first DS9 comic in a decade. DS9 stories appeared in STAR TREK: WAYPOINT, as well as in the six-issue THE Q GAMBIT and the FLESH AND STONE one-shot.

The article should really be edited for accuracy, as the opening statement is incorrect.

Thank you for your feedback. The ” first Deep Space Nine comic book series in a decade!” is both accurate and part of IDW’s marketing for this series. There have been some DS9 one-offs from IDW, but this is their first DS9 series since 2010. You can see IDW using this language at their site.

Bashir’s rank is incorrect.

You’re telling me. On some, he’s an ensign, on others, he’s a full grade lieutenant.

Great to see DS9 back in comic format. It’s been a long while I bought a Star Trek comic, but I’m looking forward to the trade paperback at least. DS9 comics had always a certain fascination for me, and unlike the comics from the other shows I have most of them.