The ‘All Access Star Trek’ Podcast Reviews ‘Lower Decks’, Plus Mike McMahan Interview Highlights

All Access Star Trek episode 1

Anthony and Laurie have high praise for the first episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, and get some insights directly from show producer Mike McMahan (via Anthony’s recent interview) about deep cuts and Easter eggs. They also dig into the latest Trek news, talking about the future of ViacomCBS’s streaming service and production plans for the live-action shows like Picard, Discovery, and Strange New Worlds.

The full interview with Mike McMahan will be posted on soon.

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I really liked the Easter eggs. Overall, Star Trek: Lower Decks exceeded my expectations. The Star Trek universe on television is healthy and stable.

Mike McMahan is from Rick and Morty. Lower Decks is less funnier than Rick and Morty and that’s okay.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. or to put it another way, I LAUGHED A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT!

Then why does it have 33% on Rotten Tomatoes? 5.4 on IMDB?
Sounds like you have a nice little echo chamber here..

I think judging by rottentomatoes and IMDB records on rating we shouldn’t put a lot of stock in those numbers.

I genuinely liked it. Didn’t love it and probably won’t rewatch it but I think it was a breath of fresh air. Cohesive story, nice visual style, characters were a little derivative but not too much so. I definitely think the creators have provided not necessarily a cure to STD and STP but certainly a painkiller or perhaps a heat patch

Maybe because the world is full of trolls? Just a guess, but I have some supporting evidence if you want…

Tony and Laurie did a nice job. It’s funny how the review is longer than the episode, but there was a lot to unpack, especially all the references. You gave a glowing review, which was well deserved, but did you have any criticisms of the episode? Please note that I’m not complaining, just curious.

Thanks for all you do

thanks for the feedback. IIRC I talked about how I felt they were overdoing the pacing of some jokes and those random Trek references at the end. Also the senior officers start off pretty one-note. But, I like the show, as does Laurie. I do have some issues which will come up in some upcoming episodes.

Agreed. I think context is key though. With all the things that is happening in the world and all the complex, convoluted, drama drama DRAMA on the TV right now, it’s nice to sit back and watch something which is silly but cohesive, uplifting and just a bit of fun….the fact that they’ve slapped a Star Trek badge on it is a bonus

I’m a huge trek fan, love animated comedy, etc. was looking forward to “Lower Decks”, but blah… It’s a mess. Overly frantic, subsitutues fan service for story and wit. Voices and characters aren’t super appealing. Honestly, would be happy to see it get cancelled and resources put to something better.